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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Threesome Fantasy Come True

group Bronte34 2018-11-02

I laid out on the bed of the studio where I was filming a hot sex scene with this hot guy for a movie with my eyes closed and began to imagine a hot sexy blonde beside me. "So you want to feel my body up against yours, do you?" Lucy asked sexily in a low voice. Lucy laid back down on top of me and began grinding her wet pussy against mine slowly at first and then faster and faster. "I'm no one's bitch," I replied, before gasping with pleasure as Nathan fucked me harder. I felt Lucy's hands on the back of my head pushing the dick deeper in my mouth.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 20

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-02

"Jessica," Mr. Flood said, his voice a mere murmur of desperate need for her, and she had time for a whimper before Mr. Fire's lips came down hard on hers, demanding her attention as his tongue pressed inside of her. The combination of Mr. Flood's words, the incredibly sexy sight of Mr. Fire, and the hands and cock on her without actually touching her where she most wanted it, made Jessica feel like her insides were burning with heat. A shudder rippled through her body, almost like a small orgasm, as Mr. Flood pushed further deeper inside of her. Her clit swelled against Mr. Fire's hard body, pressed against him by the weight of Mr. Flood, the force of Mr. Fire's cock pushing up inside of her.


She's Gorgeous

group robtansky 2018-11-02

Mark took the opportunity to admire her before leaning down and cupping her tits in his hands, kissing softly, licking around the nipples, Rebecca's head tipping back with a loud sigh as Alicia's hands disappeared down the front of Rebecca's skirt. A loud groan came from the bottom of the table where Alicia had her head tipped back in ecstasy, finger fucking her pussy, now soaked with her own and Rebecca's wetness. Rebecca, now rubbing her own clit with her free hand, moans "Oh my fucking god," and arched her back high in the air, barely able to breathe and clamping her thighs hard around her own hand, her knees shooting up to her chest, Alicia leaning down to bite her right nipple, Mark squeezing the left.

My first foursome

group smiler77 2018-11-02

I could no longer concentrate on spreading Rosalind wide open for Mark - she seemed to be enjoying herself an awful lot, with Mark now finger fucking her pussy and her tight ass at the same time. I’d never in my life felt this horny before - my legs trembled, my skin was pink, my breathing more like panting, so, when Rosalind began to have an orgasm into Marks mouth and he practically buried his face into her, I knew I needed to come hard and soon. Dan, knowing how desperate I was for anything that made me feel violated, spread my ass open wide and pushed two fingers into my tight ass.

Chris And Jessica Have Fun With Debbie

group Mysteria27 2018-11-02

I know she wants to fuck me, I hope she’d like to have sex with Jessica too. I was fucking my wife so hard and fast, while Debbie was sucking on her heaving tits. I was so fucking hard watching my wife having her father’s girlfriend lick her pussy. Debbie pulled her fist out of her pussy, and my wife for the first time in her life started to squirt. Jessica drank all my hot come, while Debbie was drinking all of her sweet, tangy pussy juices. Debbie continued to lick and love on Jessica's pussy. My wife was grinding against Debbie’s face and thrashing all over the bed, while Debbie licked her pussy.

Office Sluts: The Pirate Girl

group sandymonroe 2018-11-02

And sometimes she even helped me organizing stuff like when she asked me to repair the vibrator and I ended up fucking Clarissa, the ice queen of the office in the ass. A huge black guy dressed up as Dracula jerked his cock on a chair beside them, and whispered obscenities to them. I didn’t have time to wonder because the pirate girl held me by the hand and led me up on some stairs. She looked back to me, and said, “Fuck my ass with your huge cock!” The drunken Batman was laughing and he moved her head under the cape, fucked her face with large thrusts. The pirate girl raised her head up, and jerking his cock, laughed at the guy before her:

One Life 2 Live Pt. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-02

Hmmm!" moaned Tommy as he captured a good portion of Emma's left breast between his lips and sucked on it. Suck Tommy's dick like a good little bitch," teased Tommy as he grabbed the back of Emma's head and shoved her mouth down over more of his cock. Toby's cock nearly explored when he saw the full size of Emma's huge tits as she mounted Tommy's face. "Oh god!" Toby moaned quietly as he continued to watch Tommy and Emma suck each other. Ughhhh!" grunted Tommy as he pulled his long thick member from Emma's creamy cunt and jerked it over her huge tits that jiggled like a bowl of jell-o.


A Trio Have A Threesome

group Mysteria27 2018-11-02

My beautiful girl took my cock into her throat and sucked me off until I came ropes and ropes of cum down her throat. This cute girl and her good looking boyfriend had approached me for sex. I was just going to fuck Charlotte and then walk away. “We want to have sex on the beach. I was up for the challenge to have sex on the beach with this good looking couple. We walked down the beach a while and eventually came to an area where Charlotte put the quilt down. Sam undressed and both he and Charlotte ran into the water. Charlotte turned around and kissed Sam and I played with her breasts. Charlotte leaned in and Sam pushed his cock into the girl’s asshole.

