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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Game Night

group CanadianAngel835 2017-11-17

Let's play for shirts." Michelle pipes up eyeing Jack's chiseled, muscular chest remembering all the times she's seen it at the pool and the beach. "Let's go for it honey." Jack adds while eyeing the buttons on Michelle's white blouse straining to stay closed as her breathing increases in anticipation making her chest press against them. Jack and Laura can't be certain as everything happens so fast but they are fairly sure they see Steve's index finger disappear into Michelle's fly before he moves back from her. Jack's eyes travel down Michelle's body and he feels his cock twitch being so close to her and seeing her large tits and hard nipples.


Mrs. Shepherd Learns To Dominate

group harryflashman1970 2017-11-17

Jack's father, had walked in on the scene and was currently holding the leash tight in his hand so Mrs. Shepherd was kneeling like an obedient dog. She thought Raphael had fucked her hard, but this was another level and it felt like her cunt was hitting a wall with every thrust. Mr. Paul found himself on all fours and then Mrs. Shepherd was walking him around her expansive office and he tried to keep up on his hands and knees, his dick wagging up and down with the exertion like a tail. Mrs. Shepherd shifted position and thrust her cunt deep into his face so it felt like she'd actually punched him with her sex.


Crazy Class Reunion

group greenside80 2017-11-17

We ended up deciding that we would go and enjoy ourselves while catching up with our old classmates and it was probably a pretty good idea if we booked a room together so we could both drink and neither one of us would have to worry about driving. As I took a quick look around, I noticed his friend was sitting on the bed watching and enjoying while my friend had disappeared into the other room with the guy that she had been all over. The second guy picked up his pace and began to pump his cock in and out of my pussy a bit harder. Once I had caught my breath, I sat up on the bed just in time to see the second guy walking over towards me with his hard cock in hand.

Beth and Gretchen

group SoftBrie 2017-11-17

All it took to get me going was a few seconds of a memory, maybe the way one guy thrust his dick into me, or when a particularly large load of cum filled my mouth, or just the feeling of so many actions happening at once. I told her about how I got invited, my opening strip tease, the way the men lined up to dump cum on me or in me. Gretchen held me as she said, "You know, when the gangbang happens, only two weeks away, we are going to be naked in front of each other and see each other having sex with the men. In the champagne shower, Gretchen and I sat together playing with each other's tits while asking the men for their cum.


The Toilets Have Landed

group shawalphamale 2017-11-17

She's a beautiful looking woman in her thirties with a wedding ring who brings the coffee up to the flight deck, lays on all the smiles and moves to the pilots, goes to the crew hotel with you, says "Goodnight, guys, nice to fly with you," slams her door shut and the next thing you hear is the door lock clicking. "Maybe you'd be doing yourself a big favor if you didn't work for peanuts on this trip -- especially down South' What I was talking about was how it was considered one of the small perks of the attendant's job to take home odds and ends of stuff that was left over from the flight supplies.


With the Boys

group Bellatrixie 2017-11-17

As much as he tried to stifle the small squirming motions that his body was intent on producing, he couldn't and Sean would have laughed at his impersonation of a kid in a candy store but at that moment Steph had finally reached the head of Kyle's cock again and sucked him deep in a sudden movement that had all three men moaning at the erotic sight laid out before them. Sucking him into her warm, wet heat and leaning down to kiss his mouth before taking Kyle's cock back into her hand and tilting her ass so that Brock had access as he began to prep her with his lube slicked fingers.


The Rose Effect

group wheels1825 2017-11-17

She broke off the kiss for a moment, "You know we're gonna have to show this to Summer and Mariah right?" I was still pumping away, "Yeah, and we're gonna have to have a foursome later, just between us?" Amber pecked me quickly, "Maybe, talk to Mariah first, she's got an idea for tonight, I think you'll enjoy." We locked lips again, and I couldn't hold it anymore, we drove our cocks as deep as we could and just exploded. Once I stopped cumming, I looked at Amber, our faces were flushed red, and we were breathing heavy, I didnt want to pull out just yet, so we laid there kissing a little longer, our cocks twitching inside eachother.

Larry and Freinds

group santaclarita 2017-11-17

He called me up one day asking if is was free the following morning he needed to be serviced of course i could not say no to my master i told him what time would he like me over he said his wife leaves for work at 7 be there at 7:15. He said this is Steve out from the kitchen walked a man 6'0 190 pounds brown hair I would say 60ish naked and a good 7.5 super fat cock. Bob walked over and stood in front of me i took his cock into my mouth and was working it as it grew and grew and grew into this rock hard throbbing slab of 10" meat.

