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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Are You Ready for Some Football!

group Mr_Neb 2017-11-25

While Sheila was licking and slobbering all over my cock, coating it and her face with warm saliva and precum, Debbie stood and removed the rest of her clothes. With her orgasm almost upon her and with my hand deep in her cunt and her fingers frantically rubbing her clitoris, Sheila reached over and drew Debbie to her. With cum now oozing from Sheila's pussy, Debbie extended her tongue and moved between her friend's legs. I REALLY want to feel your cock spurt cum inside my mouth like you did in my pussy. I watched her tongue extend and slip deep into Sheila's mouth and plunge below the level of the cum that remained unswallowed.

The Sandwich

group Flashlight7.5 2017-11-25

So, while Wendy and Lori made passionate love in the bedroom, Ben went to work, watched TV, read a couple books, slept in another room, and did everything he could to keep his libido at bay. Ben wasn’t even sure he wanted a threesome with Wendy and Lori. “Is that okay?” Lori sounded a bit worried as Ben began unpacking their overnight bags. He could feel the futon shaking a bit, and hear the wet sounds Wendy’s hand was making on Lori’s clit. “Oh, baby,” Wendy said, “you look so good.” Ben wanted to tell Wendy that she looked good too. It’s too much!” Lori said and started pushing Ben away from her.

Her Best Birthday Ever

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-25

I kept taking these long, slow strokes while she and my wife had their fun; I must say, our neighbor was nice and tight, she was making me feel pretty good and it was her birthday after all. I pushed into her, sliding right in so easily on the cum I'd left there earlier as Lynn got up leaning her back against the headboard as Nina moved between sucking her boobs and licking her puss. "Oh, you wouldn't be in the way at all, Nina, I know Lynn loves some woman-on-woman sex at times and, well, I sure am enjoying this so you've got my vote," I told her.


group hondo1906 2017-11-25

Throwing his head back and moaning a little the big black guy stood motionless as Cherri attacked his cock with her mouth sucking in several inches with long sucking noises and slurping sounds as she cupped and massaged his big balls in her hands. "There you go white girl" the big guy finally said after about ten minutes of slow deep fucking with about half his cock inserted, when in one slow forward stroke he shoved the remainder of his cock all the way in and into the entrance of her womb as Cherri's eyes popped wide open and her mouth flew open in silence.

Mailorder Sex Ch. 2

group honeydew 2017-11-25

James, How would you feel about Samantha?" Byran ask. "Man she loves sucking my cock, and I like it so much that I'm always hard because I'm thinking about her all the time." Byran said. Byran watches as his friend eats his wife's pussy, waiting for James to put his cock in Samantha's pussy. "Well boys I think we're going to need a bigger bed, if that's okay with Byran." she said. " Okay Baby you just wait till we get home you wont make it to the bed." Byran said. Byran and James made a big bed, and they added onto the cabin when she told them she was going to have baby.

The Boys Next Door Ch. 05

group SilverMuse 2017-11-25

She could hear Ian's voice whispering in her ear that she was a dirty girl, feel Brendan's sure hands on her breasts underneath her graduation gown, smell both the twins' male sweat and musk. Meanwhile, Ian had been grabbed in a bear hug by a rangy guy Diana figured was the basketball coach — she'd never bothered to keep track of sports the past four years — while the rest of the faculty gave him a wide, disapproving berth, like they expected him to set off a stink bomb in the stadium. Unless you want to spank me first." Red crept to Diana's cheeks — she couldn't look Ian's way, or Ms. Wood's — but she also had to bite her lip to stop a laugh of her own.


GROUND f***e

group JOHNFINASMITH 2017-11-25

She heard him grunting and felt the fence shaking as Alan desperately tried to pull his semi-aroused cock from the hole, but still she applied water, as it grew bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter, until there was no way he could have pulled it out. Lubricated by her pussy juice, Charlie slipped her hand slowly and deliberately along the entire length of Alan's cock. As she saw Tommy watching her wanking Alan's cock (he assumed the owner was Alan due to his absence), and her stuffing her cunt with the trowel handle her jaw dropped and her big blue eyes widened with shock. Shutting his eyes tightly and grimacing, Alan felt his cock pulsing and soon he was firing his cum into Charlie's mouth, where it slipped straight down her throat.

Tammy's Sophomore Year Ch. 02

group Andiscandy 2017-11-25

Suddenly, I wish I had a cock so I could fuck her, so I do the next best thing and put a couple of fingers inside her slowly, and start slowly pushing them in as far as they will go and out and back in again, all while continuing to lick up and down that clit like it is a tiny dick. I realize I am going to need my hands to hold onto Kat’s legs so I don’t break my nose on her pubic bone, so I pull my sopping fingers out of her and lick them clean while looking at her face.

