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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 04

group JimBob44 2017-11-21

Cindy and Candy and Pam smiled happily as they spotted Paul entering the church. Paul was a little surprised to see Pam with them; he'd just assumed that Cindy or Candy would have brought her home yesterday. Pam felt a little pushed out, but Candy warmly gripped her small hand and smiled at the girl. She made her way down the entire pew, kissing Cindy and Paul (her heart did a little flip-flop as her lips touched his) and hugging Mr. Bill and Miss Emily. "I wonder how the hell he's going to do this," Bob said and Marie looked over to see Paul and three girls debating on the seating in the Chevy Impala.



group Biker15k 2017-11-21

Ingrid naked, comes over and slide on the bed, looking first at Heidi, then at me smiling as she leaned down and kissed me, deep, deeper then ever before. As my tongue slide across the insides of her lips, soft and smooth she rocks her hips back and forth across it, till I feel her hot cum squirting out into my mouth, covering me in warm cum. My hands slide down on her ass as I pump my cock in and out of her, I feel Ingrid's tongue every once in a while on my balls and shaft, so I know she is giving Heidi clit just as much attention.

Beach Meeting Ch. 02

group SalnMal 2017-11-21

Mal and Marianne were obviously engaged in some close touching, as I noticed they were sitting closer together and their movements suggested so. Moving his knees apart, causing my legs to open even further, Carl stroked and probed my pussy, gradually probing his fingers into me. Gradually, Carl started exploring again, under my towel, stroking my legs, tummy, and breasts. It felt big, thick and as I squeezed and stroked it became hard and started to jerk in my hand. I continued, rhythmic rocking and riding, as Carl gently lifted and lowered me on his cock. As I watched Marianne, Carl moved up between my legs and slid his cock along my pussy, sliding up and down, teasing, as if waiting for me to let him in.

Dinner For Eight - Sixth Course

group AndiAnders 2017-11-21

Traci watched as Ann leaned close to her husband and said, "Rob, dear, move that cute little ass of yours up here on the table." Traci watched in fascination as the hostess laid her husband on the table between their trays of desserts. Following a look Ann sent to the opposite end of the table, Traci turned her head. Ann sucked one ball in and out of her gentle mouth, while her hand slowly covered and uncovered her husband's dick. Peeking under the table the other direction, Traci saw Rob swing Ann's legs over his shoulders. Despite Rob's bulk blocking the sound from the hostess, Traci nonetheless heard a most appreciative moan.

Melissa Makes Friends

group mjar65 2017-11-21

I knew not to make a big deal over my wanting to fuck Mel - but it was agreed I was free to organise a small cock party for Melissa if (a big 'if' it seemed) she was game. As Simon began to groan louder and louder Mel started to work both her hands and her mouth up and down along his swollen cock. I didn't want the show to end here so rather than let the pace drop off I suggested to Simon it was time to remove Mel's G-string. It wasn't easy for Mel with Chris still pumping into her from behind but she soon worked out how to use a hand and her mouth to pleasure a second cock.


Farmer's Daughter Ch. 2

group AhMyGoddess 2017-11-21

So I was layin' in bed gettin' ready to give myself a good fuck with my vibrator when the door opened and Wendell and Brett came in. I fucked Wendell's cock hard and fast with my mouth as that vibrator pushed up into my ass. My pussy started spasmin' in an orgasm and it just didn't stop, I had one right after another as Brett fucked my ass with that vibrator and Wendell knelt in front of me jackin' off his big dick. I lay back on his chest and spread my legs wide, Wendell was still eatin' on my pussy, lickin' up all of my cum and Brett's that was drippin outta my hole.

Folly! Ch. 05

group Oz Wizz 2017-11-21

The following day, wanting to get plenty of work done early to clear away a backlog, Miriam left home before seven and got to work early. Miriam got her secretary to cancel all of her appointments for the day and went home with the file. Steve's hands groped at her tits, pulling at the turgid nipples and arousing the lust he knew was within her. Carefully, and with as little noise as possible, Phil went back and placed his tools by the power board before he crept back to the family room door. The man had picked Miriam up off the floor and, without pulling his cock from her, carried her out of the kitchen.


My Pool Experience

group ddsfantacy 2017-11-21

He took his hand and squeezed some lotion out on to my pussy and began to rub it in. Carl told me to lie on the lounge chair and he and Scott would put some sun lotion on me. Carl and Scott were both talking dirty to me now telling me that they wanted to fuck my tits so Carl put lotion on my tits and slid his cock in between them I held them together and he fucked them cuming all over my tits. He told Carl to drop his cock in my mouth and experience the masterful sucking that I do. They fucked me hard Carl slamming into my pussy while Scott was fucking my ass.

