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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lesson Learned

group zimabean 2017-11-16

I looked over to see the old guy pulling his wang from Susan's cum filled twat and then I drained a large load deep in her dusty womb making every drop was inside Marge. "I never thought I would see the day my Marge would take on so many guys and let them cum inside her." The fat man said. I fucked Marge several more times, and some of the married guys that came along to fuck Susan, I fucked their wives, leaving my cum inside them. I was not sure what to think about Susan after that .I mean I was turned on but then she had so many different men cum inside her, alot of those guys she did not even know their names.

Wife Gets a Pimp Ch. 02

group MrsCanyon 2017-11-16

Bill, laughing said, " I knew that was the biggest load of cum that I ever shot and it could not have been into a better cunt then this one!" He then, pointing to his cock and then her pussy, asked Dwayne "buddy do you mind if I fuck the bitch again?" Dwayne soon walked over to Tracy, again grabbing her by the hair, and said, " get up bitch, you are going to need some cushion for the fucking that you are about to get!" He got her up and over to the bed again telling her to get into the doggy position.


The Swenson Manor Chroniciles: Jo B

group Houstonrn 2017-11-16

Spread about the patio and pool deck areas were many two-person lounge-chairs, a variety of mattresses large enough for three or more people, and several other large pieces of padded furniture; they looked like sawhorses with pads draped over them. In my hand was an invitation to a Swenson Manor pool party. I say rumored because I had only heard of them; I didn't know anyone who had ever actually attended a Swenson Manor pool party. I knew Nancy would have her priorities straight; she said yes before Swenson Manor was out of my mouth. There was an empty mattress near the pool stairs that looked like a good place to attract a male.


Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 17

group Susie_O 2017-11-16

The giddiness had a lot to do with the way he acted like a 13 year old boy as he looked for his wife and daughter in order to tell them that he would be taking Sally home. "Woman, do you know how sexually exciting your small breasts and their large nipples are?" he asked as he lowered his head and sucked first one and then then other into his mouth, moving his tongue around each in turn. He noticed that Sally was also wriggling her hips as he worked on her clit so he moved to her labia, licking up and down on her genitals, separating her vaginal lips with his fingers and inserting one, two, three and then four fingers inside, felling her cervix and rubbing against her G-spot.


milf and her favorite young man

group dusty48180 2017-11-16

Beau looked at me dreamily and we exchanged a few grins and then I rubbed his head and said thanks man. I asked Peggy if I should stop feeling his balls as he may cum to quickly. She said then relax and let him suck your balls and we'll see/ She sucked his ear lobe and he relaxed and then I spread his legs to allow me access. I was getting really into the licking of his cock when he pulled back real far and slid out and I popped it into my mouth for a few sucks. he pulled out of me and pushed it back in her pussy and as he drove in deep, I licked his asshole and penetrated it with my tongue a bit and he shot a load into her.

Bar Stars Ch. 01

group TheWastelandRanger2247 2017-11-16

Your breasts came out and the couple took turns admiring them, you offered to let the boyfriend play with them as you continued the make out session and before you know it his hands fell from your breast easing down between your legs and to your wet panties, slipping under her slowly fingered your clit and you couldn't help but let out a little gasp Lynn had her panties off and was fingering a cute puffy little shaved pussy with one hand. Feeling The hard shaft pumping your pussy you felt a sudden urge you ask Lynn, to move back so you can eat her out while her boyfriend fucks you.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 03

group JimBob44 2017-11-16

He thought of Cindy and Candy and felt, for the thousandth time that morning, his cock swell to full hardness. "That was Paul!" Candy squealed and Cindy smiled. Bob wasn't making an empty compliment; Marie looked a lot like his beautiful Rebecca. "For food this good, and a chance to look at a pretty woman, I'll find a reason to come out to Lafayette," Bob said. "Since when do you like basketball?" Bobbi teased as Candy called her to let her know where she would be that evening. "Had some psycho come by last night looking at it, really didn't feel safe leaving it on the lot," Paul admitted. "Yeah," Bob smiled as an ecstatic Candy and Cindy bounded out of the Toyota and ran up to the garage.


The Maid of Honor

group TNT 2017-11-16

Well you can guess our surprise as we enter the master bedroom and find both Donna and Carl cuddling in bed. We begin to kiss and the next thing ya know she is ripping open my jeans and grasping my 8", really fella's I don't think this girl had ever touched anything of 5" before because she just about came on the spot. Well all this activity was now out playing what was happening next to us and Donna gets up and slams the door and goes to the spare room. After a brief moment, and some zipping of jeans, Janice announces she is going home and that I should go next door to fuck my wife.

