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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Two Singapore Malay Hotties

group johara 2017-11-20

She shut her eyes and gritted her fine row of white teeth as she felt him lower his hips and place the head of his long thick cock in the puffy, wet cunt lips of the sexy Malay lady Suzannah. Pinning her knees back against her shoulders and bending her body double, Reymon rode Suzannah’s big ass up and pumped sharp rapid jabs of his raging cock in and out of her wet and tight cunt. “Fuck Suzannah in her mouth and empty your cum in her mouth” Harlina said again and pulled her legs back from around his waist and began trying frantically to push him out of her cunt before he came.

Trip To DC Alone

group caramelsuga924 2017-11-20

Pulled me one leg up and fucked me so hard against the shower wall under the hot steamy water....I wrapped my free arm around he strong arms as our bodies rubbed against eachother as he fucked me raw, so hard....mmmmmmm.....he lifted me up by both legs and bounced me up and down on that big black dick...mmmmmm....making me scream and Moan....I came so hard on his big black dick...he bounced me so hard and fast...cummin so deep inside this tight Indian pussy...mmmmmmmmmm......felt so good, could feel that big thick dick throbbing and Cummin inside me....

Silk Scarf Strangers

group vixen62 2017-11-20

His hips started moving against her, his balls tightened, the feeling of her mouth on him was exquisite, he had to place one hand on the wall to stop himself from falling. At that moment he thrust his fingers deep inside Nikki, she tried to move but he had placed his hands firmly on her hips to restrict all her movement. The pleasure she was feeling from taking this stranger into her mouth at the same time Paul was working his magic on her pussy was exquisite. Nikki looked back at Paul, 'please untie me', she begged, 'I want to feel you, touch your body with my hands, wrap my legs around you, please'.

Late Night Coffee Ch. 02

group Estcher 2017-11-20

The image of Amber and Breeg with his cock in their mouths was almost too much for Ethan. Neither spoke of it until the next week when Amber found Breeg pissing in the bathroom with the door open as usual. Eat me!" Amber started to hump Breeg's face, forcing her pussy down hard onto her mouth. Amber looked questioningly down along her body toward Breeg whose face hovered over her crotch and then seeing the lust in her lover's face lowered her head back and smiled and knew that her pussy was about to be devoured. "Yes, I would let you." She finally answered and then screamed as Breeg, who for the first time, stuck her tongue up her virgin ass.

The Seminar

group Librarylover 2017-11-20

Maureen's ankles were crossed at the small of Craig's back and he had his knees braced against the bed, his legs slightly spread so that the view of their fucking was clear to John and Katherine. Some of the things John had said to her in previous weeks now made sense to her and she realized that the exploring foot she had felt at the bar was not Craig flirting with Maureen at all. The intensity of the moment, the sight of Craig and Maureen fucking right there in front of her, the realization that John had been wanting her, the wine she had drunk; all of this plus the incredible feelings of John's cock deep within her made her know this wasn't going to take long at all.

Summer Camping Trip

group mind_sex 2017-11-20

Tom and Jack smiled, and Jason had a look of "I shouldn't have seen that" on his face, as they followed her up onto the boat with relative ease. As he floated away, Jack helped Sarah quickly on board, which is when both Tom and Jason saw what had kept her in there. Tom disappeared into the driver's cabin, starting the ride for Ben. He kept one eye on Sarah, who, with her small life vest still clinging to her small upper body, was teasing Jason with a kind of dance. As she bent over the back of the boat, she looked back at him: "that's a real shame, I thought you could give a girl like me what I need." She turned out to the water where Ben was enjoying his ride.


The Black Bull, The Hotwife and Cuckold II

group Iamalovemonkey 2017-11-20

After it was all done with Tina and Dan and they were dressing to leave and James announced, “Oh yeah man, I got a picture texted to me from TJ yesterday, you gotta see this.” He then pushed the phone in front of me with a picture of Sarah sandwiched by two black guys double penetrating her and another at the front with his cock down her throat and in the background I could see about 6 more black guys with their cocks hanging out. The driver and the black girl chatted a bit and then my wife pranced over to the minivan and Sarah got inside.

Eric: An Evening With His Friends 02

group Annatartywife 2017-11-20

I was dripping in my cum juice and the guys brought me off for a couple of lovely climaxes. After his first go on me, Colin took his place, Alan plopping out of my fanny with an audible 'plop.' Colin kept up his go fucking me for a few minutes, then Fred took his place. He fucked me fast and long and then he too came buckets, adding his cum to Fred's. My fanny was gaping and dripping with my own juices and the two guys semen, he plopped out and cum just oozed out of my cunt. Colin took his place sliding up my spunk, messed cunt easily. I couldn't face any more fucking that night, but stayed overnight with Alan and Fred.

