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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ménage a Trois Ch. 01

group phantasi 2017-11-24

He positioned himself as if to mount me, but buried his face in my cleavage instead - licking, sucking, nibbling - then backed off and said if he did any more he wouldn't be able to wait for Connie. As Connie and I kissed and caressed, Tony began caressing and probing, licking and sucking...he found my dripping pussy and inserted first one, then two fingers. I kept at her, flicking my tongue across her clit, sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, applying just the right balance of pleasure and pressure...she came again while Tony watched, alternately kissing her and sucking my nipples. As Tony sheathed his erection, I got on my hands and knees between Connie's thighs and began eating her again.


The Concert Ch. 03

group petitmort 2017-11-24

Amanda and Jason watched Danielle move to the music. Jason watched as Amanda started to slowly rub Danielle's shoulders and neck. "Do you like Danielle's breasts?" Amanda asked, gently gliding her fingers over the cantalope sized bosoms. Amanda's free hand reached down and slipped between Danielle's legs, her fingers finding the warm wetness. She pushed them gently back until Jason was laying on the steps, Danielle laying back against him, her round ass pressed against his big cock. Amanda was stroking his muscled thighs, her face just inches away, watching his big cock slide in and out of her wet pussy. As Danielle's moans grew louder, and Jason increased the pace, Amanda grew more turned on.


Catherine's First Threesome

group Gimli37 2017-11-24

Suddenly Scott's fingers, that had been merely brushing against my shoulder, tightened around me as he drew my body gently against his; at the same time I felt him lean in until his mouth was close to my ear and whisper, "God, Catherine, I want you so badly right now." As he said this, I felt the tip of his tongue, hot and wet, flick across my earlobe and trace a line of warmth down my neck. Devon moved down my body, leaving a trail of light kisses over my stomach as Scott continued to fuck me harder and harder, pounding into me, then drawing himself out slowly until only his cockhead was inside me, lingering there a moment, perfectly still, then thrusting inside hard and deep....I felt my climax building again with every delicious thrust of his cock, my pussy flexing and spasming around his rod.

Mistaken Identity

group Sugardaddy6969 2017-11-24

The man placed the vibrator on her nipples and looked into her eyes that both showed terror but the physical pleasure made her moan. Cathy screamed when she felt the clamp grip onto her nipple while the man used the toy to stimulate the other. Then she felt the man using her mouth stop thrusting and she decided she wanted to continue feeling the big cock slide in and out of her mouth. His brown eyes looked down at her then he squinted and Cathy felt his cock pulse and then stream after stream of sperm filled her mouth. As the man toyed with her ass Cathy began to wonder what a cock would feel like.

Sharing the Love

group Patrick-Donovan 2017-11-24

I noticed Bree turning to look as Linda started to kiss my cheek. "Bree...look at me." I put my hand on her chin and lifted her head, then cupped her cheek in my palm. I know that excuse wouldn't hold water with Bree, but I took the chance that she really wanted to keep kissing. Bree turned to look at Linda in shock as she felt my lover slipping an arm around her waist. She turned her head away from me and looked straight at Linda, who raised her hand to stroke Bree's cheek. I started to undo the button when Linda began to kiss Bree's neck. Linda slipped her hand down toward Bree's chest, curious about how it would feel to touch another girl's breast.


A New Club

group fantaCman 2017-11-24

He was moaning loudly, and the force of his thrusts was making loud slapping noises, each of which were met with screams of "fuck my ass, baby," as the woman was being pounded to orgasmic overload. Mark saw the man standing by the glass booth door stroking himself, his hard erect cock throbbing as his hand moved up and down the shaft. The man opened the door and walked in, the crowd outside around Mark and Kerri started cheering as he thrust his swollen member into her mouth. He impaled himself within her ass, holding himself deep within her, letting Jen, the red haired beauty work his balls with her tongue.

The Day We Did Janey Ch. 04

group ClodiaP 2017-11-24

I yanked Debbie's hair, dragging her mouth off my prick, and my hand went down and grabbed my prick, my whole fist brutally jerking myself, so that I came and abrupt spurts of cum coated her lips, dripped from her eyelids, and began to fall onto the shelf of her waiting tits. But when Ernie roughly seized Debbie's shoulders, she just rolled onto her back, easy as can be, not resisting, and pulled her knees back, her legs coming wide apart so we saw the dense, thick hair, almost impenetrable around her pussy. When Timmy and Ernie gripped Janey's ankles, her head lifted, she turned to us scowling, and said: "What are you doing?"

Slut Addict: Tricia

group Metatronlive 2017-11-24

I slowly walked over to them, and saw that the girl being licked, had her little tits exposed, and was pulling hard at her large, erect nipples. I noticed the girl in the mini skirt turning around on the table, exposing her pretty little butt to us, and Tricia was soon licking all over her girlfriends butt. "Oh, yes, you horny stud, finger my tight little slut ass, I want to feel your fingers deep in my bowels, ahhhh!!", Tricia groaned. I once again noticed how Tricia worked on the girl's ass, and to my amazement saw how she slid two fingers of each hand inside the girl's asshole, stretching it wide open, so she could accommodate her tongue even deeper into the girl's dirty ass.

