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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Me, My Girlfriend, and Sadie

group evil_in_the_flesh 2017-11-23

Since I am a breast man and Vanessa did have a nice D cup along with a perfect slim body and you could only imagine how my days and nights were when living under the same roof with two hot girl with huge tits. You're cock has never been this hard and big before," Vanessa said inbetween sucks. I wanted to cum on both of their faces but Vanessa and Sadie stopped their sucking and pushed me down on the bed. After several minutes of sucking her breasts and fucking her, Sadie came again and my cock exploded between her cuntlips. Vanessa got between my legs and sucked my cock clean off of Sadie's juices and my cum.

Bad Penny Ch. 02

group MVPrimetime 2017-11-23

Tara turned to Mike and said "Ok, tell us about the dream you had about Sean and Penny, the week before we all had that hash cake." "Poor Mike," said Penny "It must have been such a disappointment when you saw me nude and I looked like this!" she teased. Tara said "And you can prove that later, but it is Sean's turn to tell a story." She looked at me then with a raised eyebrow, and I knew she had something wicked in mind. So I turned to Penny and took her hand and said "If you want to hear this I will tell you.


Sharon goes dogging.

group 2017-11-23

“Is that what it’s called, dogging did you say?” he came around the corner of the aisle, paused slightly when he saw Marcus standing there who managed to pull off the pretending to not have heard a word look. Jacko, still rubbing his hard cock, turned to his mate and moved slightly away, “Your turn Billy, try and get it in her mouth.” To accommodate this request, Sharon rested her chin on the door and opened her mouth. Marcus just sat back and stroked his cock as she flicked her tongue around her lips, “Cum in my mouth,” she said, “Fucking spray me.” “Well,” she said, “We’d better get going and maybe once we get home,” she spread her legs and began fingering her twat, “we should check the height of the back of the car.”

Good Vibrations in Jamaica

group Bardvark 2017-11-23

Lynette and I rode adjacent to an attractive black couple from San Francisco and over the 3-hour journeyed we enjoyed enough banter with Trace and Felicia to feel comfortable planning our first afternoon on the beach with them. We got to the beach, did a bit of local snorkeling that was disappointing and found Trace and Felicia playing croquet so joined in the game. This time I stared at her track-toned ass and seeing this, Lynette said fair was fair since she'd caught Trace enjoying her flesh too. Though I knew Lynette would be rubbing her pussy and clit on Trace's neck, the lure of me getting the same from Felicia got the better of my increasingly alcohol stimulated desires.


Avignon - A Hidden History Ch. 02

group docfantasy 2017-11-23

I didn't know if this as much of a turn on to April as it was to me, so I took a chance and I said. She had come from the finest family in Southern France that had old money as well. Charles will show you to your room." Francois said in a very sexy French accent. Charles led us to a spacious room that overlooks the gardens and the marble fountain. As we made it down to exit that led to the gardens, there was a basket with a several bottles of the house vintage wine, cheeses and fresh baked bread. "It looks like they thought of everything for a romantic afternoon." I said smiling. "Wow, that looks like great wine.

Lap Dance

group ViSexual 2017-11-23

"Well," Jan glanced at Sue and Pam, then looked at Linda and finished, "we'll all be in the same room, won't we?" Jan thought a moment before adding, "and the reason the men wanted to go to the club was to see different girls, right?" Pam, Jan, and Linda sat on the couch on the opposite side of the living room as Sue began to sway to the music and work, ever so slowly, her way over to, a very delighted, Tom. I was alternating watching Jan as she seduced Chip, and Pam as she was rubbing her body all over Jerry but quickly turned my complete attention to the last lady of the group.

The Right Time for a Wrong Turn

group TLion63 2017-11-23

As she started to turn, Alex stepped forward grasping his erect cock and said, "We'd really like it if you stayed," smiling, as he motioned for her to come toward him. A couple of the guys were so stimulated that shortly after Sandra had gone down on them, while pumping their erections and sucking them for only a minute or two, suddenly released their load of cum—Sandra pulling their cock quickly from her mouth as their cum splashed all over her tits. The last erection milked, the last stiff cock having been humped to the point of hanging limply down in fatigued ecstasy, she lay fatigued on the floor of the shower, surrounded by the seven young men who just gave her something to remember for a lifetime.

Randy Ch. 2

group Traci Ott 2017-11-23

I told her that I was going back to my dorm room with Julie and that she was welcome to come back with us if she liked.....she looked at me and said what do you have in mind??? Julie then started with an up and down licking on her pussy....every now and then she would stop and Cathy would moan for me to continue not knowing what was happening to her. I was about to come and I reached under her and started pulling on her nipple rings...I pulled them extra hard knowing what she had said Cathy realized that I had heard her.