The Interview

group Kara J 2017-11-16

Matt gave Mr. Davis a shoulder punch and walked out to greet me. Mr. Davis walked over to the blinds and closed them all the way, he walked to the door and with his hands behind his backed, obviously locked the door. I was still sucking Matt's cock when Mr. Davis shoved his dick hard in my ass. I was shoving my ass back against Mr. Davis's cock as I eagerly devoured Matt's. Mr. Davis was pounding my ass as hard as he could and Matt was shoving his cock deep down my throat.....then all at once... Matt came deep down my throat as Mr. Davis filled my ass with cum.

First Couple Ch. 02

group ava23 2017-11-16

Sarah couldn't believe she was standing there French-kissing her friend, but her body was responding, nipples hardening to points, and her panties growing wet from her pussy juices starting to leak out. Jenny moved her face to the front of Sarah's pussy, and leaned in to lick her friend from the bottom up, taking her clit in her mouth to suck gently. This time Sarah couldn't hold back a whimper, and her legs suddenly felt weak and shaky, as Jenny continued to suck and lick her pussy. Jenny's face, already wet from the juices from her friend's orgasmic pussy, leaned right in to start working on Melissa.


Two Bosses

group pondcritter 2017-11-16

He slowly takes in the sight up close and then starts to kiss my legs moving up my body just brushing my box leaving me wanting more. Looking at me with half closed eyes he slides his hands over my breasts and says "I've been dreaming about this for a long time." Andy unbuttons my shirt and pushes it off my shoulders and lets it pool on the desk. All the while Erik is kissing up and down my legs getting me so worked up that I think I'm going to scream soon if I don't get some release. Andy takes one of my nipples into his mouth just as Erik gives my hot box some much needed attention.

Business Pleasure & False Pretences

group Bazzza 2017-11-16

Martin returned after a few minutes, dressed in an expensive looking black robe, he seemed surprised to see Leah clad only in bra and panties. Martin pulled back and began to slide Leah's panties down her thighs; she raised her hips to make it easy and then lifted her feet off the floor so they could be removed. Leah soon lifted Martin's head and tried to guide his cock into her pussy. Martin then knelt down again between her thighs Leah leaned back and impatiently pulled his cock towards her pussy again. I climbed on the bed and lay down; she pulled her breasts away from Martin's mouth and guided her head towards my cock.


My First Threesome with Two Women

group mickthetrick 2017-11-16

I parted her bum cheeks, enabling me to see my wife's tongue doing its job on Angela's cunt, then slipped my fingers down, wet them from her cunt juices, and started to slowly insert one finger into Angela's arse, feeling the initial resistance slowly giving way, to press my finger in more deeply until I was fingering her arse at the same time as my wife was fingering and licking her cunt. My wife lying back in front of me, vibrator causing her orgasm after orgasm, having her cunt fingered and licked by one of her best friends, while I fucked Angela slowly from behind.

The Barbershop Threeway

group peterswiftt 2017-11-16

"Let's start with you on your stomach Peter." Paula requested and as I rolled onto the table and placed my face in the through-hole of the headrest, both ladies removed my briefs. The soft hands on my stomach and chest with the warmth of oil on my feet and calves felt remarkable and the warm scent of Megyn's flesh in concert with the sight of two beautiful naked women made my cock fill so full of blood that it started to ache and it felt as if the head of it would explode. Megyn actually straddled the headrest and as my nose found her soft little open pink donut of an anus and my tongue parted her inner lips, Paula's oiled up middle finger entered my ass in search my prostate.

Sexual Ambush Ch. 02

group goblinbox 2017-11-16

I can only imagine the look on Roxie's face when she first got a handle of Angela's tits -- I'm sure it would be like most when they get what they want for Christmas! Roxie slid her fingers across Angela's pussy feeling how wet she is. With every touch from my hands, and every kiss from my lips, and every lick from my tongue, Angela's moans were getting increasingly louder and more passionate every time. I could feel Angela's pussy tightening on my hard cock, so I grabbed her hands and pulled her down on me as I drove into her hard, fucking her real deep.


After Work

group Tankerjake 2017-11-16

You feel a hand on your ass as your lover rubs her pussy all over your face! She puts her head on your shoulder and tells you how good your man fucked her before you got home, and how good it felt when you cleaned up is cum out of her pussy! You feel your man's hand rub your pussy and you start to moan with your lover. As he increases his speed and forcefulness, your lover starts to grunt with passion, telling you how good your mans cock feels pounding in and out of her pussy!! A hand full of your hair, your lover moans in your ear how good her ass feels with is cock in it!