The Cock Star & The Cuckquean Ch. 01

group Rubirosa 2017-11-24

He swam the sea at a safe distance from the coastline so he could scope the beach for what girlfriends jokingly called his "catch of the day." Notably, Samson had been endowed with 20/5 vision. While Ava snuck glances at her employer, Samson observed Anaïs and her companions from behind the magazine. By now, everyone knew of Samson's presence and sensed an emerging love triangle between Anaïs and Ava. Specifically, she cultivated the bisexual feelings of girls like Anaïs to arrange orgiastic encounters for Samson. Of course, Samson planned to make a few more notches in his stratospheric bedpost before the end of his vacation and Anaïs looked like a perfect candidate.


Jon and Mandy again.....

group 2017-11-24

I admitted how horny it had made me to see Jon fingering Marie and she told me how wet her pussy had been from watching my hand up Mandy’s skirt and how good Jon’s fingers had felt inside her. As Marie wrapped her arms around Jon for a welcome kiss, her (my) shirt rode up giving Mandy and I a great view of her ass and stocking tops and then an even better view of Jon’s hands pawing at her. I stood up and told Mandy and Marie to kneel on the couch with her asses pointing back to me and Jon and, to our delight, the girls turned to each other and continued to kiss seemingly oblivious to two pairs of eyes feasting on their naked behinds.

Katy: Good Girl, Bad Girl, Sitter

group TheVulture 2017-11-24

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll seemed like the way to live but after various stints in halfway houses, bad boyfriends, and a near overdose; Katy decided it was time to get her life on track. And so after building up his trust in her by working various odd jobs for friends; Mr. Prescott and his wife, Ellen asked Katy to become their live-in nanny to help with the couple's two children and various household duties. "I hope we're doing the right thing honey," Ellen said nervously as she and Roger waited for Katy's cab to arrive. So on the night of Mrs. Prescott's annual realtor's association dinner, Katy decided to enjoy a long, hot shower and some popcorn and television after putting the kids to bed.

A Frustrated Wife Ch. 07

group skadoo 2017-11-24

Serena now uses her right hand to pull up and down on his length while she continues to suck the first few inches into her mouth as her tongue runs over the warm veiny flesh of Alex’s manhood. Serena runs her tongue in circular motions over the married blonde’s arolae, leaving the flesh glistening with saliva all the while Alex continues to suck his wife’s right nipple as he gently squeezes the firm breast. The blonde porn star begins to suck her friend’s folds into her mouth as Alex’s tongue finds her clit, using small circles to drill the extremely sensitive nub as Stacy is engulfed into pleasure.


Kiki Brings Edith Home

group gamma33 2017-11-24

As I crawled over the foot of the bed to between Edy's open legs, I got my first good look at her cunt, her swollen lips covered with her milky white cum juice. I felt one of my hands pulled from her tit and I looked up over Edy's slightly rounded tummy to see Kiki lower her mouth onto that nipple and suck it into her mouth. I kept pumping until my arm began to get tired and I was about to stop when that familiar feeling started in my groin and after a few more desperate strokes, a long rope of thick white cum squirted out to land on Edy's belly, followed by two more, less forceful squirts.


Holiday Chaos in the Car Park

group PPatrick 2017-11-24

I did just that ,with the shouts of the rapists egging me on to fuck her harder and faster, I was in a sexual daze fucking my own wife in her arse in front of a rowdy audience of four louts, and I responded by going at it like a maniac, soon I felt the tingling in my balls of a mighty orgasm, and just as I had begun to pump my boiling jism into her, I felt the lift move, the doors began to open but there was no way I could stop cumming, the four lads ran out of the lift, and I was left facing a number of middle aged couples waiting to board the lift.


Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 02

group jonusstory 2017-11-24

Sitting on the john, Marie thought about waking Harry by sucking him to consciousness and then mounting him, as she was curious to learn sooner than later if he was a good cocksman, as well as a fantastic pussy-eater, but she opted to shoot for a more leisurely bout of sex later in the morning. Harry was still mulling over his night with Marie and his experience at the Club when he saw his neighbor Pete sauntering in. Pete piped in that Harry was also interested in threesomes and now was a good time to find out if everyone was in synch about having a DP. Hannah saw that Harry was starting to ooze precum and Pete was as hard as she had every seen him.



group anderson0987 2017-11-24

Tired and hungry, she tried to find a place to sit in front of the door hoping the owner would show up and let her stay for the night so she could continue her way back to Anahita, a small town with a temple where people went to pay the priests so they pray for them to gods like Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo and Athena, but she wanted her prayers to be addressed to Demeter. Before she could react, he reached and pulled her by her hair making her get under and in between the other woman’s legs, as close as she could to her pussy, she was so wet that every time he would pump his cock in, little drops of her juice would squirt on her face, they started to get loud and he started to pound harder and harder.

