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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Camilla Ch. 049

group MawrGorshin 2017-11-20

Those guys like the hairy Asian girl, don't they?" Camilla brushed her hand through Calina's copious pubic hair. Calina left her panties down as she, Camilla, and Gray went over to a private room. He slowly slid his now fully-erect cock inside Camilla's dripping wet pussy: she orgasmed all over the floor, and her high-pitched squeals, it seemed, were successfully muffled by Calina's snatch. Greatly desiring to be in a private room with Camilla, but not wanting the mayor to know of Camilla's current excesses with Gray and Calina, she lied and said, "Sorry, I don't know where she is right now." Calina sat up as she continued cleaning the floor, and with her come-soaked face level with Camilla's, she said, "We're twins now." The girls laughed.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 29

group SteveWallace 2017-11-20

Lucas appeared looking official and ready for any threat or contingency, but I watched as his eyes followed Elsa's hot body to the pool's edge. The four repeated the exercise, this time with Lucas rushing Elsa, and Geck trying to take on Cindy. Just so you know Geck went off to the local medical center, probably with a dislocated shoulder." Lucas rolled up his pants leg to reveal a spate of black and blue bruises. Even though I'd fucked Lucas' lights out five times the night before (or he'd fucked me) he showed me no mercy in our hand-to-hand martial arts training. Lucas seemed to be sexually inexhaustible because every time I wanted sex with him he'd responded in a very satisfying way and filled my little cunny with his man fluids.


Paris de Noche

group sharedhousewife 2017-11-20

This oh-so-perfect unison, cock and pussy fuck should be the latest, hottest, new dance, because it was going to turn my body into one big orgasm of shattering, irregular, pulmonary beats. After three other men took turns fucking Donna, Bob was up again and he led her over to a well lighted table and pushed her back onto the edge. All four men in our group again took turns with Donna, pumping her pussy with their cocks and filling her hole with their cum. I later walked over to Donna, my limp cock dangling in front of her face, while she was being fucked again by Bob. She had a shitty grin on her face, as cum ran down her cheek, and a gazed look as if she was on some other planet.


While John is Away Ch. 05

group P3Driver 2017-11-20

When she asked me to have sex with her and her husband as her 10th wedding anniversary present to him, I wanted to say yes right away. Lisa looks like the dress was made for her and in the heels she is wearing even her short little legs look long and sexy. Two stores down we find a really nice shoe store and right away Lisa spots a pair of 4" black heels that have a little ankle strap that she thinks will be perfect. I feel like such a slut for having sex with my best friend's husband but physically, my pussy is dripping wet right now because I have been thinking about you...


Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 04.5

group sexynursechef 2017-11-20

After all, I had not forgotten the wild, erotic lovemaking of Pan, when he seduced me that night and took me many times under Selene's glowing Moon-eyes. His cock-head, too, pulsed at the sight of my woman curves, As I gathered my belongings, I thrust a love potion into my travel-bag and we set on our journey. Tristan was suckling and making my large nipples hard as Mark quickly licked and sucked at my clitoris. Every day I was pleasured by one of the men making me climax into his mouth while I took turns sucking their engorged cocks before one plunged into my gaping hole and the other took my rectum.

Lana's Bisexual Boy Toy

group Dennis_Kiros 2017-11-20

Her beautiful face looked extremely sexy as she furrowed her brows, concentrating hard on fucking me and stroking my cock. "Oh man, you came so hard," she said and kissed me with her cum covered lips, "I really want to watch you get fucked by a real cock. "I want to watch you fuck him honey," she said to me and grabbed Paul's hard cock. Fuck him harder baby," she ordered me as she started stroking Paul's cock fast and hard. Lana did not protest to this, so Frank pushed his big cock up her asshole and started pumping her hard. "I want to watch Lorenzo fuck your ass now baby," Lana told me as she got off the chair.

Kat & Stan Visit the Black Rose

group jazm49 2017-11-20

Kat arrived about 7:45 wearing a blouse and skirt for the first time since I've known her; I thought she looked good and said so. We sat for awhile, chatting, and then, suddenly, Kat was tearing off her towel and jumping into the hot tub with this naked guy. And then, when Kat got tired of hot chlorinated water, and had climbed out to join me, we started kissing. I began finger fucking Kat. Melissa started sucking Tom's hard cock. I've chatted with Kat several times since Sunday morning and I know that her delight with our experience at the Black Rose is undimmed.

