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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sperm Party - The Cuckold 3

group KCUM 2017-11-22

"Do you remember when he went off as soon as you touched him Jenny?" Caroline reminded her of an encounter with one of the men in the notebook, "He was so eager, his sperm just splashed right through your fingertips. "Jenny is waiting for you Jim. Look at her cunt, you've not seen that before have you. M took note as Jim's ball sac swung forward as he reached the full depth of Jenny and came to a sudden stop. It was just in time too, for no sooner had Caroline spoken than Jim sank deep into Jenny and stayed there. Caroline's finger reached out to Jenny's cunt and casually caught a blob of Jim's deposit as it leaked out.

Susie and Janey

group CanberraLad 2017-11-22

I was looking forward to having my wicked ways with Susie when we got home – we've used all the rooms in the flat for pleasure and I was thinking it was the kitchen's turn tonight! That said, Janey was Susie's best friend and she did live a long way away, so getting a taxi home after the night ended was out of the question. We went into the lounge room and I looked at Susie to indicate she should get Janey's jeans off. Susie looks at me and tells me that Janey usually sleeps in her bed when she stays over and that the lounge is uncomfortable. I could feel Susie move her hand from my balls to my cock – her fingers working with Janeys.

Spin-the-Bottle – Adult Version

group Irish Moss 2017-11-22

I could feel my orgasm continuing to build as Julie ran her hot mouth up and down my throbbing tool while pumping the base as I brought a hand around and slipped a finger up into Nancy's dripping pussy. I went back to licking and sucking Nancy's clit while relishing the feel of my orgasm building until I finally started spurting into Julie's mouth with a moan of pleasure. I don't know what Julie did once she let my cock fall from her mouth but, as I returned to enthusiastically eating Nancy's pussy, Nancy immediately started moaning louder and moving her hips more.

The Dark Room

group Traciturner 2017-11-22

I licked a small drop of cum escaping from tip of his cock before parting my lips and allowing his hard cock to slide deep inside my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist as I began to hump his cock it felt so good inside of my cunt. He began working hid cock in and out of me, taking away my breath every time he plunged it back deep inside of me. Mike was standing and rubbing some gel on his cock he took place behind me when Dan was finished but instead of fucking my cunt he rammed his lubricated cock into my ass. With his friends encouragement Mike continued to fuck my ass harder and harder until I felt him blow his load deep within my ass.


The Head Master and Mistress Missy

group Kethandra 2017-11-22

It took an inward shaking of his head to focus again on the noise from under the bed, his thoughts reluctant to let go of the image of the little gymnast's exposed crotch and flat lower belly, followed by the hard points of two nipples stretching the t-shirt as she pulled it down, too hard, to cover her upper thighs. "Like someone hiding under a dorm bed, near where I need to plug in the new heater." At least neither made a sound. Hands that had recently stretched the shirt down tight over her hips, now pulled it up and over her shoulders and head in one practiced crossed-arm motion.


Birthday fun part 1

group 2017-11-22

Dave was on my like a flash kissing me hard, slipping his tongue into my hot mouth; I was enjoying this and parted my legs as Dave’s fingers started probing my damp pussy. As this was Dave’s treat Sarah joined us on the bed while Andy made himself comfortable in a chair, I had a cheeky look at his cock it looked impressive was looking forward to getting my hands/mouth/pussy on that!! Andy gasped as he managed to get my lips round the head of his cock and eased it into my hot mouth, I sucked it like this slowly and Andy starting moaning deeply, I knew he was close to coming as his cock was getting even harder in my hand.

Julie's Tale Pt. 03

group JulieRichUK 2017-11-22

They turn slightly, slowly till I feel their backs press into my armpits; this allows them to explore the rest of me, all the while teasing my nipples with their mouths. Lefties hand stops moving on my leg, his head lifts away from my breast, I guess he watches what the other is doing. His hand moves to my chin and turns my head back to bite down harder on my neck, I start coming so hard. The warm first spurt, then the next stroke I feel his seed release deep inside; it feels like such a lot, he has me pulled tight against him till he finishes pumping.

Life With s*s: Pt 15

group 2017-11-22

She stood over Jeff, he was sitting on the floor, Lexie got her pussy close to his face and spread it open with her fingers, when she started to pee she adjusted where she was standing so it was hitting Jeff right on his cock and balls, by the way, his cock was kind of bouncing it was so hard. Then it was my turn, I got in the same position Lexie did except I pushed my pelvis forward a little and pulled up on my pussy a little and when I started to pee, it hit Jeff right in the chest and ran down to his cock.