The Double Team Ch. 03: Operation J

group asdfman 2017-11-24

As Cole was on top of Jenny slowly pumping his dick in her pussy, Frank kneeled in closer to get his cock closer to Jenny's lips. As Jenny slowly sucked on Frank's cock, she noticed the close proximity of Cole's face as well and wondered if he would start sucking. Cole dripped down lubrication onto Jenny's pussy and Frank's cock as he pumped slowly. Upon revelation that they had dethroned Tyler Johnson, both Frank and Cole's dicks stiffened up a bit still inside the cum filled pussy of Jenny. Jenny, clearly wanting more, began to grind on dicks more sensing that the guys were actually turned on by the revelation that they did a better job of fucking her than Tyler Johnson had.



group maniax 2017-11-24

I told him, half sarcastically, that I was turned on, that I wanted them to take me to the back of the police car and have one fuck my ass while the second forced me to suck his cock. It started with a close-up, my leg up, a naked man fucking my pussy hard, another cock in my asshole. He watched as the first guy kissed me; how he pushed me back onto the awaiting cock; how he climbed onto me and started fucking me, and me telling him to fuck me harder. Rod was watching us, and soon I was completely naked as Gerald continued kissing me and was pushing his fingers inside my pussy.


Weapon of Mass Penetration

group twoup 2017-11-24

Come in my mouth, you fucking horse-hung stud!" I yelled as more massive streams jet from your enormous cockhead, filled my mouth up completely, rivers of cum pouring from my lips. Pat grabbed my cock and started furiously wanking it and slurping the cum now oozing from its massive head. Yeah good isn't he replied Cathy now grabbing hold of my cock and aiming fair and squarely at her massive 44 inch tits. Cathy grabbed my cock and ran it all over Pat's face who was now licking her own lips to taste my cum. Pat was slowly recovering from her massive ass fucking Cathy was walking around with her massive tits exposed and the other girls were wiping their cum soaked faces.


Saffron Cums to Dinner Ch. 01

group wyrdrune 2017-11-24

"I'll put the futon mattresses in the corner of the dining room," I said, walking into the kitchen where my wife was putting the finishing touches to an apple pie, ready to go in the fridge to be cooked later. Saffron giggled again, and then explained that not long after they had got together, and before they started living in the same house, they had been trying to have sex in the front seat of the car that Bill had at the time. I knew I couldn't raise the thought, I knew it had to come from either Bill or Saffron, and quite frankly if it didn't come from Bill, I wasn't sure how to progress things – I figured the best thing, if Saffron raised the issue, would be for Hazel and I to leave the room and let them discuss it.


Tales of a New House

group minxx66 2017-11-24

I slipped my hands between my legs and stroked his balls each time he completed his thrust, my other hand was rubbing my hard little clit. I gently pushed him down onto one of the stools, and then I took his long slim prick in my hand and started to caress him. I looked towards Sarah; her hand was stroking her pussy through her leggings. I resumed licking and sucking Claire's pussy, her sighs and moans now muffled by the girl who sat on her face. Sarah was the first to reach hers and she squealed as she came, she then rolled off of Claire and started to suck her nipples as I continued to stroke her and again suck at her clit.


Becoming the neighbourhood slut - Part 2

group analhottie 2017-11-24

"There you go, now you are a a leather anal cum slut", he said pleased. "Say it, whore", he said as he fucked me deep, stopped for a second a few times and then resumed even harder. I am a cock-d***k, cock-addicted leather anal slut, that needs your beautiful cock" I said slowly while looking at him and crawling after his cock. "Yes, my love..." I said quietly while kissing his cock and looking at him. What a good fucking whore" he said pleased, but passed me and went to his couch, sat on it and put the bag on the coffee table. I love how you walk in those whore boots" he said pleased.

Truck Stop

group Shake88 2017-11-24

Feeling refreshed, Tif?" Phil looked over at my body as most of my outstretched abdomen peeked out of my jeans and my tits heaved as I let out heavy yawns. Jam that bad boy down my throat." Phil didn't need to be asked twice, he flipped a leg over my face and jammed his cock between my eager lips and down my wet, slutty throat. I pulled Phil's angry cock out of my mouth and said, "Fuck my little whore pussy. But now, I'm a sweaty soiled, truck stop whore who loves stranger's cock!" I laughed and giggled as Trucker pounded me for the final strokes.

Going Home, Covered in Cum

group Zandslut 2017-11-24

Back to the van, and an hour more of being used by John, but not Dan. He had taken over driving, so that Nicole would have a chance to see what Katy and I had to offer. Katy instead had me lie down in the van, and crawled over my face, letting John's cum and her pussy juice leak out onto my face and into my mouth. Here i was, with my face covered in drying cum, my breath smelling like cum and Nicole's butt, my hair plastered with dried cum, and a dress that clearly showed my dark hard nipples and which was short enough that my pussy lips were exposed any time I moved.