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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Cock Craving Milf

group RiaBella69 2017-11-19

Look how much she loves it." Mia feels a hard slap on her face by his cock. She came all over the cock that was inside of her and she continued wildly rolling, fucking him back so he feels a sensation like no other. She was not able to get a look, but when Cooper said "Ready Ryan." Mia knew it been Ryan Harris, who's daughter was Millies best friend Kendra, a smart student who never missed one class. Her big natural milf tits slapping him in the face as she rolled her hips in a circle fucking the thick cock.


High Jinks On The High Seas

group trojanman 2017-11-19

Bev expressed an interest in having her sister, Ellen, come along too. Both girls had on bikinis, exposing most of their tits, with nipples hardening under the breeze. Both their vaginas sat high between their legs, pink lips already swollen, ready to fuck my cock that they had so erotically been teasing. Ellen got it first...pumping in and out of her hot vagina, she showed me instant heaven. She was a wonderful fuck, but I wanted to save my cum for Bev, my special, next-door neighbor. Bev's turn was next, but Ellen wasn't going to be left way. Ellen was able to caress both of her tits while I was finger fucking her ass. Bev and I said goodbye to her sister Ellen.

Sue Discovers Her Bi Side

group hotterchemistry 2017-11-19

Not willing to fight the voice of experience we walked to the back dance floor Kay leading the way with her arm around Sue. Kay and Eric greeted a number of couples. On the dance floor I told Sue that Kay looked at her tits like I do. "I don't know what's going to happen back there but Kay will do whatever Sue will let her get away with." Eric said, "We're a soft swing couple and get together with others so Kay can love women although with the right people we can be very oral. Eric got up and said, "Excuse me Sue but I think I'm going to fuck my wife." He stripped quickly and had Kay sit up against the headboard.


After the Bar

group jwuwant 2017-11-19

My hands roamed and for a moment you almost kiss me but stiffen with fright realizing hubby is watching, you look to him and he smiles. How he wants to see your mouth filled with another man's cock as he pushes your head onto it. It all was happening so fast and in a very brief moment you think maybe I should slow down or stop but then realize you are looking at this big beautiful cock. Sucking your wet swollen clit hard in my mouth, my tongue dances on it in a fast and consistent rhythm. You lightly trace my cock head and give it a few soft licks and soft sucking kisses letting me enjoy the soft reverberations of my orgasm.

A Family Affair Ch. 04

group walterio 2017-11-19

"Hey guys Helen isn't wearing any panties and I was playing with her pussy before you guys got in, why don't you pick up where I left off," Walt told them. Walt held the door open for us and as I climbed over Ken to get out both boys ran their hands up and down my legs and ass. I was definitely turned on now and had almost forgotten about Jay and Ken until Walt told them to take my ass and mouth at the same time. Walt started directing the action and had one boy lay on his back with me straddling him with his stiff dick in my pussy.

Lucky Me

group gmwnkcmo 2017-11-19

Things really started to come together when Ruthie stopped by on her way home, knowing this was a Tuesday that Bets worked late. We had been on the outs a bit because I couldn't or wouldn't face Bets down and just take Ruthie out during the time she had free. Right now I wanted to tell her about the weekend -- that Bets was going to Linda's. Sometimes Ruthie was all set up for the weekends that Bets had off, or when Dave was getting the kids. If Ruthie wanted to talk to Marie, she at least had not said, "NO!" If one of the kids comes in the kitchen, just act naturally." This got me an 'ok' look, and Ruthie went to fill the coffee cups.


Anniversary Adventure

group sexyparty 2017-11-19

Throughout the brief conversation, I know I caught a few glimpses of Tom's cock and balls as he turned or gestured, or thought I did and I'm sure my husband caught a few flashes of Rose's tits and ass as she turned and pulled up her towel. Tom was instructed to play with Rose's breasts and pinch her nipples while Hank sucked my clit and labia. Rose and Tom watched as Hank moved behind me and slowly slid his cock into my ass and started to fuck. On the other side of the bed, Tom had gotten hard again, from playing with my pussy I hoped, so he mounted a moaning Rose, bending her legs back over her head.

84% swap

Nurse Nancy; Dr. Dan Ch. 02

group FOUNTAINPEN67 2017-11-19

A minute or so later and curiosity got the better of Jerry, his fingers left her pussy and wandered beyond her crotch; finding Nancy's taint and then her pucker little poo-hole. Nina liked to touch and play with Nancy just as much as Chrissy, (so when the girls invited Nancy to the rest stop with its glory holes, it was naturally Nina who instigated a great deal of the hi-jinks in the woman's bathroom that didn't directly involve cock). Jerry howled, sending a mother-load of piping hot boy-batter up Nancy's wonderfully wrecked rectum while the girl gasped and sobbed with joy; her quim gushing like a hydrant and her hand merely a blur of frantic motion on her poor clit.


