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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

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group russtown 2017-11-21

My ex-girlfriend was the best; I should have never let her go. We reached a good level on the night I had a good friend over, Wilson. Wilson needed to get away for a bit, so I invited him to join me and my ex for dinner. She ask me to fuck her in the ass, as I was getting her ready, she noticed a pair of eyes watching. She pulled me into the bedroom and whispered to me, “why do you ask Wilson to join us”. When he put his dick in her ass, her mouth got so much tighter. Watching her getting pounded in several positions, sucking his dick and enjoying being wanted and pleased, was our fantasy fulfilled. The best ever.

Penny's Pleasure

group pandsal 2017-11-21

Before meeting Carla and acquiring a whole new wardrobe of provocative lingerie, Penny had been happy to please Mark by wearing black bra, knickers and stockings. A few days later, during a deeply sensual masturbation session in which she several times brought herself to the brink before changing tempo to delay the orgasm, she found her mental images of Carla mutating into Frances Stertori. When Penny hesitated, reminding herself that the black knickers and bra she wore were among her more expensive purchases from the heady days of Carla's boutique, Frances said, "Please don't be embarrassed.


Ambassador of Pleasure

group ladyroxanne21 2017-11-21

My job was to pleasure all of the people on the dais – thankfully one at a time – using my hands and mouth while the volunteers waiting in line tried to please me. If I became overwhelmed at any time before I finished my job, I could ask the people in line to stop, but that was how I failed the test. I don't remember all the little details of my first test – such as how many people were in the volunteer line – but I do know that the volunteers had done an excellent job of making me want to beg and call it quits fairly quickly.


group 2017-11-21

As I cum on her face and she smiles with pleasure, I always wonder what it feels like to give that much pleasure. All the while, someone was masturbating over our faces till he came and showered us with his hot cum. As we resumed our position, she told me to close my eyes and just kiss her like we were two high school k**s. "OK hun, now you can open your eyes but don't stop kissing me." Just as I opened my eyes, there were these four youn men all good looking and athletic guys stroking their huge cocks not five inches from our faces. I guess by me opening my eyes set them off, because beginning with the first one, they all started cumming all over our faces.

Visiting my Uncle

group jaiamor 2017-11-21

I don't know why but i wanted to thank them for the nice blowjob so i got down and kissed them.i cud taste my own cum but i was so lost in excitement that i dint care.I just kissed them wildly,the girl then got up and went to clean up but i was with the beautiful cd, i dint care that he was still a guy,i just kissed him, my cock was getting hard again,with all the intense kissing and foreplay,he wrapped his legs around me,and i slipped my cock in his ass.

Pathway to Depravity Ch. 02

group Phoenician 2017-11-21

'God I'm so hot,' Sara said as she nuzzled into my shoulder, 'You seem be getting on well with Louise, you fancy her don't you?' She looked up at me and rather than reply I kissed her energetically. 'Ilipe and Juan have invited us back to their place and Louise wants to go and I did promise her that I wouldn't leave her by herself.' Resignedly I agreed and we all left. This time Louise was dancing with Juan and Sara with me. She snuggled into me whilst I watched Ilipe help Juan take Louise's clothes off. Louise had her eyes closed and was lost in her feelings but Sara had her eyes open and was looking and smiling at me.

Two Cocks for Kim Ch. 02: Melanie

group Stickndick 2017-11-21

Just as Mel collapsed from the great fuck Jim had given her he pulled his cock all the way out and stroked it off spurting another load of sweat cream all over Mel's asshole and down over her steaming wet pussy. Jim had thought Mel might be angry at him for having sex with Kim, but as he told her the story he could tell by the gushing pussy juice on his hand that it just turned her on. Jim was feeling his cock harden with the thought of not only getting some more hot sex from Kim but having Mel joining in.


Malmoe Maiden (III) the send off

group wetchin54 2017-11-21

The menu had a wide variety of entrees, Sasha explained the first few to me - but I said that grilled chicken and greens was what I would like. These ladies breast were on display, and I was enjoying the view, when I noticed I was not the only admirer. He turned red and Sasha asked what I had said to him. I am Ernie from the US state of Maine,This is Sasha and her s****r Ashtyn. Ray Gulped and replied, the ladies of Malmoe are even more beautiful than the structures. He looked at me with a questioning face, and I said relax and enjoy. Sasha mounted on his cock, and Ashtyn grinding her pussy into his face.

Dogging experiences of a slut wife

group 2017-11-21

As i did this 1 of the men i'd been sucking got down behind me and thrust his cock deep into my wet cunt, he fucked me hard and fast as Andy licked my clit, i was soon in the throws of another orgasm, which tipped the guy over the edge and he shot his hot sticky load deep inside me. He got 1 of the men to lay on the floor, 1 of the women to sit on him but facing away with his cock deep in her arse, he then got me on my hands and knees licking her cunt as her arsehole was fucked and then Andy got behind me, pushed a dildo up my cunt and his cock up my arse.