Her High School Anal Adventure

group Jack_Love 2017-11-17

I fucked her asshole slowly at first, then faster and faster, slapping my sack into her smooth glistening pussy below with my every thrust up her arse, kneading and slapping her gorgeous young ass-cheeks with my hands as I fucked her awesome, tight shit-hole. Then I slid just the tip of my hard dick back into her tight shit-hole and slid my fingers back and forth along the length of my cock until I came up inside her, "Ooh, shit!" I breathed, squeezing her huge, gorgeous tits as I came, thrusting my cock deep up her fanny, my hips fucking her beyond my control as I snapped a Polaroid or two of my cock cumming up her bum.

Gina and Brandon

group Chimney Sweep 2017-11-17

Gina was the kind of girl who would make the first guy work hard for something new – a hand up her blouse, a finger in her panties, whatever – but the next guy got it on the first date with no effort. "Um, look, I don't know what you think was going on in there but I was not trying to move in on your girl." He sounded a little panicked, so I adjusted my body language and tried to look calm. I looked her straight in the eye and maintained my little smile as I backed up and took a seat at the dining room table a few feet away. Gina fell fully into the swing of things as her hands went to Brandon's belt and started to undo it.


Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 21

group mountaincat4 2017-11-17

I laid back on the bench and said, "Alysse come put that sweet pussy on my mouth and face my feet so you can make sure Vitesha's doing a good job of sucking me." While my mouth was having fun with Alysse's crotch, Vitesha was sliding her lips up and down my hard cock and massaging my balls with her hand. Rachel watched Debby rubbing her swollen clit while they both listened to the sounds coming from Peter and Suvarna in the cockpit. When Suvarna gave voice to her orgasm and Peter joined her, both Rachel and Debby began to have one too.


Babysitter's Bad Night

group gopher&kitsune 2017-11-17

Her flesh devouring his cock, leaving him sweating, his body throbbing, his shaft growing evermore, Alex was about to burst as he felt Emily start to cum. Emily grew excited at the mounds of flesh that sat upon Susan's chest, and she quickly found her lips pressed firmly around their nipples as Susan's hand forcefully guided her face to one of them. "Good, because she needs to practice first." Emily could feel Susan's fingers grip her hair tightly and forcefully pull her face from her breast and push her down to the soft flesh-like cock she was wearing. Slowly he let the tip of his tongue gently caress the small patch of flesh between her anus and her pussy lips, causing Emily to jump a bit but sink back into this wonderfully lustful game.


Holiday with an xhamster friend part 2

group kc76 2017-11-17

Sophie looked angry .Angie is still in bed and I'm not happy with her for ruining my night ! Sophie said yep Angie owes you big time then whispered into my ear and you owe me this as she rubbed my still hard cock ! I looked at D and he grabbed the nearest pair of knickers and gave them a good sniff just as Angie walked in from the shower. Sophie gave Angie a mean look and demanded that she apologise to us all for ruining our night ! Sophie pushed me onto my back, I glanced round to see D licking Angie's now very wet looking pussy.

A Threesome in Our Garden Caravan

group addington 2017-11-17

At this point Sarah got wobbly legs, something she gets when she is really turned on, and so she turned to me and legs apart straddled me and rubbed her soaking wet pussy up and down my cock while she turned her head and played with Simon's cock at mouth height before starting to suck gently on his erect penis. This evening, with Simon kneeling between Sarah's parted thighs and nursing an erection, I had the feeling that I would like to watch another mans cock slide into my wife's pussy as I sat just inches away, so I suggested it.

First Time FMF ( With Squirting ! ! ! )

group hsensel 2017-11-17

We decided I would eat one on the girl's pussy while the other either sucked my cock or rode me - either was an excellent choice as far as I was concerned, a true win-win situation. Well, my girlfriend got first dibs having her pussy eaten so D started sucking my cock. This would work to my advantage as well since fucking with a rubber felt great and kept my cock hard, it was nearly impossible for me to cum. With D and I fucking bareback, I could feel my cock getting more sensitive and closer to cumming. So, as my cock was getting soft and neither girl wanted to try to get me hard again, we decided to call it a draw.

Girl Scout Leader Training Ch. 00

group m_storyman_x 2017-11-17

It all started years and years ago when my own girls were girl scouts and there weren't any leaders trained in the advanced levels for their troops to be able to do things like backpacking and canoeing and such. Morning came and I vacated the cabin and went for a shower while the girls got changed before getting my turn in the little hut while the girls were gone to breakfast. "After all you did to help me pick it I thought you might want to see what it was holding." She said with a giggle, pulling it back down and trying to tuck her big boobs back into it as the first of the girls clomped up the steps leading to the little cabin.


