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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group gisellebisou 2017-11-19

Kiran whirled his fingers inside of her, his hand growing slick with her pleasure, and Sybil began her climax, writhing and moaning between them, until she cried out, releasing Kiran's cock as her orgasm spilled through her. Kiran's heart pounded at the shock of feeling another man's hands on him, but Sybil pulled his head against her breasts and Kiran moaned into Sybil's soft mounds of flesh as Marco pleasured him skillfully, as if he could read Kiran's mind. As Kiran bent his head down between Sybil's thighs, he felt the exquisite pleasure of Marco's hands massaging his buttocks, while his strong chest pressed up against Kiran's back. Kiran leaned forward, so that his buttocks sat firmly in Marco's hands, and he began to kiss Sybil's sex, stroking her ruby-red lips with his tongue.

Unwilling Wife

group Jef 2017-11-19

Little knowing, what I was saying I told Steve Liz really liked the way he serviced Carla. Steve said yes and also told her that Liz was not prepared for it, as this subject had been already discussed with her in the past and that she was not open to swinging. In the evening back in our bar, I told Steve that if they were prepared for a swing, I had a plan to involve Liz into it. Carla was so excited with our little bondage game that she asked for it the next night, she said that with three persons servicing and not knowing who was doing what it would be a greater fun.


group Tonyz_z 2017-11-19

Fred tried to get out of the tub and Wilma stopped him, "come on honey I can't wait, I want you now." "The cleaner you are Fred the more we can do." Fred looked at his wife, not quite sure what she had in mind but he was sure that he was going to enjoy it. Wilma's legs began to shake, her hands squeezed her tits, her head came forward and her mouth flew open. "I have dreamed about sucking your cock ever sense Wilma first told me how big it was after the first time that you fuck her under the bleachers after the home coming game.


Kindred Sluts Ch. 03

group sexagenerian66 2017-11-19

Melanie came to stay for a few days to sort things out and...well...I guess Donna decided to open up and set her straight on how to make a marriage work."He chuckled a little at that. Wendy and I were on the love seat while Mark and Donna took the sofa and Melanie and Greg sat on the floor. Let me taste that fuckin cunt." Greg pulled his fingers out and brought them to Donna's lips as Mark reached for Melanie's nipples. "In that case, bring that sweet ass here Mel. Let's get this cock in that chubby little cunt." Mark said it as he was sitting down on the edge of the bed holding his cock up straight and stroking it.


A journey from good girl to slut part 2

group davedom 2017-11-19

I kissed Ellen and fondled her nice firm perky tits squeezing her nipples which brought forth a moan of pleasure and words of encouragement, don’t stop I need a good fucking today. I got over Ellen giving her mouth one more time with my cock and Ted did the same to Jan. We then backed away after some good cock sucking. I went for the pussy and Ted went for her mouth, with Jan sucking on her tits one at a time. Ellen sat on my cock and this allowed Jan to go low and suck tits and Ted to go high and fuck his wife’s mouth. Ellen wanted more which meant Ted was next to fuck her but not before Jan went down and tasted my cum dripping out of Ellen’s wet soaking wet pussy.

Sally Company Slut 3

group AndyFrancis1 2017-11-19

Mr Stapleton " Going the extra mile and satisfying clients is an area where Sally excels as some of you already know " he said looking at Saul " and for some of you it's an area you would like to know" this was greeted with gentle laughter in the room and Sally gave the biggest smile. The Chinese guy was next and he had a really weird long bendy cock "Oh I love your interesting cock" said Sally " shame you didn't get a even numbered ticket I would like to have experienced the feel of that going up my cunt she smiled as she spat on it and started to wank him.

The Twisted Triangle

group kewtieboy 2017-11-19

He didn't pee and instead just looked straight at me and gently taking my arm nodded to the cubicle and said, "In here, quick!" Nonchanlantly, she smiled and said, "Sorry guys, the sound of you both making out got me really horny and I just had to see what was so good." "Oh fuck, I came in you," I said suddenly realising that women had different plumbing from guys. "Not even for him," she said nodding in the direction of the stunning guy from the previous week who had chatted her up and been knocked back as his mates had to leave. I wanted to say, "A hunk whose cock I want in my arse with no Pam present," but I said, "A good looking guy who I'm sure I can trust with Pam."


Adventures of a Literotica Author

group tantric_explosion 2017-11-19

Still staring at Ashley's quim, I told her, "I'd like you to follow me back to the Holiday Inn. But you need to know, if you come, I'm going to treat you like a slut. In a stage whisper, so Maggie could hear, I told Ashley, "Get on your knees; I'm going to fuck you like a dog." Maggie had an exciting bit of kink; she rested her head on the small of Ashley's back, opened her mouth and let my pussy juice covered cock slide into her. I took turns fucking Ashley's pussy and Maggie's mouth. Pulling from Maggie's mouth and returning deep into Ashley's cunt, I asked, "Do you like the taste of Ashley's pussy?"