Out for a run part 17

group 2017-11-20

It started to rain harder, and the trail was pretty muddy and slippery, but I continued on, I came to the large intersection in the trail where it branched off into 5 or 6 smaller trails, and headed up my trail, I came up to another group of guys heading down the trail as I was going up, and they got quiet an eye full as I pasted them. (picture this: a 50ish yr old lady dressed in my flimsy jogging cloths laid out on my butt in the mud) They all came over and made sure I wasn’t hurt, and helped me up – I didn’t know how much of a show I gave these guys until I saw the pictures and video that my husband got of them.


group well_wide 2017-11-20

I pushed open the bathroom door a couple of inches, just enough to see inside and sure enough there was Dave in the shower with his hard cock in his hands. Kate pushed the door fully open and Dave turned around with a look of shock on his face."she wants to see" i said playfully and gave him a wink. Dave started moaning loader but to my surprise pulled out of Kates mouth and opened the shower door. i had now pulled my pants off and was rubbing my pussy furiously as i watched Dave with his left hand reach up and pinch one of her nipples while two fingers from his other hand part Kates lips.

Tess' Piano Lesson

group Tessa30 2017-11-20

And soon I was, standing in bare feet between John and Tess, her tongue in my mouth, his teeth biting the flesh of my neck, his cock sliding up and down between the cheeks of my ass, her wetness slippery between my fingers as I fucked her against the piano.... John mumbled something and I thought he was going to cum in Sasha's mouth but instead he was pulling away from her...she moaned with frustration but took the opportunity to get undressed...I felt the giant head of John's cock pressing against my pussy....I braced myself and spread my knees further apart...I held my breath, my tongue still inside Tess' ass..I was about to be fucked for the first time in years.....


group bruce_chaos 2017-11-20

The redhead, still in the tub, leaned over the rim, her legs spread wide with her feet touching both ends of the tub so they wouldn't slide anymore, her hands on the floor holding her up, and her tongue and lips all over the blonds pussy. The water from the shower ran from me, down the redhead's body, drips of it falling from her hanging breasts, some of it flowing down onto the blond's pelvis. I kept fucking this hot contortionistic redhead until I was too sore trying to keep from slipping, so I grabbed her waist and stepped out of the tub, my dick still deep in her pussy, carrying her as she hand walked over the blond, their lips and tongue meeting when I set her down, and started thrusting again.


The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 49

group SteinWolf8 2017-11-20

Gwen had returned to slurping upon Landon's cock, and Gloria gave the blonde-haired young man a once-over appraisal. "You've found a nice set to enjoy this afternoon, Gwen," Gloria said, giving Michael a grin and wink as she tugged his cock gently. Gwen pulled off of the blonde one's cock long enough to say, "I was just getting them warmed up for your hot pussy, dear," and then plunged her mouth back down the boy's full length in a single gulp that drew a gasp from his lips, as well as an "Oh, fuck!" In the mean time, Gloria was determined to enjoy this fine young stud that now stood before her with a thick, pulsing, drooling cock in hand, and aimed directly at her sexual center.


Gangin' the Girls Ch. 03

group voluptuary_manque 2017-11-20

Coming down the steps, Gina saw Heather, dust cloth in hand, buffing the hand rubbed finish of what could only be a bondage bench. "You know, dear, if I hadn't had such a good time with the first party and wasn't so looking forward to my next one, I'd think that the three of us had been taken. I did make Irwin promise not to let anyone else spank me but I figure once he's fired up my ass and fucked me good, I'll be so ready for it again that they can have all the fun they want with me." Have Irwin do you up good and proper and after you've come a couple of times, have him use his fingers to massage and stretch you before he sticks it in.


Staycation Ch. 03

group Gary_Alexander_2 2017-11-20

By the way Tina was grinding her ass into Jim, I was pretty sure his cock was pushing against her pussy. "Last night Michelle took your cock in her mouth and gave you one good suck and then let you go; and then today you got your cock in her pussy for just a second or two, and then she left. "And as for just now, I may have been in Michelle's pussy for just a moment, but..." I grabbed one of the large towels, spread it out on the grass, pulled Tina down to the towel with me, pulled off her bikini bottoms and my own bathing suit, and thrust my cock into her already-wet pussy.

Being Social With The Neighbors

group molly00 2017-11-20

Steve moved a hand to my panties and I spread my legs slightly to allow him full access as he rubbed my pussy through them. Jeannie had positioned herself on her knees in front of Steve and I guided his dick to her mouth and she began to suck fervently. Kneeling beside her, I watched her lick Steve's dick and moved my tongue to help. Jeannie took Steve's dick in her mouth and began to bob while I licked and sucked his balls. Steve peeled off my panties and Jeannie squealed "Oh, it's just like you said!" I smiled at her and Steve quickly got to business licking and sucking. Jeannie sat in front of us watching as he began to pump his dick further and further into me with each stroke.

Megan Ch. 4

group Patrick 2017-11-20

Not as much room here, so we took it in turns to lick and suck on Megan's pussy, again, occasionally stopping to kiss deeply and exchange and share the taste of Megan's Juicy pussy, mmm it was so hot sitting back a little and watching Jenny slurping Megan's copious pussy juices, I was just so turned on, and I knew Jenny was too as I slipped my hands between her legs and started to stroke her pussy and her clitoris, God, I was so swollen and so hard, I just knew I had to fuck one of them - and soon!


