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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jen Fulfills Scott's Fantasy

group bradtina 2017-11-18

Lisa finally broke the ice by asking, "Well Scott, what do you think of our new outfits?" I watched as a smile spread across his face and his eyes met mine. I could see Scott licking Lisa's pussy and I could see Brenda sucking on his hard cock. I felt my second orgasm coming on just as Brenda grabbed my head, pulled my mouth tight against her and started cumming on my face. As we came down from our orgasm, I noticed Scott standing at the foot of the bed looking at Lisa's hot ass. At that point, Brenda pushed Lisa off of me and french kissed me hard, licking some of Scott's cum from my tongue.

A Journey to Desire Ch. 04

group swingerjoe 2017-11-18

I recognized Rachel, the woman we had met in the hot tub the day before, standing alone and looking as uncertain as Michelle had appeared a moment earlier. She smiled wide, took my dollar, and leaned forward into my lap once again, taking my stiff, fat cock back into her mouth. "I know exactly how I want to spend that last dollar," I said to John, and he just smiled and nodded. I told him she had just taken my last dollar, and he quickly produced all six of the bills he had been given at the start of the party and handed them to me. I said good-bye to John and Amber and eventually found Michelle standing on the opposite side of the room.

Neighbor Fun

group slstealer 2017-11-18

I swam around for a bit getting used to the water and as I came up on one side I saw her emerge from the house wearing a top that looked more like two eye patches that barely covered her nipples than a bathing suit and a little wrap around her waist. Once I got to her I turned the tables on her and ran my face up her knees to her crotch where I released a puff of air, which caused her to shiver then slid my body up hers letting my cock get caught between her legs again and push up on her most intimate area.

Shame Game Ch. 01: Mary Cums

group shamefever 2017-11-18

I have heard that it was stimulating, but my lord, it got me so excited that I eventually masturbated and came so hard that I flooded my seat with cunt juice and I screamed out in orgasm." Bill responded, "Wow. I don't know what has gotten into you, Mary, but it's making me hot thinking about your orgasm in public, even with some old stranger watching you. Sure, I'll treat you like a cum hungry slut, only if you promise to let me watch you masturbate for a stranger sometime. I want to be good, but the image in my mind of you eating out my butthole and sucking some strangers cum from it, might cause me to beg them to fuck my virgin ass.


Full House

group arcbound08 2017-11-18

"Look's like someone has forgotten to shave," Jane commented about Kim's hairy pussy. "From the looks of the wet spot on your thong you'll feel more comfortable once you stripped it off," Jane said to Diana, which she didn't take lightly. "Look like it is you who ended up naked," teased Jane as Diana just sat there unashamed of her nakedness. Moments later I let out a moan and shot my load in Kim's mouth while Diana continued to tongue fuck her Asian friend until she exploded with pleasure. With Kim resting, Diana straddled my waist and slowly pushed my wet cock into her pussy. "I guess you don't like these anymore," Jane said as removed her robe revealing her huge tits and moist pussy.

Train Slut Ch. 02

group fungirl92 2017-11-18

Josh closed his mouth over a nipple and tugged on it with his teeth and Becca had to turn her head into TJ's shoulder to muffle her cries as she came, her whole body shuddering as her cunt tried to hold Will's fingers inside her. Becca moaned around his cock, not willing to take it from her mouth to answer and that's when Josh started to work his dick into her ass. Becca had to moan again, her mouth still full of TJ's cock, at the thought of how her ass looked stretched around this stranger's dick - especially since it felt pretty thick, but maybe that's just because it's the thickest thing she's taken up her ass.

Husbands get a Treat

group JeanCFNM 2017-11-18

Both hubbies, Tony and Tim respectively said they would think about it and discuss it when Jane and Cheryl got home, thus putting a hold on arrangements for now. Two days later I got calls from Tony and Tim to say they agreed the rules and hoped they would enjoy the evening, though they weren't sure about their wives being used by the other men. Mike, one of the other men who didn't know Tony or Tim said "Bloody hell she is hot." Others were in agreement, and then as Jane moved around the room they commented on how much of her arse was showing and maybe they should stroke her bum at which Tony asked Jane if she'd be OK with that.

Sex Club: New Lady to Swapping

group KissedMany 2017-11-18

On the other hand, mature ladies that have been faithfully married to one guy for a long time and are getting laid by their first new cock, especially attached to an African-American, are a different type of virgin-like experience. You never know what a wife might do when she sees a beautiful woman like my Peaches sucking her hubby's dick for the first time. I want everyone to see that you want me to fuck you with this lucky cock." She reached down and grasped the staff as I stepped back a bit so everyone could see her grip it as I massaged her ass with my left hand and then her breast with my right.


