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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Snow Bound

group SASwordsman 2017-11-22

Jimmy found himself pressed between Katy in front and Becky behind. As soon as he realized what she was doing, Jimmy let go of her chest, not wanting anything to spoil the view of his first look at her naked tits. Not one to need to be asked twice, Jimmy rolled her off of her, grabbed her long underwear by the waistband, and pulled them down her legs, as she lifted her butt up to make it easier for him to strip her. Kissing his way past her belly, Jimmy slid her legs up over his shoulders as he kissed down her pelvis and started nibbling the soft flesh on the insides of her thighs.


Dancing in the Moonlight

group Bootylicious babe 2017-11-22

Her face filled with concentration as she read from her English Literature text book, she looked beautiful and sexy. She was tall and curvy with huge breasts and big hips. She danced over to them and let them touch her body and enjoyed the feeling of being used for sex. A very tall and big guy lifted her up with one arm while he unzipped his jeans with the other. She ran over to an older guy who looked in his mid fifties and asked him to fuck her. Anya had always loved sex with older men. Ethan looked around as he fucked a girl up her ass and thought " I think I'll be coming here again."

Blow Job Lessons Ch. 07

group primetime73 2017-11-22

Hope tore open the envelop barely noticing it wasn't sealed and pulled out an 8x10 photo of her on her knees covered in cum, holding her left breast in one hand and gripping Jeremy's hard cock with her other while looking up waiting for the next load of jizz. I mean just going at it while someone else just stood there watching, well other than that video." Hope relaxed a little bit as it appeared Natasha wasn't some psycho girlfriend. Hope felt her tits being massaged and squeezed; it took a moment to realize it was Natasha rubbing across her chest, working the hard nipples with her thumb.


Screwing my slutty s****r with my b*****r at the l

group imornery81 2017-11-22

Brian opened the door and I jumped through the door like they do all of those cop shows and screamed, “Get out of here!!” Mike came in right behind me and was at my shoulder when this pimple faced skinny guy popped up from the couch and he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on and little cock that was all shiny. Well, I had already begun the weekend so my mind couldn’t figure out what my stupid s****r was doing up here instead of at home on a Friday night in her senior year, but Brian had been driving so he yelled at the punk k**, “You have 30 seconds to grab your clothes, get in your truck and get the hell out of here before I move that puny cock of yours into your ass with a single shot!”

The Afterparty Ch. 03

group Laetor 2017-11-22

Jeff was getting his dick, balls, nipples and torso sucked and licked by Rachel and Lisa, and Rebecca was climbing up to ride her husband's face for a while. But a 7 out of 10 was perfect to get Jason's cock feeling like it was burning up and Tygre's ass nice and relaxed. Lisa and Rachel were eating each other, Rebecca was lying on top of Jeff swallowing him as he had 2 fingers in her ass and her clit in his lips, and Maurice and Juan were making a Yin-Yang sculpture on the edge of the bed, having trapped each others' cocks in their mouths and fingers up each others' asses.


First Swing

group Nightandmizz 2017-11-22

I continued my work on Gems clit, sucking its sweetness into my mouth, rolling it on my tongue and drinking her nectar for a while, she started sucking Thomas's cock at this point and her moans became muffled around his shaft with ever pass down her throat. Moving Mizz to the edge of the bed so her head could hang over the side I started fucking her again while Thomas entered her mouth, Mizz cleaned Gem's cum off with precision while I fucked her on my way to my own climax, Mizz was close as well when Thomas placed both hands around her throat and held a firm grip around her.

Husbands First Bi Threesome

group demonsangel 2017-11-22

I knew from experience that Jacks first orgasm of the night would be massive, and thick, and from the look in Greg's eyes, he was feeling that cum slide down the back of his throat. My state of arousal had been dimmed only slightly by the quivering orgasm I'd had just a few minutes before, and so I did what I had imagined Jack would want- I motioned for Greg to get off the bed, then grabbed his hips and bent him over the bed, just the way Jack had fucked me countless times before. Greg took to this new challenge right away, and I could feel his tongue slam into me with each thrust of Jack's hips, and felt my body tighten as the orgasm began running through my body. With a final deep thrust, Jack buried his cock in Greg's ass and began coming with excited gasps.

Fair Is Fair Ch. 01

group bgdddy_2000 2017-11-22

Give my ass a hard cock fucking" said my sweet wife, all this talk coming from a woman who normally looked as wholesome as apple pie. I play on this and fuck her as I talk about her getting John's big cock in her hot pussy. "How do you feel about your wife wanting another man's cock", Sue said, a little louder Nicole kissed John just as deeply as she had kissed Sue. I could see their tongues moving back and forth over each other, their mouths wide open, alternately pressing together and pulling apart. Nicole moaned and wiggled her ass as Sue finger fucked my wife. As I looked at my wife, Nicole, I felt Sue's hot pussy slide over my cock.


Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 02

group Splatouey 2017-11-22

As she got off of his lap she made a point of opening her legs wide so that the guys could see her swollen pussy lips through her thong. Evan came in her pussy pretty quickly and as soon as he pulled out Joel, the white guy, took over. I heard the shower start and Jeff said "That's it for the day guys." Joel started to object but Jeff stepped in and told him it was time to leave. After her shower Janice came downstairs still naked and she sat opposite me but made sure that she kept her legs tight together as if let me know that I wasn't getting any.


The Elevator

group Dillinger 2017-11-22

I quickly recovered from the shock of her sweet beauty and took control, opening her mouth with carnal hunger to accept the penetration of my tongue, and then reaching down with both hands to grip her luscious ass and pull her forward against me. “You little whore.” I teased in her ear while I jerked my hips forward, continuing to slide my cock into her welcoming pussy an inch at a time. I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life and began to fuck forward violently, driving more and more of my cock, my huge, hard, throbbing cock, incredibly deep into her hot, wet, velvet cunt. Her excitement was increased tenfold knowing that I was turning her into my personal cock-crazy, cum-loving little slut.


Wrong Place...Wrong Time...

group d4david 2017-11-22

Absentmindedly I ran up on a nearby porch and stood there out of the rain, the door to the apartment opened and two huge black dudes stepped out besides me, one on each side. I muttered '...look fellows, I ain't no punk you've got to let me go, they gonna have head count in a little while and I'll be missed. As the two closet to me stepped away the biggest said to me ' gonna get fucked so I tell you make it easier on yourself and suck my dick real good, I might just let the rest of them jack of on you...' As he walked over to the pile of clothes I slowly sunk to my knees and prepared to accept my fate.

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5b

group petdyke 2017-11-22

In the continuation of the last day of rule by Mistress Marina we are all one lovers in a threesome In fact we stop to care whose role it is to be Master or Mistress and Servant or Slave in our play! With two willing wanton sexy slaves the rules of our game stopped to apply - they cared about me We make love all the rest of day of the rule of mighty Marina as our outraging submissive Mistress My mighty Marina and sexy submissive Stella Maris try to satisfy me in every way they can think of The Mistress of the day is Stella Maris - but we all three stopped to care about any hierarchy

My Life As A Financial Advisor Ch. 3

group BikerRob 2017-11-22

I jumped off the bike and took a spare helmet out of one of the saddlebags just as Michelle came out of the house. I thought of moving up her body, enjoying her breasts before finally settling down on her, sliding my cock inside her pussy. Slowly she pulled her mouth off of my shaft, gently kissing it a few times, licking the tip of my head clean. "Would you mind if Samantha joined us?" Michelle said, looking over at the open door. My view was from the bottom corner of the bed, and I couldn't see Michelle's mouth on Sam's cunt, but I knew what she was doing.


La Portuguesa Ch. 02: Beach Bum

group diegoroyo 2017-11-22

Sal took his long, hard dick out, and inserted it into her wet and open pussy, making her gasp while she still played the game. But in the end, his cum looked like all the rest as it exploded over her stomach and tits, glistening liquid and pearly white, and she came a second time as he did. Then Sri got her to stand behind the couch and bend over, and then took her from behind, stretching her pussy and this time, delivering a load of cum deep into her. Five more guys took turns, pumping her ass good and hard, Their hips thrusting down on her hips, and driving her to three intense orgasms that made her piss a little.

First Gangbang Experience

group rosay 2017-11-22

After a brief moment where everyone went over the boundaries and it was explained that some of us were only there to watch, the action got started:) There was a lot of kissing and making out and pretty much right away one of the women dropped to her knees and had about four of the guys surround her. I quickly let them go and grabbed my phone and sent a very fast text message - "I'm surrounded by 4 cocks" was all it said, I knew that would make him crazy;) Then I went back to working those big hard dicks while the guys rubbed my cleavage and slid their hands down my top.

Messy Missy The MileHigh Club Hippie

group Johnnytames69 2017-11-22

First he took her to a beauty salon, where she had her hair done, her finger and toe nails manicured and painted; she had a wonderful full body massage that took every kink out of her body, and as a special treat, Johnny had the four men who worked in the salon masturbate thick creamy loads of sperm onto her shining face, which he tenderly rubbed into every square inch of its surface, from her chin to her forehead. Still stroking it, she placed the tip right on her outstretched tongue, as if to say "here, here in my mouth." The cock pulsed, and shot a line of white semen straight into it. "Nobody's gonna believe this unless I get a picture." He pointed the camera at Missy's cum covered face, snapping several close up shots, focusing on the lines of sperm d****d on her features.

