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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lingerie Clerk

group phillyfilmore 2017-11-23

I stand a few feet away with an I'll-just-wait-here look on my face, but the woman turns to me, smiles and says, "Go ahead," while motioning to the door. "You are one lucky guy." As she says this she puts both her hands on your hips - her thumbs quite close to your ass - and turns you back around to face her. "Mmm," she says, eyeing both of us, "I'm sorry to have broken that up." She enters with a few pieces of lingerie in one hand, and turns and closes the door with the other. She holds the bra against herself for a moment, the look on her face making me feel like she caught me trying to do something naughty.



group Bella_Seni 2017-11-23

"Looks to me like you could use a bathrobe," Tony said, allowing the robe in his hand to fully open as he held it to his side. But then she felt the blanket being pulled off her shoulders and Julie could feel Tony's eyes on her bare back and ass. Why don't you stand up and take off that robe so Emma can see how beautiful you really are," Tony said. "You're gorgeous," Emma said, looking Julie in the eyes before peering once more at her youthful body. The next time Julie opened her eyes, Emma said, "I think he likes you." Julie moved her face down and thrust her tongue deep inside Emma, causing the woman to begin moving her body up and down as though it was a cock that had been inserted inside her.


Under the Light of a Full Moon

group sexynursechef 2017-11-23

I have a TON of Vibrators so I wasn't going to buy one, but we wandered back and there were rooms for Peep Shows but it said $2...which was we went back to the Desk clerk and asked him about it...he said men would go in there and masturbate in front of the model who was ALSO glass, like in Madonna's "Open your Heart" video (Hey, I'm a child of the 80's lol!) ...we were laughing and figuring it was AGAIN a man thing. So, we went back into the club and walked around the OTHER side...where the DUNGEON was, this wasn't like "Porn Dungeon" that you would see on any of the sites but it was a room with chairs and a stage and these kind of ...well, there's no way else to describe it...gyn tables...where someone could kind of lie down with their legs get the picture lol.

Wicked Game Ch. 17

group velvetpie 2017-11-23

Shy Beverly, brooding James, enthusiastic Shane, victimized Ashley, protective Kevin and free-spirited Kelly Jo. Six people that had come together as strangers and had included him in the circle of the friendship that they had created, with an occasional perk. Nathan slowly awoke and was surprised to see James, Beverly, Shane, Ashley, Kelly Jo and Kevin sitting naked in chairs around the bed. “Oh, yes!” Ashley’s sigh was echoed by Beverly, who received Kelly Jo’s moan as Nathan’s articulate tongue cleaned her cum-filled snatch. Kelly Jo moved off his face, deep throating Shane and sucking him to a climax while Ashley rode Nathan to another quick one. First Ashley, then Kelly Jo, then Shane, then Beverly had made love to him in various ways.


The Golden Triangle Ch. 02

group sr71plt 2017-11-23

We crossed the Mekong into Laos, near the Myanmar border at Mae Sai, and it was here that I learned both just how well Gail had prepared for Kwei Lin and that she wasn't nearly as cool toward me as she wanted me to think. As our truck came to a stop at the mouth of the ravine, I looked out and Kwei Lin and his most trusted cohorts were spread out along the low rock wall separating the pavilion from the cliff edge. I had no trouble picking out Kwei Lin; he stood head and shoulders above the rest of the Mien tribesmen and was as blond as either Gail or me, his golden hair flowing down to his shoulders in a full-bodied cascade of curls.

Academy of Sexual Studies Ch. 03

group daveball500 2017-11-23

Looking across I watched as Brian sat on the stool and let his robe fall open, he was already sporting a half hard on and it was very impressive even like that, Erica giggled naughtily and started to wank him in front of the whole gathering and pretty soon she had him up and fully hard, his erection was massive, she shrugged her own robe off her shoulders and it fell to the floor to reveal her saucy see through nightie, it was a kind of white baby doll with a frothy hem, the bits just covering her nipples were no more than small embroidered flowers really, held in place by strands of pearl like cords which emphasised the shape of her ample breasts perfectly.


A Little Taste of Texas

group CurtisElmore 2017-11-23

My wife Sasha and I had just met Danielle at one of those boring business parties I had to go to - the type of affair where it's more important to "be seen" than it is to have a good time. "I flushed the toilet (not that I could relax enough to pee,) opened the door, and told her that if she didn't want to go back to Sally's we had a hotel room and we'd love to spend more time with her and if she wanted she come back and stay the night with us." She took a deep breath, then fixed me with a look and raised her eyebrow.