The Naked City

group Dennis_Kiros 2017-11-19

Maria kissed Ken and Mona on their cheeks and thanked them for their present. When Mona finally started riding Erik's big cock Maria lay her head on her mother's stomach while she lifted her right leg and rested it on Erik's shoulder. Maria took turns between watching her father and her mother being fucked by their new sexy friends as she fucked her own pussy with the platinum vibrator. Maria then started shouting orders at Mona, telling her to ride her father's cock faster and harder. "Start playing with my dad's cock Ken," Maria said sternly. Mona's thumb was flicking Liv's clit as she watched her husband play with another man's cock and balls.


The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 04

group hornyjohndoe 2017-11-19

Jenna turned the water on and she applied shower gel to her hands rubbing it into Debbie's skin. The first piece of music was a general introduction and Debbie took Jenna's hand in hers and they walked out onto the stage. Debbie turned back and started to lick and suck the hard penis rapidly as she paid all her attention on making the future husband cum. The men were shouting and cheering Debbie on as she ground her pussy down onto Jenna as she moved her hand rapidly across her swollen clitoris. Debbie took the penis in both hands and moved her mouth fully over the penis and sucked hard on the cock which filled her mouth.


At The Eagles Nest

group SoftBrie 2017-11-19

I felt very successful, having brought Mr. White to orgasm and having earned money for the fund drive, all at once. Mr. Green walked over to stand by the couch while White sat on the desk. He was very active, narrating the whole event until both men came, Green first, in my mouth, then Brown. White continued, "Five hundred to strip topless, one thousand for my blow job, and one thousand for sex with Green and Brown. White explained, "You'll have unlimited sex with all the Club members, whoever shows up. But understand I was going to propose that you walk away with a check for twenty-five thousand dollars, to meet your charity fundraising goal."


My Dentist had a Boner

group 2017-11-19

He began to rub her soft skinned cheek with his big cock while I resumed to play with her clitoris, 'Dip your finger in your pussy and wet hers', I smiled ironically, I wanted to masturbate too as I was so fucking horny, rubbing a girls tight cunt and her soft inner thighs atop a pair of stockings, does not just excite men, women enjoy the same thrill, so raised my leg and rested it on hers and began transferring my vaginal secretions to her younger pussy, its warmth and lubricating qualities, soon got hers flowing and my fingers soon had her open as they glided in and out her soft pussy.

Online couple (Threesome, bi-sexual, MMF)

group pure_lust 2017-11-19

Steve's hand moved up my thigh and my cock started to react. I felt Kara's tongue massaging my neck as Steve reached his intended target. Steve lifted my sac up and started licking my taint and down to my ass hole. Kara was balls deep swallowing my junk as her husband pleasured my little virgin hole. His fingers still worked my ass while Kara started to kiss my balls. Her mouth m*****s mine, pushing her tongue in and out, the taste of my ass and cock on her lips. I can feel Steve's balls slap against mine as he fucks her ass hole. I blasted hot semen all over his ass hole, and then Kara and I took turns licking it up.

Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life

group milerdan2 2017-11-19

Especially David's fiancé (without heels was approaching 5'8") who was so hot in her little black dress showing off her C-cup cleavage, perfectly tanned legs, and little ass that most men including the married CEO of the company couldn't keep their eyes off her. As we made arrangements for the trip later that spring we actually got excited about the idea that we could be the hosts of numerous parties since we will stay in the presidential suite that even for cruise room sizes was a formidable 1000 square feet, not including the balcony. Go have yourself a good time and who knows, if it isn't too bad, I think the cruise line actually allows passengers to come on board at different ports."


A Most Unlikely Event

group sar1953 2017-11-19

I looked at Sophie and she whispered to me that Jim had his hand resting on her creamy white thigh and asked "what should I do?" I just shrugged and told her to do whatever she wanted to do. I didn't pay too much attention to it until Sophie turned to me and said, "Jim's stroking my thigh and his hand's getting further and further up my dress" What should I do?" All this is going on with Jim still at the table!! What I didn't know at this point that Jim's hand had not only continued to move "north" but had moved Sophie's panties to the side and was playing with her pussy, I was getting the picture and was going crazy!

Summer Heat Ch. 05: Something New

group JazzdBoutU2 2017-11-19

Nick and Jeanie just finished a satisfying fuck and are ready for sleep with Nick's semi-hard cock still in her cum soaked pussy. "I fucked Rob again in the middle of the night, watching you sleep with your cock in Jeanie. Jeanie pulled away from the kiss, looked Heather in the eyes, and said, "I've been wanting something else for a while too." While Heather licked and sucked Jeanie's clit, Rob slid his cock in his wife. "A good hot shower, no matter who joined in, would be great right now," Jeanie said, "but sharing it with you two will just make it better." Heather agreed. Heather pulled her fingers out of my ass, turned to Rob and stroked his semi-hard cock as she kissed him.