Flirting with Cindy

group thegoodsinclub 2017-11-20

"I think she's the one we've been looking for," I say, each word brushing out a little tingle in your areola, before you feel the tight skin of your nipple scraping your tight skin over the white, hard edges of my incisors. You feel my cock pressing you deep inside, just how you like it, while the image of Cindy's clit pressed between your lips wavers through your mind. As the kiss deepens, your teeth pulling at her lower lip, tongues sliding, you can feel me behind her, my breath hot from behind her neck. It's like you can feel in her kiss the last little friction of resistance give way, the last shackle of nerves drop, and some hungry stretch of her body pull you in.

Birthday Dessert

group franklinc 2017-11-20

As her orgasm subsided, he began fucking her again at top speed, and after another thirty seconds of fucking, he shouted at her, "On your knees!" Grace immediately turned around and dropped to her knees, and Vince shoved his cock into her open mouth. And lovely Aviva here is going to suck your cock." And with that, Grace got a forkful of cake ready, as Aviva pulled down Vince's pants and boxers, and threw them aside. Aviva began to start sucking more and more of Vince's cock into her warm and wet mouth. Aviva stuck to her task, frequently interrupting her head bobbing to lick, kiss, and tease the underside of Vince's cock, his balls, and his taint.

Four Plus One 04: Don't Wake Up

group ReefBeach 2017-11-20

Danny's cock was bent into a curve inside his pants, and Mel decided to help him out a little. The last time had been the start of Phoebe's initiation into the world of group sex, that day in the hotel when she'd fed Mel her juices while Danny fucked her from behind. She couldn't speak, only nod to Mel. She hurriedly peeled off her top and ran her hands up and down her body, exciting her skin, over her breasts, pinching the nipples, brushing over Dannys rough chin. The crazy episode, the feel of Dannys cock inside, the sight of Phoebe riding Danny's face and pleasuring herself, everything combined to push her over.

A Tricky Tricolor

group Gently Does It 2017-11-20

With that, she raced round the back of the car, whilst the other two girls (also both rather horny, thought Oliver) flung open the back door behind Josie and scrambled in, piling up the bags between them and him, giggling and saying 'Bonjour. Her short, baggy crop-top hung forward; stealing himself against an outraged scream, he slipped his left hand gently onto her waist; the girl continued cooing to the baby and talking to her friends. In the commotion of the others leaping out, the girl lifted herself from him and pulled her knickers up; he slipped himself back into his shorts and she climbed out of the car, turning to him with a lovely grin, uncertain, biting her bottom lip.

the club’s “bike”

group 2017-11-20

What I hadn’t known at he time was that as a newbie, I had to take a turn as the club’s “bike”, which involved my going bottomless and dr****g myself over the arm of a special sofa so that any single guy without a partner – and a few with partners – could fuck me whenever and as often as they wanted to. There were still five guys waiting for a turn and it wasn’t long before another latex clad cock was pushing its way into the folds of my cunt. I could tell he was telling the truth by the way his cock seemed to grow harder and bigger in me and when he confessed he wanted me to keep having sex with strangers he came almost without warning and deposited a huge load of his cum into me.

Four Friends Show and Tell Experiment

group robinmark421 2017-11-20

Mostly sex, and bondage, I think." Anna replied quickly, "Um, y'know I think it is more of an art film, like, kinda. Before he replied, Anna interjected in a characteristically forward way, "Robin, what Phil means is that films like this are not supposed to be judged on the narrative alone. Anna replied, "You mean you want to watch a woman masturbate, Phil?" It explained why Anna dresses so sexily and it also sort of explains why she likes to laugh and talk and cry out during sex -- I'd heard her muffled croon several times behind closed doors over the summer.


Independence Day

group sirlixalotapuss01 2017-11-20

Libby was moaning and begging me to continue, (as if I was gonna stop now!) My mouth traced a trail lower down her abdomen, till I could feel her neatly trimmed pubes, as I came in contact with her small bush, she stiffened slightly, letting me know, I was on the right track, I could smell the sweet fragrance of her sex, and I could see her juices beginning to run down her ass, I then moved one hand to cup her snatch, as I slipped a finger softly over that small bud of a clit, I licked smoothly up each lip in turn, coming close to, but not into contact with, her swollen labia, hand still in place I slowly licked my way to and over the hood of her clit, pausing to occasionally slide my tongue under the hood, she was thrashing wildly about, moaning and gasping for breath, I had no doubts, that soon the neighbors would be calling to see what the problem was.


Brandi Gets To A Good Place Ch. 02

group starmanz1 2017-11-20

When you were here last week, my girl Sandi and Bianca both got more of you than I did, and that's not fair." He had a naughty little glint in his eye when he said this, and I thought it was so cute! "You've got this big mug in a good mood and I like him this way." Then she turned to Jake, "Isn't that right sir?" He just grinned and then grabbed her and started kissing on her. After we rested a minute, she said, "I think you've earned your pussy licking now, so I'm gonna do it." She got right down between my legs and started licking up and down my slit.


