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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Inverted Nipple Solution

group Hornyman69WithU 2017-11-17

She looked particularly good that evening, with her face made up, freshly washed wavy blonde locks falling down over her shoulders, the cable-knit turtleneck fisherman's sweater accentuating her prodigious bust line, and that ample, curvy ass stuffed in a tight pair of Calvin Klein's. So, during the next commercial break, I commented that I had washed my new Ralph Lauren jeans several times over in hot water to fade them a bit, left them in the dryer too long, and now they were super-tight, uncomfortably so when sitting down. We sat down on the couch, Mare crawled over to us on all fours, got on her knees and helped us out of our jeans, which, like hers, contained the rolled-up underwear.


Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 10

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-17

With Lindsay still refusing to look her way, Alison turned toward Trish, undoubtedly her best friend and partner in crime on the island, so to speak, for some sort of support here. "You need to pack your things up and go," Trish simply told Alison, as Lindsay let out a cry and reached upward, latching onto Trish's arm. "You lied to your mom, Alison, and told her Jeremy and Lindsay want her to join our family because your fantasy in life is one big incestuous pit of sin and corruption. I really liked it that even though they were at each others' throats earlier, Scarlett went rushing to Lindsay's aide when the web of lies concerning Alison was exposed.


Orgy at the Chateau Ch. 04

group shambles 2017-11-17

"This chicken looks like he's ready for fucking," Kathy told Rose, and climbed onto the bed to kneel facing me astride my hips. Rose evidently also needed attention to her cunt, because with a quiet "Don't go away lover boy." she climbed onto the bed and squatted over my chest facing Kathy. We can't offer you a piece of Andy, but Rose is a lovely bi-girl and she'll take care of you." I knew Linda only had on a pool gown, so I wasn't surprised when she was very soon climbing onto the bed. "Stand in front of Rose, she's got a wicked tongue and she's probably learning a few things from Andy right now.

85% orgy

One Rainy Night in Prague

group Joey Burdette 2017-11-17

I could give you a lot of back story, a lot of detail, about how my wife Jen and I have ended up in this little club in Prague, sitting with Katerina, the sexy blonde Czech jazz singer who finished her last set a while ago, and Milos, her sexy blond actor brother, who's definitely appreciating the way Jen's generous tits are almost falling out of her lowcut top, but hey: it's what may happen next that really counts. I mean, you can't imagine how sexy Jen looks with her shapely breasts heaving, her legs waving in the air, her head tossing back and forth on the pillow, as Viktor pumps his big, glistening cock in and out of her.

Kelsey's World Ch. 30

group riverboy 2017-11-17

Wendy had to come to grips with a number of things on that day two months ago — her son was enjoying himself living away from her, he had a thing for older women, he enjoyed having sex with women who were tied up, and her best friend Barb was the woman in question. "Wow, you look like you had fun," Matt said when he saw Wendy's wine-buzz smile. When it slowed to a stop, with all of Matt's weight feeling gloriously comforting on her back, Wendy realized that, in the heat of the moment, she'd thought of Richie fucking Barb the exact same way.


Another Week on the Lake Ch. 02

group Megamuffin 2017-11-17

I reached up with one hand to grab and squeeze at Dani's tits, and I cupped and squeezed her ass with the other while I hungrily licked and sucked her pussy, alternating between fucking her with my tongue and thrashing her clit with quick little strokes. Kristen got up on her knees on the bed and thrust her wonderful tits into my face, and it took me a lot of concentration to keep thrusting my cock in and out of Maggie's cunt while I sucked on those two beautiful brown boobs. I moaned, muffled by the salty skin and soft flesh of her tits and I felt Sophie's pussy start to spasm on my cock again, her screams suddenly becoming much louder when Kristen fell off of her, thrashing with her own orgasm.


My Reward

group Ed0613 2017-11-17

Mary seemed to be in charge of positioning, and had Harry come around and sit on my face while she got ready to slide her pussy down on my cock. I think that my cock driving into Mary's cunt made her work even harder, sucking the little love button of Harry's clit and within moments all three of us were moaning in the throws of passion. The soft sleeve of her mouth, gently sucking on my cock, the same as a baby would on a breast, the feel of her tongue as it outlined and swirled around the knob on the end of my dick, was heaven and it only took a few minutes for me to bestow upon her the same reward she had so graciously given me such a short time before.

Camping Trip

group evil_in_the_flesh 2017-11-17

But none to less, I knew Rick enjoyed the sight of Holly's massive melons brushing up against his body while he fucked her pussy. Rick sucked my titties hard, as I felt his thick dick slapping against my thighs. After Rick finish sucking my tits, he grabbed his cock and slowly thrusted it between my pussy folds. I knew Rick enjoyed the sound of two wet tits slapping together, as he drilled into some good pussy. The both of us were moaning hard and Rick watched while he stroked his wet cock. Holly continued to lick and suck my pussy while Rick thrusted his cock in and out. My cum spilled from my cunt all over Holly's face, Rick's cock and balls, and down my own thighs.

