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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tied Up in Escrow

group UhlBWett 2017-11-25

I had never seen her away from work or wearing anything besides a business suits, so I was very surprised when Jenny walked into the restaurant looking extremely hot in a painted on strapless black mini dress and five-inch black heels. After dinner we climbed into my BMW and headed out for a little dancing at a hot new club that Jenny suggested we check out across town. By the time we reached the club, I had Jenny's sexy dress pulled down far enough that I was able to caress to both her naked tits. Instead of climbing into the car, she hiked her dress above her waist and squatted down with the napkin still clutched in her right hand, steadying herself on the door opening and the armrest.


Good Guys Can Win Ch. 01

group Leftahead 2017-11-25

Most likely any braless woman is pretty cool, probably even a lunch lady, but it still felt great to hear!" Candice thought. The other guy, Tom she thought, stared pretty hard at the window in question, before quickly turning away. I also happen to know what it's like for a quiet and nice guy to get WAY less play than they want, than they deserve. So, don't feel bad." Candice knew a large part of the sexual equation for a man is confidence, and she was willing to dish out honest compliments all day long if it meant these guys would benefit, and her in turn, from feeling relaxed and assured.


The Doctor Diaries Ch. 08

group The Big Bopper 2017-11-25

His only problem is that in the past two years, the good doctor has embarked upon his mid-life crisis, becoming very free with his hands and cock when treating his female patients. The doctor's long-suffering wife has retaliated by enjoying a night in bed with the lawyer's handsome young assistant, Geoffrey, who practices tantric sex, with its multiple sexual positions and equally multiple orgasms. "I guess we better cover you up, Melanie," I said as I pulled the sheet down over her thighs and looked back to catch her eyes again peering at my tented trousers. "So Melanie, before you go, can I get a bit of detail about the swingers club that you've been using?" I said as I withdrew my cock from her hand and put it away safely, back in my pants.


TLC Pt. 04

group adam applebiter 2017-11-25

Sabine, on the other hand is wishing her sweetheart a happy birthday, marking her territory for the benefit of all the other girls in the bar, giving a very big hint that tonight is not likely to involve a lot of sleep and, perhaps most importantly, setting Daniel up for a birthday surprise. "Sorry Mate, she's well and truly spoken for." Ok, so technically this isn't true, but Daniel doesn't fancy having Chris find out about his and Sabine's relationship to Karen. "Yah, but now it is your turn I think." Sabine steps over to Karen, cupping the girl's face in her palms and kissing her every bit as passionately as she'd kissed Daniel.


The Burlesque Dancer

group VelvetPeaches 2017-11-25

As the Compare came back on stage, and called the next girl out, I slipped my hand under the table and began rubbing his thick cock through his trousers. She began slipping the dress off my shoulders, looking deep in to my eyes the whole time, until I stood in front of her with just my underwear and stockings. I think its time to ride that lovely big cock of yours", and with that she sat on his lap with her back towards him, so her legs were open and I could see every inch of that beautiful pussy.

Fun with Sylvie #01: The Appetizer

group jasexy28 2017-11-25

She then pulled the T-shirt off and lay across the end of the bed with only her panties on and started to rub her fingers up and down her pussy and began to look quite nervous. Sylvie let the panties cover her pussy again and slid carefully up the bed on her back, then I got between her thighs with my cock ready to fuck her. I pushed deep into her as I looked down at the sperm on her and could think of nothing other than pulling my cock out and putting my mouth down on her instead and licking at the fresh cum on her belly and her pussy.

Bikers want more fun

group wetchin54 2017-11-25

Milan was pulled from the passengers side, They undid her pants roughly pulled them and her panties down, and pushed a butt plug up her ass. The vibrations of the bikes and road were stimulating as it was, but with a butt plug the sensation was much different. The bitch who was driving the bike I was on pulled over as did three others, Milan and the rest continued on. Milan was on a picnic table by the door, bent over it with a guy fucking her ass, and a woman eating her snatch. He lay down and pulled me on top of him, his cock filled me more than the dildo, longer and much thicker, my pussy stretched to accommodate him.

The Promotion Party Pt. 04

group haramakhrama 2017-11-25

"I am seriously going to kill you if you do not take me as your partner to Bangkok or Colombo!" she threatened with a raised clenched fist, and he recalled that he had made the same sort of promise to Tanya also, "and frankly you did not have to set up this big event just to get close to me, you could have just asked nicely anytime and I would have let you get to know me better just like right now!" Mahmood knew that all good things must come to an end the moment he saw Aftab's fifty year old wife Parveen in the room he had just entered.