Welcome To The Panda House Ch. 01.3

group filthygingers 2017-11-25

Mimi lunged at the underside of my cock and gave it a nice, wet, open-mouthed, sucking kiss. Ginny let go of me and legged up on the bed right over Mimi, facing the hot view as I increased my pace against that clamped-down clam. I could just imagine Mimi slinking her tongue up to Ginny's own dripping hot little button, taking the lips and hood into her mouth for a good tonguing slurp, nose buried in her slit. We filled the rest of that weekend with shopping and sightseeing and sex, the highlight being the last night, when Mimi and I fucked Ginny's holes with fingers and my cock.


group eroticawithyou 2017-11-25

Ashley felt the hands lightly touch her breasts, slowly, softly, lightly stroke them, feeling her fullness, cupping the size of her and encircling their size and weight. It had been so long, yes, so long since Ashley had felt someone's caressing touch that she felt herself groaning inside as the hands gave way to the dancing and rhythm of the fingers, circling, flickering, teasing her nipples and she could not help the hardening and jutting as they were trying to push through the confines of her bra. As she began to suck the man and lick him with her tongue between her legs Ashley felt the woman probe her hole with two, then three fingers, in rhythm to her licking of Ashley's pussy turning Ashley like jello.

Jim's Girl Friend Ch. 02

group Boxlicker101 2017-11-25

What he most enjoyed watching was the way Susie's lovely ass cheeks flared out, spreading with every down stroke when the cock surged into her pussy, and how her cute pink rosebud seemed to wink at him. Jim's finger eased inside Susie's ass, all the way to his knuckle, and he started thrusting it in and out at the same pace as she was impaling herself on his father's cock. She responded by writhing on the bed, thrusting her tits up to meet George's mouth and fucking her pussy against Jimmy's face. The father's mouth on her breasts, the son's tongue caressing her clit and his finger that was slowly fucking in and out of her ass had brought her to the verge of cumming.


Party Entertainment Ch. 1

group Wanda 2017-11-25

There might be people looking in from the 2-way mirrors in the bedroom or there might be people actually in the room watching me fuck, plus there were cameras that transmitted to every room in the house. Mrs. Linden got up and took my hand and led me to this beautiful bedroom all done in white. I felt the matress sag with weight and i smiled thinking she was going to tongue my pussy. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my hips and I screamed as something big was shoved inside my pussy with tremendous force! Oh my god - my eyes flew open and I screamed with shock and at the invasion only to see a huge cock stuffed inside my little pussy - a huge black cock.

Can He or Can't He?

group sr71plt 2017-11-25

I had heard that Lewis Hart had checked into the Mandalay Bay, but I didn't really believe it until I saw two luscious babes, one blonde and one a red head, cooing over an old guy at the hotel pool. As I watched the three of them by the pool—the LBs—luscious babes, as I couldn't help from thinking of them—codling the thin old guy in the chaise lounge between them, I couldn't help but wondering if the other legend about Hart was true—that he had a twelve incher and was able to keep his girls happy with more than his money and a promise of glossy photo coverage in a high-circulation skin magazine.

The First Time is Always a Bitch Ch. 03

group peeder_exposed 2017-11-25

You want I should tell her you'll call her back, or what?" Wordlessly Derrick reached for the cell phone, took it in his free hand and said, "Yeah?" He listened for half a minute while Dave motioned for the crowd to stay quiet. So after smearing a liberal quantity of lotion around Janis's asshole—she moaned, "That feels so cool,"—I guided Scott's cock in for him. "Yes, it really does feel like I'm taking a great big shit right now, in case anybody's interested," Janis confided to the room. Finally Janis asked, "Are you getting ready to cum for me, Gar?" The ass-fucking came harder and harder. I turned and asked Scott, "The question is, are you interested?" Looking me right in the eye, he nodded affirmatively.

Recollections Ch. 15

group Kaadorix 2017-11-25

You know, Jeremy always likes to tell you, the readers, about my mean and sarcastic expressions. Throughout those tough, formative years, people would often tell Mom and Dad that I looked like a young Marcia Brady. Perhaps I would have felt alone if Jeremy never entered my life, depressed with Merissa gone, and I would have slumped back into old, horrible habits and allowed anorexia to finally claim my life for good. I told him you were probably on your way home from work and I would let you know when you got there." Merissa glanced at her own phone, held tightly in her hand. Merissa took my arm and guided me to the edge of the bed and actually pushed me down to sit next to Jeremy.


Single Again Ch. 06

group WhatIKnow 2017-11-25

Judy is silent for a few minutes and I have the feeling I have I had just blown a really good thing. "Yeah." I wanted to bring up the conversation about introducing her to Judy but I don't know how Heather will take it. Within seconds of closing the door, Heather's clothes are in a pile and she is on the couch, legs spread wide and I am licking her already wet pussy. Just do it already." This time as I feel her approach her climax, I roughly slid three fingers into her pussy. That's it you fucking stud." I keep going at a fast, hard pace and soon feel my balls start to churn.


