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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Swingers Sauna

group devilsden79 2017-11-24

The Bar Man, was excellent, and he may have felt, that it was my first time here, and he greeted me with a big smile, and offered a drink for free, Wow what a bonus , I already started to like this place now. My shy reactions, sparked another topic of conversation, and Loren asked if this was my first time, to which I again had a shy nod, She said, "You will like this place, and I am sure will come along again". While shifting positions, I left my towel on the lower Bench, stood up with my erect cock, and sat next to Fiona.

Morning Orgy

group C Love 2017-11-24

I reached one hand between Steph's legs and gently rubbed the patch of trimmed hair leading to her pussy. I couldn't tell just what was going on behind me, but I could feel Kessia's body writhing against mine as she and Steve, still in the spoon position too, greeted each other to a new day. I grabbed the back of Kessia's neck and we began to kiss passionately, while Steph and Steve did the same thing on the other side of the bed. The entire time, Steph was in the cowgirl position with me while Kessia was on the receiving end of doggy style from Steve. Steve's loud grunt let the world know that he was cumming too, and in a matter of seconds they collapsed on the bed as well.

Sex School Ch. 11

group Skibum 2017-11-24

Lying on her back with her legs spread wide, Janet pulled as much of his cock as she could into her mouth, savoring the taste and feeling it throb with every beat of his heart. Mike gave a muffled cry as he felt his hard cock sink into Janet’s hotly sucking mouth. He rapidly tongued the tiny organ, driving her to a higher plateau of pleasure, this time her cries and moans muffled by the bulk of his cock in her loving mouth. Janet let go her tight grip on her husband’s shoulders and let her back fall to the surface of the bed, between Mike’s spread thighs, his cock still in her very wet pussy.


Going Shopping

group necouple69xxx 2017-11-24

"Ughhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss," Julia moaned, loving the feeling of his hot cock pushing deep into her, "fuck me baby.....make my pussy cum on you." She wrapped her arms under his body and grabbed his shoulders as he started fucking her. "Oh honey, that is so hot and your hands down your body and back to your tits....oh yeah," Jake groaned as he gripped her hips and kept up the steady pace, "God I love watching you fuck..." Julia closed her eyes and tilted her head back, giving him a nice view of her neck.


Karyn's First MFM

group lyks2bteezd 2017-11-24

told Karyn of my fantasy of watching her make love with another man in the Karyn slid her panties down her legs and dropped them with her shirt. Karyn's nightgown exposing her beautiful breasts and began kneading them undressed." I moved into a sixty-nine position and began tonguing Karyn's got back into bed, spread Karyn's legs and began eating her pussy as I Karyn moaned with pleasure as she sucked the bulbous head of Bill's cock Bill gasped for air as he watched Karyn pull his cock from her mouth. I climbed the length of Karyn's body and slipped my cock into her drenched Karyn sat back on his cock and turned her head I left the room, Bill was sucking hungrily on Karyn's nipples.

John Billionaire Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2017-11-24

Taylor grinned and muttered, "Yeah, right." She stretched for a moment, bending her body back and forth and twisting her arms behind her in some pretzel fashion that showed off her amazing flexibility and simultaneously thrust her naked bosom outwards. The screen showed the front of my apartment building, two of the doormen I recognized working hard to keep various media types away while various residents tried to sneak out and get on with their lives. But now a leak had hit the media that Mr. Kendall had left his entire fortune, worth several billion dollars, to his one and only son, Jonathan Kwong, a young investment banker in New York. To the left, 48-year old Jonathan Kendall, with his light brown hair and sterling blue eyes.


A Weekend With Sinnndy

group sinnndy 2017-11-24

I opened my eyes and looked behind me, Billy had worked his cock into my ass, and was sliding in an out in a spoon position, and I looked down and saw and felt Yvonne licking my pussy and teasing my clit. I stroked her long blonde hair, it felt so nice in my fingers as she lapped at my pussy, and fucked me with her fingers, she was a great student, she as teasing me with her tongue, driving me crazy. She put her lips over my clit, and sucked it into her mouth, licking it at the same time, and my orgasm hit me with great force, as I moaned, "yessssss baby, that's it, ohhhh baby, I'm cumming, mmmmmm".


Threesome With Friends

group sally69er 2017-11-24

I continued licking Kat pussy as Gary moved behind me undoing my bra then slowly easing down my black panties, I held Kats legs wide apart probing her as deeply as my tongue would go. I moved laying myself on the floor legs wide open fingering myself watching Gary's arse rocking as he continued fucking Kat, I started to shake a little my body tingle as a climax built from deep within me. I licked Kat clit feeling Gary's cock slipping to and from her, I pushed my pussy down hard over Kats mouth as her fingers parted my pussy lips her tongue really probing deep into me.

