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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Spoils Ch. 03

group Jazz E. 2017-11-18

Her nameless partner’s breath was becoming increasingly ragged, when she looked up and said, very matter-of-factly, “I need a nice place to stay tonight in Blackpool.” He nodded slightly as if to say, “And…?” so, without skipping a beat Lucy asked, “Is there a toilet on this bus – er – coach?” There’s no way I’m staying in this grotty little cave.” She looked around again, to indicate that she was weighing the options, then settling a grim smile on Mike, Lucy said sweetly, “If you get me a hotel room, Mike, we could make love all night in comfort.” Flexing her feminine powers of persuasion, she found that she didn’t even need to resort to pleading; her coaxing, she realized, much pleased with herself, could be very, very subtle.


Dark Canyon

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-11-18

"I'm half tempted not to do anything for you," Tracy said, her hand gripping my cock, her boobs split just like Linda's, one nestled to my chest, the other to my back, "despite the fact that you've shown a much better time than we could have expected." She flipped my cock away, which in the water just wiggled. Opening my eyes, Linda slid her head in and began sucking Tracy's other nipple, As soon as she did, Tracy gasped, then I felt her arch her back and lean forward, forcing her clit against my cock harder, stopping her up and down motions to rock her clit back and forth across my cock, almost in a circular motion.

hard pak fuck

group 2017-11-18

You are begging me to fuck you but first i break off a branch and start flaying your back and then your arse stinging uou cheeks before slowly going round the front of you and whipping your tits leaving marks on them and making them throb and red raw, after each smack you say harder, your body is shaking from you cumming and the whipping your getting and you close your legs tight using your pussy lips to rub your clit

Untold Stories - Anything Goes

group Caroustabout 2017-11-18

Every last button pings off, and Meghan flings open Joanna's blouse like she's opening the curtains of a morning, giving us all a good look at the lacy number Jo's got over her perky baps. Meghan leans forward a bit, poking her bum out at the lads, and Joanna grabs the them of her skirt and starts creeping it up her legs. Joanna was clearly enjoying their reaction as she kept going ever upward, eventually hoiking the skirt all the way up and showing off Meghan's arse, clad in a pair of non-descript black undies. George is eyeing her off hungrily, a reaction not lost on Joanna, who waggles a finger at him before giving Meghan a sharp smack across the buttocks, and pulls her skirt back down.


Back To The Club

group sexvoyeur 2017-11-18

He then stopped and we watched as the woman started rubbing her succulent body back and forth against the man's muscular legs, much like a house cat would display affection to it's master. As in the orgy room, the women were of varying age and body-type and all looked to be fully enjoying each other, oblivious to those of us watching. I turned in a manner that allowed me to see the crowd with my peripheral vision and I soon discovered that a group of three men were standing against the wall behind us, each of them involved in quiet chatter, looking at Emily as they spoke which was obvious the focus of their conversation had to do with her.


summer at home! pt3

group 2017-11-18

OK I'll drink my self heading towards the kitchen me watching that beautiful ass bounce hey Dallas Beth said, what I see you looking how about you watch this she started walking towards me stand up so I did then she pulled my cock out and took my shorts down and pushed Me back on the love seat, and started blowing me! Mom how do you fit that in there moanin K said Be be Beth it hurts at first but feels do ga Ga good once it is in come here Beth you little whore ride my face to which she did oh Dallas your such a big boy, fuck Dallas work that tongue oh baby!

Life's Balance

group SakuraAngel 2017-11-18

After getting my balance back and the initial effects of the cocaine passed through my system, I walked back still smiling a little bit. It didn't take long for Josh's eyes to roll back into his head as he exploded inside my mouth as I moaned down his cock. That quickly ended the arguement and brought a smile to my face as they both agreed that Josh would get my pussy and Thomas would get my ass. My ass never felt so good, and my pussy was finally satisfied for the night....well almost as I looked over to Sam. Very quickly though, Sam, Josh, and Thomas all gave me several hours of my greatest pleasure and ecstacy.

The Seminary Student

group Rick_Love 2017-11-18

While looking directly into Matt's eyes, she placed her left foot on his right knee and slowly peeled the nylons down her sexy leg. Matt stared with lust at Christy's teenage body while at the same time moved his hands over Shannon's legs, chest, stomach and pussy. As Matt began to rub her G-spot, Christy started slapping Shannon's cunt and flicking her clit. Following Christy's direction, Matt dived down and began sucking Shannon's clit while at the same time pushing 3 fingers in and out of her pussy. As Shannon continued to play with his cock and balls, Christy knelt over Matt's face and told him to lick and suck her clit.

c***dhood lover and her mum :P

group bigdick9 2017-11-18

i ran to the door and she burst in pushing me back and shoving her hand down my trousers grabbing my cock. she slowly mounted my cock and her mum stood at my head so i could lick her pussy. she swapped position with her mum and then i could unleash my cock on her loose moist and mature pussy thrusted hard and powerfully and then i felt the cum pumping up my cock. she rode my cock and then i cummed inside her warm, wet and loose pussy. i was finished and then i recovered and told liz to get up on her hands and knees and show me her virgin ass.