Corporate Slut

group aWhaleInFullView 2017-11-22

Enduring the daily discrimination and harassment that often went with being an attractive career woman, Rose knew how to use her charms strategically, when she needed to influence someone's opinion. Rose's sex life was limited to sporadic moments like this -- stumbling upon something like a movie or a magazine would call out to her carefully suppressed instincts and remind her of her unattended sexual needs. Rose knew there was some truth to Megan's words -- it was down-right crazy for a beautiful young woman in her prime to lead a celibate life. There were countless pictures and videos of all kinds of girls subjected to every nasty form of group sex imaginable -- she saw women getting fucked by two, three, four, as many as fifteen men at a time.


Trick or Treat

group pet 2017-11-22

Master passed the whip to slave as she grabbed her ankles and took his cock in. Dom instructed slave to take her left ankle and hold it to the corner of the table, john was told to take her right ankle and hold it to the corner of the table, and bob then stood at the head of the table his hard cock still in hand and held her wrists together over her head. "So befitting a good slut" and he smacked her thigh hard, and grabbed her knees and brought her wet cunt to the edge of the table. Master, Dom and Sir now held her in place as slave ravaged her bottom and her cunt.


group Terys 2017-11-22

"Looks like Ben and Emily are going to be married soon, huh?" I asked. Such good friends in fact, that one older woman said we looked like a lovely couple. "So are you ready for Kinsey and I to make fun of James Bond?" Morgan asked. Isn't that true Morgan?" Kinsey said with a mischievous smile. "Yeah, she wanted me to set her up with you." Kinsey said as she turned towards me. "Kind of risqué for Alex's first time, don't you think?" Kinsey asked. "Look Morgan," Kinsey said, "we've already got him excited. "Let's do this," Morgan said as she looked at Kinsey. It's probably a good thing the last on cheated on you with your roommate." Morgan said jokingly.


The Story of D Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2017-11-22

Neil wasted no time in running his hands over my breasts and I knew I'd made the right choice for Danielle. Neil groaned out loud and drew deeper, sucking most of her breast into his mouth, on hearing such taboo like language between two women. Now open your mouth really wide," he said, rubbing his cock around her lips one time and then guiding her head down onto his erect member. I watched in awe as Danielle's mouth stretched to accommodate Neil's cock. At one point Danielle reached up with her small hand and started to hold Neil's cock, but he pushed it away. Gripping her about the waist, Neil mounted her doggy style, Danielle twisted around, looked at him, then glanced at me, closed her eyes, and moaned, "Do it!


Our Desires Ch. 07

group alovelyheather 2017-11-22

You take my clit into your mouth and suck on it lightly, circle your tongue around it then slide down to my dripping hole once more. Just as the head of your cock reaches my opening, you grab my hips and thrust up and push me down hard. "OH, MY GOD!" you yell as Kitty licks just under your balls and takes each one in her mouth as I start to ride you hard. I reach up and grab the offered cock already fucking my mouth and stroke it as I suck it hard. Kitty moans and circles her hips, grinding into your face as you lick and suck every inch of her sweet pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me back baby," I say as you thrust up, still lapping at Kitty's pussy.


The Wedding Party: The Parents

group Imstillfun 2017-11-22

After showering and changing I met Nancy in the lobby and we headed over to the hotel bar to meet the girls. "Tomorrow Steve and I are going hiking in Red Rock canyon," she said. Nancy looked at me and said, "Every guy's fantasy," and laughed. Nancy then started to move her hand down towards my pussy. It was so different after kissing Nancy but I loved the way it felt. Next the I know Steve is kissing his way down my body while Nancy played with my tits and sucked my nipples. Nancy pulled Steve up to kiss him. I put my hands on Steve's shoulders and looked at him as his cock slid into me.


Bra Shop Gets Some BIG Action

group twoup 2017-11-22

It was at this time that Anna made the comment that guys were lucky they could see what a girl was like when she is fully dressed, how small there waist is, how long their legs and how big their tits are whereas girls could never tell how BIG a guy was until he was naked and then it was often too late when the guy pulled out a small cock. She quickly sent the photos to Garry with a message that read "Cum quick, guy with 13 inch cock and wife with massive tits wants to fuck us NOW!"

Lawful Conduct Ch. 2

group SlidingInSilk 2017-11-22

Felicia slammed through the door of her apartment nearly knocking down the petite frame of her longtime friend and roommate, Dot. I wouldn't mind some of that myself plus there's that sexy delivery guy working tonight." Dot grinned like the cat that ate the canary. "'It'll be about an hour." Dot offered as she took the fresh drink from Felicia's hand. Rochelle decided to stay the night so Dot got her an oversized t-shirt to change into. The delivery guy grinned looking Dot over and then looking to were Rochelle and Felicia were sprawled pulled food from the bags. Felicia sat back into the couch with her fried ice cream knowing that they wouldn't see Dot again tonight.

My Fantasy

group couple4fun28304 2017-11-22

It s hard and she is trembling and I want my husband to fuck her while I suck on her clit. I roll over to her and start licking her lips and thrusting my tongue in her mouth so that she can taste herself. She suckles my clit and pushes my husband's fingers out of the way and she takes over thrusting in and out of me. We tell our girl to straddle my face, we don't want her to be left out, and I start fucking her tight hole with my tongue as he starts thrusting. I lean over and suck on her nipples but she reaches up and grabs a handful of my hair pulling my face away and up towards her mouth.