Rugby Team Parties hard on a slut wife

group 1daymayb 2017-11-17

John came back in and told us that this dirty slut of a woman just offered him a blow job if he would show her a toilet she could use, surely the changing rooms had one? A steady stream of guys came in through the door until finally one said that he was the only one who hadn't had a go yet and the rest of the lads were busy getting back to drinking and telling each other what they'd done to the slut in the changing room. That said I watched the lads fuck her, cum in and on her and leave. I'd never told the lads I wanted to fuck a well used cum filled woman.

The Mirror: Part 9

group bardeen 2017-11-17

Rena began to work her arse mussels to help me, and in an instant, my climax that had been controlled for a far too long by Mika, erupted with all the intensity of a mini Vesuvius. With my cock now trapped in a permanent erect position, Dana straddled it and slowly slid her very hot wet cunt all the way down my shaft until she came to rest on my pelvic bone. Dana just let herself go, becoming lost in a world of controlled eroticism, working her cunt up and down my cocks shaft. Fingering Rena with one hand and Dana’s nipple with the other, her gaze was centered on my cock and her Aunties cunt as they danced together.

Touch Class Ch. 11

group Uzi_Johnson 2017-11-17

She reached inside my jock, squeezing my cock, then pulled the jock aside, my dick springing out. I led the way, two fingers hooked inside her cunt, pulling her behind me by the pussy. Jennifer came violently, fucking my mouth with her clit. I slid my cock up her tight-walled cunt to the hilt, Jennifer gasping as it touched her inner walls. Jennifer moaned and came, drowning my dick and crotch with her sweet pussy fluid. Jennifer wriggled her ass experimentally and my dick was still safely embedded there. Jennifer said, "Good morning, Dear Jimmy. "And a good morning, to you, too, Dear Jennifer. She started sucking just the way I like it, slow and tight, making her mouth a clenching vagina (or ass).

Ms. Marca Ch. 25

group Ms. Marca 2017-11-17

"Will I see everyone has used the razors I left." "I hope you all took a bath this morning?" They all answered at one time like a bunch of schoolboys, "YES Ms. MARCA!" The big Black guy step up and said "our ladies needs some help" and with that he picked her up in his big arms and held her close and looked at the rest and said "lets go to the stump." My pussy was ready the minute I left the house and my tits got hard as soon as the big black guy picked me up in his arms.

Paradise Hook-Up Ch. 01

group Aruri 2017-11-17

Roxie slides her hands down Venezia's body and begins rubbing her pussy. Their kisses become passionate as Venezia subsides, and Roxie slowly pulls her fingers out to rub at her pussy. Roxie moans and begins rubbing her clit while looking at Venezia, plastered even more than I plastered her in the elevator. I feel my cock continuing to throb as Roxie licks the cum off of Venezia's nipples. Venezia's moans quickly turn into screams as I begin ramming her pussy while Roxie rubs away at her clit. Roxie moans softly and licks her lips as Venezia finishes squirting all over her pussy. I look over at Venezia fingering her pussy like a mad woman until she's cumming and squirting at me and Roxie.


Back to School: Incentive Ch. 04

group JohnEvans 2017-11-17

Cindy was driving her own car and Samantha would be driving up with Sarah after the game...if the team won. Sarah planned to tell the team before the game that Cindy and Samantha would also be helping her fulfill her end of the bargain when they won. The Friendship Team came back with a series of running plays that ate up time, and netted them a touchdown despite Joe's best effort. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm not passing up the sexist teacher in the entire state," said Tim, standing up and moving next to the cutout. "Let Joe know they're trying for a field goal!" said Tim quickly.


Chronicles of the Room 02

group ManusNigrumPoet 2017-11-17

The body at her knees had turned and was cautiously working slender hands upward from her thighs and found not a hard shaft but another womans flesh. After a slight pause and a giggle the host took the hands that had found not a man but a woman and stepped forward to present in the darkness lips that needed to be kissed. She let her head fall back slowly and felt the woman at her knees stop, there was a new body that had come closer. The strong hands became a body behind the host and she felt a thick snub from the mans erect member.


A Horny Old Man

group waltmax 2017-11-17

Melba hadn't been gone ten minutes when here came Pearl. Pearl didn't pay any attention, she came in and sat down, she was wearing a cotton shirt with big arm holes, you could see her unfettered pendulous breasts every time she moved. I was thinking about Pearl's thighs and I was getting a little atwitch, I want to work her lower body, it really excites me. She's been coming over, Pearl, Melba and I running around almost naked and she would just sit back and watch. I wasn't paying any attention until there she was, nude except for a thong> Ladies and Gentlemen Hazel has a set of tits like you may have never seen.