My Threesome

group Miss Jane 2017-11-18

Hal took my hand and as we all exited, he said that we were giving his friend Tony a ride home first. During our conversation earlier in the pool hall, Hal told me where he lived and I realized we were going in the opposite direction, so I asked Tony where he lived. I took a hold of Tony's cock and started to suck him, while getting my pussy fucked by Hal. It was so exhilarating to have a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time. About 2 weeks later, I ran into Hal again at the pool hall and he said he had another buddy that wanted to do a threesome...I took one look at his buddy, and when his appearance did nothing for me, I said no...I was slightly tempted, but didn't got through with it.

Her Present to Him

group CSK 2017-11-18

By this time, Kayla had stopped dancing and was turned around watching as he held my hips, grinded his cock into my ass and started nibbling on my ear and neck. She instructed us to get on the bed and begin making out, taking clothes off and kissing, licking and sucking any new skin that comes into the open. "This is what a real man's cock looks like," he said as he continued his assault on my mouth. She straddled Hunter's face, her fake cock hanging down on the top of his head and told him to eat her pussy. As I am licking the cum off of her, Hunter has grabbed her by the hair and is putting his cock back into her mouth.

Beach Cabin Fever

group Autumnfire71 2017-11-18

She breathed harder and said, "Why don't you fuck her pussy while she's eating me if that's ok with you and David, then I can suck his nice looking cock while you do." I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers as she came, her body twitched and bucked and her hand pumped up and down relentlessly on David's cock. He moved me off the couch onto the floor and got me up on all fours, he grabbed me by the hair and growled in my ear, "Now I'm going to fuck you like the little bitch you are," he slid his huge cock into my orgasm tightened hole. I heard David's breath catch and Sarah moaned in my mouth as I knew David's cock was swelling in size.


Want to fuck your Mother

group chchboy 2017-11-18

Mom screamed and Lou went up on her toes, I stood and buried my cock in my mothers very wet pussy and not a moment to late. I knew just how good Mom's pussy felt as I withdrew my cock and walked to Lou. What a sight, my naked wife lying on my naked mother, her legs open and ready with Mom's hand ready to guide me home. Somewhere, in the back of my mind I hoped Mom was right there with us as I shoved my cock as deep as I could into s*s and sucked as hard as I could on Lou's clit.

A Helping Hand Ch. 02

group dalva69 2017-11-18

As he slid his tongue inside my mouth, he reached up and started squeezing my breasts. As he started sucking and biting my neck, Khris started pinching my nipples while rubbing his cock back and forth along my crack. As Khris started rubbing his cock up and down my slit, I took Eric's hard cock in my mouth. When Eric moaned again as I bit just a little harder, Khris slid his own cock in my pussy. Khris had one hand in my ass and reached with his other hand back inside my pussy and rubbing my clit. After a few more wonderful thrusts, I could feel Eric cum deep inside me and by the way Khris went still, I could tell he wasn't far behind.

Three Is Better Pt. 02

group scarlettshea86 2017-11-18

I began licking her clit, flicking my tongue across it in all directions, sucking on it, encouraged by the delicious soft moans and panting breath I heard above my head. While Matt kept licking and sucking Amanda's clit, I straddled her face and slowly lowered my wet pussy to her mouth. Amanda got bolder and bolder as she went, licking and sucking my clit and my pussy until I reached the point of no return and I began to feel an orgasm building up in my body. As I stayed there catching my breath and feeling soft, gentle little licks from my pussy to my clit, I heard Amanda begin to moan.

Inhibitions Left Behind

group NotVanillaBikers 2017-11-18

Luis leaned into Keri to get a good look and said, "Oh my, very hot. I bet it looks great on you." Still red faced, Keri slipped the thong back into her purse and took a long drink from her Sex on the Beach. She did as I said and quickly turned around and lowered her dripping pussy onto Luis' hard cock. Luis got between her legs and began kissing Keri as he eased his cock back into her. "My turn now," I said as I took Luis' place between Keri's legs. Watching Luis fuck Keri had made me hard again and I guided the tip of my cock between her swollen pussy lips.

