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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group rumara 2017-11-18

Releasing my hair for the moment, Jeff slid his hands up and down my arms, fingertips occasionally brushing my breasts, pressing against me steadily as Kelly and I eased into comfortable necking. As Jeff slowly pulled his slick cock out of my mouth, pausing to linger on my lips, Kelly gave me one last thrust, causing me to arch once again. Days later, Kelly pulled away from my questing mouth just long enough to whisper against my lips, "Would you eat my pussy, Lanie?" I moaned and squeezed her, taking her sharp chin in my mouth and sucking, moving my lips down her neck and nipping the skin there as she inched forward above me.


Julie and Sue make my day

group slapnuts69 2017-11-18

I opened my eyes to see Julie talking to her friend Sue out the window. She pointed my state out to Julie and said it looked good. Julie came over to me and kissed me to wake me up and said. She wants you to eat her pussy like you ate mine." Sue was a tall blond. Julie laid next to her and I took turns fingering both girls. Julie suggested that Sue sit on my face and she could work on my dick. Julie wrapped my cock in the condom and started to ride me cowgirl style while I ate Sue's pussy. Soon the two girls came almost at exactly the same time.

A Party of Three

group EmFalcon 2017-11-18

Pressing upward with his neck, he brought his lips into contact her crisp flesh, opening his mouth to accept a good portion of her pouting breast before pulling slowly back with the tips of his teeth, scraping against the skin softly and pulling briefly on the nipple. Almost instantly, her mouth opened to taste his cock, eliciting a short gasp from him as he lowered his upper body across the bed to come within reach of Lori's waiting, wet pussy. His hands slid up over her body as she pulled his mouth closer against her pussy, even as Janet's continued and enthusiastic attentions to his cock continued to distract him from Lori's body.

Threesome at the Anime Convention

group PhotogJay 2017-11-18

As soon as my cock had released its last bit of the cum onto Jess, she leaned forward, sucking the last few drops out of the tip. At the time, Alex had her eyes trained on my cock, so she hopped up a bit in surprise at the feel of Jess's lips, but quickly settled down, and let out a soft moan. The look on Alex's face as she stared down at Jess's soaking pussy, is to this day the most pure lust and hunger that I've ever seen in my life. The head of my cock pressed against the outside of Jess's small pussy, until it was forced in by all 95 pounds of her weight pressing down against it, Alex holding it sturdy with her hand the whole while.


Angie's An Adult Ch. 05

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-17

"Sounds like fun, although I'm Catholic instead of Episcopalian, which would make it even more of a jolt," Mr. Dumont grinned as he fondled Angie's butt. "That's a girl,'re doing such a great job!" Angie moaned as she felt Mrs. Dumont's wonderful tongue rim her butt-crack. Charmaine, keep licking her ass, but give me room to use her sweet pussy," Mr. Dumont responded, before sliding his hard cock into his lover's wet cunt. Mrs. Dumont clearly got the message, because once she licked off the juices from Allan's dick, she started eating Angie's cunt as well. "So, out of curiosity, what was your exact original plan yesterday?" Allan asked his lover while Charmaine made lunch for all three of them.

The Last Days of Summer

group Bplp 2017-11-17

His cock was rock hard by this point, all seven inches of it straining against the tight white trunks he was wearing inside his blue tailored shorts. It was directly in front of her face and she stared at it intently as she slowly drew her hand back, pulling back the tight foreskin and revealing the bright purple head. She slowly began moving her mouth up and down on his cock, whilst holding it firmly at the base - her other hand still gently squeezing his balls. But he was not in luck and Lucy pulled on his hand and marched away, dragging him behind her with a sad puppy dog look on his face and an erection in his trousers.

My Windy City Adventure

group HerLittlePiggy 2017-11-17

I licked and sucked her big beautiful tits and Penny moaned softly as her hands continued to caress my head. He ground his hips against hers as they kissed and his enormous cock left a trail of precum on my cheek as I continued to eat Penny's pussy. She pressed her soft lips to mine and kissed me deeply as Josh took my throbbing dick in his hand. Penny panted and moaned as Josh fucked her hard as I licked her delicious pussy. I sucked hard on Penny's thick meaty pussy lips and flicked my tongue over her clit while Josh fucked her hard and fast until she came hard. I pulled Penny's pretty face to me and kissed her passionately as I came inside her wet warm pussy.

An Unplanned Threesome

group Harryandsally 2017-11-17

The previous night, Jayne had dragged Abi out for a drink to help her get over ending her engagement. Abi pulled Jayne away from Jack for a moment. Jack nodded and settled himself for a sex free night, finally leaving Abi and Scott to get it on. Scott just ran his hands over her, saying nothing as he enjoyed the feel of Abi's body. "Abi says you're welcome to join us mate." Scott said, scarcely able to believe she had agreed. Jack eventually pulled out and Scott replaced him in Abi's arse. In the morning Abi started to feel a bit of guilt at her behavior, she decided to get the 2 lads a taxi before Jayne resurfaced.

