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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Biology Homework

group SpottedDick 2017-11-26

As she was reading Amy reached out and started touching all the bits gently as Sally read them out. Sally and Lucy were obviously enjoying the action too as they reached round and each released one of Amy's pert breasts from the tiny dress. Sally and Lucy got to work on their respective mammary, caressing and massaging, and it was clear they were driving Amy wild. Then Amy pulled the tails of Lucy's blouse out of the waste line to completely expose her other breast. Amy finished undressing Lucy and Sally started to undress me. At the same time Lucy climbed up onto the sofa in such a way as I could lick her pussy and Amy could play with her bum.

Penny's Anniversary Present

group CafeExtreme 2017-11-26

"Just fucking beautiful," said Jaden, admiring me standing there in my sexy lingerie, as I helped Martin lift the dress over my head. Not surprising really since my husband was energetically eating my pussy, a handsome young man was straddling my chest and massaging my boobs, and I had two lovely big cocks to suck. Not long after I came, Jaden put his cock between my thoroughly oiled and massaged tits, squeezing them together, he tittyfucked me and quickly exploded, leaving a huge pool of semen in my cleavage. First, Jaden, then Martin, then Christian and finally my husband; all took their turn in my pussy.

Long Lunch

group Ms_Messalina 2017-11-26

The thought of our cheeks touching, joined over a single sweet cunt, our breaths mingling on her, our other cheeks touching her thighs, our hands meeting as we stroked her soft ass, our tongues kissing her simultaneously was too much for me to stand. "Do you have your little rocket?" Of course I did, and put it right against my clit while his fingers tapped my walls in a delightful hard rhythm, not as hard this time as previously, but just enough to work with the little metal balls on my clit until he felt the waves of my coming. But as she turned her face to the right to engulf the erection that had just been rubbing against her cheek, I thought of myself there, so many men waiting to have my soft, strong tongue bring them off, taste their fluids, swallow them, if they were lucky.


A Breath of Forever

group dgthomas 2017-11-26

Jim watched as Stacy walked to the bed and pulled Rebecca’s legs down. She pulled away and as she did Stacy reached her wet pussy and Jim got to see Rebecca’s reaction the first time his wife has ever been licked by a woman. Rebecca handed Stacy some pillows for her knees and then Jim grabbed Stacy’s hips entering her soaking cunt so hard with the first thrust she groaned in Rebecca’s cunt. Rebecca started to kiss Stacy and let her hands roam down to Stacy’s breast to squeeze them. Rebecca placed a nipple of hers into Stacy’s mouth to suckle on while she watched Jim getting closer and closer to cumming.


Getting My Nails Done

group los07 2017-11-26

Only my husband undoes my bra." Despite this, she quickly removed her panties, giving me a close-up view of her soft, small pussy. Not being able to understand the words, I instinctively knew she wanted me to cum inside Maggie. Maggie smiled and sat on top of my cock, facing me. Everything was going well when, unexpectedly, Maggie had a violent orgasm evidenced by new wetness and a series high, short yelps. May's pussy was very wet and riding my cock like a pro. I knew May would cum soon as her pussy was contracting, I, however, was not yet ready to go as May left me in much the same way as Maggie, needing more.

Bri Gets Help!

group CyrusMann 2017-11-25

Karen smiled her most shy “Hollywood” smile and said, “Well I was explaining what we wanted to plan to the boys and, well, and things got a little carried away!” Apryl looked back at Karen and Bri who, now both had there own smiles of delicious evil, as they knew what was about to happen. She was still looking at Kens huge fuck pole, when she felt the head of Eliot’s cock start to split open her very wet and more than ready pussy. Ken looked sheepishly at the floor and muttered, “ Well she had already given me head for an hour, and I would have done better if “Mr. Greedy” over there hadn’t hogged her up for so long!” He pointed at Eliot with an accusing finger.


Entering the New Year with a Bang!

group geekerotica 2017-11-25

The first hand went my way, Angela and Sharon both lost their shoes. I quickly took off my shoes, and Sharon pulled her t-shirt over her head, showing off her beautiful petite breasts in a matching red lacy bra. Sharon stood up and put her hands up behind her head and her legs crossed in a ballerina pose, stretching out to give her breasts extra lift (not that they needed them) and showing off her body. Angela looked over at Sharon, "Your turn." She said with a wink, "up on the table." I pulled out and Sharon grabbed my cock with one hand and pulled it to her lips, sucking on it and licking it clean.

The Grope Box

group marriedpervs 2017-11-25

The man behind me reached around and fondled my boobs through the skin tight material of my cat suit, and, in response to his touch and his 'cock' between my legs, I spread my legs apart further and leant back, my head resting on his shoulder as the hands and fingers took control. Men everywhere were gathering around, realising that I was something out of the ordinary, willing not only to let them touch me and fondle me, but the word soon spread that I was letting one man fuck me, and letting others not only stick their fingers inside my pussy and ass, and fondle my tits, but I was sucking their cocks too, and letting them cum in my mouth and throat.