Sandra's Passions...Ch. 4

group Bassoon 2017-11-23

"I do so want to fuck you whilst you are still filled with his spunk and young Linda here, also wants to lick it out of you after I shoot my load up you and mix it with his." She responded immediately to this verbal stimulation and her body shook again as it was wracked by another massive climax and again his huge cock slammed up her, way passed the normal limit of penetration and obviously pushing her womb around. Barry started talking to Linda, about Sandra, almost as though she wasn't there but loud enough to ensure that his words were all heard, such things as: "She is a much better fuck than her young sister.



group 2017-11-23

Jay stands up, shakes my hand, looks me in the eye and says, "no funny business, no drama, let's have some fun!" I'm like, uh hell yeah man do you see this woman? I couldn't take it any longer so right there in the living room with Jay watching, I got on my knees, pulled down her sweats and started sucking her clit. Jay went into her throat again and her pussy flexed so hard it squeezed my dick out. I can feel my dick stroking her pussy walls from inside her ass. I could hear her pussy splashing down on Jay's dick and everytime I pushed even a little bit she would yell.

BJ Bliss Ch. 04 Hard to Swallow

group masterandmargarita 2017-11-23

"Claudia," Katrin replied carefully, "I know I should be mad, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy it." I need to know these things," Malena added loudly, causing a nearby couple to turn their heads while Katrin blushed in embarrassment. "Can I ask where we are going this evening?" Katrin inquired as Peter started up the car. "Katrin, meet Chan-wook," Peter said. "Shut up," Katrin said with a knowing laugh as she recalled her eagerness to instigate a two-girl blowjob with Malena the day that he first walked into their office. Peter laughed quietly to himself and Katrin gave him a dirty look for not warning her.


Donna and Michelle

group hard2love64 2017-11-23

Donna began to moan louder as her light touch sent chills over her body, Michelle leaned over her and kissed her passionately; darting her tongue deep inside her mouth while tracing a line down towards her mound with her fingers. A finger probed her virgin ass just as the cock at her pussy began move slowly inside her, she exploded into an intense orgasm bucking her hips and sucking all of the cock inside her mouth. Donna looked down her body at the man giving her pussy the fucking of her life, his face was torn in emotion as he pulled his cock free of her and shot his cum across her belly.


Dorm Visit

group MrsCanyon 2017-11-23

Both Ted and I could see a collection of his pre-cum mixed with Tracy's saliva started to pool up along the length of Clive's shaft and on her lips. A lot of the cum slid down her throat and some of it came squirting out of her mouth and nose, around Clive's cock as he continued his deep spurting thrusts. I lay on my back with Tracy's mouth tonguing my groin area and Ted was on his back licking her clit and pussy lips as Clive pounded it to her. Tracy was constantly moaning her pleasure around my cock, as Clive and Ted were busy giving her pussy the workout it wanted.

Home Visits

group alexcarr 2017-11-23

I would look forward to her first call and our first secret passion encounter, she was a dream of a woman, a top rate executive in her field and very cultured in the way she dressed, at the age of about forty I felt I could go for that big time, she had an absolutely lovely tight ass on her and dressed in a dark grey skirt she did wonders for my anatomy which was abundantly surging when she sucked me so ardently and with real feeling and passion, telling me that she could never get enough of this and it was something she dreamed about, thanking me for making her dream come true.


Puckbunny Learns a Lesson

group KellyAnn 2017-11-23

As I left the game that night, I wondered what he had meant by that. "Well, after watching you play with the suckers, I always wondered if you were as talented at sucking a cock." I gently pushed him away from my nipples and eased him onto his back. "It is not nice to tease us at the games," Rick said. Turns out you're really a slut." He left the room and I heard my front door open. You have been asking for this all season so we're going to give you what you seemed to want so much," the captain said harshly. I told them how well you sucked my cock," Rick chastised. While Rick's fingers pushed into my pussy, I sucked the captain of the team's cock like a pro.

Bestfriend Experience Pt 1

group bricksjones90 2017-11-23

When we got back to my place, I went into my room and let Aaron and Sarah get down to business. My mind was racing at this point but then Aaron makes it race even more when he says that Sarah wants us to take turns going down on her and she would judge us on who ate her out best. I was stroking Aaron's hard cock while licking Sarah while Sarah and Aaron lied side by side making out. I don't know what got into me but I grabbed Aaron's cock as he came out of Sarah and I cleaned every drop off come off of it and then went to Sarah and cleaned her off too.

College Daze and Nights

group LongAgoFaRaWAY 2017-11-23

"Liz wanted to learn the game," Darlene said as she put her blouse on. "Mine is hurting, too," Darlene added as she stood and walked out of the dinning room, her full wine glass in her hand. Becca and Darlene sat next to the stands my roommates insisted I place near the couch and chair. "Looks like someone's going to be showing tit," Becca giggled as the last of the exposed cards were dealt. "Let's get back to the game," Darlene said after a long moment of us gawking. She was not as shy as Liz. She stood and quickly removed her bra, letting her breasts fall. "Okay, now my turn to ask," she said, looking at Becca.