I Watched a Guy Cum in My Wife's Pussy

group glmike523 2017-11-23

(A little aside, I had been having gay relationships for a few years before this and by the time of this meeting, a pretty good cocksucker.) Mike, as I was sucking him off, had his fingers inside my wife's pussy making her moan in pleasure as she peeked at my cock-sucking techniques. While this was all happening in front of me, I was beating my meat and could feel my face become flushed with desire and lust wanting to lick my wife's pussy and Mike's cock, and at the same time possibly watch him cum inside her. Mike finally slowed to a snail's crawl but kept his cock inside my wife until he went limp and finished pumping his load into her pulsating and burning hot twat.

Stacked Shelley's Airport Search Ch. 3

group Sexy Shelley 2017-11-23

And I could tell he liked me because he’s always staring at my ass and his big cock is always hard when I’m around. I’m licking him from base to shaft, juggling his big come-filled balls in my fingers, and stretching my mouth around his enormous tool. Most cocks completely disappear in the valley of my cleavage, but his was so big that it came up into my mouth as he fucked me. He just smiled, mouth full of my fleshy tits, and lifted me from the ground, the tip of his huge member still in my pussy lips, and then let me slide down onto his rock-hard tool. Even she never imagined a scene like this—this young brown-skinned stud fucking the shit out of some big-titted redhead slut.

Gaining A Better Vantage Point Ch. 02

group bone2pic 2017-11-23

As Doug surveyed the sight of my wife's splayed pussy before him, me standing there masturbating and looking at his cock with wonder in my eyes, my breathing raspy and ragged, he lifted his cock, leaned over and dribbled spit onto the head of his cock. Doug, taking note of my interest in the fun, grunted as he pushed the bulbous head of his cock down into the entrance of Della's tiny pussy. Hearing me begin a groan as my eyes were bugged out in the midst of my best masturbation technique, Doug looked over his shoulder and hissed between breaths, "Man, cum in her mouth. Here's your chance!" Looking back at Doug, my thoughts returned to the only time I had ever gotten my cock close to Della's mouth.

Atonement! I

group SmedleyLeftwich 2017-11-23

From there Lynette could see how her new friend's cock lay along all of the front of girly's slit and how girly pressed at him with her hand. Lynette placed two fingers on the head at her friend's clit and pressed. He felt what was going on, but looking around the raised thigh all he could see was Lynette's hair and back – her face and hand buried. When the 'ahhs' descended to cooing Lynette firmed her grip and realized 'I'm going to give him a hand job and fist her.' She started stroking in-and-out with the cock to spread oozing lubrication to the back of her hand and yet caught another whiff of her own climax.

The Initiation

group speednutz 2017-11-23

Somebody starts rubbing a hand up and down the front of your pussy gradually moving more between your legs with each movement. Your legs are lifted up and spread apart and you feel a hard cock pressing at the mouth of your pussy. You feel another mouth licking and sucking and nibbling around your ass cheeks. Hands are rubbing your breasts and you feel a mouth sucking on first one nipple then the other. As everyone’s orgasms subside, you feel the cock slide out of your well fucked pussy and the girl sitting on your face moves away. The drips move to your breasts and you begin to feel another candle and mouth moving up your legs.

Pool Bet

group tonyd1509 2017-11-23

If you do him, I get to see two things I really want to see: a guy sucking cock because I asked him to, and what Dan looks like getting head from someone else." Turning back to the table, I saw that I had a pretty good shot at my last ball and spent a little time thinking about where I wanted the cue for a shot at the 8. Just as I thought I might say no, Melissa held my cock sideways and slowly and deliciously corn-cobbed it from base to tip, still looking right at me and smiling with every part of her face that wasn't wrapped part-way around my pole.


Game On; Thumbs Up

group redmaxxx 2017-11-23

Crew shirt, the top button undone, with his hand slyly down the back of his wife Heather's dress, tickling the top of her supple ass, had been discussing politics before he'd gone mute; Heather, rocking her hips imperceptibly to give her husband's hand more room to push deeper into her pants, tight grey tank top riding up to expose the cutest little bit of belly flab over her belt, had been laughing at something, but was now covering her mouth, waiting; Paige, nipples dark and hard against her white t-shirt, legs in yoga pants, folded up underneath her, had been looking at Heather's marvelous tits, but was now distracted; Anthony, dark eyes serious over something, muscles tight inside his polo shirt, his hand on the soft hair on the back of Paige's neck, had been preparing to make a move of his own.

night at the cafe

group suckerforit 2017-11-23

“Perverts are we” said Fred “ it’s you are the pervert – one tweak of a nipple and you cunt start to look for a cock!” I was speechless – mostly because I new this was true and I was starting to let my body dictate my actions. Sensing this George said “I think we can let go lads, her legs are opening on their one with no pressure from me” Hearing this Jim let go of my hands and slipped his other hand into my bra and started working on both nipples. Suddenly I was lifted off he floor and placed on my hand and knees – before I realised what was happening Jim had his cock buried on my asshole, At the same time Fred was laying underneath me sucking on my clitoris and George was sucking my tits.