A Night at the Bar

group akasteak 2017-11-17

She kept teasing them both for a while, then finally said, "Well, are we going to sit and talk all night or are we going to get out of here?" Their eyes popped out of their heads and she said, "Ok, if you're sure, but I know we could have a good time... In soft, short breaths she said "I need someone inside me now!" The one sucking and teasing her clit and fingering her deep got up and took off his pants. While the two of us licked her nipples and sucked on them, he lifted up her legs and positioned himself in front of her and took the head of his cock and rubbed it up and down the outer part of her soaked pussy.

gangbang sissy

group tanyacd65 2017-11-17

I think the guy tickling my ass finally decided he wanted more than just fingering me, quickly he pulled his fingers pulled out and luckily as I always did I was clean and lubed because before I knew it he pulled me back and suddenly shoved his cock into my ass. It was then that as I felt all those hands on my body pulling apart my blouse and my skirt being pulled up and bunched around my waist that at that moment that I became lost in a sea of sexual pleasure. My ass sore smelling of and a mouth tasting of cum I will say though never in my life had I felt that completely sexually satisfied.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 43

group Reindeer58 2017-11-17

Veronica, Carol, Ashley, Mary Claire and I were eating when Lauren arrived in a short skirt, an untucked loose blouse, heels and bare legs. "Scott and I are going to the bank to get checks for tomorrow's closing and the cars, then he's got a lunch 'date' with Dave," she told Veronica. Dave stepped behind me as I hung up with Lauren and said, "I'm sorry, things are starting to move pretty fast on your house and I needed to have Joy push one of the plumbing suppliers with a message that if he doesn't have confirmation of delivery for the requested date by the end of business today that we'll be going with another manufacturer and supplier."


After office hours

group Johnnytames69 2017-11-17

As Suraj held her cheeks and rubbed his cock on her lips, she felt this thing deep inside her stretching her pussy wide apart, she felt hands holding her thighs apart, and this thing was moving rapidly in and out of her, churning her body into a vortex of desire. For a moment, she managed to push out Suraj's dick from her mouth and looked down to see Ajay's sweat drained face as he bucked in between her legs, she also saw Deep's cock turning her breasts into a juicy mess as he French fucked her. So stimulating was the feel of his tongue on her nipples that Reema did not realize when Ajay had come around and begun to rub his flaccid dick on her lips.

First Day of Spring

group naturegirl25 2017-11-17

After a few minutes of watching them French right before my eyes I leaned down and started to deep throat this handsome stranger’s cock, he grabbed my hair and started to moan in approval while I heard my BF say “Suck that dick baby, get him hard for me” I moaned loudly as I sucked him until pre-cum started to hit my tongue. Now stranger lay down so my girl can get onto your face.” The stranger laid down and I climbed onto his face and was soon in ecstasy as his tongue ran all over my pussy lips and clitoris, to add to my excitement I watched my boyfriend engulf this large dick into his small anus and pound him with crazy enthusiasm.

Always Do The Lottery

group English Bob 2017-11-17

A moment of panic shook me as I realised what was happening but this feeling quickly disappeared as I felt Sonia's long, pink tongue snake into my mouth. I felt Sonia's nipples harden to stiff points just as I saw my own wife's willing lips slowly part and accept the turgid length of Bill's cock. I had been so wrapped up in my wife-watching, that I hardly realised that my own, blonde-haired lover had removed my cock from her mouth and was slowly licking up and down the length of my shaft. Not only would I be able to satisfy my recently acquired voyeuristic tendencies by seeing my wife get fucked right next to me, but I'd have the added pleasure of watching her whilst ramming my dick into Sonia's hot pussy!

Welcome Into the Family Ch. 2

group LusciousLickingLips 2017-11-17

And the stallions' penis reminded her of Kurt's own giant rod and the way it would ram into her, causing her to whine under her breath, longing for a powerful penis to pound her pussy right now, but she had to settle for the heel of her hand pressing firmly on her little nub of pleasure through her skirt and panties, while the other hand continued wringing her naked breasts. "Somebody who's ripe and sexy and always wet." Bob flicked his tongue like a viper against her nipples, while Billy clawed her ass cheeks apart as he buried his face in between and licked from her little tight rosebud hole to her pink pussy slit.


School Days Ch. 07

group Navig8tor 2017-11-17

"That's nice to know," Jeff said, his hand stroking April's leg as he pulled out of the parking spot and drove through the campus. Tina clambered between her legs, her hands sliding up April's calves and thighs until her fingers grazed the smooth, puffy lips of her aroused pussy. Jeff's cock slipped from her mouth as April thrashed about on the bed, her body awash in warmth as Tina refused to let go of her sensitive clit. "Why don't we let her rest for a minute," Jeff said softly, "besides it your turn." He leaned over April and kissed Tina, her hand going the back of his head and pulling him onto her lips. Their tongues dueled, Jeff tasting April on Tina's lips, as his cock finally reached its full measure.