Not Lesbians

group Hornyman69WithU 2017-11-21

All this, of course, was a huge turn on, and the view could not have been better from where I sat looking between the standing Mare's thighs: Not only did this position afford me the opportunity to lick, suck, and finger her pussy, sink my fingers into her large meaty butt cheeks, and fondle her boobs, but I could also lean back away from her bottom just a bit to see her dangling tits and occasionally her pretty face. I could feel Jane's pussy twitch, just like it did before she came the last time, around my buried dick, so I really got daring: I wet my left thumb real good with Mare's pussy juice flowing down the couch, AND WIGGLED IT RIGHT IN TO JANE'S BUTT HOLE, just as she started to climax.


The Ultimate Birthday Present

group Rackets 2017-11-21

I got the car running and things looked O.K. I went back to the truck to get Lynn's things when she opened the door and asked. I let the hot water run all over my sore body, Lynn had sure worked me over good in class. While we ate, Lynn's robe keep sliding open and she seemed not to notice or just took a long time pull it back in place. "I've got another tit that needs attention," Lynn said as she moved her left nipple into my mouth. I groaned as Lynn gave me a long, deep French kiss, running her hands under my robe and pushing it off my shoulders.


Freshman Takes on Two Seniors

group abob1 2017-11-21

While Andy moved to the chair, Brandon and Danielle sat on the couch, covered in an Ohio State afghan with the traditional Buckeye logo on it. During the conversation, Brandon slipped his hand inside the blanket and over Danielle's thigh until he found her lips. From under the covering, Brandon continued to dart his digit inside Danielle, while Andy slurred, "Fuck her. Brandon bluntly replied like he had a great idea, "No. Why don't you have sex with him to get back at that bitch Wendy...Oh..Oh..what's even better, let's have a threesome." Of course she didn't want to disappoint so when Andy stood next to the bed, Danielle wrapped her lips around his soft cock and sucked on it.


After The Game

group 3M_TA3 2017-11-21

Tammy seemed to know what was desired and slowly began to lick up and down Daria's dark slit before stopping and pushing her tongue into the now glistening entrance to her pussy. A few minutes later, Tammy lay back on the floor and began to rub her pussy with one hand while reaching up for Daria with the other. Second I dared Daria to suck Tammy's pussy, which she did a little more timidly than she had when I watched from the window. Tammy, still on her hands and knees, reached between her legs and began to finger her pussy and clit while Daria had her ass pulled open with her hands and was forcing the tip of her tongue in and out of Tammy's little asshole.

Nick's Gift

group Black Tulip 2017-11-21

The sheer black thigh-highs gave her legs a glossy look and the small, dangling, silver Christmas globes in her ears were the perfect finishing touch. Freda laughed softly and Nick joined her, his deep belly laugh filling the inside of the car. This was a female voice, and Freda looked over to see a grinning blonde with her blouse open, her breasts in a lacy half-bra on display for everybody in the room. Nicks whispers turned her on even more and with a small sigh Freda gave in. Freda looked down her body and saw him on his knees between her legs, his hands holding her thighs apart. Nick chuckled and Freda felt his cock sliding through her wetness, his head touching her clit.

My Big Surprise

group zamore 2017-11-21

But soon enough when Adam leaned over to talk to Val over the music he had his hands on her hips again, and again he slid one down over her ass, complimenting her on what a great body she had. The fact that Adam was there watching made me hard as a rock and I started to caress Vals body infront of him, squeezing her tits and ass as if they were on show. She swayed towards me bed, and staring Adam in the eye she took hold of his dick and kissed it. Eventually he gripped Vals head and face fucked her (something I'd never done but it was amazing to watch) until he came, shooting a huge load into her mouth and deep down her throat.

My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 04

group Puddin36 2017-11-21

A wonderful vanilla fragrance filled the shower as I began to soap up Michael's body. But damn baby...the thought of you taking my virgin ass is driving me crazy with lust." said Sami. Michael grabbed a tube of lube and squeezed some into his hand and he began stroking his cock. Let your asshole get used to this new sensation, and when you want to take more, just press back slowly, okay baby." said Michael. I soon felt liquid again on my now open asshole as he squeezed some more lube onto his cock and my ass. Slowly I began to rock back and forth taking his cock a little deeper, my ass now opening to his penetration.