The Swing Party

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-11-22

Anna gasped as Maureen hit her sweet spot, “Ohhhhh honey, that’s it… Maureen says you boys really know how to stretch a pussy.” She sucked on the tip of my cock and stroked a couple of times, then ditto to Kevin. Jane’s tightly stretched flesh was sucking as his slick cock, “Sweetheart, your dick looks good inside her.” “Your man, know how to fuck a girl,” moaned Jane. “I want you to fuck my wife,” said Doc, “get up on the bed and spread her legs wide.” “This was the first time I ever met Karl,” commented Anna. Anna was somewhat surprised when he offered his cock to her, “suck it while he fucks you.” I kept on plowing Anna’s pussy as she sucked and stroked her husbands large dick.

Microkini Chronicles Ch. 05

group Sano 2017-11-22

Sitting up, my 9½" erection pushed hard against the thin material of my suit and my cockhead pushed up through the waist, as I watched Maria massage the cool water into her breasts. Staring directly at my erect cock, Maria's lips parted to let out a little gasp as a smile grew across her face. This time, they didn't run but watched with wide-eyed amazement as I fired eight long streams at right at them, covering their young tits with cum. As the last little bit of cum burbled out of my cock, I closed my eyes and felt her small tongue slide across my semen-covered cockhead and then felt her lips slide nearly halfway down my cum soaked shaft, swallowing the last of it.

Roomies: Graduation Present

group fotisampini 2017-11-22

"Hi, Pam. You're just in time for lunch," said Scott White, a slender blonde guy in his early twenties. Pam straddled Jerry again, feeling his cock rise one more time against the inside of her thigh. She moved a bit quicker against Jerry, his cock still filling her pussy as the gentle pressure on her anal ring made her yield and Scott's finger entered her ass. Unable to move, to squirm on Jerry's cock or onto that wonderful finger exploring her ass, she managed only to moan, "For God's sake Scott, don't tease me. As though a signal had been passed, Jerry began to lift her in the air with his hips and strong legs, pushing her back onto Scott each time.

Moonlight Madness in the Outdoors

group Djmal6 2017-11-22

The timid girl felt a little uncomfortable when Leanne pulled the strings of her bikini top, but once her bare breasts were exposed to the evening air, her excitement overtook her anxiety. "It's settled then," Leanne told her, "You aren't going anywhere." With one hand she pushed Daniel down onto the pile of cushions on the ground, and with the other, she motioned for Amy to come to her. As Amy's heavy breathing began to subside, Leanne's began to quicken with the touch of Daniel's strong hands gripping her waist and pulling her toward his waiting rod. Amy took her friends round buttocks in her hands and spread them wide, allowing Daniel to push so deep that Leanne broke from their lip lock and cried out.

Craving Cock Ch. 2

group CrazieChick 2017-11-22

I started stroking Jason's semi-hard cock, and it wasn't long until it was fully erect. I started licking the left side of Jason's hard cock. By then Vicky had started to suck the head of his cock. I knew he was close to cumming so I took my mouth off his cock and started stroking him fast. I could tell Vicky was dying to cum, so I teasingly opened her pussy lips with my fingers and slowly started finger fucking her with 3 fingers. I looked over at Jason who was already hard again, and I wanted to feel that cock in me, but I wanted to get Vicky off first. Vicky was exhausted from that climax, so she went back to the bed, leaving Jason and me in the shower.

A Good Neighbor Ch. 03

group mdiver 2017-11-22

I could feel my pussy getting wet and I slid my hand to reach down and rub my clit like Godfrey was licking Susan's. Larry inserted a finger into her cunt and when he started rubbing her G spot she shook as her orgasm came like a crashing wave. Larry looked at me and with a smile wet from Susan's cum asked, "What would you like Jan?" His technique was much like what I saw just a few minutes earlier and while watching him eat Susan's pussy was exciting and erotic, feeling it done to me was breath taking. I think I would have cum again when he was rocking his dick on my clit like he was fucking it but he finally moved down and slowly inserted his cock into my cunt.

Showing Property

group randombeauty 2017-11-22

Karen turned her head and their tongues met and they kissed deeply as Bruce moved his left hand down and pulled her shirt up, un-tucking it so he could access her soft belly and breasts. Still from behind, Bruce was now massaging her right breast and lightly pinching her nipple with his left hand and still nicely, but more aggressively, rubbing her pussy with his right as she pressed and grinded back on his hardness. As she took more and more of Don in her mouth and down her throat, Bruce had come behind her, bending over and kissing her neck and massaging her swaying breasts, now tweaking both her nipples at the same time – something Karen really enjoys once she is nice and warmed up.