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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Wild Valentines Day...

group d4david 2017-11-19

I thought about crying out for help just as my pants was pulled down and the first guy took hold of my penis and sucked it deep into his mouth. The guys penis I was sucking, took hold of my ears and held my head to his crotch as my bung hole was penetrated. His enormous head popped into my anus and as I opened my mouth to scream, my head was pulled down placing half the length of the enormously long thin penis pass my throat sphincter muscle ring and into my throat. His huge head slid up the shaft of the monster that was already invading my anus, I know had two penis lodged in my rectum and the two of them was beginning to saw back and forth.

VP of Sexual Fulfillment Ch. 02

group meddlesome 2017-11-19

He told me that he wanted to fuck me as soon as he got his cock hard again. I told him that he could fuck me however he wanted and that my pussy was all wet for his huge cock. I couldn't get as much of Tommy inside my mouth, but I sucked three or four of his inches like my life depended on it. I gave up on getting more of Tommy's cock in my mouth and started working the underside of his shaft with my tongue. Like with Nick, even though I had just sucked Tommy's huge cock, my pussy just wasn't prepared for his size. Wearing a deep dark smile, Tommy told me sternly to suck his cock and I floated across the tub and started to blow him.


Cat, Chris & Matt

group Cattypuss 2017-11-19

He had an answer for everything – when I said I was self-conscious because I didn’t have a perfect body, he told me that both he and Matt thought I was sexy and attractive and wanted to look at my body and touch it; when I said I was worried I’d chicken out on the night and disappoint both of them, he said “If that happened, well, we’d just spend the evening talking, then send Matt home and have great sex, just the two of us”. With Matt at my feet and Chris at my shoulders, I felt myself getting very wet. Chris was massaging my hard, aching nipples while I moaned and lifted up my hips, trying to get more of Matt’s mouth.

Pleasuring The Stress Away

group SimonSays1 2017-11-19

I watched her closely for the first time, and saw the concentration on her face as she held my hand to keep my arm straight as her other hand slid slowly over my skin, but my eyes soon dropped lower, taking furtive looks at her breasts, at her dark, erect nipples. At my feet, I felt Jessie's hands moving up my legs, her fingers catching my cock again out of view of Emma before sliding between my cheeks. She put me back down, moving again, this time to be closer to my shoulder so that she could reach over me, her hands sliding across my belly, over my cock to my thighs.


Approval Given

group skrpo4u 2017-11-19

And limp, he was soooooo thick and juicy, I could feel his pre-cum coating his cock and Tim(met over net) looked at Jason(pierced), with jealousy. As I'm feeling up Jason's shorts, I feel Tim's hand rubbing my ass and then slowly moving down my shorts. He spreads my pussy with his fingers and slowly shoves 3 fingers in my cunt as I push back and Jason grabs my head and thrusts his cock in my mouth, making me gag on his cock. Jason tells me to relax and then I feel him trying to fuck my ass. As I'm relaxing my stomach muscles and rubbing myself, I feel him spreading my ass cheeks as far as possible and holy shit, I begin to feel his pierced cock penetrating my ass.

Are You sure You want me to Do This

group craverandscarlett 2017-11-19

Terry and I kissed then, with my husband's cock between our faces, licking and tasting Chet's cum as it spurted into our mouths until finally, Chet finished coming. A gob of wetness hit my ass crack, and when he pushed it around with his tongue, licking it into my asshole I pressed down onto Chet's face, smearing it with my pussy juice and the remainder of Terry's cum. "God yes, lick my balls," Terry groaned, pushing down onto Chet's face, just as I was with my cunt. I was being fucked by a man I didn't know while my husband was sucking the young man's cock and balls as it slid in and out of my ass, my "sloppy second" cunt drooling cum all over my husband's face.


A Southern Summer

group marcuskv2 2017-11-19

Victor then handed me the keys joking ~ take the keys if you are worried about us running off with her!~ Toni then said ~chico I'll even go in there with you to make sure we don't kidnap her! ~ Juan suddenly opened his eyes, and looked over at me telling me how good my Russian girlfriend was. As I got in, and looked back over the seat I could see Lena over Juan's dick. All this time, Juan was using his hands to try and get Lena to spread her legs apart. I could tell Lena did not only love Victor's Cock but the busy fingers of Juan were driving her crazy.


Sailing Away

group Dazman 2017-11-19

As I came on deck Teresea was in the throws of a huge orgasm with Jane feeding off her quivering pussy. As they did this, their assets being right in my face offered a sumptuous feast and I knelt down behind Jane and buried my face in her beautiful arse and pussy, running my tongue from her clit slit to her arsehole, coating her nether regions in saliva. Jane certainly didn't rest on her laurels and began to massage my balls, rim my arsehole and play with Teresea's pussy and clit. As I felt my orgasm building deep within me, Teresea slid a finger into my own arse and because of the suddenness and the pleasure I experienced I exploded into Jane's arse just as she herself began to cum.

