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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Recollections Pt. 02 Ch. 02

group Kaadorix 2017-11-21

It was Thursday night and I had texted Alexa earlier in the day with a cryptic message about eating something at least an hour before our scheduled date and wearing comfortable clothes she would not mind getting sweaty in. "Accommodating." Our texts throughout the day had been flirty and fun, my pulse accelerating with the hope that Alexa was messaging every time my phone buzzed while I was at work. She sent me an apology text for last night, when she showed up unannounced at my home in Lake Quivira while my best friend (Mike) was over visiting, yet Alexa did not know it. "You know it feels like I am cutting off my left arm by giving this to you, right?" Alexa handed over the phone and offered one of her scrunchy faces.


Chloe Dreams

group edintx99 2017-11-21

I feel the bed move, a pair of large hands on my breasts, a pair of lips brush mine. My lust’s desire is stroking in and out of me with his long, hard cock. My other hand snugs up between the base of his cock and his hanging balls and gently pulls down, stretching… stretching. His shaven sack is soft as glove leather in my hand, the balls firm, but I feel them squish as I grip and rub them. My lust’s desire continues to stroke me long and slow and deep inside my now dripping pussy. In that moment of ecstasy I feel my lust’s desire’s warm fluid flood my pussy, hot liquid dripping down the inside of my thighs.

Fortune Favors the Bold

group qwedsk 2017-11-21

Even in her current state, John couldn't stop his mind from drifting to thoughts of her lips wrapped around his hard cock, or spreading her legs right now and fucking her brains out. Although a part of her wanted to simply focus on the feeling of John's cock pounding into her, his balls slapping against her clit, Eliza was eager to taste Erin's pussy. Eliza's technique was, in fact, sloppier than usual; John was fucking her so hard she couldn't do much more than clamp her mouth to Erin's pussy and probe her tongue inside, letting the force of John's thrusts fuck Erin too.

25th Birthday

group GypsyMI 2017-11-21

Not to be outdone, Amber also chose a beer but proceeded to stick her tongue into the top of her bottle between sips as she looked at Cheri who continued to tell us about the douche bag she had been with. Amber laid back down on the floor and scooted her head between my legs so she could suck on my balls as Cheri got on all fours over Amber and began cleaning her cum off of my cock. The girls rolled over and licked the cum off each other and then Amber declared I needed to fuck Cheri again. I continued to fuck Cheri, who was screaming under Amber's pussy, and then felt my cock begin to fill.

Adriana Enters Our Lives Ch. 02

group silverfox267 2017-11-21

Adriana began to awaken from her slumber and looked over to the two of us and said "Good morning." We both responded and then you turned to walk towards the bedroom and shower. As I began to kiss her back, she pressed her body harder against mine and I could feel her taut nipples poke against my chest. Adriana's right hand began to move slowly down your side as your tongues considered to tangle between your lips. You have spent so much time with Adriana exploring your pussy and the feeling of my tongue back in you plus the emotions of our chemistry has heightened your level of sexual awareness. You begin to breathe harder and fight back an orgasm as you enjoy the pleasures and feelings of your body.

My First Gangbang

group REDWAVE 2017-11-21

From experience, I knew that really big dicks like his took a long time to suck off, even longer with a cock ring on. He pulled my head off his dick and said, "Open wide, baby." He pushed the hose into my mouth and sprayed the back of it. I was roughly pushed down on my hands and knees, and made to suck the Mexican's dick while the white guy with the smallest cock came up behind me and fingered my butt. The big black cock in my ass hurt, and I gave out a muffled scream as Red held my head down and made sure I kept sucking.

There Goes The Neighborhood

group imhapless 2017-11-21

Given two drunk guys in Jerry and Max and two free spirits in Brenna and Kim, Debbie got two years' worth of intelligence in two hours. By that night Debbie and Janet had independently decided that they wanted to sample their new neighbors since both were studly good looking guys. As she was riding Wally while he massaged her boobs she quietly groaned "I'll bet you'd love to fuck Brenna and Kim's tits, wouldn't you?" then squeezed his cock with her pc muscles. "Since Brenna and Max are swingers I don't think that we need to worry about convincing them, but we might need to do a little work on Kim. Let's invite her to lunch," Debbie replied.


In The Cards Ch. 01

group kittykatbc 2017-11-21

I let you in and you grab me; kissing me deep and thrusting your tongue deep in my mouth the same way that you hope that you can shove your cock into my pussy or ass soon. I take your hard dick in my hands and stroke you as I kiss Paige. I stand in front of Paige, kissing her and playing with breasts. I feel you behind me, your cock snuggling between my ass cheeks and your hands on my breast. I slid down between your and Paige's legs so I can lick her clit and lick your balls as you fuck her, slowly at first but soon your hands are on her hips as you plough deep in and out of her.