Eva and Friends Ch. 03

group tomlitilia 2017-11-23

As the girls left, Eva excused herself for a moment but she soon came back, wearing nothing but her black high heels and that red, shining lipstick that made her mouth look so inviting. As she was taking Daniel's cock out of her mouth and was turning to suck on John's, she suddenly froze as she saw Linda and Rebecca standing in the doorway. Because John and Daniel was focused on Eva and her attention to their cocks and Eric was behind her back, neither of the guys would have seen them come in. There was a moment of silence as Eva recovered and the guys were still looking at her, obviously loving to watch their blonde little friend come for them.



group putica 2017-11-23

I tell my husband, he said, the night is still young, we all go in the summing pool for a while we come out dryer our selfs, have a few more drinks, after a while I get up, go on the bed, lay down open my legs and started asking, if any body wants to fuck this gorgeous Turkish whore, with in seconds they are all over my body, touching and kissing me every where, my husband goes in my mouth Rene sits me on his cock again Lucien and sabastien are trying to fuck my asshole at the same time, Lucien enters my asshole first, sabastien pushes Lucien, so he can fuck my pussy together with Rene, I am feeling like a KEBAB, My every hole is being fuck by 4 cocks, I am the first to have an orgasm, soon enough they all having an orgasm, as soon as they are done i start sucking cocks with out even knowing whose cock I am sucking, Cocks keep going inside my ass, mouth and pussy, my mouth,ass and pussy are dripping with hot cum, now the sun is coming out, I see my husband and the old boys laying on the grass, but Rene still fucking my ass, Rene goes in the house and comes out with hot coffee, we having coffee, my husband asks Rene if he ever suck a cock, he said Yes!


group captainscarlett 2017-11-23

You licked her pussy, sucked it, you worked her clit and she rode your face like a cowgirl. Did she come over to help and it just so happened that the video of your face (as I fucked you in the ass) was in the VCR? I pulled your face close to me and whispered in your ear that you were a bad little slut and that you would definitely be punished. I let you slide under her and fuck her pussy with the strap-on as I eased my cock in her tight little ass. You could see the slick come on my cock as I fucked her pussy from behind while you watched. You beg me to come in your face, or your ass, or your pussy.

Sorority Party Ch. 01

group nust8ofmind 2017-11-23

As if on cue, all the guys in the room stood up and greeted the new girls, some showing what Alexa thought might be inappropriate affection - she saw Misty's ass cupped during more than one hug. The brunette turned to her as she reached out for the now-hardening black cock and said, "Alexa, I've got to be part of this sorority, no matter what." She began to turn back, then stopped saying "Besides, I've never had a black guy. John unbuckled his belt, allowing his pants to fall near the pile of Alexa's clothes, then stepped out of them as she cupped his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right, her fingers following her lips closely to accentuate the feeling made by the multiple ridges.


A Late Night's Work Ch. 4

group Walt W 2017-11-23

As she was being fucked by the man's thick hand Jen felt herself again erupt in orgasm and she sucked Stan's cock savagely as she continued to hold the base of his cock firmly as she slid the other hand up and down the entire shaft rapidly. Screaming around the manhood filling her mouth, Jen arched her back and ground her massive tits into the man under her and fucked and sucked the four men like a wild animal, knowing her own orgasm was only moments away. As the men pumped faster and began to orgasm themselves, Jen felt their huge loads of hot, silky smooth cum fill her pussy, mouth and ass almost in slow motion.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 06

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-23

After checking on our 14 month old daughter, Danielle (Dani) Grace, one more time (she had to be snug and secure in her crib, and of course happy), Amy and I retired to the master bedroom alone together for the evening. "Well, you look cute today," Alison said to Amy, earning a smile in response, "and you look handsome today," she then told me, before focusing on Dani Grace, "and you look like a BIG MESS today!" Dani Grace tossed her food down and giggled wildly, her face splattered with bits and pieces of apples. "You need to go surfing with me and Trish, little red," Alison then said to Dani Grace, referring to her hair color (Amy, of course, was big red).


Jan, Marie & Me Makes Three

group EmmisDos 2017-11-23

One afternoon after Jan had gone to work Charlie came by with a bottle of Wild Turkey," Marie told me. "Jan was furious with Charlie and cut their relationship off right away," Marie told me. No, wait a second, Marie told you what happened and ya'll were making up with a little fucking, weren't you?" said Jan. "I'm glad to see that Jack isn't such an ass that he would leave you over a one-time indiscretion like that," said Jan, "Now get up and get dressed. The girls looked at each other, grinned and Jan said to Marie, "I will if you will." A couple of hours later I caught Marie yawning and told her, "Looks like it's about time to turn in.


Dating a Nymphomaniac Ch. 01

group sivad44 2017-11-23

"I think you got some great fucking tits," Johnny said with a big grin on his face. Unfortunately, Phil - being a young guy - didn't last long, and he came hard after about two minutes. I wanted to change things up so I suggested that she lay back on the couch and let Johnny straddle her chest and fuck her mouth while I ate her pussy. But her head kept bobbing back and forth on Johnny's cock, so I stood up, and slid my dick in her pussy, and started fucking her. By then, Phil had jacked himself hard again so Penny - never one to let a stiff dick go unattended - leaned over and went to work on his long, lean cock.