Group Therapy Ch. 01

group Pattie1007 2017-11-24

"Hope you don't mind girls, but Lisa was at loose end tonight" said Chris. She stood up, marched over to the guys and said "My friends and I would like to know if you were up to a night of sexual pleasures." As soon as the doors closed I stood facing him and said "You like?" as I proceeded to take off my top and bra along with it. Sucking and licking them…By the time we got to the room we were both nearly naked. It was going to be a long night, Not only was I going to have this man's cock deep inside me, I could also take the delights of his wife at the same time.

Impulsive Diversion Ch. 02

group lilredheaddevil 2017-11-24

"Can't a guy get some satisfaction around here without being interrupted?" He jerked the door open irritated that he was even thinking such corrupt thoughts about Marina. Marina sat on the sofa in the entertainment room holding her petite foot in her hand as she cursed in agony. "What did you do?" Palmer asked suddenly even more short-tempered than when he heard Marina's cry. Palmer slowly leaned over and caught Marina by surprise as he started nibbling on her desirable lips. "Damn it, Marina, you're such a tease," Palmer expressed, insulted by the sudden blow to his ego. Simone opened her eyes as Palmer jumped off of her unexpectedly. Palmer shoved his fingers deeply into Marina's opening.

Grocery Shopping

group SandraMustard 2017-11-24

Debbie pulled my head down and kissed the booboo just as the Cheshire lady came around the corner. I whispered that she was coming so Debbie put her free hand right on my crotch and cupped my cock and balls while giving my head another kiss. Cheshire lady had walked up and was now looking at my bulging shorts bouncing between Debbie's cheeks. Debbie finally moved away but before I could close in, Cheshire lady stepped right into her vacated spot and bent over. "How big do you think his good nature is?" Debbie asked as she moved her hand down the bulge of my cock in the leg of my shorts.

Candy Has a Party

group albertscwriter 2017-11-24

Candy took her red cock out of Shelly's wet lips and told Betty to lay back. As I tried to get my head around this, I heard Betty scream out from under Shelly's little maid dress, "I'm going to cum!" Underneath Howie was Shelly and she was sucking his dick as Candy fucked his ass. A simple rhythm was forming: Candy slammed his ass, which made Howie thrust his hips forward that in turn shoved his dick deep into Shelly's mouth as my dick pumped in and out of his mouth. All this happened while Candy buried nine inches of red dick deep into Howie's ass. Sometime later Bobby fucked Howie's ass and sucked the cum out of Betty's pussy.


I Always Wondered

group naughty_bi_interest 2017-11-24

Dave's breathing was coming hard and fast, he was making little grunting, groaning sounds, his head moving from side to side as he enjoyed feeling her pussy clamp down around his cock. Opening my eyes I realized with a shock that I had just accidentally licked Dave's cock where it was sliding in and out of Kristy. I finally let myself go, licking up and down her dripping pussy, every few licks I'd let myself go a little lower to get a little different taste, feeling and tasting Dave's hard cock with my tongue. I started to move my head back and forth, sucking hard, fucking his beautiful cock with my mouth.

My First Threesome

group elainepwl 2017-11-24

Joe, laying beside me, began to suck on one tit, nibbling on my nipple as Bill reached forward and, using the fingers of one hand, spread my cunt lips. The fear, a kind of choking, was quickly replaced with a sort of wonder as Bill pulled his hips back, withdrawing his mighty organ up, up, out and out, slippery with my nectar, the massive head rubbing against my vagina walls; then, with a quick shove, he seated his pulsing cock back into me. I moved my pelvis up and down, my pussy meeting Joe's fist as it slid down Bills long, red, wet penis, and pushed against my clit sending electric jolts through my tummy and snapping out of my tender, swollen, and thrilled nipples.

Game of Seduction

group erossmantic 2017-11-24

Of course, Lisa and Jill always make me share the intimate details of my sexual adventures with Carl. It was impossible to hide the movement of his large snake-like manhood in his shorts when Lisa and Jill walked in the door. She continued: "Earlier in the day, when I heard Benny wasn't coming home, I filled an ice tray with water, dropped the key to my handcuffs in one of the cubes of the tray, and put the tray in the freezer." "I jumped up, grabbed the money from the table and lunged toward the door, dragging the chair with me," Lisa said. "Excuse me, you're blocking our view of the pool," the target's jealous wife said to Jill.


The French Maid Ch. 08

group susan12346 2017-11-24

He pulled out a large thick cock and holding her breasts between his hands started to thrust it in and out between them. They thanked me and I headed back for the kitchens just as one man splashed his cum all over Anna's face while her mouth had another cock buried in it. I saw Sally sitting on the edge of the table, a man standing in front of her kissing her really small breasts. I leaned forward to serve one man, and while dishing his food up I felt my skirts lifted way over my waist, my panties pulled down and a cock shoved straight into my pussy.