The Bet

group GC66 2017-11-21

She looked stunned, but offered no resistance and even began to feel my tits with one tiny hand while stroking Dean's engorged cock with the other and rubbing it on her pussy. After a minute to get Bethany used to the feeling of having a cock all the way in her, Dean began to slowly fuck her. Bethany dismounted Dean, got on her knees, and stuck her ass up in the air and said, "Take it all!" After lubing her and then himself and working it with a finger, Dean told her to spread her ass wide with her hands and put the head of his cock against her virgin asshole and pushed slowly.


Her Surprise Threesome

group lookalot2006 2017-11-21

I asked her if she had thought about it and if she wanted to do it, and she said "it would be fun." I quickly took the opportunity to suggest that it might be more than fun, and that it would turn me on to stay in a local motel while she fucked and sucked her ex-boyfriend before coming home to me. Jane said she grinned evilly at Justin and told him that he wasn't getting a turn, that it was Bill's night, despite his best efforts to cock-block his friend. Jane said that half of her wanted to jump off Bill and kick Justin's nuts up through his skull, but that it felt so good to be fucked with their combined strength that she didn't want to interrupt her momentum.

Professor Vic Ch. 02

group gdavis 2017-11-21

"It's going to feel so good," is all I could think as I kept my head down preparing for a great fuck down, for the pleasure along with a little bit of pain. "I think you're ready for something more," he said as he took his right hand away from my anus and grabbed a tube of lubricant he had waiting on the bed. "Okay than I'll tell you the whole story," I could tell from the excitement in her voice and the smile on her face that she was waiting for the offered opportunity, "Last night when I heard your door open, I peeked out of mine and saw him walking to the kitchen with just his pants on.


Paranormal Research Club Ch. 07

group GPLockwood 2017-11-21

"I pray to God that this goes smoothly with the two of us," said Father David, but his voice sounded more tense than prayerful. Cardinal Imamu gave his friend a worried glance before returning his eyes to the road, and he appeared to be carefully pondering a response to Father David's outburst. By the way, David, are any people from your church going to be coming out to help the family maintain the house and cut the grass?" he asked as he dismounted the car. "You look worried," Cardinal Imamu said to Father David as he reached into his satchel and retrieved a small bottle of dark, blood-red liquid and a round communion wafer.


The Group Ch. 11

group Spice1959 2017-11-21

Just then Robert and Richard returned, they hadn't been back more than 5 minutes, when this woman came over and asked if her and her husband could borrow them for a while, both boys, jumped at the chance, and as they stood up, I could plainly see tents forming in their towels, by now I thought I should check on Laura, so leaving Heather and Charlotte, I went to the single's room, Laura was still in the swing and some young stud was banging away at her pussy, she seemed to be in one continual orgasmic state, as I approached her the same guy who said he would take care of her pulled on my arm, then realised it was me, I asked him how things were going, he said everyone was having fun,


The Tequila Shot Orgy

group Paris Waterman 2017-11-20

I must have said the right thing, or maybe grabbed the right thing, for an hour later I left the party with Red, two other girls named Joanna and Jackie, and two guys whose names I think were Donnie and Paulie. I was already jerking off watching them, and went into a faster mode when Joanna slipped away from Paulie, dropped to her knees, fed him into her mouth and began to suck him off. Several minutes later Red approached us, watched us for a while and then, with her dress tucked into her waistband, began rubbing her cunt against the door to the bathroom. Feeling a strong urge to slip my cock into a cunt, I stood, pulled Jackie to her feet, and headed toward the second bedroom with Red at my heels.


Wife's Surprise Gangbang - Best Version - Rel

group 2017-11-20

He whistled and said, "Ooh yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck you like that later but now get your fat slut ass over here and sit on my cock." She turned back to him but not before I saw the look of pure lust in her eyes, I watched her dimpled fat ass wobble as she walked over to where he sat on my sofa with his cock now fully erect and at least 10 inches. They pushed the ottoman over so one man could sit down while she sucked his cock while another rammed his cock into her from behind, they pounded her hard like that sending her ass wobbling all over the place, "Ooh yeah Scott this bitch is hot," said the guy fucking her.

The Lake

group millieteases 2017-11-20

I didn't want Nancy and Susan to think I was some kind of a pervert, although their questions, and telling me to look at Bob and Clare, was making me think that something might be up – and pretty soon it was going to be me if we didn't steer this conversation in another direction. I mean, Clare's finger in my ass, Nancy hot and pretty tight around me and the most sensitive part of my dick sliding hard over her pubic bone, Susan playing with my balls and then Susan crying out in orgasm again, and Nancy's vagina clamping down around me and I started coming, hard, pushing myself as deep as I could into Nancy, over and over again.


