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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Theresa Turns Slut

group dirty_geezer 2017-11-23

I felt and looked hot, the final touch some dark red lipstick, which I applied a little heavier than I would normally, knowing men can think of nothing but me sucking on their hard cocks when they looked at my full red lips. I freely let different men come and dance close, enjoying feeling the heat of their tight bodies grind against me, letting their hands rub against my bum, sometimes pushing back against them to let them know I was there to be touched. Over several hours I revelled in the feelings running through me, enjoying all the hungry male attention, while never taking it further than bodies grinding together close during a dance, getting many men hard as I rubbed my hidden pussy against them.


Indian F w/ BBC & White guy

group caramelsuga924 2017-11-23

mmmmmmmm, he felt so good inside me, forgot how good he felt,......boy does Leo know how to work it......he was fucking that used pussy so good......he was so deep inside, me.....pounding that used pussy.....pussy used by the big black cock......mixing his precum with the black man's cum.......fucking my wet, throbbing wet for Leo.......pounding it so and out, deeper and deeper and out of nowhere, one big great big thrust making me scream oh god.....I grab his back, dig my nails deep inside his back, his chest on mine, heavy breathing....I bit his neck, his chest, making him bleed a little....oh fuck ya......hes pounding that pussy really good....pounding that used cum dripping out onto the black sofa....and finally he cums inside, mixing his cum, big black dicks' cum, and mine all together....mmmmmm........ I got down on all fours, put Leo's dick in my mouth and the guy put his big black cock in my asshole.......fuck, man it hurt.....too big for the tight pussy he said.....mmmmmm...I said in pain.

The Visit Ch. 3

group Mr_Neb 2017-11-23

Linda wrapped her arms around me and moved me away from Bob, his cock leaving my sucking mouth with a wet plot. From my position between Linda's legs, I watched Bob move over me, his hard wet cock right over my face. Just as I had watched Bob's cock slowly slide into Linda's pussy, I now watched the cum-covered shaft being slowly drawn into her mouth. The vein along the underside of Bob's cock thickened and pulsed and I knew in that exact moment, cum was rushing into Linda's mouth. Linda once again drew Bob's cock deep into her mouth; the final expulsions coating her caressing tongue.


Best Friends

group JackFlash1959 2017-11-23

Kay comes back in and immediately puts one hand on my cock and the other on my nipples and whispers "I don't have any clothes for you and I can't wait to suck this cock!" I tell Kay that Kellie has gone downstairs to change her shirt and Kay heads down to get her shirt from her. Kellie closes her eyes as Kay continues to massage her breasts and then Kellie says quietly, "its been 3 months since Al and I made love, we're just too busy with work and all that." Kellie continues on how lucky Kay is to have a man who adores her body so much and wants her so much.

Fucked In Every Hole by Strangers

group scarletoharden 2017-11-23

The one crouching nearest to me knelt, and stroked my knee with his rough hand, "Maybe we can cheer you up some," when I moved my leg away he held it tighter, looking at me when he told me that he wouldn't tell my school about my weed if I did something for them. The man I'd been sucking came next - he turned me over and pushed his fingers into my cum-filled pussy, telling me to get on all fours as he reached around and massaged my tits. He pushed my shoulders down and held onto them as he thrust into me, I whimpered and just tried to keep still as he fucked me, slowly getting deeper and faster, pulling my hips back against him as his balls slapped against my cunt.

Another Saturday Night Pt. 03

group MrsYoung 2017-11-23

My eyes were tired and blurry, but I was able to focus enough to see the 3 beautiful hard cocks throbbing in front of my face. I pulled my mouth off, grabbed him by the base of his cock and squeezed...hard. One moved down to start sucking on my tits, the other had positioned his throbbing cock at my mouth. Oh my fucking God. My eyes popped open and the cock fell out of my mouth as he made me make a noise somewhere between a grunt and a scream. A hand grabbed my hair and turned me away, a cock stuffed back in my mouth. I grabbed it started jerking him furiously, moving from his cock to his balls, sucking him with the same vigor I was being pounded with.


group pseudonym2005 2017-11-23

And couple that with the girl's close friendship with Parker Wellington, the son and heir to the Wellington family fortune, who at twenty years was a rather wild young man with great passion for the yacht-living life, and it was easy to see how far downhill Walter's own life had gone. Allegra went into the bathroom to freshen up after hours of tanning, but was only gone a couple of minutes, and when she returned there had been some light kissing and fondling, but not much more before they got right down to fucking: he had the beautiful girl bent dog-style over her own vanity table, her legs spread wide and her weight supported by her elbows, her ass upturned, her supple breasts swinging beneath her.