Denise's Erotic Porn Star Life

group ohgirl1 2018-11-02

There were other porn stars there too, both men and women, so when I stripped down and let the first uninvited guest fuck me on a towel, alongside the pool, it opened up a whole new party game of "stuff the new porn starlet". I would do an interview after the shoot and explain how I had gotten into porn, give away some of my sexual exploits and tell the fans of the magazine why I was going to be the next big, cum slut, porn star. I took their huge loads and then after I licked up all the cum for my photo shoot, I returned back home and made love to Ryan, telling him all about the two white men and the black man who’s cocks I had sucked and who’s cum I had devoured.

Cozumel Revisited

group darcyj82 2018-11-02

I’m sure I can come up with a way for you to repay me.” I grinned my most lecherous grin, and Lori laughed at Mark’s obvious rapture. She sucked his balls and her hand followed my mouth up and down his cock in long, languid strokes. Lori settled her dripping snatch over Mark’s mouth and watched as I slowly slid the full length of him into my slippery slit. Lori suckled my nipple while she face-fucked her boyfriend, her ass poised over his face while his tongue worked her swollen clit. Lori ground her hot little pussy in Mark’s face and she came, too. Lori was still cranking that big cock, and her hands were slick with his cum as I slowly released it down his shaft.

Happy Birthday Baby!

group sweetiehart528 2018-11-02

She came over and climbed on the bed beside Trey and reached for his 12 inch cock and said, "Damn I guess it's true what they say about black guys!"  I did as she said and laid down in front of her.I could hardly focus on her licking her way up my thighs, I was so distracted by the sight of her pretty pink lips sliding up and down my husbands black cock.  It was so fuckin hot. He knew what I  wanted and he started to rub my clit with his thumb as he pumped my pussy with his fingers and fucked my ass for all he was worth.  Just then Lauren moaned and grabbed the back of my head as she came all over my face.

Weekend cottage with friends – Pt 1 – Dinner Party

group Mister_E 2018-11-02

There was lots of banter and exchanging anecdotes and histories – how Sam and Anna had met Jayne and Mark (at a swingers’ club); shared interests (mainly sex); etc. Julie and Sam shared another one whilst Anna and Mark slumped on some large floor cushions. I stroked the hair of the girl feeling Jayne but even then I didn’t know whether it was Julie or Anna. I moved my hand to find her tits again, but even there Julie and Anna are similar in size and shape. As the music increased its tempo and began to reach its crescendo, I could hold back no more; the sucking on my cock; my hand on Jayne’s tit and nipple; my tongue slurping on her clit and my fingers fucking her cunt.

My Very First Threesome

group PapaWant 2018-11-02

“Won’t you join us?” and then said shyly “I mean for lunch, of course.” I was staring at her lovely naked body completely unabashed, and she said, “But, by-the-way, Don’t feel like you have to keep those trunks on, Addie.” After my initial hesitation, I decided, what the hell, and turned away as I gingerly slipped my swim trunks down and stepped out of them. My cock throbbed in my hand as I grasped the base and set my helmet right at his puckered opening and pushed slightly forward, I could feel his sphincter relax as I slid my rigid member all the way in until I had to let go of it, my balls came to rest against his balls hanging below.


A very white Christmas

group eroticstoryteller69 2018-11-02

Amy moved her head down to Sues nipples and began to suck each into her mouth while Sue began to kiss Jim. Their lips parted and tongues snaked out to explore each other. He watched in fascination the scene before him-Amy was on her knees sucking Sue's nipples, her beautiful ass facing him, little wisps of pussy hair poking out between her legs. She could feel Jim's sticky fingers teasing and working and her orgasm climaxed in blissful satisfaction, causing her to drop Dave's cock and cry out in ecstasy, never had if felt so good! Dave looked over to see Sue coming to rest on Jim's groin, relaxing back against him while her gently caressed her swollen nipples.


The Holiday Trip

group tahluv 2018-11-02

I grab his hard cock licking it up one side and down another and then placing my lips tightly on the tip on his plump juicy head I sucked and twirl my tongue around it several times. You could hear what seems like echoes of moaning going on as I was feeling the warm moist tongue on my clit and my hubby’ s fingers pumping in and out of my juice filled pussy that was pulsating in orgasm and as Mrs. Hotty was feeling the hard cock of her hubby pounding  going faster and faster in her tight pussy. Mrs. Hotty and I took turns going up and down my hubby’ s cock and her licking his balls and fingering his asshole until my hubby couldn’t take it any more and shot his hot cum down my throat.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Her first big cock

group Wil_TX 2018-11-02

As Ellen desperately tried to suck off Jed's huge black cock she was taken to a whole new level of arousal as Jack began to eat her pussy. "I fucking going to cum!" Jed loudly announced, "Suck my cock harder, that's right bitch!" As Ellen had finished swallowing the last of Jed's huge cum load, Jack pushed his cock hard into Ellen's cunt. "Oh, Ellen, your puss feels amazing on my cock, I have never felt anything like it, I just want to be completely inside of you," pleaded Jack. Her orgasmic climax continued, and now she could feel Jack's cock start to pulsate as it deposited stream after thick stream of hot man seed deep inside her pussy; his first pussy he had ever unloaded into.