Kim's First Xmas Party

group blondefungirl 2017-11-20

I felt Darnell grab the baby lightly and start to lift him off my chest. My Mom must have been excited also because she came up to me the day before and said "Let's go shopping for dresses for the party." You don't have to ask me twice to go shopping and we were off. Just then Darnell came into the kitchen and said, "Don't mind these idiots, come on into the living room." He led me into the living room where there must have been 20 people. Somebody said, "Look at her, she's dead drunk." Somebody left the room and Darnell touched my shoulder again. Now the guy started moving faster and I felt him grab my ass and bury himself.


The Geek's Sex Games Ch. 02

group SexyGeek 2017-11-20

Just as I thought I was perfectly placed I heard the implacable computer say "SIXTY!" and Anna Marie turned away and went back to her cross legged lotus position on the couch, that little white patch of cloth just covering her pubic mound. Anna Marie s lips parted as she enjoyed his attentions, but as the count reached thirty she pulled his hand down her body to her mound, covered only by the white patch of the thong. The number two came up for pretty little Kia. Anna Marie moved over slightly so I could sit next to Kia on the couch, and I gently rubbed her light yellow sweater over her right and then her left breast.


A Corrupted Lodger

group English Bob 2017-11-20

"Just what the hell do you think -" Molly's voice trailed off as her eyes saw Jason's companion sitting on the edge of the bed, a large erection bulging obviously in his jeans. Billy knew that body well, but Jason had only had a few glimpses of her voluptuous figure from the spyhole that he had created a few weeks earlier and looked on in fascinated awe as the object of his lust sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. "That's right, Jason" grunted Billy as he began to pound his wife's pussy, "Shut the bitch up with your cock while I fuck her sweet cunt as hard as she can take it!"

our first gloryhole

group pcarter 2017-11-20

My cock was so fucking hard and my wife as moaning as I Tina looked at me and said she wanted to open it to see started to stroke this big black monster cock and Then Tina leaned down and through the hole, told the guy erotic to see my hot wife fuck that big black cock. fucking hot and Tina started to cum with him and letting filled pussy, after Mr. Massive Black Cock had cum in Tina moaned as I fucked her and then she started to Mr. Massive Black Cock looked at me and told me I was a cock was hard again and my wife had trouble fitting his Massive's cock and started to ride his big black organ.

A Hot Latin Couple Came Over To Eat

group fl44bothways 2017-11-20

With me still under her and still licking her wet pussy and clit, Mark moved up and slid his cock across her slit several times. I gladly sucked his and Brendas juices off his cock until he pulled it out of my wanting mouth and back inside her pussy. Her pussy was sucking on Marks cock and he was getting close to cumming himself. I watched as he slowly backed his cock out of her messy cunt and as soon as the head cleared her pussy lips a pool of white cum started to leak out behind him. Brenda turned to watch me suck the last of the cum from his cock and when he was clean Mark laid on the bed next to her.

The Sailors Ch. 02

group casio33 2017-11-20

Rod spread your legs over his face and plunged his tongue into your still leaking pussy as you lowered your head to capture as much of his long cock in your throat as possible. As you moved a chair close, Rod spread the golden globes of the girls beautiful ass cheeks and ran his tongue from the sweet juices coursing their path down her legs to the opening of her pussy, with its long protruding clit. As the girls juices begin to flow into your mouth, you heard her groans of pleasure coming from the area of your own pussy and at the same time felt Rod=s slender fingers slipping into your ass, preparing it for his long cock’s assault on your dark passage.


sex village II

group chandan0707 2017-11-20

Rabbit got up and gestured me to the window and asked me to see at the house opposite.I looked and saw two ladies standing in the warm november sun and brushing their hair.One lady was painfully thin but with hourglass figure,large eyes and almost flat chested.She had small protrusions like idlies on chest. "So,keep asking.Before you marry my niece,I don't want any misunderstandings" Vanaja told me putting one carrot piece that had been coated with Vijaya's juice in my mouth. "Once you live here, you will understand the happiness we have in sharing.You like Vanaja's act,ok, you stand in the queue again for next turn.Meanwhile you explore next door woman's vaginal acrobatics,fellatio, there are so many options, there is no room for jealousy.By the time you complete one round,fixation about Vanaja leaves you " Rabbit told me.

Before We Met - Part 3 - More Background:

group dspb08 2017-11-20

My wife (SD) said that while they were being e****ted over to the van she felt like running away but didn’t as Dee W reached over and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the van saying “you are going to love this” and opened the back door of the van. Dee W then took SD into her arms and hugged her and told her that on Wednesday’s she usually gave at least 4 blowjobs which gave them a discount on the food and drinks; but, because she did so well she (SD) was going to do the Wednesday duties and smacked her on the butt and said that these guys (the ones she gave blowjobs to) were short but had a lot of cum – drink up and turned off the light as she left.