Hedonism Ch. 01

group sweetlinda 2017-11-19

Adele's mouth encircled my already erect nipple as a low moan escaped my moist lips; moist from the sweet juices that had seeped from her pussy moments before as my tongue had sent her into a wild orgasm as I lay between her open legs pleasuring her wet clitoris. He sent a few more thrusts into me as my orgasm began to subside before he suddenly pulled his prick from the depths of my wetness; raised himself off the bed and knelt above my breasts; I knew what he wanted and my hand gripped the base of his pulsating cock as my head lifted and my mouth encircled his hardness.

The Castle

group salopian58 2017-11-19

As I finish I pull you to your feet and we embrace deeply, mouths and tongues locked together as I taste my salty stickiness again....Later we enjoy soaping each others bodies clean, then move to an anti-room that is covered with deep, soft carpets and soft furnishings where we dab and pat each other dry with massive fluffy towels...Neither of us feels like dressing so you throw on a loose, floor length negligee is the sheerest silk, I use a short cotton toweling wrap.


That Summer

group AutumnWinds 2017-11-19

We lay there, panting and limp, until Stacie said with a little laugh, 'I haven't done that since junior high.' She sighed and went to sleep. Stacie was excited because Ben was coming down for the weekend, and I was figuring out ways to make myself scarce. I kept waiting for the crowds to descend, but when I asked Ben where his entourage was, he just smiled and said he'd planned on a quiet evening with his "two women," and he caught us up in a big hug and kissed us both on the mouth. Summer school was soon over, and Stacie and Ben married and moved closer to his university.

Summer's Surprise: Role-Play

group onwardbob 2017-11-19

Then, with a clap of her hands she ordered a glowering Miss Naughty "Turn around," insisting "You should be ashamed to be caught wearing a skirt so whorishly short!, To my delight, she told her wayward pupil "Go on now; bend over, and let Mister Biggestone see if you're wearing anything under there!" Remembering that Jan's blouse was a gossamer wisp of a thing, I wasn't expecting to discover anything except bare ass under her tiny plaid skirt. Her enthusiasm obvious, Ms Busty excitedly announced, "That's a very good idea!" And she was positively jubilant as she explained "And, I have just the thing for the job too!" Rummaging around in the bag she'd dropped on my desk earlier, she added, "The evil child's locker was full of all sorts of wonderful...oops, I mean perverted stuff!" And holding up a bright red leather slapper she positively beamed her approval, saying "Just look; its got all those stars cut out of it!


What You Find At The Beach

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-19

"You know, Michael, you really look good, I just want to tell you that," Cleo said as Dena added, "She's right, you're looking pretty fine in your birthday suit." I looked down and started to laugh as here were a few globs floating between us and when Shana looked down, she said, "Looks like you're leaving DNA evidence of a good time, Michael," grinning at me. We don't want to be left out," Cleo said as she took my hand and brought it right to her pussy as she stood on one leg with the other propped open. "Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming, mmm, keep going, Michael, mmm, yes, oh, fuck, that's good, mmm," Dena groaned as I felt her shake and tremble in the water.


Campfire Delight

group kittenkinky 2017-11-18

Amelia had been in the shower for a bit longer than her allotted time when Bella entered the picture again, dressed in clean clothes, her long dark hair a top knot, and walked towards Jon. She was also wearing Wellingtons. She handed the bottle to Bella who ripped her mouth veil away and chugged the fizz down, to the admiring clapping of Jon and Ben. Lavish praise indeed from two men who didn't rate highly women's ability to drink alcohol. He glanced away from Bella and watched as Amelia, completely naked, her own costume discarded around her, slid a finger out of her secret garden and ran it over her flat stomach and up to her nipple.


Foreign Relations

group LuckOfTheDraw 2017-11-18

He disclosed to me that Wasim & his wife were into hard-swapping & were regular visitors to swinger key-parties held at a close-knit local private club. My decision to join-in was conveyed to Wasim the very next day by my husband & we were supposed to attend the party scheduled for the next weekend. The ladies are not allowed to carry any mobile phones & after getting their keys, are supposed to head straight to the hotel room & call from the hotel room in a very short time. Upon reaching the hotel rooms, the ladies find a note carrying any special requests of their mates which they are supposed to play out before they arrive.

Two Teachers, Two Students and a Pupil

group SKIP69 2017-11-18

But what stunned me temporarily was the fact that after she had started the discussion, which if I remember rightly was something to do with Shakespeare, she suddenly spoke in quite a different tone of voice as she addressed one of the boys facing her: "I heard that remark, Darren," she said, "Telling your mates you can see my knickers!" Quickly changing the subject, Janice now said to Darren, "See you this evening - don't miss your morning break by dallying too long here." "And we have to go for our coffee in the staff room, so come along," she said to me. Janice must have noticed me looking for them for she said, "Sharon will have had her coffee already - she likes to get the gym ready during morning break."