Three's Company

group Salacity 2017-11-21

As I start to lower myself onto your rigid cock in a sitting position, with my back to your face, I feel your hands grab both of my tits. You fondle my tits while she continues to alternate her tongue between your cock, your balls, and my pussy, and I slowly ride you and squeeze you while breathing deeply and watching her on her knees between our legs, sending us both into a world we've never before explored. You moan at the feeling of my cunt muscles intermittently squeezing your cock as I lift myself off of you, while another woman's tongue tickles your shaft from the balls up, following the rising of my pussy.


group VampyricsLoyalSlave 2017-11-21

(I don’t even know if I can move.) I look at him, as he kisses her. The sweet taste of his saliva enters my mouth, and everything in the room disappears. The back of it sits so adequately under my sexy tattoo. (At least a cup larger.) My hand gently massages him, while my lips entertain her nipple. He starts licking her pussy, as fingers find their way inside me. The woman underneath me is moaning, as I thrust my fingers deeper. She sits up, and moves closer to him. It is almost unbearable, knowing he is right behind me, and feeling her fingers going in and out. (That flawless kiss.) He moves down to my breast, briefly touching it with his tongue.

Naked Sara's Ch. 04: The Cowboys

group MLG52 2017-11-21

Tonight, before you start, uh, doing her, I would like to touch each of you; I mean, get a closer look at your bodies. After massaging her just like Pa showed us, she asked if I would mind licking her the way she'd watched us do Ma. I didn't even have to think about it; I buried my face in the dark hair. Elizabeth appeared a little confused; she turned back to Richard and continued sucking and licking until he started pumping. The next night at dinner, Ma led the way out of the door and told Harold to get some lard so she could get Elizabeth's ass ready.


In Days of Olde

group Leetah 2017-11-21

Now the silent shadows followed the girl and her captors, hoping they might be able to rescue her later that night, when the men stopped to make camp. She was shaken from her thoughts momentarily, when the warrior's finger slid between her open legs and the horse's body, and moved into her most intimate place. The man seemed to take great pride in not touching her for awhile, and then just as she was beginning to hope he had stopped completely, he would start again, caressing her breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples, and then thrusting his fingers into her.


New Year's Resolutions

group Arial566 2017-11-21

I would be attending this huge party New Year's eve at a friend's house. I could feel Mark in my ass, and Chris in my pussy, now I knew how Vanessa felt. Chris continued banging my pussy, and soon I could feel myself getting closer and closer the orgasm. Soon at the stroke up 12:00 my pussy erupted and I was sucked back into another story, Fun with Cousin Beth. The girls were having a hell of a good time sucking and licking my cock and balls, and the feeling was amazing! they continued sucking my cock, Beth moved behind my sister and started licking her ass.

Party On Ch. 02

group Sensualist2 2017-11-21

Clete, grinned again and said, one of the regulars who shall remain nameless, has suggested you be added to the guest list for a special party in two weeks. "Our hostess wants to meet you and I'll give you a tour of the rest of the place." She took my hand and slid it into her bodice so my fingers instinctively wrapped around a soft, nice-sized breast with a firm erect nipple. For several seconds I stood there, looking at her long lean naked back, my cock throbbing in her pussy, the hands of her companion pressing me to Leda's buttocks and her sex.


Mission Accomplished Ch. 01

group pikapibgd 2017-11-21

The story started, when after being a frustrated single for a month, one day I proposed my best-friend which she agreed as she loved me from earlier. But I told her that I had gone to semi-sex with her like kissing & sucking & she assured me that she will not be sad for the things happened in my past. Believe me, if you want to shiver as well, put your girl on top of you & let her juice flow down on you. I knew that girls like sucking boobs while fucking, so I didn't stop doing it. This time with double speed as I wanted to cum inside her.

Sensualist Ch. 06

group Grouchojim 2017-11-21

I readjusted the mirror and saw Frank's hand delving into her dress, obviously fondling a breast or teasing a nipple while Denise squirmed, making an adjustment to accommodate his prick to an angle that suited her. As for Denise, I knew she loved being watched, and she proved it by shrieking with laughter as Frank plucked her right breast out of its silken bra and began slobbering over it and he sucked away. I was asking myself what I was going to do about sex after Denise and my sister, Maureen left the following day, when a soft feminine voice whispered in my ear, "Aren't they the loveliest couple?"


Jamie's Confessions Ch. 01

group indigoharvey 2017-11-21

The man sharing my sofa started grumbling and worked his way into a sitting position as I pulled my plain black body con dress on over my bra and panties. "Where do you want me?" At first he arranged me on my side with my head propped up on my hand and my breasts pushed up invitingly, the first few shots were predictable, on my front facing the camera, on my front facing away but giving a seductive smile over my shoulder as he snapped pictures of my firm, taut ass. Zach was crouched next to us snapping pictures of Scott's cock, glistening with my juices, thrusting in and out of me, my pussy spasming around his hard flash as I came again.