Becoming A Gangbang Queen

group alison90 2018-11-02

I told him straight, that he and his fellow drivers could take turns fucking me all the way to Adelaide, as often as they liked, if they would give me a lift home. It was only about a four hour drive to Adelaide from here so I guessed I was going to be fucked about eight times on the way. The second driver looked at me in the dim light of the compartment and said I was "fucking gorgeous", as he unzipped his jeans. As I hopped back up on the table, one of the men lifted my legs over his shoulders and looked right at Mark as he stuck his cock inside me.

Who Knew What The River Would Bring: The Finale

group dirtysweatywhore 2018-11-02

In discussing the best approach to actually catch a fish, Hot Stuff’s man, and what turned out to be her brother-in-law, decided to fire up their boat and drop anchor just off shore. Looking down at herself, she realized she was hanging in the breeze and pulled her top up over her head and tossed it to the sand, “and if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to join you.” Not only had she gone topless, she wasted no time dropping her bottoms to the sand as well. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to put some sunscreen on your cute little ass cheeks.” Before I could say a word, I felt both of her hands on me.

You and I

group anonymouslylush 2018-11-02

“I know.” We aren’t in the car very long and I feel your hand on my thigh, taking advantage of the slit, your hand finds bare flesh. You stand by my head and your beautiful cock is resting on my bound hands. You press your body down hard against me and kiss me, your hardness slick with the cum covering me, rubs against my slit. You move your hand between our bodies and begin playing with my clit as you punish my cunt with your hard thrusts. Standing under the shower as you wash the cum from my hair, I decide I don’t really like this fantasy anymore. “I love making you purr, Kitten, but feeling your warmth around my cock is just perfection.” You kiss me gently and hold me tight.

The Airport , My love

group MusicLover101 2018-11-02

Her ass is protruding in the air and you reach under her skirt and start finger fucking her as she continues to suck my nipples. My hands caress your chest watching her partake of your dick as you partake of my pussy and finger fuck my ass. I can feel the head of your dick begin to part my pussy lips as you pump your hips up to meet my down strokes. As I begin to grind my pussy onto your dick she pushes my tits together and sucks on them both at the same time. I squeeze as she gets a chair and sits down in front of us and begins to suck my pussy and lick your dick while I am riding it, tasting us both at the same time.

Black Man's Forced Bi Cuckold Fun

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

When Stefan came to me with his "forced bi" fantasy, I was surprised because black men aren't usually into that but hey, as a professional dominatrix, I knew I could accommodate his desires. I honestly didn't think there were black men out there with similar fantasies because I thought of black men as sexually dominant even in gay/bisexual scenarios and of white men as fairly submissive. Then Bill got behind Stefan and inserted his big white dick into the black man's asshole. While getting sodomized by Bill, the short white dude with the big dick, Stefan howled like a bitch. The big black man seemed thrilled to suck the dildo of a black dominatrix while getting fucked in the ass by a white man.


Another day with Holly

group Antarri 2018-11-02

“I hope you don’t mind that I brought my friend.” Holly said, reaching over and playfully pushing her friend forward. I felt holly suck harder so I looked down, her mouth was clamped down hard on my cock sending waves of pleasure up to my brain with each deep suck. She leaned farther into my lap and wrapped my cock in her lovely tits, the soft skin working up and down my shaft while her tongue kept working on the head. “I’m fine, that was amazing.” She said leaning back, looking down at my pulsing cock still deep inside her. I felt it rise to the very top of my cock, Holly and Vanessa pushed their tits together with my cock in the middle my cum shooting out all over their faces and tits.

Bisexual Black Men in Boston

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

Currently, my secretary Marianna "Nana" Fogel is on all fours, her plump white butt cheeks spread wide open as I thrust my cock deep into her asshole. When I met Rachel two decades ago, she was a tall, slender young black woman who had recently graduated from the University of Boston with a bachelors degree in business. I am just a tall, good-looking black man in a business suit striding through the halls of Iverson Tech. Timothy's wife Jessica Halton, a tall and skinny white woman, is a closet bisexual who's my colleague on Beacon Street. As Leonard pounds his way into my ass with his thick black cock, I stroke my dick.

How'd that happen

group oldrascal 2018-11-02

That was a little rough, I thought, and peeking out from behind my tree I yelled “What the hell did you do that for” when the third fella drew his pistol and put a round in my tree. I took a careful look around to see if there were any more yahoos around that might take a notion that I had outlived my usefulness but seeing only three saddle horses I figured I could breathe a little easier unless the ladies resented my demising their companions. The big blonde drew herself up and sort of settled herself before replying “We're actresses who are trying to get to Sante Fe. Those men were recommended by our old manager to guide us as they were supposed to know the trail.