Lost In The Woods

group Flirty_Sinner 2017-11-18

I'm Jared, and my bro here is Gerard," the one in flannel told me. As he kissed me, Jared's hands move down my chest and start to unbutton my dress. Four hands were exploring my body, and the feeling was so good that I whimpered against Jared's mouth. The guys explored every inch of me, and I could see Jared's mouth glistening with my juice and the rain. I was lost in the sensation when I felt Jared stick his tongue in my cunt. Gerard grunted as I took his whole dick inside my tight pussy. Jared stopped licking and I felt his body heat against my ass. Gerard bent forward and took a breast in his mouth and Jared reached around to rub my clit.

My Side Job Leads to Fun

group Brian6588 2017-11-18

Mindy laid down on the bed and Hilary started to kiss her way down her body until she got to her hot wet pussy. Mindy's eyes were closed and her hands were holding Hilary's head tight against her pussy. Then Hilary went down and started to suck my cock to bring it back to life, while I kissed Mindy and worked my way down to her hard nipples. She climbed off my cock and in about 10 strokes with her hand I shot hot jets of cum that landed on Mindy's face and Hilary's back. Hilary rolled off my face then looked at the clock and said, "Shit I have to get ready, I have a customer coming in an hour."

Waking Up was When It Started

group patdown 2017-11-18

She reached around and squeezed Grant's ass as she slowly pulled back and let his cock slip from her lips and said, "OK big boy, it's time to hit this bitch in the sweet spot." By the time Grant was pounding all nine inches into her Karen had reached out with her left hand and was stroking my already stiff dick and said softly in my ear, "Oh Steve you be ready to jump on and give me this puppy as soon as he's done. My knees were getting a little weak with pleasure when she released my dick from her mouth, laid back and said, "Oh Steve your boy Grant has gotten me off and I need to get it again."


Hot Tub

group Brav0tm 2017-11-18

You climb on top of me facing me and continue to kiss me and grind your hot pussy on my very hard cock and you are running your hands through my hair and kissing my neck. You hop off of me and climb out of the hot tub and lay on the side of it so your pussy is right in my face then you grab the back of my head and pull it into your pussy and tell me to eat you until you cum all over my face. Soon Frank is between your legs eating your pussy and I have my cock in your mouth so you can get it good and hard again.

Bisexual Holiday Discovery Ch. 03

group noody2005 2017-11-18

I knew he was close to cumming by his face and body movements and could see Bill and Joan watching my hips moving faster and faster as John's back arched up to meet my thrusts as he began shooting all his wonderful love juices deep into my cunt, before he lay back totally relaxed with me still astride him. Looking up I saw John move from the couch and begin kissing and stroking Joan's breasts as I remorselessly licked her lovely pussy making her moan and thrust her wetness upwards into my face feeling and tasting her juices all over my lips, cheeks and chin.

Mia The College Girl

group se7th 2017-11-18

Mia was pleasantly surprised to see that Joe wasn't a greasy looking plumber at all. She had the perfect breasts for her slim, willowy figure, and Joe couldn't help but develop a minor hard on looking at her delicious body dressed as though she was begging for a good fuck. "You're kidding, right?" Mia said finally, waving the vibrator near Joe's face "you do know what this is, right?" "Matt," Joe said, over Mia's shivering, half-conscious shoulder, "just to let you know, our cocks will NEVER, EVER, be touching ever again," "This," Matt said as he thrusted again into a weakly squealing Mia, his cock grinding against Joe's inside Mia's abused young pussy, "this never leaves this room,"

Friends visit

group daveboy2222 2017-11-18

I went to the kitchen for some more wine and John followed me the bulge in his trousers showed how horny he was I handed him the wine and rubbed the front of his trousers licking my lips whispering how I would love to suck him off for a minute I thought he was going to grab me and throw caution to the wind and fuck me but with a groan he returned to the living room. Those tits of yours are so kissable C and I brought my lips down on first one erect nipple and then the other lightly sucking a slight groan escaped from her lips and taking her by the hand led her to there bedroom, John I said C has a surprise for you as she walked towards the bed.

The Costume Party

group x3nn0nlane 2017-11-18

Then she said “little pig I’m going to huff and puff and blow your cock down” and with that she got on her knees and puffed once to knock the hut off and then proceeded to suck Matt’s 5-inch cock fast and furious and he was shooting into her mouth in a matter of minutes. Red took the cock she had been deep-throating out of her mouth, aimed it at her tits and started jerking it furiously and the guy shot his load onto her tits. Greg on the other hand drove into Mandy with slow, steady, hard strokes that had her moaning into Rhonda’s pussy, but also allowed Rhonda to lick his balls and every few strokes takes his cock, quickly suck it clean and put it back into Mandy’s pussy.