Firehouse Rocks

group jasonnmonica 2017-11-18

She stopped, closed her eyes and smiled, slowly turning right there on the sidewalk, lifting her face to the pulsing sun. A sudden breeze licked her legs, whipping her skirt and long hair forward, cooling and pushing her deeper into the darkness, out of the light, out of reality. Jim's eyes widened and he exhaled noisily as he turned and led her into the darkness, with the other three men following close behind. They walked the length of the room and Monica peered into an office, cluttered with maps pinned to the walls and stacks of papers in neat piles, a few more steps took them past a wide opening that led to a sparkling functional kitchen. Monica laughed lightly and turned back to Jim. She reached up and kissed him again, lightly, and caressed his head before letting go reluctantly.


A Beautiful Lunch

group Clittylicious 2017-11-18

Before I could ask, Sam pointed off to her right into the garden and I turned to see Annie walking around in the rain, her hands and arms out obviously enjoying the sensation of the raindrops on her skin. The sound of the floorboards creaking on the other side of the room reminded me of my wife -- I turned to look at her enjoying the brazen pose that she had assumed -- hands on hips legs apart -- I could see her pussy lips glisten amongst the slight fuzz of her pubic hair.


Nicole for Rent

group jasexy28 2017-11-18

Then as she looked up at him she said "Another $100 and I'll make you cum on them." He threw down another $100 and Nicole started to fuck his cock harder and faster with her breasts, letting saliva from her mouth drip down onto his tip to lubricate it. The wet smacking sound of her hands pumping their shafts was a great turn on and without much warning, the cock with no pubic hair started to pump hot cum onto her left breast and as Nicole felt it hit her, she looked down and waited until the spurts were almost done and then took him into her mouth.



group sexyparty 2017-11-18

So while we watched Ellie suck John's dick, Susie opened the package, pulled out a large dildo and began to move it deep and deeper into her pussy and then slowly back out. After that Sam and Carol played with John and Ellie along with Susie and me, but had not yet met our gun-toting friend Nellie and her easygoing husband Ned. Ned was a cop, which made it kind of funny in that Nellie was toting. Both began at the same time to bite, Ned her neck and breasts and John the sides of her mound, he slipped Nellie's dildo into her pussy as he blew on her clit, sucked it into her mouth and she came hard, hard and loud.


My Online Love Affair Ch. 4

group Traci Spencer 2017-11-18

Some of the champagne got on my legs and George saw that and he started to lick my legs. I took George's dick in my mouth licking the shaft and I put it all in my mouth and started to suck very slow. I started to deep throat George's 10 inch hard on when Greg walked right in the room. Greg unzipped his pants and sat on the bed and I got on my knees and sucked Greg's dick and my free hand was jacking off George. Just when I deep throated Greg George spurted his cum all over my hand and I asked Greg to lick it off my hand and he did that while I sucked him off.

The Lawn Rangers Ch. 14

group texaswade 2017-11-18

My girlfriend Claudia and her twin sister, Monique, had just watched John fuck my ass. "That was fucking hot sissy," Monique said to her sister, who had started stroking my dick. Claudia was getting a shot of my dick exiting John's freshly fucked ass, as it hung in the air. Monique, who was taking video at this point, moaned loudly as she watched his dick fuck my ass. "That's OK, because I'd rather fuck John's tight ass than you're sloppy, loose pussy!" I said laughing. Claudia then turned her hand on herself and began to jerk herself off as I fucked her with my semi-hard dick.


Horse Cock

group 2017-11-18

I wouldn't be jealous, only as hot as hell. One time, when Tanya was on her hands and knees and I ante by saying, "If I had a cock to suck right now, you flaccid cock as she told me this story: "Today after I moaned loudly as Tanya stroked my raging cock and a cock that big would feel like stretching my pussy "Did you fuck him?" I rasped as Tanya ran her hand down Oh, Jeff, he was fucking my mouth with that huge cock, The image of my sexy wife deep-throating this man's huge didn't last too long, but I managed to fuck Tanya to two We fucked all night long, with Tanya telling and

Travel Ch. 02

group Orion2012 2017-11-18

Shanthai still had a hold of my dripping cock and when LaTonia broke off the kiss, Shanthai leaned over and wrapped her sensuous lips around my hard shaft and gave me a quick suck. I heard LaTonia say, "Before you go, I need to make sure you'll come back." With a wicked smile, she dropped to her knees, reached up under Shanthai's skirt and pulled her white thong down her legs. LaTonia broke off the kiss and said that Shanthai was going to lock the front door and put a sign out that she would be back in a minute. I looked down to watch my cock spew it's contents into the thin white satin as LaTonia held Shanthai's panties around my shaft.



group litpervgrrl 2017-11-18

As Jeff's wilting cock slipped out of my mouth, I rubbed my clit fast and hard inside my pants. As soon as I had sat down, Hope said to Jeff "Honey would you like your dick sucked?" The words sounded funny coming out of Hope's sweet mouth. I was stroking Jeff's cock with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other while he humped my mouth and played with Hope's breasts. As I gently fucked Jeff's ass with my long middle finger, I took my mouth off his cock and started jerking him hard and fast. When I was done, I saw that Hope and Jeff were locked in a deep, open mouth kiss.