Art Appreciation

group millennium_bard 2017-11-17

1 had that done about a year ago-when I was a little drunker than usual." Consuela grinned at Vanessa, "Show him your tattoo mija." "Yes, let's see your tattoo." Mike added. Vanessa turned to say something to Consuela, but the Mexican girl silenced her with and open-mouthed kiss and slid a hand up her friend's side to cover her breast. Consuela moved around so she could reach both of them easily, then she spent an enjoyable few minutes sucking Mike's cock clean, then using her tongue to clean Vanessa's pussy out as deeply as she could slip her tongue up inside her. While Consuela knelt between Vanessa's thighs, Mike got up and moved around behind the Mexican girl and grasped her shapely hips.


Jayne's Story Part 2

group tvluver2008 2017-11-17

The party lasted well into the small hours,& Dave had drank too much to go home so he was sl**ping in the spare room & I intended to join him,but our hostess insisted on making a coffee so I sat with her in the kitchen talking.She asked me how I started crossdressing because she was curious,so I explained my previous relationships with both my girl-friend & boy-friend, she wanted all the details,and as I told her her legs parted & her hand was soon inside her panties,obviously rubbing her fanny,which aroused my cock & she noticed my bulge.

A Case of Revenge Ch. 01

group WifeWatchman 2017-11-17

Are you watching this man fuck your wife?" Todd was yelling the words at his father Michael, who was sitting naked in the chair at the foot of the bed, watching between my legs as my cock drove in and out of his wife again and again. "Mmmm, I'm glad you did." Laura said as the young stud began kissing her neck, his hands deftly working to remove her dress until it dropped to the floor, leaving the beautiful professor naked except for her high heel gold lamé sandals. "Mmmm, so you want to knock me up, eh?" Laura said, turning to face her young lover, smiling beautifully and lustily at him, then sharing kisses with him as they began heating up for their next round of hot sex.


Emerald Green

group Sascha_I 2017-11-17

Oh, he stroked more, "couldn't forget about the hot pair of lips that are going to suck my dick at the same time..." Alex fell back against the tile and let the spray wash down his body while he jerked. Taking one last look at the hot man's even hotter prick, Alex clicked the forward button and sent the email to Naomi for her approval. Alex watched the way Juan's lips moved, imagined them kissing him, kissing Naomi. Alex and Naomi rose at the same time, looking at each other before glancing back at Juan. Alex took Juan's hand in one, and Naomi's in the other. Setting a hand on Juan's thigh, Naomi scooted closer and leaned in.


4 some

group 2017-11-17

My wife stands up and I slowly work my way down to her breasts, kiss them and then make my way to her pussy where I start to lick it. As she lays down on the bed, she spreads her legs wide open and my cock enters her pussy. You have taken your clothes off and started to undress your wife, but then, you both come over to her and and me, she grabs your cock and begins to suck it as your wife puts her hand on my balls, playing with them as I fuck my wife. Your wife watches and begins to rub her pussy getting it good and wet. Cum is running everywhere and your wife gets off of me after kissing my wife and lays on the bed with her legs spread.

Two Twins, Three Cocks, and a Barbeque

group Flynn77 2017-11-17

I was all over her, too, fondling those firm titties over her top, enjoying the tease of running my palm all the way up her smooth thigh, right under her skirt up to the waistband, knowing either side of her warm hip there was an unfettered ass cheek or gloriously bared hot pussy awaiting my touch. My sentiments exactly, and I luxuriated in Penny's manipulations while she lay her head on my shoulder and came with hot breath on my cheek and hot pussy squeezing my probing fingers as she watched the two guys masturbate over her twin sister. Caroline, lost in her lust which had so thrilled me all those months ago, knew exactly what she wanted -- a cock in each hand and four balls to feel.


Making Music with Nick Ch. 04

group Flaouterakh 2017-11-17

This position allowed Nick to see not only my naked breasts, pendulous in the moonlight, but also his friend's genitalia, in particular his wet, slippery cock moving in and out of me and stretching my pussy, and indeed my swollen, wet pussy lips, my clitoris, which Tom reached round and pleasured with two fingers, and my furry mound, which Tom squeezed with his thumb, and which was now soaked. The only one really allowed to move was Tom, and once he was penetrated as far as he could go into my orifice, he consolidated his crouching position, and started gently pushing me up and down on Nick again, moving with us, watching carefully, holding me, making sure we were all comfortable.

The Office Party

group Celtic_Heart 2017-11-17

Crossing my arms over my tits, I pushed down the front of my top and began to rub my hands over my nipples as Gary explored my pussy with his mouth. As the first jet of hot, salty cum shot into my mouth I drove two fingers into my aching cunt and pressed my thumb hard against my clit. Nick stroked his cock forcefully in and out of my eager pussy as my mouth worked its way up and down Tony's shaft. Suddenly Tony exclaimed, "Fuck I cant hold on!" His cock thrust into my cunt once more and then began emptying his load into me, mixing his sperm with Nick's. I took Ross's cock into my mouth once more and sucked hard as Bryan and Gary pounded into me from behind.