Ann Summers Party Special Mum and Friends

group shemmy 2017-11-17

And it was karens turn next, she was the best of em all as she had a bit of size to her and was easy the best fuck, BOOM i shot my load all up her pulling halfway out to finish of leaving cum drooping from her cunt, the other two then lapped it up and they said, right now fuck off youve done your job, and that was it no thanks or nothing, they just carried on with the party laughing and joking about what they did to me saying i didnt measure up and that i had the cock of a 15 year old lad.

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 12

group KrisCherita 2017-11-17

Zoe opened the gate and walked up to the door, half expecting the plush raven sitting on the bust above the ledge to say, "Nevermore." Alexis opened the door a moment later, welcomed the four of them in, and was about to introduce them to DeMonique when Meihui - clad in blue as Chun-Li from Street Fighter II, and carrying a large pot of wet noodle ho fun - squealed in delight at Naomi's costume. "Good." At twenty-three, the mechanic was barely more than half Melissa's age, but they'd been fucking fairly regularly since their first encounter at Amara Holistic Healthcare House: she had fabulous boobs, gave much better head than any of the younger women he'd dated, and while she maintained that his cock was too big for her asshole, she was happy to rim him while he fucked her tits.


The Subway

group LNymph 2017-11-17

Just when I was about to cum and fill her mouth, she stop and squeezed my cock hard while she went back to lick my balls. I told her I was ready and she let out a big moan, just as I was ready to fill her mouth with my hot cum I felt a tongue licking my asshole and my balls. Minutes later my pants were pulled up and the car moved into the light, I looked around to find the women who had done this, but everyone was in the spot as before and know one even looked my way. I heard her sigh as the stranger pulled his wet limp cock from her pussy and moments later the car began moving.



group EnvywithJadee 2017-11-17

The guy still fucking my mouth pulled on my neck so he could reach the back of my teeth while the one behind me still squeezed my breasts with his hands, kneading them and pulling at my nipples. It stung as he pushed onward but, with the pleasure of the cock inside of my cunt, another's mouth on my lips, and someone's hands flicking my clit, I didn't pay him no heed. And we all four sat like that, one guy fucking me from below, another up my ass, a cock in my mouth... My hands needed something to hold onto as I ground harder, the dick in my ass creating an unbelievable sensation within me, the guy's hands skimming over my body, alighting every nerve ending.



group MrDeviant 2017-11-17

Let's face it this is not exactly "normal" procedures, but I did it for two main reasons: 1) To see if his reaction was normal or abnormal to a sexually charged situation and 2) Simply to get a better idea if he had the right equipment to pleasure a man or woman (though I was praying I'd get a chance to have him pleasure me after seeing his rapidly hardening cock). The wait to see Larry's completely naked body took too long but was definitely worth it because by then there were three naked, temporarily sexually satisfied people who had cum at least 10 times between us.

Us... and Her

group Kiwi123 2017-11-17

Then a girl came over and flashed us and asked, "Do you think my tits are nice?" When she left I pulled my husband into a corner and gave him a long lingering kiss and rubbed the front of his jeans. I closed my legs and climbed up to his face and put my DD tits right in his face, and Samantha went down and started sucking on his thick dick. "Oh fuck yeah baby, eat it, eat me, Oh your fucking tongue feels so fucking good..ooohh" and a few seconds later she exploded on his face and he pulled up off the couch an put her nipples down on the blow up mattress and started rubbing her ass with his dick.

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 05

group Benny024 2017-11-17

As I paused to appreciate her warm mouth engulfing my semi-erect cock, the determined blonde wormed her index finger past my tight sphincter right into my ass. Strangely, the man who had been finger fucking me went over to the blonde and offered her his hard cock. After only a few minutes inside the blonde's pussy, the man pulled out, moved back behind me, and pushed the head of his cock into my rectum. The young Mexican man had gone from letting me occasionally suck his cock to fucking my mouth. The black man eventually bent the blonde over, hoisted his leg onto a chair, and inch by inch, pushed his large cock into her pussy.

Glorious Disaster

group NonGenericBrand 2017-11-17

You told me you want to go to both." Michael dropped his hand to the back of her head and began thrusting his hips -- he was more interested in fucking her face than getting a blowjob. You want to be a hot little fucking slut?" Michael's orgasm was building and as Valentina struggled to acknowledge Michael with a simple, "Mhmm..." Michael pushed his cock deep into her throat so she could no longer breathe. When she went into the living room she could hear the familiar sound of porn and there sat her boyfriend, stroking his hard cock and watching a large screen that showed 1 woman being fucked mercilessly by 4 men.