Salt and Pepper

group Bakeboss 2017-11-25

I lie there rock hard with anticipation for a long time and then the door opened and Patty came out naked holding Sherry's hand. I finally glanced at my wife to see that look of 'do something' on her face and I think she wanted me to ease Sherry's mind. "OK Sherry now it's your turn, don't be shy I want you to just sit right down on my Jim's face. It didn't take Sherry long to get over her shyness and as I teased her clit with my lips and tongue she began to ride my face in time with Patty. I think that Patty didn't mind sharing my tongue but didn't feel comfortable sharing her husband's cock with her friend.

Call Me Pandora

group jazm49 2017-11-25

It took a couple of weeks to get out of my rented apartment and move back into the family home but once I was reasonably settled I began what was going to be, no doubt, a time consuming process. Several times in the course of the day I'd seen or thought about that stack of photos of Aunt Rose and Uncle Earl. As late afternoon faded into twilight I seized them and stuffed the whole bunch into a manila envelope I'd found and, not giving myself enough time for second thoughts, marched to the house two doors down. "Jesus mom," I said, speaking out loud to the empty room, "look what you've gone and made me do." The thought of my mother sobered me for a moment.


A Bet Is a Bet

group mollycactus 2017-11-25

In fact, you also forfeited your clothes, as well." Turning to her cheerleaders, she demanded, "Ladies, help her get undressed." To the two players nearest Pepper, she said, "Guys, cut the zip tie. Look how wet this bitch is becoming!" As people shuffled around for a better angle, slender fingers again opened Pepper's labia, and her cunt juices, which had been seeping against that labial barrier, spilled out, drizzling and pooling on the bench between her thighs. Pepper wasn't looking – her eyes were still tightly closed – she was completely focused on the data flooding her brain from all the hands caressing her, plus the lovely thrusting sensations occurring at her cunt.


The Hunger Ch. 01

group CorsetLvr 2017-11-25

"I'm happy to say that you look better in person than your pictures on your profile," Sharon said. "I admit that I do feel somewhat relieved that you and Jim have that attitude," I replied, hoping that I didn't come off as some sort of little nervous Nelly that was ready to bolt for the door at any moment. "I am looking forward to getting to know you and Jim better," I stated, trying to give her a big smile that was designed to help relieve some of Sharon's own reservations about me. Finally, after splitting a dessert accompanied by an after dinner coffee, Sharon said, "Jim, why don't you take care of the bill and Kim and I will take her car over to the house and get her settled in."


Couples Counseling

group goaltender 2017-11-25

"Well your husband is losing his shit and you might need to talk me off the ledge!" Will shouted, again, and turned on his heel, walked out of the kitchen and, brushing past Liz and Brian without a word, right out the front door. "I'm hoping you and Will watch me fuck my husband." Liz gazed into Debbie's eyes as she said it, grasping her hand and squeezing. Liz and Brian smiled as they watched their two friends gradually thaw, and hoped that with more instruction they would get back into the practice of loving one another. Still sitting on the floor, the petite Debbie sat in the middle of Will's spread legs, his hands wandering over her body, but the both of them kept their eyes very much on Liz and Brian.


Lilli and I: So Therapeutic

group WhereforeArtThou 2017-11-25

Beside you on your right is a room containing a large, still pool, and the one on the left, where Faith is leading you, features what looks like a miniature indoor lawn. Finally, you see another person, a woman dressed much like Faith but somewhat older, walking down the corridor beside a completely naked, and wet from head to toe, client of the spa. You walk past an open steam room on the left, being entered as you pass by a lone client, a very young woman in a blue towel who closes the door behind her. Standing nude in the hallway, you hand the robe to Faith, who takes a long, very noticeable look at your body.


Soccer or Succor Ch. 04

group techsan 2017-11-25

Two days later as we watched the boys win another home game, an idea came to me and began to grow. After I sucked him, Tommy fucked me while Aaron lay beside us with Phyllis riding his cock and Amy sitting on his face. Then I went back upstairs to join the others and found Tommy and Amy in the shower fucking again while Aaron and Phyllis were drying off from their shower. Before 1 o'clock, I had kissed Tommy, Aaron, Amy and Phyllis goodbye and watched as the two women drove away, each delivering one of the boys back to his home. In the second month when my fertile time came around, the boys resumed the every-other-day fucking schedule.


"Ask Anna Anything" Ch. 02

group Anna_Exposed 2017-11-25

The winners, who will be joining Anna and me in a hotel room next month, are : Dirtyoldman, TItMan77, Pussylicker, Pheremonal and NorthCountryBoy. Congratulations, guys. Then he took her face in his hands and kissed her, long and sensuous, his tongue pushing between her lips and exploring the soft flesh inside her mouth. He watched TitMan77 grab a handful of Anna's still-damp hair and wrench back her head as he ploughed into her no-longer-virgin arsehole and could not hold back. Meanwhile, Raf shot another load down her throat and pulled out of her mouth and her upper body collapsed onto the man below her as NorthCountryBoy's young cock continued to plunder her bowel.