Cream Of The Crop Ch. 2

group Manjaro_Eve 2017-11-24

Ben maintained his leisurely exploration, allowing his fingers to barely brush at the hairy delta between her legs, before traveling around and about her body to caress her buttocks, sometimes cupping them with his work-roughened hands, at other times spreading her cheeks to run a fingertip the full length of the crevice between them, and to scratch lightly at her most secret, sensitive hole. When Ben's fingers finally touched that wetness, Carrie groaned and looked down at Ben through desire-slitted eyes. Ben was again bringing her up the ladder of desire when, without pausing, he asked her if she liked the feel and taste of a thick, hard cock in her mouth. Ben slowly inched his rock-hard cock into Carrie's wet pussy.


The Camping Trip

group muffinmurray 2017-11-24

She listened to verify that Eric was still snoring away, and pushed Jason's shorts down a little so that his cock was exposed to the air. He walked over to the lake and considered throwing in a fishing line, but instead, he sat on the boulder where Jason and Kate had kissed the night before. Kate began to stroke Eric's cock slowly as Jason rubbed his against her ass. Then he started to thrust in and out, all the time watching his cock come out and disappear again back into her, felt his balls hit her clit, heard her moan and shake as he picked up speed, all while she was still sucking on Jason.


sharing my hubby's cock....

group vanita 2017-11-24

Hubbby wanted to have sex all the time when free.As soon as back from Office--he used to pull me to him and embrace me with a long kiss.Initially he was feeling a bit shy to caress me in presence of Monica but within a few days he became more and more bold and didnot feel any hesitation in embracing me, kissing me on lips and putting his hands on my boobs. Initially she was feeling shy but soon she became more bold and started holding the cock in her hand more and more firmly.It was so wonderful. Monica's one hand was playing with my boobs and her other hand fondling Hubby's cock.

The Finca Ch. 04

group pantie_fan 2017-11-24

I nodded and watched as Tim hugged Judy from behind, cupping her breasts in his hands and running his thumbs over her nipples, not caring that Claire and I were less than three feet away and could see every move. As we waited to climb out, I looked up in front of me to see the chocolate brown silk of Claire's panties pulled tightly up into her crotch, water dripping from her body as she stepped onto the border around the pool. The screen filled with a rather shaky shot of the pool and then it swung around until Claire appeared, dressed only in the chocolate brown knickers that she'd been wearing earlier and a matching chocolate silk bra, the small cream-coloured hearts looking like polka dots from this distance.


Rebekah and Ashley

group Hindenberg 2017-11-24

One thing Rebekah secretly loved was how Ashley would grab her arm or leg when she got excited telling a story. "Let's just see how much you've really been enjoying this," she said as she slid her right hand between Rebekah's legs, sliding her index and middle finger up against her pussy, feeling the wetness through and around the thin strip of her panties. Sensing the building climax in her roommate's uncontrollable noises, Ashley slid her middle finger into Rebekah's pussy and began stroking against her g-spot, her tongue now making precise circles around her clit. "I want you to cum, now!" And at that moment Ashley turned the vibrator up to a setting Rebekah had not yet felt, and began flicking her clit hurriedly with her tongue while tugging gently at the glass plug.


Dexterous Dexter 02

group Hypoxia 2017-11-24

For her next hot-tub party, Wendy invited Alma-Li and Lindsay and me, and Doreen and her stepbrother Kirk. Almond-eyed Alma-Li and I sat side-by-side at the tub's edge, feet dangling in the warm water, with sexy brunette Wendy beside her, and gorgeous dirty-blond Doreen between my legs in the tub. Wendy and I alternated kissing and fingering Almy's face and neck and breasts, combing her long black hair away from our lips. Wendy pulled herself out of the tub, sat on Almy's belly, held her breasts, bent over and kissed her mouth, then straddled Almy's face and lowered her pussy onto Almy's waiting lips and tongue. I looked over to see happy Alma-Li riding cowgirl on Kirk as he kissed her delicious breasts, and lovely Lindsay atop Wendy in their familiar 69, noshing comfortably.


D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 09

group Liquor69 2017-11-24

Jill looked at him, leaned in, and kissed him, "I love it when you lie to me like that darling." Carmen's gorgeous body drove Gary wild watching her make love to his fiery, wonderful, redheaded goddess. Carmen's dance on Gary's thighs was so hot that she found herself finger deep in her own hot, sweet pussy. Carmen was moaning and screaming in delight and Gary was fucking her wonderfully. Jill moaned around Mark's cock as Beyonce brought her to heaven constantly. God, I want your hard cock in my ass, Fuck yes!" "Come on, we'll bring your note to the teacher," Gary said as he handed Carmen her drink.


My Daughter's Friends

group flyingcarpet 2017-11-24

"Because I need to get on my knees and worship you." And saying that, I fell to my knees and pulled Christy's bikini clad pussy into my face, ignoring her startled "eek". Christy had started to push my head away, but she changed her mind and pulled me tight into her pussy as she started moaning. Christy pushed my head away and I looked up at the girls' faces, waiting in agony, with Christy's hairy black pussy staring at me. Erika started screaming wildly and she pulled my head down into her pussy as her legs clamped my ears and squeezed. Erika sucked on my cock until I finished, and then she pulled Christy up and kissed her, both of them tasting my sperm.