The Designated Driver Chronicles Ch. 04

group oldhippie1949 2017-11-25

When I felt her hands rubbing and molding my ass checks, I sighed again and spread my legs a little wider. I decided to let Ree explore as I moved to Gayle's head and began to work her shoulders. Your skin is so soft, so different from what I know." Ree's palms were now working Gayle's butt, occasionally sliding into the crack. Then I had Ree move up and over Gayle, lean over and let them slide their breasts together. I have to know." Ree moved down between Gayle's legs and with her fingers she delicately pulled her lips apart, examining and touching her parts and probing the layers of her lips. Let me make you cum." Gayle's lips were locked around Ree's clitoris as her tongue whipped around it.


Propositions Ch. 2

group usm1carbine 2017-11-25

I went in one evening and as I was eating, Lin finally sat down and I was just getting ready to make my offer when I heard Chinese coming loudly from the kitchen and Lin took off and I heard a lot more Chinese and then her mom, Nina came to the table with some soy sauce. Nina lifted her daughter's legs one at a time and draped them over my shoulders and then poured soy sauce over Lin's pussy, "You eat now please," she said and I dove in! Nina kissed Lin full on the lips and shared my cum with her and seeing those two tight bodies together, my cock got so hard.

My First Gangbang

group gandj130 2017-11-25

A ginger haired slut in black stockings, come suck on this!" Dave said as he massaged his hard cock in his hand against my face. He felt my silky stockings and then the skin of my inner thighs, and then his fingers touched my pussy, pulling it gently apart and began licking my clit, while Phil produced a condom from under his wristband and put it on, obviously hoping to be first. I knew that my husband had loved watching his submissive ginger slut wife getting fucked by a black men on many other occasions and looking at his hard cock he enjoyed this time too.

Mary the Super Slut part 3

group 2017-11-25

Mary says "Alright, everyone is hear pull out your cocks and in her wedding dress (it wasn't all the fancy) she drops to her knees and we all surround her with our cocks and she start gobbling them up. As soon as most of us get hard which is pretty fast she flips her dress up,bends over a chair and tells us to go to "work" and that she wants us to take turns fucking her pussy and ass and to make sure to cum inside her and be quick about it. I asked her about the load of cum that she didn't swallow on her wedding day and she was planning on swallowing it right before she kissed Rick on the stage but it was too long a wait so she just swallow it while she waited.

Wild Riders Pt. 02

group trip20 2017-11-25

Like Kelly, Monica and Curt had kept close contact for the first few weeks, but they began fading quickly after that, and seemed to reach a mutual conclusion that with so many miles between them, it wasn't going to work out long term. Although she felt a small twinge of guilt for giving in before the promised time, she was willing to bet good money that Monica had already responded to Curt, possibly as early as last night. "Thanks Lance, I'll leave you two alone and go look for the big lug." Monica gave Kelly a knowing wink as she headed into the kitchen.


Buffy, Dawn, Faith, a slayer tale.

group michaelalwayshorny 2017-11-25

Dawn was slipping her tongue back into faiths mouth and the were getting very worked up and buffy playing with her tits was driving her wild, she started squeezing faith tits which made her smile and moan out, dawn reach behind her and slipped her hand down buffys jeans and pushed her fingers deep inside her pussy making her gasp out, her other hand went into faiths pants going nice and deep they were both so wet her fingers slipped in and out with ease, both girls were panting hard and it was buffy who came first squeezing dawns tits hard as her body trembled as the orgasim washed over her, faith was breath faster and dawn knew she was about to cum so she pushed her fingers as deep as she could into faith pussy making her cry out with pleasure as her body exploded covering dawns fingers with her juices.

Au Pair Tops a Full House

group AmazingGrayce 2017-11-25

Mrs. A has a beautiful pussy and I could tell by the expression on Dan's face that it tasted as good as it looked. My cunt was dripping down the inside of my thighs and I could barely catch my breath as Dan turned Mrs. A's body slightly and then lowered himself on top of her, impaling her on that massive dick. She pulled off my t-shirt and shorts – I wasn't wearing anything else in the hopes of seeing another show – and settled her pussy over my face as she leaned forward to lick my shaved cunt. She sucked the juice from deep in my twat and then started tongue-fucking my tight hole using her hands on my ass to pull me to her mouth in a quick rhythm that was driving me crazy.