The Next Room

group silenceup2nogood 2017-11-25

"Tonight your name is Fuck Meat." Rick said slapping her face with his cock again. I kept the camera pointed at her face, but I can see Fred pushing the head of his cock into her ass. Rick held her head firmly and pushed his cock into her mouth to the root while Fred reached under her and took her nipples between his fingers, pulling on them while he fucked her ass. "You're in for a treat now, Fuck Meat." Rick said with a chuckle, pulling his cock from her mouth. "Time for a little face cream, Fuck Meat." Rick said grabbing the back of her head and pulling her face up.


A Game of Cards

group Sexysmith76 2017-11-25

With a look of erotic pleasure in her eye, Sally pulled the cord at her waist and opened the gown before letting the silk garment slide to the floor. 'What the hell,' she thought, 'it's not the first time both of them have seen my tits.' She stood up and peeled off her gown, enjoying the admiring gazes of both David and Sally as she stood there naked except for skimpy black panties which were already soaked with her wetness. Sally thrashed about on the bed, her body climaxing again and again, expecting the vibrator to pleasure her some more when she felt David's rock hard manhood slam into her pussy, her body accepting smoothly.

The Night Out

group MissPimp 2017-11-25

The blonde knelt down on the floor next to her and slowly trailed her fingers up the brunettes' leg. The brunette sighed with satisfaction as the blondes fingers reached her womanhood, parted her lips and slipped her fingers inside her warm folds. The blonde pumped quicker, ate harder, and with a final lick the brunette wailed out her orgasm, pleasure coursing through her body. The brunette nodded at the blonde who stood on the bed behind him, undid the cuffs and kicked him to the ground, where he fell at the brunettes' feet. "Very nice," said the brunette, "Amelia you may leave us now." Still panting heavily and on shaky legs, the blonde quickly left the room.

Bi-curious Ch. 05

group KY ridgerunner 2017-11-25

She put her hands on her hips and looked right at Dick and asked, "What if what we need is a hard cock. Keeping my hand on Jason's leg I said, "She'll be down in a few minutes she and Dick are, how should I put this, getting better aquatinted." Still stroking Jason's leg now, I looked at Ursula and ask, "How much have you told him" Jason looked at Ursula and I took his hand and we went out on the dance floor. Ursula watched as I pulled Jason's hand up my leg till it was just under the hem of my short skirt. I told Ursula that whether Jason's hand went all the way up my leg or stopped now was up to her.


Hilton Head Golf Partner Ch. 03

group johnnieblue44 2017-11-25

The song, "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" rang in my head as Kathy approached, watching Mary intently, whose thighs were now covering my own like a snuggie blanket, still on top of me and feeding me her hot, hungry tongue. I wanted to taste the moisture that had pooled there between Mary's legs, so even as I continued to push my cock deeper into Kathy's tight twat, I lowered my head and positioned it to allow for the best angle for penetration for a tongue-fucking of Mary's bald vulva. But, I'll tell you what, Cindy, it's my turn next, but after I fuck John, how about I take the wheel from you for a spell, and you can get back here and enjoy your, uh...." Mary began to stroke my cock, feeling it coming back to life in her palm.


Aurora University Ch. 01

group chloe69 2017-11-25

Belinda giggled and said, "I dare you to sit in Carter's lap for the next round." Carter got her to clean up the sheets and Akiko's dripping pussy. Chloe, I dare you to put your face into that sweet little pussy of hers until she screams your name and begs you to stop. Carter was too busy fucking Belinda's face and she was too busy sucking his prick. I crawled over to the other side of the bed, pulling Belinda's face off Carter's dick, and replacing it with my own. But that was all she could say before Carter's dick pushed its way into her ass and she collapsed into a incorrigible torrent of shrieks and moans.

Summer with C Ch. 17-18

group morefunnaked 2017-11-25

I saw as they lay about, swam, chatted, and more importantly as the other three "ganged up" on C, smothering her with affection, massaging, kissing, and exploring every bit of her body, introducing her to her first (and second and third) dildo, taking turns eating her out and then having her return the favor, using a strap-on on her, lying crotch to crotch joined cunt to cunt by a double headed dildo, and even managing to briefly poke a little anal plug up her rosebud at one point. As Gina grew more and more aroused, C slipped the thumb of her right hand between the flaps of flesh and as deep inside as she could while fanning her other four fingers out to clench Gina's perineum and asscheeks.

Birthday Delight Ch. 02

group rcwilliams 2017-11-25

Happy birthday Aaron." 28 year old Victoria St. James called out from the kitchen. I looked at the figure on my lap as my eyes focused to reveal Victoria's sister, Charlotte sitting on my boxer covered lap..or at least I thought they was covered. Happy birthday." Charlotte, like her sister, has such a beautiful smile and a killer body to go with it. We wanted this to be the best birthday ever for you." She squeezed between Charlotte and Victoria and gave me a soft loving kiss on the lips before she backed away. Minutes later after my oral assault on Victoria's sweet spot, she couldn't take anymore, climaxed and went down to help her sister get me off.