New to Cock

group newtocock 2017-11-19

I always try to hold off as long as possible, but she knows how to make me cum, and this time I came sooner rather than later because she slid one finger down past my balls and touched my butt hole. I was the first to go as I stopped fighting it and let that load of cum release itself from my balls, travel up my cock shaft, and spew into Alexis' warm mouth. I was into my second rope of cum release when I head Eric moan, felt a warm wet feeling in my asshole, and realized he was dumping his young load into me.

Cinema Fantasy

group ToldInTurns 2017-11-19

There is a movie running, a scene under way with a girl on all fours, getting fucked by a dildo on a machine thrusting hard into her wet cunt while she has her mouth wrapped around the shaft of a guy's cock as he stands in front of her. You can see out of the corner of your eye the last arrival in the suit standing in the row behind us, his pants now gone and his large hard cock in his hand as he watches the 3 of us from 2 seats away. You continue your thrusting motion but this time into my mouth, enjoying both my tongue on your cock and the second girl grinding her wet pussy over your chest.


The Folks Next Door

group Eagle1 2017-11-19

Ann was sliding her foot up and down the length of my dick, which was by this time at full mast, standing straight up against the material of my bathing suit. So I slid over into a seat next to Ann on the other side of Ted. My gaze went to the ponderous tits floating above the surface of the water. "Well, Marc," Ted asked me, as he reached down under the water and obviously unfastened his own suit, "Why don't you let the poor thing out?" "Yeah," Ann said, her right arm moving as she obviously manipulated her husband's prick with one hand while she continued to squeeze mine with the other, "I'd like that." Ted moved directly behind us, squatting down and watching my dick slide in and out of Ann's pussy.


Touch Class Ch. 08

group Uzi_Johnson 2017-11-19

Shiri started rubbing Jennifer's shoulders, also working her hands up to Jennifer's neck and gradually down her back, moving under and inside the towel, where it covered her back. Shiri now had been granted full access to Jennifer's breasts from the outside, and was working her hands in further and further under the front of the towel as well. Shiri's robe was coming undone, and she let it, allowing Jennifer access to move her eager hands across those magnificent breasts. Christine came over and sat on my lap facing me, after gently shifting Jennifer's feet out of harm's way, and took my cock in her hand and guided it into her now familiar pussy.

Lisa Plays at the Team Party

group rugoode 2017-11-19

"Here, Lisa, let me get you another,"said Dex, grinning at Lamarr as he took Lisa's glass and walked back to the drink table. Still playing with Lisa's ass, the boys rubbed their free hands over her big tits, running their fingers under the top of her dresses bust line. Lamarr and Dex walked Lisa up the last few steps as the boys at the top reached out and grabbed her big tits and pussy. The five black boys pushed Lisa down on the bed, watching her big white 46DD tits bounce all around. With her mouth filled with Dex's black cock, Lisa gave a muffled scream as she felt Lamarr's 10 inches of thick black meat filling and stretching her white ass.


Summer House Fun Ch. 03

group Coquin102 2017-11-19

Pete and John stood, their cocks going slightly limp, and looked at the two kneeling girls; Kay, still wearing just her white vest top, and Jenny, her dress round her waist, her breasts soaked with spit and cum in her eye and on her face. John pulled free, and looked over at Kay, still bent over and with Steve's cock in her mouth, Jenny saw her friend's arse cheeks being parted, and began sucking John with renewed vigour, as Pete now inserted his hard cock into her pussy as she lay on the table. Tom began slamming in and out of Kay, as she deep throated Ben. Jenny on the other hand could sense victory, the two cocks inside her edging her closer and closer.

The Farmer's Daughters

group mooremike 2017-11-19

He felt a hand on his cock and he looked to see Lisa smiling as she rubbed him through his leather riding pants. Jim felt his cock engulfed by a mouth and looked down to Lisa who was happily sucking him. Now let's see how you do it!" Jim said as he pulled Lisa off his cock and pushed Mandy down. Lisa sat next to them again as Jim lifted Mandy's mouth off his cock. Lisa was watching and Jim pulled her over and gave her a deep kiss as Mandy moaned from being fucked. Mandy moved over and started licking his balls as he slammed his cock into Lisa. Lisa felt her s****r's tongue working her pussy as Jim's cock slid in and out of her.

step daughter to be part 3

group rodma 2017-11-19

She lowered herself onto me, my huge cock sliding into her tight pussy, Linda laid back and started to rub her clit slowly pulling the lips apart so I could see the pink flesh, I sucked on Angela’s tits as she rode my cock I was not going to last as I was so turned on, If I didn’t know any better I would of said they had planned it I heard Linda groan as she had a orgasm, I told Angela to stop and sit next to Linda on the sofa legs wide open, I stood up in front of them and started to rub my cock, my hand slowly running up and down the 11 ½” of my cock as both girls waited to be fed my cum, I slowed down and moved closer, with a few short strokes a stream of thick juices shot from my cock as I guided it into their moths and over their tits I groaned as the feeling shot through my shaft making my balls ache.