The Fall of Anthony

group LylaVanSaint 2017-11-25

Once he was seated all three women walked to the center of the room and Ani laid down upon the floor with her legs spread before him showing the center of her pink swollen pussy, shaved like Mari and Tashats. The two women knelt before Tashat and began to suck her nipples and Anthony pushed harder and harder and was so overwhelmed by the heat of the moment he slammed inside Tashat a final time. "Yes very much so, I left the payment in the room on the bed, I trust that will be alright." Anthony said and tried to step around the man and head to the door.


group CoyoteGirl69 2017-11-25

As my vagina began rhythmically contracting, I began intermittently pushing the plunger on the syringe, squirting jet after jet of cum into Carl's sucking mouth. I brought my hand to my face and inhaled her womanly aroma and moaned a little before sucking them into my mouth, tasting her for the first time. I could see Jessica squeeze her abs slightly and a dribble of cum dropped from her parted lips and into Carl's mouth. Closing her eyes, she began to slide her finger deep inside and forced more into Carl's waiting mouth. Carl raised his head up a little and gave her slit a long lick, causing her to shudder once more as she finished.


Tropical Temptations Ch. 10

group Lei Feng 2017-11-25

The man on the bed sits up and slides down to sit directly behind me, his legs either side of me, his condomed erection pressed hard against the small of my back, his hands reaching round to stroke the sides, and to cradle, from beneath, my big heavy breasts, that feel, in another new sensation, that with a few more strokes, he will make me come. My nipples are being tugged hard, and as I press the head between my legs against my pussy, I explode in a super-massive orgasm, the cock popping out of my mouth and come dribbling down my chin as I cry out the pulsing of my pleasure.


Construction Site Gangbang

group ja5i 2017-11-25

All four men stopped and stared at the perfect little angel panting and whimpering like a complete slut for their cocks. Kayla didn’t apprehend much as she was f***ed to her knees before them; a Spanish looking man covered in snake tattoos, a fat, hairy sweaty bastard with a big uncut cock… the Ringleader had a fistful of her shining hair, and f***ed her head over to a huge, erect black cock. The Ringleader screamed, and Kayla could feel the hot wet rush of his cum blasting her insides, and then the ten inch black monster in her pussy started to batter her savagely as Daddy shot his seed deep into her unprotected white pussy.

Don't push me I might turn into a slut

group 2017-11-24

my wife having sex with another man. you want to watch me have sex with another man?" She "Yes, I think about watching you have sex, and wondering seeing another man having his way with you, making love good-looking man at times, but I wasn't thinking about I said, "How about Keith?" He was good looking and still can't believe you want to watch your own wife getting fucked, watching another man spreading my legs "It looks like you really enjoyed watching me lying under bed, spreading her thighs apart, my wife too filled with She lifted her legs, and I watched his thick cock We went to bed and in the morning said good-bye to Keith,

8 in a Box

group RandyXXX 2017-11-24

You like to feel men get hard in your hand and to know you caused it..after he gets to what you imagine is 7 inches you let him go and use both hands to pull down your top, your tits spilling can hear a groan of approval from the group , obviously happy at the sight of your perfect breasts...You can hear the ryhthm of their stroking increase, your tits making them shift into a higher gear..You so badly want to pull down your mask, even just for a second, to see the power of your body to make 8 strange men fully erect.


Stiff Club Ch. 03

group loveking 2017-11-24

Despite these thoughts, the subject kept returning and earlier that same evening, whilst in the bar of the hotel, Mary had shocked Richard by suggesting he recruit a group of men to bring back to the room. Richard was still uncertain but as they returned to the table he noticed all of the men trying to subtly look at Mary's figure and, seeing the lustful look in their eyes started to turn Richard on. Although blushing and embarrassed at Richard's bold announcement she realised that she felt turned on as she sensed the men boldly undressing her with their eyes. Mary felt the first feelings of uncertainty as the all men, including Richard, stood up and unhesitatingly started to undress.


Kitty Gets Fucked

group kittenxoxo 2017-11-24

My boys (as I like to call them; their real names are John, James, and Chris) have to put up with a lot living with me because I just love to tease. James and John looked at me like they couldn't believe what they were hearing but Chris grinned devilishly and said, "So bad I can't even say baby. "I might have a go in her mouth later," grunted Chris dismissively, withdrawing his fingers and leaving me whimpering for more, "For now I'm going to fuck this sweet little hole and teach this dumb bitch a lesson. Chris dug his fingernails sharply into my hips and sped up his thrusts, John matching him underneath me as James moaned and closed his eyes, aiming his cock at my open mouth.

A Bottle of Cris and...

group Cee_More 2017-11-24

"Hey baby, why don't you wear the tight red one from last Christmas' party?" I said to my lovely wife as we were dressing to go out for another wild night on south beach. Marcos got on the bed above my wife and began pulling her dress up and over her head exposing her full nakedness to the room. I quickly got onto the floor and layed on my back under sweet Rene's sweet pussy as she sat on my face and began riding it without missing a beat on Rosa's snatch.