A surprise for the wife (inspired by Voyeurhubby)

group 1daymayb 2017-11-20

He pulled out after a while fucking her, took of his condom and got her to suck him while another guy started tonguing her clit and a third guy filled her wet pussy with his cock. Well he entered her wet cunt and she groaned "Yes, please use that cunt, fuck it, fuck me, give this dirty filthy slutwhore your load!" Next thing she knew there was a cock pushing at her mouth. I'm your fucking whore for the night!" I hardly ever saw her in this state, she wasn't my wife right now, she was a cock hungry slut, she was demanding satisfaction and plenty of it.

Miranda's Memories

group Cumforyou333 2017-11-20

"So you get a choice you can take off two articles of clothing and reveal whatever you want but those two are the only things you can remove for ten minutes." She stands up and does a slow turn with some teasing so I know she's wearing a bra and some very skimpy colorful panties. Her tongue swirled around my tip and she took a couple inches of me in and pulled her head back, my cock leaving her mouth with a pop. She moves her hips around and starts to suck the other guys' cocks, her mouth on one and hand on the other.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 19

group mountaincat4 2017-11-20

"Actually the spa wasn't built until 2009 so it's only been sitting here for five years but if you want to spank me that can be arranged if you and Giorgio decide to spend some time with us. Suvarna moved close to Daniella and put her hand under her chin then leaned forward and kissed her. Suvarna moved one of her hands to Daniella's stomach to confirm that we all knew this was right, that we were all meant to share this moment together. Suvarna continued massaging her lower stomach as if to sanction this act so that Daniella could go deeply into it and see for herself what sharing love felt like.


New Years Three Way

group Bakeboss 2017-11-19

One night after they had made love Tom's wife asked him whom of their friends he would like to make it with and when he wouldn't answer she guessed Elaine. On New Year's Eve, the girls cooked and Tom tended the bar, they started the evening with martinis, dirty ones just as Elaine liked. Karin was just drunk enough to come up with the idea that Elaine didn't need love all she needed was sex and her agenda was to share Tom with her best friend. Suddenly Karin stood up, grabbed his cock, and told Elaine to follow her to their bedroom, half way dragging Tom, using his penis as a leash.

A Shade of the Past Ch. 03

group NymzanSusauren 2017-11-19

"Then, I shall be leaving you to explore Tavis' jungles," Jibben stated. "Is he one of your old lovers, because he seemed to watch you mysteriously and you couldn't seem to look away from him?" Tavis sighed in irritation, but still didn't answer. "He said I should leave the Dragon Lands...indefinitely." The softness in his voice was the only indication of the turmoil Jibben's words caused inside of him. "He thinks the cat is the same creature that I knew once before in a Gypsy Circus. Jibben said the blind creature always puzzled him, and he knew for a fact he had lived too long to be a true cat." His wide eyes found her own.

The Last Day Of School: 3rd Period

group CLinz49 2017-11-19

I could see bulges growing on both Stevie and Stan, but Tina's eyes turned lust crazed as she took in Stacy's beautiful body glistening with sweat. Tina grabbed my cock by its base and stroked it while directing Stan to take out his cock and stroke it for Stacy while Stevie knelt between her legs and devoured her already dripping pussy. Stacy moaned as she licked Stan's cum from her fingers, her tits covered in his cream as he stroked the last drops into Stevie's waiting mouth. Stan told his twin to fill her ass with his cum, as Stacy and I cheered Tina on and twisted her stiff nipples while she worked Stevie's cock into her rectum one final time.

d***ken dinner party

group LovesItSlutty 2017-11-19

I went to bed and my wife stirred after 510mins and we could her Martin and Tanya fucking like a****ls they didn't care how loud they were so I spooned my wife slipped my cock in as she was wet (from hearing them fucking I think rather than the strip poker and kissing Tanya) and we both cum eventually then she asked me did I think they were swingers and trying to get us involved and i was like yes of course (there is no way at that time I would have got turned on seeing another bloke fuck my wife) and fell asl**p.

More Than Adequate Ch. 02

group lustfool 2017-11-19

My head was still spinning from everything as I lay there watching Mary adjust the straps on the harness that held the dildo. I reached over and took Jim's limp cock in my hand and began to stroke him lightly. As I sucked his cock I could feel him swell to hardness as it now stretched my mouth with its circumference. I dropped Jim's cock from my mouth and lay my head back. I could feel his slick cock running up and down my crack as I rocked back and forth slowly on Mary's strap-on. The look on his face was one of pure ecstasy as he held her head and fucked her mouth.