Sex is good for one, enjoyable for two and amazing

group Dr_Foster 2017-11-19

I stood buck naked looking at the strewn clothing it brought back the earlier encounter with Carrie Anne shucks I would have liked to go back for seconds but heck I knew where to find Rafael right now so quickly finding my stuff i headed for the door. He was already touching her knee and even though she leaned over and gave me a kiss and cuddled into me, her body never moved nor complained about Raf's hands which were already starting to move ever so slowly from her knee to just under the hem of her skirt. We lay for a while Carrie slowly drifting off into a contented sl**p, then Raf eased out and stood up saying I'll Leave the information on the side board and lock the doors on the way out you know where I'll be if you want me.


group diegoroyo 2017-11-19

Come on, Dan. Let's you and I show this bitch what we got," Trey said. She sat on the edge of the seat and leaned forward, and then took Dan in her mouth first, sucked on his enormous cock and pulled the foreskin back, and then did the same to Trey. She felt Mark get behind her, and push his hard dick into her cum-filled pussy. She moaned and groaned as cum came out of her mouth, and as Mark grabbed her hair and held her firm as he fucked her in the ass really hard now. Cum oozed out around Dan's enormous white cock, and Trey's cum mingled with Mark's cum deep inside her rectum.


Chris & Sylvia - Jason & Blair Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2017-11-19

Opening her eyes, Sandy discovered Sylvia appraising her breasts and gave Chris a hard suck, then handed him back to Sylvia. As Sylvia sucked merrily away on him, Sandy scooted down on the bed and began to kiss and fondle Chris's balls, drawing an appreciative groan from him. Thus Sylvia was completely open when Chris let his finger dip into her slippery folds; and she moaned loudly when he stopped about a quarter of an inch short of the spot she wanted him to touch. A few moments later, Sylvia took a deep breath before taking Chris back in again, this time slowly lowering her head, trying to stuff everything into her throat.


Watching The Suspected

group charlotte morgan 2017-11-19

Rosemary was sent back over the top of the crowd, she presumed to the middle of the room, as she was disoriented by having her sight taken away by the blindfold, and the hands beneath took greater pleasure in exploring her on her second journey, rubbing over her saliva soaked breasts and squeezing them, running up her short skirt, hiking it up around her waist, and letting fingers rub over her naked flesh beneath, taking advantage of her panties being half off, prying along the crevice between her ass and then delving into her soaking wet slit, shaved freshly smooth earlier that night.

Proving the Bet

group AverageBear 2017-11-19

I heard the sliding glass balcony being pushed door open behind my lounge chair, followed by Christine's lilting contralto voice: "Dan, I'm going to soak up a few rays at the pool on deck 9; want to come along?" Looking up from my Agatha Christie mystery, I replied, "No thanks, babe -- I don't want to burn, and I don't feel like having sunblock slopped all over me right now. "Okay, Dan -- I'll pick you up for dinner in an hour or so." As she leaned down to me for a quick kiss, I was again reminded of why I had fallen in love with her so many years ago and remained so today. As we sat down at our table, Christine re-introduced the subject, "Seriously, Dan -- this woman who helped me with my sunscreen..."


The Date that changed our marriage

group bigcans 2017-11-19

Looking into mu eyes she asked if I liked what was happening.She had opened her mouth and raised two fingers, after she licked her lips she put them into her mouth and dropped them to her "special area" she opened her legs and started rubbing her outer lips ( she's telling me what she's doing now) and my cock is throbbing.She said she saw a man in a corner seat looking at her and he was smiling. I started to carress her breasts and kiss the back of her neck wow was she horny she instinctively dropped to her knees right there in that dark lot and unzipped my pants to expose my hard cock.

painting the gate

group marcgrec 2017-11-19

Our neighbour Tony popped his head over the gate asking if we fancied a glass of wine, silly question! We went inside to look at some decorating we had done indoors and I noticed Tony brushing close to Tracy and his hand touching her bum. He put his left hand down the front of her jeans and it didn’t take much working out to tell that his fingers were inside her pussy. I kissed her and Tony slid his hand up her bare thighs to her bare wet pussy. Tracy lay on a bench and Tony put his head between her legs licking her pussy. Tracy moved to another bench and bent over it offering her pussy to Tony.

Wicked Ch. 2

group sweety46 2017-11-19

Wicked moved her lips down toward Wild's breasts, licking her way downward in soft tiny catlike oscillations, without the sandpapery tongue. Wicked took Wild's hand away and placed those fingers inside her mouth licking and sucking them off loudly. She leaned over and pressed her soft soaking wet lips onto his, her tongue inside his mouth instantly letting him taste the other woman as well as herself. Doug's cock was on fire again, between his face in Wicked's hot, delicious cunt and Wild's tongue in his ass, he didn't know how long he would be able to last. Wild had moved her mouth back up to his hot cock and began to suck him, letting her lips move lower and lower each time she renewed her attempt.