My First Threesome

group biggshow13 2017-11-25

I looked down to see Lori running her tongue along my shaft, then Hung lifted my cock to his lips and took it into his hot mouth. The sight of this hot man sucking my cock was an incredible thing to see, and it took all of my willpower not to shoot my load right then and there. The two of them took turns on my cock, slathering it with large amounts of saliva, and then I watched Lori licking Hung's ass, doing the same thing. The rest of the night was spent in exploration of each other, and as dawn peeked over the horizon, I was shooting my third load into Lori's plush ass while Hung filled her cunt with his own seed.

The Contest

group choclit_tai 2017-11-25

When my friend Gina suggested earlier in the evening that she and my wife Tamara have a contest on who could make the other's spouse cum first, I never imagined it was something that would happen. I told them I was heading to my room and Gina followed into the lobby.I turned to her and said I wanted to collect my prize and proceeded to kiss her. Tamara must have finally opened her eyes and seen Mitch sucking on Gina's bare breasts. Gina sat back on the couch strategically close to Tamara while Mitch moved onto the floor next to me. I could see Tamara processing all this in her mind and suddenly she reached over and took Mitch's cock out of Gina's had and began stroking it as she basically climbed over Gina to get into position.


Friend's Wife

group Strat0684 2017-11-25

When we dropped my fiancé off and started home they were both in the back and whispering for a little bit and after all that Steve told me she wanted to fuck him in the back seat while I was driving! Her hands were clutching at my thighs and her back was arching after a few minutes, faster circles, rubbing her clit harder and nibbling a little on her earlobe she let out a loud moan and started cumming for me, nails in my thighs and writhing around, I kept my hand working on her pussy all the way through her orgasm and as soon as she could breathe right again she climbed out of the bed and went to hop in the shower.

No Longer Online

group ova9bbc 2017-11-25

"I am a dirty whore for you to use any way you want Sir," you moan. Just when you think I am going to cum, I pull my dick out of your wet wanton mouth. "Yes Daddy, I just want to be a whore for you, use me any way you want, Sir!" you beg. "Look at how easy this big, black dick goes into you eager cunt, whore!" I scream. Adoring the way this big dick feels inside, you know you are a whore for this dick. Hearing that has you cum all over the big, black shaft inside your hole. Noting the dick inside you is getting ready to cum, you sigh just as he pulls out.

A day of dreams - Part 4

group didi_galtier 2017-11-25

I know you're a dirty little whore who lives for sucking cock!” He called me dirty names, loudly, as he continued to fuck my mouth. Finally his grunting and groaning stopped and I felt his cock start to lose its hardness in my mouth. Sitting in a cubicle in the men's toilet, my lips covered in cum with my lipstick smeared, I guess that's what I now was. “Mmmm, yes more space for you to take several cocks at once and these urinals are going to make just the perfect backdrop to to video I'm going to take on my phone. A dirty little cock whore! I was vaguely aware of cocks in my mouth, one at a time, but it felt as if I had multiple cocks fucking my mouth.

Birthday Pleasure

group crimsonrose 2017-11-25

Jill looks at Lisa and starts to giggle and jokingly says to Kevin you want us to help? Lisa looks at Jill then to Kevin and rest the guys and says with a wink you will see and the girls turn and start for the door. There is Mark the birthday boy, Lisa playfully leans over and softly kisses his cheek, Pat, who had an ass to die for, Jeff was tall and really cute, Greg, was the tall dark and sexy one and then Brad the cute innocent looking one. Lisa lets Jill up and whispers in her ear, just what, the guys don't know until the girls get up and walk around in front of the guys and starts undressing them.


Playing the Flute

group Bronco Billy 2017-11-25

Do you want me to watch you fuck somebody else and lick another woman's pussy?" Silence was his answer so I continued in a calm voice, "I'd really like to know and I am no longer angry so please explain your desires." "You're a big girl now and you'll discover that any sexual thing that you enjoy is not weird it's just good sex whether its watching or actually doing it. I knew I had her when, with a thoughtful look on her face, she asked, "Whose cock are you going to suck?... When I asked to talk to you I never would have dreamed that you would offer to let me watch you, Miss Betty, suck Mister David's cock. "My David has a good one Celina.Watch me suck the head.


Happy Birthday to Me

group Allesol 2017-11-25

"Hi birthday boy" She pecked my lips "How was your day?" Hugging her I couldn't feel a bra but as my hands slipped down the smooth material hugging her eccentric curves I felt the small ridge of a g-string on her hips. Kneeling beside her Amber ran her hands around Jane's body, touching her neck and her shoulders, running down under her breasts and following the curve of her waist. I sat back on my haunches thrusting my cock against the roof of Amber's pussy, one of my hands fell to her clit while the other plunged two fingers into Janes gaping pussy. She likes taking that long, hot dick" Amber said in my ear, still loud enough for Jane to hear.