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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Happy Anniversary

group MissLadyAnn 2018-11-02

“But you know how I like it soft and thoroughly melted, almost like chocolate milk.” Wendy rubbed her finger over Laura’s clit, scooping up some of the ice cream and then sucked it off her finger.   Wendy did so quickly and lay prone on the bed with her legs bent up like Laura’s had been.   Laura smiled like a cat and said, “Yeah, I’m ready for some more dessert.”   Wendy sat up and removed the handcuffs.   As Wendy leaned on her side to give me better access to her other breast, I saw Laura begin to finger Wendy’s pussy.   Laura said, “Of course, Tom.”   Then her and Wendy began giggling harder.

The Big Sofa part 2

group ImTanMan25 2018-11-02

Since she didn’t tell me to stop, I continued to nibble her clit while simultaneously fingering both her pussy and ass. Karen got on her knees and put her head between my wife’s legs and began to lick her, what I know is sweet, juice cunt. Positioning myself behind her, I grabber her hips and put the head of my cock at her pussy lips and slowly inserted myself. I pulled of of Karen's ass and stood back while the ladies changed positions. Karen laid on the sofa and spread her legs while my wife knelt down and began to eat her pussy. Again, I positioned myself for some good old fashion fucking and began to piston my wife’s pussy.

Camping with Friends

group kwings48 2018-11-02

Paul held her flaming red hair in his hand, and her head was slowly bobbing up and down. Mandy had flipped her leg over Paul's body and his shaft was pressing into her. Her gorgeous ass was facing us, and we could clearly see her lower lips part as they took in Paul's thick cock. Mandy's hand was still over the back of your head slowly pressing your mouth farther and farther down the solid shaft. "Let's see what you've got, girl." Mandy said lifting your shirt up and over your head. You looked at Paul, smiling, and then did just as Mandy had instructed. As Paul and I continued to rock your bodies, our hands roamed back and forth over you, and Mandy's adorable breasts.


group Samuelx 2018-11-02

After my nightmarish relationship with Kelly, I didn't feel like dating another female for some time. Leonard Morrison was a tall, good-looking African-American stud from Boston. He was a single black gay man who was deeply closeted at work but quite open with his close friends. I had been deeply in love with this man and it took me a long time to get over it. Sabrina lost her husband James Valentine to a car accident three years before we met. She gave great head and loved sucking my black cock. There's nothing like fucking someone in the ass, man or woman. I thrust into her, loving the feel of her tight ass around my cock.

Gang Bang

group ledlizzy55 2018-11-02

When she recovered she looked at me and said, “Where has that tongue been all my life, it’s fucking amazing, it’s as good as any cock, and talking of cocks, isn’t it about time you stuck yours in me?” “You fucking slag, who told you to make a noise.” Someone said, and Dave gave her arse a good hard slap. “That was fucking amazing, I’ve never had so much cock all at once and I’ve never felt so abused, my cunt and arse are sore, all I can taste is spunk and my tits feel like they’ve been ripped to bits.”

One Lust Filled Night - Part16

group gubica 2018-11-02

David left the shower running, but, he aimed it at our spread legs. I heard Becky moan and looked back over my shoulder to see David using the washcloth to wash Becky's pussy. While she was enjoying that pleasure, David started to wash my pussy. Then he washed deeper and I felt the cloth go between my pussy lips from my clit to my ass and back again. I reached down with one hand to spread Becky's lips apart and force my finger to her clit. Becky spread her legs wider to give me more room to work as I did the same for David. I felt the first spasm as soon as Becky put her finger on my clit and started to make little circles on it.

Halloween with a Twist

group f9jones 2018-11-02

A guy got on his knees and started sucking on Jill’s tits. I looked over to the side wall and there was Larry standing with this shit eating grin on his face and with his cock in his hand and slowly stroking it. The guy fucking me came in me and Larry slid his cock into my soaking pussy. Jill was now getting fucked doggy style by another guy and another gal had joined us on the mattress. I looked into the living room and there was Larry sitting in a recliner with a little brunette about 18 years old sucking on his cock with her boyfriend fucking her from behind.

Greedy Girl Gang Bang

group BedroomAngel 2018-11-02

I felt my knees go weak as the guy holding me from behind pressed his very hard cock against the crack of my ass. I looked at all the cocks and deep inside me I felt a strange feeling, liking the look on the guys' faces as I knew all those cocks are going to fuck me now. He suddenly took out his cock until just the head of his cock was resting on the rim of my pussy lips and looked me directly in my eyes. I turned my head and took hold of the cock of the guy to my left and brought that cock to my mouth and started sucking on that.

Freeway Threeway, Chapter 1

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

I got out and took over driving while Angel welcomed Jack into her little love nest with open arms. Now it was her turn to be scooting across the seat, trying to get away from Jack's probing tongue and Angel was the one crying that she was going to cum. Jack kept Angel's orgasms going by finger fucking her and licking her clit as she came. I wasted no time in doing just that and as Angel tried to shove as much of Jack's cock down her lovely throat, I gorged myself on her tender pink pussy. Angel reached out to me, but I took her arms and pinned them over her head and used them to anchor her to the bed as I began savagely pounding at her still spasming pussy.