Complex Relationship Ch. 12

group PaulStevens 2017-11-23

Brandon nodded but in light of his own tired state and looking at his companions he said, "Yes, that is true Agent Haleman, but my friends and I have just spent almost a week on the open water in the craft you found us. His answer came when, hours later and laden with bags, Katy, Mel, and Ashley came through the door with help from some of the hotel staff. "Oh, look girls, he's scared, how cute." Katy said smiling, "Our brave knight, Mr. Survivorman, is afraid of a little dance club." She and Mel giggled a bit. Another two sets of hand came to her aid and Brandon broke the kiss for a second to find Ashley and Mel wearing only their underwear.


Fun orgy with friends

group anthonyph99 2017-11-23

I turned to Joan and asked will you undress for me I like watching a woman taking their clothes off and she smiled and said sure most men do and stepped away from me and making eye contact with me she removed all her clothes with me watching her every move. They took it slow in the beginning, but finally Joan slipped a finger in her pussy and she suddenly opened her eyes and jerked a little and said oh, oh as Joan fingered her and Merrian kissed her at the same time. Alice lost it completely and her legs went up in the air and she spread wide open as Merrian fingered her hard and fast and she got off for the second time in just a few minutes.

Dreaming in Color Ch. 2

group WritingDreams 2017-11-23

"Very nice, love," Emil commented, but I ignored him and moved to Phillip. That completed, I drew his briefs slowly, ever so slowly, like an artist unveiling a masterpiece down strong legs, and thrilled when I heard Emil's gasp. "But Emil, this does please me," I caressed Phillip's cock with a gentle hand. This pleases me." In truth, I wanted Phillip to see Emil's penis, to know that he was more than a match would restore some of his wounded ego, but I also wanted him to see… I'm adding ten extra strokes for the impure thoughts," Emil said, pushing me down over my lover's lap. "One," I cried as Phillip's hand came down again, harder this time.

What has she gotten herself into????

group ptsteve 2017-11-23

Tom remarked “hey guys I think she likes being used like a whore” The words excited her more and she sucked deeper, this man pulled his cock from her mouth before he could cum and another took its place. She was still on her elbows and knees, ass exposed, pussy open for their gaze, her eyes blurred with passion, her mind numbed by want, her embarrassment and morals gone so she looked up at the 5 of them and moaned,“ Ken, Joe, Tom who the fuck ever ,I’ll be your whore tonight, I am sorry I didn’t fuck you in school, just use me like the slut I am, eat my pussy, fuck me, fuck my ass, fill me with your cum, I’ll swallow your cum, I’ll do anything you ask just lets do it now.”

Kelsey's World Ch. 34

group riverboy 2017-11-23

"Boyfriend material," Brie said, smiling as she pointed out Charity, already chatting it up with one of the men. You'd fit right in," she said, looking over Kelsey's perfect little body. Kelsey pointed at Charity and Brie and gave Jaynie a thumbs up and a nodding smile. She squeezed one of her tits in one hand, and held Charity's head tight to her crotch with the other, smiling at the way their new friend Ken's doggie-style fucking was driving Charity's mouth across her tingling pussy. "Fuckin' A, Jaynie!" Kelsey said, hugging her when she got to the bar. "Don't let 'em talk you out of that nice skirt unless you like married guys," Kelsey said.


The Recruitment Party

group CrazyBlade 2017-11-23

As he nodded, Steven took his fingers out of David's ass, and nodded to Samantha, who took his cock out of her mouth, giving it a final lick before she left him alone. David couldn't believe how it felt having this huge monster of a cock easing into his ass, and he stared wide-eyed at Samantha, who smiled at him, kissing him softly. David couldn't help but moan at the sensations he was feeling, Steven's cock in his tight ass and his cock inside Samantha warm, wet pussy, milking his cock with her muscles as they kissed.

Kaitlyn and Cheryl Ch. 01

group WhatIKnow 2017-11-23

After talking about Kaitlyn and the kids, the conversations turned to more fun things and about midnight I headed home. Every other Wednesday, the guys and I got together for drinks at the Sports Bar. It was a pretty cool place to hang out and watch whatever game happened to be on. The last email of the night happened to be from Cheryl, which is something that I hadn't thought to see. "That's good to hear." We both turned when we heard Cheryl come down the stairs. "That's what Dan said the other night." Cheryl was squeezing my hand and her look said she wanted to talk about something else. The talk immediately turned to work again, but Cheryl tried to steer the conversation away.


My Fantasies Ch. 01

group ukwriter 2017-11-23

You then move from one guy to the next, taking their hard cocks into your mouth and sucking them off to get them even harder. You reach out and take a hard cock in each hand, rotating from one guy to the next, sucking and wanking as you go. Some fill your cunt, others preferring to fuck you in your tight ass, some prefer to feel your tongue around the head of their cocks. You take each man into your mouth and suck them hard until they are about to cum, then as their cock starts to throb and pump, you pull them out and let them shower their hot cum over your body.