More Beach Fun

group newtydreads 2017-11-21

After a minute of two of gently pumping our erect cocks, she quietly asked our new Spanish-Brazilian friend, if there was somewhere a little less conspicuous where we could enjoy some fun, particularly his impressive member, she might have added! Ann reached out and gently grasped the lad's impressive cock before lowering her head to enjoy licking and sucking him into her mouth. From her glances I could tell that Ann was really enjoying going to town on his now thick, hard and long cock, before she shuddered to her first cum, further wetting my mouth as confirmation. Just then, she decided to move things on a little, shuffling around until her open-legged display enticed our friend to slide his massively engorged cock into her wet and willing hole.

Lawful Conduct Ch. 3

group SlidingInSilk 2017-11-21

Poor Jeremy never had a chance; his hips began to buck furiously as Dot's kinky auburn curled head bounced rhythmically up and down his cock. "Let me." Rochelle whispered, sliding her other hand between Felicia's thighs and taking hold of the vibrator. Felicia gasped as the brunette began to fuck her raging cunt with the toy. Felicia was drawn to touch her and reached for her breast as Rochelle removed the fake cock from her pussy and licked it clean. Felicia's tongue darted out and tasted it, then sucked avidly as Rochelle moaned and sighed. She felt Rochelle tug at her hips and felt fingers rub her clit so she moved over the brunette's face. Rochelle moaned loudly into Felicia's pussy and the vibration was more excitement than she could stand.

Trying Something New

group wantsomefun1951 2017-11-21

People would have called the guys with the very long sleeved jacket to come and get me if they had seen me sitting in my car, cursing like a raging madman, and pounding my fists on the steering wheel. "Big Red" was the other nickname some of the kids started calling me when I got to middle school. I swiped my finger over the screen, and was greeted by a picture of Yazhi, her back turned toward the camera, completely nude and smiling over her shoulder while her housemate, equally naked, stood with her hand on the Navajo girl's slender ass. "That's Ingrid's room." Yazhi pointed through an open door into a huge bedroom decorated in pastel shades, dominated by a king-size canopy bed.


American Love to Our Canadian Guy

group cindy_4u 2017-11-21

As soon as the song got over, Amy whispered into Albert's ear...'so what hotel are you taking us girls to?' Albert turned around to answer but I grabbed his cock this time which was hard like a rock. So I got up, pulled my thong down and went doggy style on the bed next to Amy and asked Albert to fuck me. Amy pulled her thong away too and went into doggy style next to me and asked Albert to fuck us both. No sooner had Albert pulled his limp cock out of my ass, Amy came hard. I pulled away and Amy went down on her knees as Albert stroked his cock and exploded his cum all over her face and mouth.

Gay Man and Straight Couples

group kewtieboy 2017-11-21

Somewhere in between there a fascinating blend of straight with a hint of gay if he gets drunk, the married couple who play with other men mainly because her "straight" husband loves seeing other guys cocks. As many married men may identify, I actually was turned on watching guys trying to bed him and knowing I would be sucking on his cock at the end of the night. "The thought that the guy who sucked my cock is fucking my wife drives me wild. Peter stood up, his cock drooping slightly but still showing little sign of giving up and said, "You fuck her now."


Suzanne's Supreme Night of Poker Ch. 03

group yowser 2017-11-21

Billie's penis slid fast and easily inside me, and I could take my time to savor the taste and feel of Roderick's cock. He moved lovely, his penis was so much thicker than Billie's, and I delighted in the grip my groin-lips gave his girth when he began his strong, slow, delectable movements inside me. I looked at his face while my fingers stroked his penis, not completely hard, then put the big round head of it into my mouth. It was better than I ever imagined, I could let my consciousness go to either end, feel a hardening cock in my mouth, and an energetic one pushing inside me, stretching me, doing lovely things to the top of my notch.

Christina's Christmas & Andy's Too

group BrettJ 2017-11-21

Christina loved to have Andy fucking her, she'd found her soulmate that Christmas Eve 4 years ago, if she was unhappy, he seemed to know when she wanted a hug. He saw his wife and Arianna disappear into the bedroom, but the moment Toy's talented little mouth surrounded his cock and Holly was massaging his skin, he lost track of Christina's goings-on. One time, sandwiched between Holly and Chrissie, Christina had said "He eats pussy so well, he should have been a lesbian." Andy had retorted "No thanks, I don't like the uniform" and both girls had roared with laughter.


My First Bi Experience

group jennifer999920 2017-11-21

Blond hair, fairly thin body, nice smile, mid-thirties and she looked as if she was enjoying herself, but that this was not her first time in this type of club. She said she thought it was $100, but that she wasn't sure, so we pulled one of the guys to the side and asked. I blushed a little and said I also wanted to stay a while, which of course got a huge laugh out of all the girls. It took a few minutes, but she started to pull her head back more and breath hard and her body tensed as she let out a "Fuck that feels good!!!" as she convulsed on the couch.