New Years Eve 15/16

group submama79 2017-11-16

They would slap my ass, pull back on my hair, “you like that don’t you slut” was something I must of heard a dozen times, and each time if didn’t have a cock in my mouth, YES SIR would be the reply or a mumbled version of it if my face was currently being fucked. I remember at one point I was sitting on some dudes cock and the guy fucking my pussy was just slapping the shit out of me, tits, face, tits, face then when he came he punched me hard enough to double me over so he could shoot some cum on my face too.

Four Plus One 03: After a Bad Day

group ReefBeach 2017-11-16

Tell you what, I'll dry for you-" Andrea swung brightly into the kitchen, took one look at Atlantia's teary face and eased her away from the wreckage on the floor. Hot tea in hand, the last three biscuits on a plate, Atlantia started to feel safe in their little world. She was loving the firm touch of Andrea's hands with the warm cream helping them move across her skin. She ran her hands over Atlantia's breasts, down her sides then up under them, feeling the warmth and very slight dampness on the smooth skin. This went on, Andrea alternating massage and caresses and Atlantia soaking up the warm feelings. Andrea gasped as she felt her fingers being pushed into Lanny's hot wet cleft.

A Christmas Present to Remember Ch. 02

group westtnfreak 2017-11-16

She could feel her womanhood start to grow wet at just the thought of having that talented tongue and that large manhood of Santa in side her again. Tina said she was to make sure Jeni was comfortable and all her needs were met till Santa could arrive. It was still the red and white Mrs. Santa's outfit but now instead of coming just above Tina's knees, the skirt actually barely covered her back side. Each time she felt Tina slid her tongue out of her; Jeni was almost to the point of coming. "I wouldn't mind that dream coming true like the one I had about Santa originally." With that, Jeni moved her arms above her hand and stretched.


Night at the Club

group PlayWithMe1981 2017-11-16

"Sorry carried away." Molly said as she pulled her hand away from my wet pussy. I felt the hands and cock pull away from me, but Billy continued to kiss me until a woman at the bar cleared her throat rather loudly, indicating that she was needing some of Billy's attention too. I felt my orgasm looming, but before I got to cum, Billy pulled Molly off of me and rammed his cock inside me. As my body was getting used to Billy's size, my eyes roamed over to Molly, who was sitting on the edge of the bed pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy.

A Holiday at Moniques Day 04

group 4eyedbrit 2017-11-16

Monique took a deep breath just as Hillary offered the big black end of the strap-on to her wide open mouth. Hillary attached the second clamp and began the task of teasing Monique's nipples, pulling the chain, blowing over the flesh, raking her nails over the soft mounds and licking around the prickly metal teeth. "I want you to fuck me in the arse until you come, just like this," Hillary cooed huskily into the camera as she thrust the black knob deep into Monique's bowel, her legs still being held by the ankles over her head. Hillary's thrusts grew harder and more urgent, her face contorted and her mouth let out a series of clipped moans as she came against the strap-on, collapsing on to Monique as she panted and puffed.


The Lawn Cutters

group 2017-11-16

Jack had me to the point of no return and I cried out my body convulsing as he kept up his slow steady fuck.This guy was good.I don't know where he got his experience at such a young age but I'm glad he did.As I laid there enjoying the end of my climax Jack slid out.Both guys took my hand pulling me up.Adam stood holding his cock saying " get on all fours." Jack moaned and grunted.I could feel his cock swelling inside me.Then I felt my cunt filling with his young hot cum and I screamed out with pleasure banging on the bed.I could not believe the waves of convulsions going through my body.

Movie Night

group emerald21345 2017-11-16

These two enjoyed each others presence very much, especially in a physical sense, however they had only made it to the point where Alex received a hand job while fingering Brooke's wonderful pussy. Brooke quickly pressed her hand onto Alex's thigh, Carmen visibly squirmed, unbeknownst to the couple. His hand moved down to the opening of her vagina and he dipped his finger in a short ways and spread the wetness around her lips and up back to her clit. Alex picked up speed and started pressing his fingers in and out of her tight hole and circled her clit on his palm. Alex bent over to suck on Carmen's pink nipples, and play with Brooke's slightly darker, harder nipples.

caught out

group suckerforit 2017-11-16

Immediately my nipples swelled from the cool air – “look the bitch is getting ready for fun” said woman no 2 (who seem dot be called Jane). “See how far you can pull them out with her nipples” said Jane so Joyce grabbed a nipple ion each hand and stretched my tits out in front of me. Between Joyce pulling my tits and Joy slapping my arse I felt drips of cunt juice trickling down my legs. Joy then started rubbing her slit back and forwards on my face at the same time as Joyce started to thrust her hand further and further up my cunt.