Race Play Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

The big black man is screaming while my sexy Irish wife slams the dildo up his ass. After Sharon got done sucking my dick, I made her get on all fours and decided to give her fat black ass a good fucking. Leila is slamming her dildo into James ass like strap-on sex was going out of style. The big black man screams as I start fucking him like gay sex is going out of style. I notice my wife Leila as she orders Sharon on all fours and starts fucking the big black woman's ass with her scary strap-on dildo. I slam my cock into James ass and the big black man screams.


My Wife's Second Threesome

group sbk1 2018-11-02

Carol broke off her kiss and moved her head down to his waist and they both pulled off his shorts and his massive hard on sprang up like a missal from it’s hidden silo.   Soon Greg pulled out and turned her around so they could kiss, I took this opportunity to slide my swollen dick inside my wife. Then without warning Greg put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my face next to my wife’s so Carol and I started kissing with his dick between both of our lips. I told her I love her and about that time Greg shoved his cock in our faces and Carol swallowed his shaft.

The Group

group steve061 2018-11-02

Glancing round, Tony smiled gently as he saw Linda wink at him before she pressed her cunt to Virginia’s mouth, her fingers splaying her own fleshy lips wide and pushing herself into her face. Virginia felt the rush as a warm flood invaded her arse and knew the cock had deposited its sticky load deep in her body, the final thrusts of its owner confirming this before it was withdrawn, leaving her feeling empty. Finally, she withdrew and Virginia felt hands support her legs as her pussy finally released its hold, the nerves of her vagina and arse raw with pain and pleasure, her breath coming in great gulps as, exhausted, she was finally lain down.

A Weekend With Gina and Her Friend ~ Part 3

group ATexGent 2018-11-02

I loved the feeling of having her hands stroking me and like the good pet she is, she has gotten me off many, many times like this but before she could, I turned around and planted my lips to hers and stuck my tongue down her throat, so to speak, in a deep passionate kiss. Becky moved her foot from my crotch and leaned forward to kiss me on the lips and used her hand to bring Gina closer to us where she kissed her on the lips. I reached for the foot that Becky used to tease Gina’s pussy and brought it to my mouth and started sucking and licking her toes.

A story for I

group venus314 2018-11-02

I looked at Kris and took his already hardening, naked dick in my mouth while caressing Brad’s cock with my hand; at the same time Brad squeezed my tits hard and pinched my nipples. When I cried, Kris took out his cock, caressed me for a few seconds and suddenly slid inside my ass again, this time deeply to the end, and this time I did not feel pain but a kind of pleasure like never before. He started moving very slowly, and with his movement I also moved with Brad’s dick inside, and I forgot who I am and what am I doing and how much time passed, there was nothing else in the world apart from my pussy and ass and pain and pleasure.

My Cabin of Solace - Part 6

group gubica 2018-11-02

I was admiring the lines Red was tracing on Maple's body with the drying wax, when she brought me out of my stupor when she said, "Ready to take this to another level?' Red told me to peel off the dried wax while she got Maple ready for more games. I watched as she tied an end to Maple's knee, then followed suit as Red waited for me to catch up. With the ankles loosened, we easily pulled the cord up more toward the head of the bed, and to my amazement, I realized Maple's pussy was fully exposed and she was still fastened to the bed. Red must have anticipated my plan when she said, "Hand me those hair clamps, would you?"

PA Goes the extra mile - part 2

group whynotisay 2018-11-02

I was wrestling with my need to go and explain myself to Amy and the need to release the pressure in the ever-growing bulge in my pants as I watched Mia slide her fingers up and down here cum smothered pussy. With each ecstatic moan that Mia released, Amy pushed back a little more and my cock disappeared a fraction more. Mia now had her hands on Amy’s head, pulling her face into her obviously very turned on pussy. My body shook and a jet of cum hit Amy’s lips, Mia took me into her mouth and sucked another spurt and then they both licked my head until all the pulsating had finished.

Kaylee's Wild Weekend

group DamonX 2018-11-02

“Oh fuck yeah, you dirty little slut,” he uttered, his beating hand sending his balls slapping against her face.  “Lick that ass and make me cum” Kaylee sighed with delight and pushed her tongue up inside him, fucking his ass with long, wet strokes as his body tensed over her.  He let out one more incomprehensible growl and jerked as a fountain of creamy white cum erupted from his bulging, purple head.  She felt his asshole clench around her tongue as she watched the warm fluid spilling down over his whitened knuckles and dripping down into her face.  Shane lifted his body and leaned forward, trying to direct the rest of his juices into Kaylee’s open mouth as she parted her lips with carnal desire.  Just as the final droplets of cum were oozing out of Shane’s spent penis, she felt Ryan’s dick swell within her asshole.  Without so much as a sound, he began to shudder and thrust deep as she experienced the warming sensation of his cum filling her abused tunnel.  His eyes half closed in ecstasy, he took a deep breath and withdrew, his retreating cock slipping easily out of her tired hole, followed by a substantial stream of trickling white cum.  Kaylee smiled with contentment, reaching back to feel her ravaged asshole and wiping up some of the jism with an extended finger.  She then brought the glistening finger to her lips and smile.