The Booth

group sexymongoose 2017-11-20

You put a finger through the hole and it only takes a moment for you to see a hand reaching out to stroke your fingers. He steps forwards as you withdraw your fingers but rather than putting his cock into reach of your tongue, he strokes himself a little harder first. You hold the head in your mouth and stroke the length of it, licking and sucking at the taste you've applied. Taking a seat on the stool, now facing the other direction, you put your fingers through the hole and also slip a hand into your underwear. It comes on a low setting, and you hold it against your clit with your right hand while you stroke cock with your left.

The Good Neighbor Ch. 02

group KaitsMate 2017-11-20

"Lynne, congratulations......yes.....Bob told him.......yes.......this morning......well, just a few minutes ago, half a conversation I think....yes, I knew I had to call you to get the full story.....yes......oh we are so thrilled for you both...........when are you due?.......May........oh that's wonderful, perfect time, before the heat of summer.....oh do I ever remember having Jeff inside me during that brutally hot summer.....oh yes.....let's chat later.......let me fix lunch for us........yes...........oh, it's wonderful news, congratulations again......yes.....I'll see you later." She hung up. (It was on a Sunday morning after one of Jenny's high school slumber parties that Dad had asked "where the fuck have all the bananas gone, there was a dozen of them there yesterday." Mom suggested that the girls had probably eaten them and it was never mentioned again.


A Visit with Megan Ch. 04

group ~Shadow~ 2017-11-20

Megan moaned and continued grinding her sex against his fingers, trying to drive his digits deeper into her tight hole. Pushing him back slightly, he thrust into her tight wet pussy, making Megan gasp suddenly, which also caused Kevin to grunt with pleasure. I knelt on the bed in front of Megan, watching her nipples become hard little nubs as Kevin fucked her deeply and slow. I sat forward, kissing Megan as her climax began to ease, her body relaxing slightly. Megan leaned back, and sat on the bed, resting her head against Kevin's chest. I moved back a bit, leaned on my elbows, and again began to slowly lick Megan's pussy, tasting the lovely mixture of the two of them.

At the Gym Pt. 01

group Yman67 2017-11-20

My cock immediately starts to get hard as I think about this beautiful woman watching me while I give Jim a blowjob and I say, "Sure you can join in if you want." Kimberly says she wants to watch first and will decide later if she wants to be involved. Jim puts his hands on my head and pulls most of his cock out leaving just the last inch in my mouth and begins to shoot his cum into my mouth. Jim has had all he can take and says is going to cum, he starts to shoot into her ass and I can feel his cock throbbing against mine.

A Super-Sex Secret

group Wes99 2017-11-20

One time, during one of our "Super-Sex" sessions, and this was several years ago, as I was eating Brenda's dripping-wet pussy after she had cum many times, I was focusing on a very light touch of my tongue on her swollen clit and Brenda was right at the edge of another very strong orgasm, she suddenly admitted through clenched teeth and panting breath that she and her lifelong girlfriend Megan had experimented sexually with each other as young women. That morning, while we were still in bed, we teased each other by engaging in some quiet foreplay and Brenda offered to jack me off, or suck my cock, if I wanted her to but we decide to wait to see if we would have some time alone in the afternoon so we could have a good fuck session.

Voyeuristic Nooner

group dubious-one 2017-11-20

This woman said she would satisfy all my sexual needs, and to boot her office was just a few blocks away from mine, so I thought what the hell, why not? From here, I proceed to slide a hand up her skirt between her thighs, and as I slowly moved up, I touched the top of her pussy lips and gently squeezed with my fingers to place slight pressure against her clit. As I moved towards her areola, I proceeded to pinch her nipple, all while my right hand continued to gingerly play with her slippery wet pussy massaging her clit in gentle circular motions. What an intense scene I thought to myself… It was extremely erotic, and it felt incredibly sexy to have another woman watch me fuck in public.

The Club Ch. 02

group woodcarverII 2017-11-20

I wasn't even the least surprised when he kissed you on the pussy, even though I was still buried inside you, but I was a bit taken back when he pulled my cock out and licked the length clean. He stroked my length for a bit, even though we both knew that I was clean and his hands were causing me to moan from time to time. He hand was slowly pumping up and down the length of my cock and I couldn't help but to moan. He hand wrapped back around my cock and I reached between my legs and pulled him closer so that I could stroke him as well.

Fun In The Park

group Patchwork 2017-11-20

Ian was already very near to cumming and it was only a matter of a few bobs of Lou's head before he was spunking into her mouth. As they came apart Ian bent his head to Lou's tits to lick up the remainder of Malc's cum from there. This occurred again a few more times and then the coach made her way across to where Ian and Lou were standing 'What the fuck are you playing at? Lou can feel her breath hot on her cheek 'I'm going to watch you get fucked by every dick in this room and then I'm going to make you lick me out. The fingers feel cool on her hot vulva and Lou can't help herself open her legs a bit more to let them in.