My Teacher & The Latino Cleaner

group mrchocolatedick 2017-11-23

then i put the latino cleaner on the bed, spread her legs and started to suck her pussy some more. now i told my teacher to get on her knees ass up face down position and i started to suck her pussy and finger her pussy in that position. then i started fucking her hard and rough, she was screaming and pulling the bed sheets. then i pulled my dick out of her pussy and started fucking her in the ass till i was close to cum, then i cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it. then i got the latino cleaner on the bed laying on her back, she started sucking my cock to get it hard again so i could fuck her round 2.

A Chance Reunion Ch. 2

group Ozgal 2017-11-23

Slowly Sandra unzipped his jeans and I watched her hand slip inside my husband's boxers. I knew Ayron loved to have his balls fondled and slowly trailed my nails up his inner thigh until they reached the base of his tight balls and quickly took them in my hand and started to massage them. Ayron placed a hand on the top of his shaft, pressing his penis down so that the knob was brushing against Sandra's lips. I felt Ayron's hands beneath my thighs, as he lifted me across Sandra so that I now straddled her on all fours. Ayron's hands held Sandra's hips tightly, as he pushed deep inside her with long penetrating strokes.

My Renaissance Ch. 16

group Modern_Citizen 2017-11-23

You must be Nathan, right?" He shook my hand, a little firmer than I like but I reciprocated with an extra-firm grip. Sharon came up to me and began kissing me while her husband got up and went into the closet. I was enjoying making out with Sharon like were teens in high school again and before I realized it, Nathan had his camera set up on a tripod beside the bed, turned on extra lights and was shooting video himself with a second camera. With a little patience and pussy eating, I got her off a couple of more times then I upped the ante by putting my finger inside her to play with her G-spot.



group 2017-11-23

it touches here and she then pushed backwards trying to get it into herself, I am of course doing the same thing too by holding onto her waist and pulling her backwards to wards me, the compined affect works and in my hard cock sldes all the way into her but "O God" she's soooooo tight and the feeling is intense and wonderful, the other cousin in the meantime is stroking my shaft as it goes in and out of Milie's tight hairy pussy and I have my fingers also going in and out of her tight little cunt all at that same time too.

The Trainer's Chronicles Ch. 04

group ponyfitness 2017-11-23

"Then, our little friend would grab you by the hair" I said as I took a hold of her long blonde locks "and push your lovely tongue right into her pussy so you could lick her while I fucked you hard." She started to cry out and push back against me. Brooke moved from behind me to the couch and climbed on top of Lyndsey, taking Audrey's place and they started to kiss and grind their bodies together. I stepped back and had to support myself against the wall, watching Audrey breathe into the couch, and Brooke lean down and start to lick my come off of Lyndsey's breasts. Meanwhile, Audrey took charge again and climbed in between Lyndsey's legs, taking her pussy lips into her mouth and sucking hard.


Mardi Gras Madness

group jack_straw 2017-11-23

Mirabel's mouth may have been too full of cock for her to say anything, but she expressed her desire by reaching under her body and spreading open her juicy lips with two fingers, as good an invitation as you could ever want. With that, Nick pulled Mirabel's mouth off his cock, and I slid my dick out of her clenching pussy. After a minute or so, my cock finally softened to where it squirted out of Mirabel's ass, followed by a river of semen, and seconds later I watched, fascinated, as Nick's cock oozed from the woman's dilated pussy and cum poured out of that hole, as well.


Baby You're A Star!

group GoddessKaren 2017-11-23

I quickly skinned out of my panties, but left my skirt on as I turned around, presenting my uplifted rear to Rob. He groaned and unzipped his pants, pulling his hard cock from his briefs and moving up behind me. I moaned as I felt Rob's balls slapping hard against my clit and I began to push back at him. Rob and James moved further up into the van, and John slid behind me as Stephanie positioned her pussy directly in front of my face. As Stephanie relaxed a bit, freeing my head from her vise-like grip, John began to pump into me faster and harder. Stephanie, Rob and James all crawled toward me as I leaned against John, my head back on his shoulder.

Karen & Mitch's Story

group Oazeal 2017-11-23

I was flabbergasted, but the real shocker was, that when they finally came up for air, my shy demure and totally straight wife looks Cheryl in the eye and says to her “why don’t you come back to our hotel with us and let my husband and I help you forget that boyfriend of yours”. This time I wanted Karen underneath Cheryl so I could get into Cheryl’s ass. Karen came over and laid her head on my chest and played with herself as watched my dick slide in and out of Cheryl’s cunt. With Karen on my face I couldn’t see what she was doing to Cheryl but, by the way Cheryl’s cunt was squeezing my dick, I knew she was about to explode.

8-7-6-5-4 Countdown

group Decayed Angel 2017-11-23

At the crack of midnight the men were all going to slip their hard cocks into the women and if everything went as planned they would set a record for the largest simultaneous fuck. The time was now approaching one minute until midnight and Don's cock had gone completely flaccid, he also needed to take a piss, so whispering to Claire, "I'll be right back," he rushed to the bathroom. While everyone else was mopping up the cum from the record breaking simultaneous fuck Don ate Claire like he had never done before, licking her clit, sucking the abundant juices from her pussy and quickly making her come. Turning back to Claire he said, "You know, we ought to do this again next year, and hey, bring your friend, it looks like he's into the felching."