Stephanie's Surprising Encounter

group capricious_chic 2017-11-19

Stephanie could feel the tendrils of desire start to build again as she stared at Emily's pretty face buried between her legs, and oh the sensations of her wicked little mouth on her cunt. Emily licked her way up Stephanie's body, nibbling lightly on her stomach and pausing to give each nipple a long stroke with her little pink tongue. Emily and Stephanie continued kissing and rubbing their bodies together, as Luke fingered and licked both of their cunts. Stephanie raised herself and smiled devilishly at Emily, who was sitting at the end of the couch languidly with her legs spread wide open and her pink little pussy was dripping wet.

The Awakening of a Slut Ch. 09

group masterofnymphoslut 2017-11-19

She's a very good friend of mine," he paused and looked straight at her, "and my bitch!" The guys joking and laughing fell silent as Hank just smiled at Jean. Jean walked around the table as each man stared at her, drinking in her beauty and sensuality, and stood next to Hank as he sat there. Jean moaned softly as Hank's finger caressed her swelling clit while three lust-filled men watched in eager anticipation for what might be coming next. Jean shook uncontrollably as Jerry worked her pussy like a man who knew how to pleasure a woman. Jean opened her eyes at Hank's words and looked up at him with the longing of a woman needing to be held by the man who owned her.


Alex's Awesome Party

group EllenHudson 2017-11-19

Jen and Leah, two of our craziest Solstice partiers answered my call, as did Andrea my roommate from college and ZuZu the massage artist. Andrea, who was a bit more looped than the rest of us due to some tequila and the lack of smaller shot glasses climbed up on Alex's big dining table and started dancing. So this morning I woke up at about 10 with a bit of a headache and Andrea next to me, and the biggest puddle of wet cum underneath my butt, which had apparently leaked out of my pussy while I slept. And as I said, I LOVE Alex's parties!

Holly's Day of Dreams 02

group hrshie40 2017-11-19

The idea for the calendar had entered Holly's mind as she had passed the campus bookstore on the way to a council meeting about yearend charitable activities. After the council had assembled, she had proudly announced Sigma Kappa's intention of producing a calendar that would guarantee the sorority's donations would eclipse Delta Gamma. Tonight please place your name on the clipboard and what outfit or pose you suggest if you want to be in the calendar." Holly had said as each member filed past her on their way back to their rooms. This time instead of oil and ice, Cindy had poured cold water over Kittora soaking her blonde hair and further exposing her hard nipples and pussy.



group cruiser_2015 2017-11-19

Stiff penises and women's cunt bushes brushed against my buttocks and thighs, women's boobs brushed against my arms, men's and women's hands fondled my backside, my erect penis and balls and explored Brenda's naked body too. He began to fondle Brenda's bottom, tickling her with his fingertips down the length of her bum crack between her buttocks and caressing her thighs, stroking the insides of her thighs where I know she especially likes me to touch her, and reaching right under her between her legs to finger her between her anus and vagina. Karen got off the bed and stood beside me, snuggling her naked body against me so her big soft breasts, still wet with James' semen pressed against my arm and her juice and semen wet pubes brushed against my thigh.

Gangbang Fantasy Comes True

group flirt88 2017-11-19

I was beginning to think it was just a bad hoax when this nice looking younger man walked up and introduced himself as Chris. I knew what was coming and felt Chris' hands on my ass and his sheathed cock pushing into my wetness. He told me to talk off my teddy and lay back as the guys were lining up for the girls they wanted to have sex with. I asked Ashe if all the guys would get a turn with someone and he said they would. I could tell he was getting close so I turned and got down on my knees in front of him taking his cock in my mouth.

Best Friends

group 2017-11-19

Nicky was lightly stroking my hair and then running her hand down my side sliding just under the comforter to my hips were my t shirt stopped and skin began, and then up my back to my neck. I instinctively slide my head back to keep the feeling going, Nicky slide an arm across my naked tummy and pulled me closer to give my ear a little nip. Nicky slid out from under me and grabbing the vibrator got between my legs and started to rub my slippery pussy juices all over the toy and then she bent down and kissed me deeply as she pushed it inside of my quivering pussy and gently worked it in and out.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 47

group riverboy 2017-11-19

"Thank you Marta," Lee said as they broke off their hug with big smiles. "Love looks good on you man!" He gave me a big bro-hug and turned to Lee. The courtyard at the hotel was beautifully decorated, thanks to Carol's artistic vision and Julia and Lindsey's help, and Johnny and Marta played instrumental guitar music as the folding chairs filled up with friends and family. The ceremony was beautiful, with vows we wrote for each other and a song from Johnny and Marta that Marta wrote for us called Big Warm Sun. There was so much love in the air I couldn't stand it, and I had to wipe away tears from my eyes on more than one occasion.