The Halloween Costume Party

group beatcha2it 2017-11-18

(my lips are a bit on the big side and it tends to bother me at times, but being that it was a costume party and I was playing up the sexual side it seemed to be perfect.) I put on the outfit and smiled to myself, my heart showed straight through the sheerness of the flapper costume exactly as I had planned. My breath came in short shallow blasts as I watch her suck that beautiful cock and the woman behind me continued to slap at my pussy while pulling and tugging at my open clit. From somewhere in the depths of my pleasure I was aware that wonder woman was tasting the mixture of my pussy cum and the cowboy's seamen as our bodies rocked.

Dream Vacation Pt. 02

group Xenolan 2017-11-18

Trina and Candi were so good to me last night, and I want to express my appreciation properly, but I don't like having to talk about money with the, er, escorts; it kind of spoils the illusion. I hoped that Trina and Candi weren't feeling similarly put out, and though I knew they were all having sex for money and not pleasure, I wanted to think that I was one of their better clients. The sound of the waves relaxed me at once, and though Trina's presence was constantly in my mind I was able to just rest and enjoy the moment - something I probably wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't gotten my rocks off three times the night before.


Loving Ch. 3

group Matt 2017-11-18

It wasn't long as I watched when Carol began to kiss down Patty's lush body toward her sweet cunt, pausing on the way to enjoy and give pleasure here and there, and at the same time shifted her own body, bringing her pussy to Patty's waiting lips. I think if Charley lived here with us it wouldn't be long until he would want some of your gorgeous ass Carol.... I knew Patty was right, if Charley moved in, it couldn't be long until he fucked Carol. Then I thought of how many times Carol had watched me fuck Patty...... "I know, Carol how many times have you watched while I fucked or ate Patty, many many, how can I say to you I don't want you to fuck Charley...

A Night of Debauchery

group nighttimestories 2017-11-18

Her tit was firm and full; her nipple was hard so I let my fingers gently roll it between them, which caused her to moan on the head of my cock. She then stopped sucking my cock, rose up as she reached for the hem of her sweater, and pulled it over her head. I let one of my hands migrate toward her pussy and feel it as my cock spread her lips wide exposing her hard clit. I tried hard to avoid looking at her husband who was peering over the seat to watch as his wife sucked my cock. She sat in my lap and rubbed her groin against mine letting my cock slowly slip and slide around inside her hot pussy.


A Dying Promise

group MsErotica1950 2017-11-18

After she had calmed down Jake told her to go on home and she could come back over in a few hours and check on his progress but right now Buddy needed to rest quietly. It was almost 11pm and Jake still wasn't back so Jasmine curled up on his couch and pulled the dog basket next to it so she could keep her hand on Buddy while she rested in case he moved. Just then they moved towards the front of the porch and Jake watched as her friend Jack lifted her right leg up on the small table Jasmine had a plant sitting on.


The Shoot Ch. 01

group TLMorgan 2017-11-18

Jane couldn't wait to see Derrick's reaction and erection once he got a look at what Ellen and Connie were packing under their shirts. Ellen felt Derrick's big cock becoming increasingly bigger and harder inside her sobbing pussy as he fiercely pounded her balls-deep with a renewed liveliness after Connie revealed her remarkable 34HH's. Derrick furiously jerked his cock off right above Ellen's huge tits while gazing at Connie's humongous gelatin bags and her bald pussy. "FUCK!" Derrick cried, as he felt a massive thick wad of cum spurt out of the red hot head of his cock and between the valley of spongy flesh that was Ellen's over-sized fat breasts.


The Past Pt. 02: The Present

group Forerunner 2017-11-18

My left hand moved down pulling Gemma's hair tight as she worked back and forth on William's dick. He began to fuck Gemma's face but before he could reach release she pulled away and took my cock in her mouth letting William's spit covered meat slap and roll about her face. 'Let me fuck her ass.' I said, getting up, my cock falling from Gemma's mouth with a gasped slurp, and moving next to William. 'No!' William roared struggling to push me free but Gemma pulled him down and kissed him as I, with a cry of pleasure, came hard inside his anus pumping load after load of hot cum into him before flopping forward spent.

After Dinner

group Stories4Her 2017-11-18

I am not sure I could have made it into the bedroom had you offered sex at the moment; a day dream quickly passed through my mind of us clearing the dining room table as soon as were alone and going at it right then and there on top of the table. Still, anticipation ruled the day - well, it would have if you had been able to think about it - and the tongue and lips in front of you inched up your inner thigh with small kisses and long strokes from the tongue. You shifted your hands out to our friends - one found his cock and the other rubbed one of her nipples.