The Island of Fantasy and Deceit Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-11-18

Thomas stayed hard however as he always did as he knew that he could cum two, three and even four times without removing his cock from a woman's asshole. Her rectum held his cock tightly and Thomas felt as if he could stay hard forever in Elsa's beautiful ass. Elsa felt Francine's fingers stroke her wet mound locating her puffy pussy and then trying to find their way inside her. Francine moved herself slowly up Elsa's body as she continued to finger fuck her pussy she kissed and licked her way to her tits. At this point Elsa's groans became very loud, her body was rocked with her second orgasm and she ground her pussy into Francine's face that was totally covered with Elsa's sweet love juices.


Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 14

group feelsgood 2017-11-18

June went on, "Except for bunghole fucking, which you know that I love so much with your big dick shoved up my rectum Michael, Sally is into all kinds of weird sex. June had me convinced over fifteen minutes ago when she said that Sally wanted to fuck my big cock. I had not told June but I had wanted to fuck that little body of Sally's ever since I had first met her over two years ago. Oh hell who am I kidding, I just love any woman big or little tits as long as she had a hot wet cunt that I could stick my cock in while sucking on and chewing her nipples.


Craigslist suprise for slutwife

group kristi4bbcfun 2017-11-18

Alex came up to Kristi and gave her a big hug telling her she looked hot as fuck and they would both horny as hell. Alex asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with him outside on the porch while Mick started fucking her doggy style. As the guy in her mouth pulled out and came around to fuck her he asked Alex for a towel or something because he didn’t want cum all over him. I got on all fours all crawled up behind her, She was telling me to eat that cum baby, I starting licking around her pussy when I felt Alex push my face hard into her abused hole.

The Pastor's Wife Ch. 02

group jomomma141 2017-11-18

Donna didn't let any cum escape from her lips and she stood and kissed Curt so he could know that she had nothing left in her mouth. As I slipped inside her tight anus, I could feel Curt's cock fucking her pussy through the skin that separated her two holes. After I cought my breath I saw Donna's red raw pussy and ass oozing Curt's and my cum and it gave me an idea. I held the wine glass up against her pussy and told to to push out Curt's cum. Curt and I were hard in minutes and Donna said she wanted to be stuffed full of cock again.

The Brunswick Conference

group byronbayer 2017-11-18

Not realising that there were other people in the room she said, "Let's fuck ..." Katie stood with her mouth open as she saw that David and Anne were also in the room. Karl, I love your cum, your beautiful warm cum, next time I want it in my cunt and ass", Anne licked the remaining cum from her lips then continued to lick the residue from my cock. Katie said, "I'm glad you and David are happy about the way things turned out because when Anne and I were having our little talk in the bathroom we decided that we would limit tonight's activities to just touching and oral sex to see if everyone was comfortable with each other."


Friend in Need

group Jenne64 2017-11-18

Gav came into the kitchen and gave me a great big hug as I was stood at the sink I could feel his hard on under his jeans as he kissed me. Very slowly Greg began to feel my tits then he moved his mouth down and kissed and licked my nipples to the point where I almost came then and there. As I stood in the middle of the kitchen kissing my husbands friend I felt Gav behind me as I began to explode Greg's body. Gav moved closer and I began to tease his cock with my tongue as well as Greg's. His hard cock really filled my tight pussy and he began to slowly thrust back and forth allowing me to really feel him taking me!

No Such Thing as an Ex-Slut Ch. 02

group fastandsloppy 2017-11-18

Many thanks to fellow authors and occasional collaborators Friskee_cpl who gave me notes on the story and whose stories served as a vital inspiration for this tale. She was a naturally early riser, probably up since six. assuming it's still morning." "...Well, occasionally I miss my wild years. It always tantalized Roy when Tuli spoke of her "wild years" but she never went into much detail. "I guess I miss the attention," she continued. They continued on to the resort's restaurant but their steps were no longer hurried. He nodded a greeting. "Uh, thanks." "What do you think he means when he said he'd pay us back?" she asked Roy as they finished their coffee. "I assumed." "Probably."