Camping With Friends

group stosh79_00 2017-11-17

He did he yanked out his cock which he had a few inches on me but Jews were never meant to big in pants, but they are big in the he slowly started jerking it when Lisa went over to him and took over grinding him and man she was a pro she knew just how to jerk it he was moaning and making faces so I said fuck that he isn’t going to have all the fun so I grabbed Jenny and started tonguing her mouth with mine and grabbing at her breasts...I then bent her over at the waist and entered her doggie style this made Johnny go nuts to see he literally forced my girls head down his enormous cock, but he didn’t know that Lisa loved cock...she sucked that thing dry.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 06

group JimBob44 2017-11-17

When he opened the car door, he saw Pam, curled up in Candy's lap, and yes, she was sound asleep. "Caucasian female, name unknown, no ID, approximate age, eighteen years, severe trauma to head, chest, upper extremities, blood pressure unstable," the paramedic said as the two nurses ran outside to begin pulling the gurney toward the Emergency Triage area. "No, Elaine was a total bitch all night, whining about stupid shit and Elizabeth and that little ass wipe, what's his name were all over each other, practically doing it right there in front of everybody," Bill said. "This is a joke, right?" Elise said as she looked at Elaine. "She's a beautiful young lady," his father said, picking up the photograph of Elizabeth and Teddy.


Swinging at Naturist Spa

group yung_sexycpl 2017-11-17

At that point, all I wanted was to grab her and take her to one of those love shacks and feed her my hard cock but I knew that Suzy was waiting for me and if anything were to happen tonight, it would have to be with her approval. We both were getting a lot of looks from the young couple but we were still not sure how to approach things as Suzy wanted to go slow and if something would happen that night it was to be initiated by someone else. Suzy pulled me close and asked me if I wanted to go down on the girl and when I looked at her I saw the reassuring smile and I just went southward.

The Fan Club Ch. 01-04

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-17

In fact, I'm the president of your fan club," June commented. As president of your fan club, I would like the honor of being your first friend with benefits or booty call. "What did they say?" June wanted to know. The idea of being first in the office to get your nice cock in my ass would please me very much," June pleaded rather uncharacteristically, making it impossible to say no to her. It was all mind-boggling for me to even think that I had a fan club and its president now wanted me to fuck her. I told myself to remember that June liked it rough and enjoyed a little pain.


Rock and Roll Angel

group lostindavoid 2017-11-16

"Man, Ashley you're gorgeous," Sarah's said seeming to reflect the current Ethan's very thoughts. "Ashley too huh?" Ethan said trying to sound casual and not that interested in his cousin's naked flesh. Ethan's dad and his distant cousin Charlie who was married to Ashley's mom, reconnected at the reunion and the families met every summer from that day forth. "And apparently neither do lesbians with Asian girl fetishes," Ashley said in Ethan's ear making him laugh some more. I'm across town drinking beers with Sarah," Ethan said, excited that his cousin was here five days early but disappointed that he wasn't there to meet her. "Ashley says you're a fucking perv," Ethan said to Sarah.


The Day We Saved Our Marriage

group Fred 2017-11-16

As Linda lay limply over the side of the pool, Sarah started to lick Mike's cum off Linda, two fingers up her own twat and frigging herself senseless, meanwhile I had lain back with Debbie squatting over me, her long clit rolling between my lips and my tongue laving her fanny every now and then. I lay Debbie back on a towel on the pools edge with her head resting on Sarahs stomach, and proceeded to fuck her with long hard strokes, my cock-head almost pulling out of her twat, and burying it to the hilt every-time. Sarah lay there stroking her lovely little tits, her feet dangling in the water, and before long Linda, had joined her in licking Debbie's nipples.

Poker Night Ch. 04

group jt123 2017-11-16

As he teased her tits he said, "I loved watching you suck Lynn's pussy." Traci moaned happily as Jim continued teasing her tits. Lynn made sure everyone had a full drink and then asked, "Is everyone ready?" Conversations became a little more nervous and excited as everyone moved to the dining room table. Jim felt a tingle run down his back straight to his cock as he remembered the story Traci had told him about how the woman at the adult store had told Lynn these cards were great for groups. Sure, he had already played a game just like this with Gwen and Lynn with amazing results, but now it felt new and exciting again with Beth and Joan joining the fun.


The Summer of Nora

group flat5ive 2017-11-16

On which Nora was sitting, legs apart, head back, mouth open, heaving, while Cass, a short, soft, honey-haired blond in upscale-hippie clothes, crouched with one arm around Nora's waist and the other pistoning forcefully under her skirt, presumably pushing a finger or three into Nora with each thrust. I bit Nora's ass, then kissed Gin, who wrapped herself immediately around me, pressing her wetness against my cock. Gin licked Nora's come and other juices off the cock as I pushed hard into her, all the way in, then hard in again, then, with Nora looking over my shoulder, warm palm cupping my tightening balls, one more deep thrust and I came in profound spasms and countless bursts of heat into Gin's beautiful pussy.