Cyber Lover Find Each Other

group luvananny 2017-11-23

As she stood transfixed by the vision of his engorged, throbbing cock, she saw a steady stream of pre-cum flowing from his opening, slowly running down his thick shaft, making his shaved balls glisten in the room's dim lighting. she began by licking the long shaft, from his balls, slowly licking her way up the length to the head, where she spent time making slow swirling motions around its girth, all the time not taking her eyes from his. Arriving once again at the base, she gave his balls a generous coating of her saliva, making them glisten in the soft light as she slowly stroked his shaft up and down with her hand, causing more pre-cum to flow.


A Trucker Drives It Home Ch. 01

group Cumfusion 2017-11-23

"I don't mind you looking at me but I suggest that we first pull into a parking place." I couldn't help feeling a bit flattered at the way Doug had reacted but I must admit my T shirt was a bit tighter than the ones I usually wore to work. It looks like we're in luck." Doug said as we pulled into a large parking area. Come on lets have a look at all these muscles" I taunted him while pulling up the front of his shirt to reveal his big hairy chest. "Doug I want you to know this is my first time" I said staring into his big brown eyes but they were flashing with excitement.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXI

group Victor2K 2017-11-23

Both worked at trucking business and spent most of their times at the road, travelling around the country and doing whatever kind of service, but they lived at the town and were the hottest hunks around, all with their beards, long hair, manners, hair all over their bodies, their tough style... Just being with Johnny and being fucked by his rod was enough, feel a real man inside of me, a man who knew to do his job, a man that greased my body to give me pleasure. Sometimes I just went to where he was working just to watch Bennie do his service, and lust on how his body looked gorgeous by the sun and all that grass and hay covering him, hmm...

Scrabble Night

group litpervgrrl 2017-11-23

The penalties started out pretty mild (for us): the loser would have to masturbate while the winner watched, and couldn't come until she (or he) said. I took a long cool drink, and then slid my fingers down inside my blue panties, dipping them in my wetness and lazily circling my clit. Suddenly Jason shouted "Fuck!" His back arched, his ass raised up off the couch, and jet after jet of pearly white come shot out of his cock, splashing all over his stomach and chest. Jason watched us, playing idly with his still soft cock, as his little sister's friend squealed and wiggled as she came on my face.

Overwhelmed Ch. 01

group yourbabygirl7 2017-11-22

They took turns sticking their cocks in my mouth and pushing deep down my throat, fucking my face hard, making me gag as my throat squeezed tightly around each cock. I sat and alternated James and Bennett's cocks in my mouth, while my boyfriend and Sam pulled the yoga pants down my ass and off my legs, then yanked my panties down past my knees. James and Bennett got in position in front of me and put their cocks in front of my mouth, one of them put his hands on the back of my head and forced me down on his length, making me gag loudly, as I screamed around their cocks from having my pussy dp'ed so hard.

On Board

group rha spike 2017-11-22

I knew that I should want to crash in and smash his face but something held me back --- a strange mix of feeling and realization that was like listening to several radio stations at once --- and that was when it happened! It wasn’t his size, though; it was the newness --- the --- the pure excitement of someone different --- a strange cock, that was causing Janet to react the way she did --- to moan and cry and clutch. I smiled back and turned to face her more directly; to deliberately watch her movements and let her know that I was enjoying the way she was flaunting her body.


Moonlight Window Ch. 02

group PanesOfGlasss 2017-11-22

The weekend had awakened something in Lara that turned her into a sexual dynamo, and now she was telling me that she was interested in possibly continuing the exploration with Deb if she proved suitable and willing. Lara put her hand to Deb's face and said, "I love it when you blush. She looked at Lara and said, "You had just given an encyclopedic listing of wild sex acts, followed by, 'Marry the guy.' I had never heard anything like that. Lara said, "By the way, after hearing me say those things, you obviously knew what kinds of sex we were into."


Dinner Guests

group kap007 2017-11-22

" As Jack continued on with the story he ran his hands around the front of Julie's skirt covered thighs and pulled her back against him. "Then the woman guest gets up off the sofa and approaches the three of them." Jack continued as his fingers, having insinuated themselves under her skirt, caressed the oh-so -wet cleft between Julie's labia. As she swirls her tongue around him and tugs on him with her lips, her left hand is busy loosening the buttons on her tight jeans." Jack continued as the tip of his middle finger found that center of pleasure in Julie's vulva. Jack continued "The host moves forward on the carpet and his now rigid cock is perfectly aimed at the guest's open pussy.