Scarlett Roses - Part Three

group writer242 2018-11-02

“Umm… I guess?” replied Scarlett, wondering why Amanda would want to come. Mike was the one in the bathroom, while Jake was the other one standing outside of the bathroom, his eyes moving up and down Scarlett’s body. Scarlett thought for a moment, trying to figure out something that would keep the Jake and Mike from opening the door. “Spank me,” she said, bending over the bed and pulling her skirt up, revealing her tight round ass and her black thong riding up her wet pussy. Jake and Mike couldn’t resist anymore, pulling their dicks out and began stroking them. Amanda slipped into the room after the two boys left, closing the door behind her so no one would see Scarlett in her current state.

Bisexual Interracial Action

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

The threesome would take place between Ibrahim, Melissa and a young man named Julio Chavez. Eight of Julio's ten inches of hard Latin cock went up her butt that day, with the aid of plenty of lubricant. Julio thrust into Melissa's butt hole, shoving his cock hard and deep where the sun didn't shine. I told them to rest and relax tonight since we had a particularly difficult scene to shoot the next day, and their buddy Ibrahim would return to join them. Ibrahim got naked, and both Julio and Melissa began kissing him all over. At the same time, he thrust hard into Melissa's butt hole, shoving his cock deep inside her. Julio slammed his cock into Ibrahim's butt hole, who in turn slammed his dick into Melissa's tight asshole.


Life and Times of a Horny Couple - Chapter 4

group NCcpl50 2018-11-02

Brad won again, and this time he said he wanted to see Kristen sit on the table and play with her pussy as Lacey had. She told Kristen that she wanted to see her sit astride me so that I could suck her nipples and stick my dick into her pussy. After a bit of rubbing Lacey asked Kristen what she thought it would feel like if Brad and I licked their nipples as they rubbed tits. Brad reached out and began to run his fingers along the underside of Kristen's breasts moving quickly to her erect nipples. About this time Lacey slid one hand down between their pussies and quickly found Kristen's clit.

Happy Endings

group candytales 2018-11-02

I reached out my hand to locate Ebony’s pussy and sure enough, I could feel Alex’s balls and his cock moving in and out with slow penetrating strokes whilst Ebony rubbed her clit with her slender finger. Watching all the sexual activity going on around me and having been asked so politely, I couldn’t really refuse so, within a couple of minutes of meeting this guy for the first time, we were mating like rabbits over the back of a chesterfield sofa. Gavin started to fuck me at one end of my body with long rhythmic strokes while I had Simons’ cock halfway down my throat at the other end. Gavin was fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples as Simon positioned himself and I felt the tip of his meaty cock starting to work its way into my vagina.

The Envy of the Erotica World

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

If they want to read stories of sexy bisexual Black men having sex with both men and women, I give it to them. If they want to read stories of big beautiful women getting fucked in the ass, I give it to them. If they want to read stories of sexy Black males fucking hot older women in the ass, I provide them with it. Some people like to read about hot blonde women fucking Black guys in the ass with strap on dildos. Their handsome, muscular boyfriends who are sporting big cocks and love fucking older women in the ass. He puts her on her hands and knees, spreads her plump butt cheeks and sticks his big Black cock into her tight asshole.

Gold, Silver and Thongs

group DanielleX 2018-11-02

Trynka and Talinka wanted to be fucked hard and Jake was the man for the job. Talinka turned and pulled down Jake’s shorts as Trynka began to undress. Both girls continued to undress and Jake pulled his vest off and within a minute he was standing naked, his cock twitching as he looked over the two sublime young beauties. Talinka wasted no time in straddling his face and wriggled her peachy bum on his nose as Trynka moistened his dick with her lips. With Jake still lapping hungrily at Trynka’s pussy, her lips met her friend’s who was playing with Jake’s cock, rubbing the end against her labia. Trynka again pulled Jake towards her, stroking his hair and kissing Jake’s neck as he drilled into Talinka, smashing her mercilessly.

Black Men are Gods Ch. 13

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

A big and tall, openly bisexual Black man of Haitian descent living in the wonderful yet cutthroat world of urban America. Myra was on her knees, sucking my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick like there was no tomorrow. I smacked Myra's big Black ass while slamming my cock into her wet, sloppy pussy. Especially big-booty mature Black women like Myra. Why do I love fucking Black women in the ass? All I know is I'm having a lot of fun sliding my dick in and out of Myra's asshole. The big-booty mature Black woman shrieked as I fucked her in the ass. I went back to watching sexy African-American music videos on BET since The Jamie Foxx Show was long over.