Explorations on the Trail

group IreneElwood 2017-11-22

"Yeah, it looks pretty bad," Dean said pointedly. Dean grabbed a chair so she could sit and explained to the other guys, Ryan and Will, what had happened. "Will told me you hurt your leg," Alyssa said to Cara. "Yeah, I got startled and then I tripped on a rock," Cara said, embarrassed. "Wait," Alyssa said, putting her hand on Cara's arm. "If you guys want to do drugs or whatever, I don't care," Cara said, growing more confused. "I know that's totally weird," Alyssa said quickly. "I explained to Cara," Alyssa said when they reached the men. This made me kind of sleepy," she said, lifting her beer, although she thought she was way too turned on to sleep.


Sherry's Story

group lavskye 2017-11-22

Sherry stifled a scream, but allowed a small whimper to escape instead as she gave a halfhearted attempt to squirm free as his fingers gently teased the ends of her hair, his lips playing a treasure hunt around her neck and shoulders looking for the places that made her body shudder violently. She felt the long soft hair and skin of a female slowly and gently approaching her incredibly sensitive clitoris as she waited as patiently as possible for the feeling of the warm tongue to make contact and her hair to rest and tickle the inside of her thighs. A heavier weight than the female prior, she felt a man's rough hands running his fingers down her tummy, taking his time allowing his hands wander about her nude body, gradually making their way lower and lower before finding her pussy, now soaked and hungry.


And Jimmy Makes Four

group Rex Sparling 2017-11-22

"Jimmy," Lisa scolded him from the couch, then reassured Marlene, "He's usually ready to go again pretty quick." From what I could see, his cock had barely softened at all, and it bobbed a little higher as my wife continued gently licking and nibbling up and down his shaft and balls. She pulled Lisa to kneel over my face, more so she could get her hands and mouth on the young girl's breasts and body than for the cunt-lapping I'd be giving her. Marlene was ready too, her own finger a blur on her clit, hips rising high before slamming down on my pelvis, holding the bottom of the stroke to grind her hips on mine, swirling my cock deep inside her.

Three's Company

group little_cupcake 2017-11-22

Rachel then turned her head and kissed Sam while Ben traced her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress with his fingers. Rachel then took the huge cock in her mouth and slid her lips up and down on it, teasing the head of it with her tongue. Ben lay against the cushions on his back, and Rachel turned onto her stomach and continued sucking his cock. Sam reached around to rub her clit as he pushed his cock into her impossibly tight pussy a little at a time. Sam grabbed her hips and began pulling Rachel back onto his cock, causing her mouth to bob up and down Ben's dick at the same rate.

Halloween Dance For Swingers

group PositiveThinker 2017-11-22

Yet, the possibility that I could finally satisfy my sexual curiosity and libido by participating in having consensual sex with others with my wife's blessings, as a couple, and under the guise of attending the Halloween gala for swingers, was something that more than excited me. "If a bomb was to blow you to bits, or if you were struck by an 18 wheeler and smeared across the highway like road kill, or if you were decapitated in a freak and unfortunate accident, or if a shotgun blew a big, bloody hole through your chest where your heart was, and I was still a young, widowed woman with sexual needs, lustful feelings, and erotic desires, I' probably do the mailman, the UPS man, the pizza delivery man, and the new young guy at the gas station.


The Ring Ch. 2

group stosh79_00 2017-11-22

He pulled out his own cock and jerked off and as he did he watched the coach fuck this girl six ways from Sunday. The boys had circled her all jerking their cocks and then the thing that sent Bob off was when the coach was ready to blow he pulled out and shot it over the girls back. Bob looked up at her and said why don't we all go over to the bathroom, So all three of them got up and moseyed over to the bathroom and that's when the two girls took off their clothes, man where these bitches hot, Tina was small breasted and the waitress was busty. this must have mad the girls really excited cause the waitress got up and hopped on Bob's cock and was fucking him good while Tina fingered the waitress's ass.

Theatre Fun

group ambunti 2017-11-22

Jayne began to lick eagerly, with more pressure and she let the fullness of her tongue slide teasingly from Kim's asshole up between her pussy lips to her throbbing clit. "God, this is so fucking erotic Steve, fingering her cunt like this, feeling you inside her," Jayne moaned, as she watched the lewd display of carnal lust before them. Steve stretched out as Kim and Jayne placed their lips on each side of his cock and slowly began to slide their hot eager tongues over his swollen shaft. Kim latched onto Steve's cock and sucked steadily while Jayne rolled his balls beneath her soft lips and licked and nibbled the soft skin between them.


An Artist's Life

group body_artist 2017-11-22

"I really enjoy watching Amber with other women," Adam said. I thought I'd go back to the nipple, but Amber took my mouth in hers and put her tongue deep inside me. I didn't know what I wanted more—the rest of Amber or Adam's cock. My hands were on Amber's ass pulling her off the bed when she began to cum. I heard somebody say, "She's the body painter." Another said, "I guess Adam painted HER this time." Adam, Amber and I got dressed together and a few minutes later we were walking past other rooms full of cavorting couples. I allowed him to rub his cock over my breasts, over my face and into my mouth, then over my clit and pussy.