Good Friend Threesome

group assbr 2017-11-21

One cold Friday winter night my wife, Wendy and I were having a nice meal sprinkled with wine, the kids were sleeping at their grandmother's house, therefore the house was quiet like it's never been in the last 15 years. This was to much for me, I could feel that I was about to shoot my load into her mouth, not wanting to end this now I pulled out and ran to the bedroom to get the video camera to tape my wife getting fucked by John. John grabs the camera out of my hands and say's "It your turn to come and I'll get it on tape for you." At that same instant Wendy pushes me to the couch and gobbles up my prick till I spill my load all over her waiting face.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 05

group eroticwriter28 2017-11-21

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...!" Barbara gasped loudly as her buttocks felt the pain of another harsh strike from the leather flogger. Joseph stepped close to Barbara and placed one hand on her reddening buttocks. Nick stepped around behind Barbara and looked down at her, bent over the table, hands bound behind her back and her legs spread wide. The flesh around the opening glistened in the beam of the overhead pot lights, and with Joseph still spreading her sex he could see about an inch or so of the darker pink tissue inside. Nick reached out and grabbed Barbara's waist and began a steady, firm stroke, all the while looking down and watching his shaft slide in and out, shimmering with her juices.

Girl Interrupted

group Lyara 2017-11-21

Flinging open her bedroom door, she walked onto the loft to see her brother's friends Justin and Jay were glued to the television, staring at the tape she had, in her haste, left in the VCR. "Oh c'mon I'm not that much bigger than the lucky asshole on that tape and you took all of him, stop acting like you're not a skilled little whore and drain this cock." He released her and threw himself back down onto the love seat with his legs spread wide in invitation. Knowing Justin wouldn't last long, virgin teenagers never do, Jay picked up the pace, while Sarah propped herself up on one hand and reached back to rub her clit.

Caden's California Ch. 02

group DeeperDown 2017-11-21

Charlotte and Leslie were waiting for me on the deck and stood when my motorcycle pulled into the parking lot. Charlotte and Leslie took a break on the beach while I supervised the men bringing the equipment inside. I started to consider that maybe today would be better spent in the air conditioned staff room at Cravings than in this oven of a building, but a quick glance at the to-do list suggested that wasn't a possibility. Leslie wore a loose fitting top that looked fantastic and Charlotte was sporting a light button up plaid shirt that showcased her cleavage wonderfully. I didn't hear from the girls again until Leslie knocked on the storage room door a few hours later.


Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 05

group vastiesmith 2017-11-21

Now the head of Tom's cock was hitting her wet pussy slit and Louise opened her legs wider to show him she was ready and wanted him to fuck her again. So here they were with Tom between her soft young thighs holding her legs wide-open and up in the air so her ass was lifted higher off the bed and her pussy pointing right at his pumping cock. Tom was close to cumming too and when he felt her orgasm he continued to rotate his cock in her cunt and she yelled, "Oh God Mr. Wilson! With her left nipple in his mouth and his cock fully inserted in Louise's pussy, Tom arched his back and dropping the tit from his lips and lifted his head up like an Alpha wolf.


Work Trip

group mackaye 2017-11-21

I didn't want to monopolize the action, so I pulled away and turned her toward Jim, who had stripped already and was standing with his cock in his hand. Being the pal that he is, Jim looked my way and said, "Go ahead dude, you take the first course." I dove down and started licking away at one of sweetest pussies I've ever seen, in real life or porn. She moaned and said, "I can't wait for two!" I got up on the bed on my knees behind her and put my cock against her cunt, above Jim's throbber. Susan said, "Hold on right there just a moment." She reached under, felt the bases of both of our cocks with her hand, moaned and started rubbing her clitoris.

What a MILF! Ch. 04

group ottohauser1977 2017-11-21

1.Otto and Katie Hauser, Desmond Gallagher, Carla "Carlita" Hernandez, and Stacey and Patrice Larue hereby consent to a polyamorous romantic, sexual, financial, and co-parenting relationship with each other, subject to the following rules. 3.Katie Hauser hereby consents to allow Patrice Larue the standing privilege to use Desmond Gallagher's ass and mouth for his own sexual gratification, subject only to issues of health and safety. 11.Otto Hauser, Stacey Larue, and Carlita Hernandez will share a bed for the first six months of cohabitation. Patrice Larue, Katie Hauser, and Desmond Gallagher will also share a bed for the same period. After Katie and Desmond got me nice and hard, I lubed up Stacey's ass and eased my cock into her butt.