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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Secret Life of a Dirty Little Slut

group freakbecca 2017-11-16

He ordered another drink, whispered something to his friend and his friend grabbed Cher's hand and led her out to the dance floor. At this point Cher was getting frisky so she started rubbing his cock with her hand. She continued to suck #1's cock but felt the back door open and then she felt a hand on her ass and pussy. Man#1 then grabbed Cher, pushed her down over the hood of the car and slid his cock into her wet cunt. When she finally came to her senses and opened her eyes she saw 2 more men who had been watching from their cars standing there with their hands on their cocks...

Caught on Video Pt. 02

group jobelle 2017-11-16

I think you need to get into bed." Annabelle kept up the act, while Jason motioned to Terrance across the room. Except for you Jason, you can just watch." Annabelle, who felt like she was in a trance or on stage, was so excited for what was to come she could feel her pussy pulsating in excitement. Spreading Annabelle's cheeks wide, she was still a bit sore from the first and second round, but a numbness and tingling sensation started up when Terrance began to try to squeeze his massive shaft inside her still small opening, this really was only the seventh time she'd had a cock penetrate her.

At his service Ch. 01

group ByMickey 2017-11-16

Susan stands next to Eric or she is getting more beer for the men. The third man gets his dick out of Susan's mouth and makes her stand up. Susans has a scared look on her face while she tries to make eye contact with Eric, but he is just sitting there enjoying the show. The second man feels her butt and the first man is just standing there with his hard dick in his hands. The second man takes off his clothes and climbs on the couch and sits on the back of the couch with his hard dick in Susan's face. The third man doesn't hesitate a second a puts his dick in Susan's dripping wet pussy.

Brooke Ch. 03

group eroslit 2017-11-16

Like he'll not want to do this," Brooke said, kissing me passionately and moving her hands onto my breasts. Bob's hands engulfed Brooke's tits and it didn't take long for her erect nipples to appear. Bob removed the bottom of Brooke's bikini and lingered around her pussy long enough to swipe his tongue over it several times. As we stood together, I said to Kelley, "Brooke and I find this time of day to be the most relaxing. At the same time I put a hand inside the top of her bikini, Brooke slid a finger inside the bottom and found Kelley's pussy. I began to suck on those big tits while Brooke licked and sucked Kelley's clit and drove her tongue inside her pussy.


How He Found Out \

group JanetG 2017-11-16

I explained my bare breasts by telling him "It's the heat." I gave him my best come-hither smile, kicked off my sandals, walked over and slipped the tape in the VCR and got comfortable on the sofa while he went in the kitchen to roll us the last of the weed and get our drinks. I stood up, slid his pants off, got back on the couch on my knees, straddling his legs, stretched out and covered his cock with my tits. But then she shifts her hips, moving the cocks to a more comfortable position inside, pushes her self deeper down the men's shafts and resumes fucking with even greater enthusiasm.

Jenna's Threeway

group Bigdenverman 2017-11-16

"I...might not be very good, because I am this kind of thing...but I would really like to try," Jenna whispered apologetically to both Brandon and Rick. Brandon took over kissing Jenna while Rick explored her body. Jenna held Brandon in her mouth and eagerly sucked until she felt her body begin to build toward an orgasm. She never thought anyone would ever want to kiss her back there, but Brandon lifted Jenna's leg high into the air and planted his tongue right there, on her rear button, and she moaned in delight. Brandon and Rick both felt like Jenna needed something special to end their sexual encounter.


A Day at the Beach

group SluttyKim 2017-11-16

Then kneeling between my legs, you slip your hand inside my swimsuit and start fingering my pussy. This time you push two fingers into my wet pussy, my hips begin to buck against your hand and you bring me off again. I start to suck him, feeling him grow in my mouth, while you fuck me with long deep strokes. Turning to look over my shoulder, I see you standing behind me; watching me, while you rub suntan oil on your hard cock. I love it." I feel Mike's cock begin to swell even larger and he starts to fuck me balls deep. I open my lips and begin to suck the cock that seconds ago was cumming deep in my pussy.

Mystic Night PART THREE

group 2017-11-16

Maximus intended to leave, but was stopped by Minea’s gentle voice, as Eneia took off her torn little dress and stepped next to Minea under the warm stream. Maximus was rubbing her clit, kissing her neck and biting her shoulders, while Minea fingered her pussy, and sucked her nipples. Minea moved her lips to Eneia’s, kissing her, pulling out her fingers and giving them to Maximus, so that he could lick her friend's sweet nectar of them. Strength slowly returned to Eneia’s legs, and Minea turned Eneia towards Maximus, and her hands took hold of Eneia’s hand, putting it on Maximus’s hardness. Minea was enjoying the view, which turned her unbelievably on and she started rubbing her clit, fingering herself, but her other hand didn’t forget Eneia’s pussy either.

Touch Class Ch. 16

group Uzi_Johnson 2017-11-16

After we had eaten our fill, I said "Anyone who wants their shoulders massaged, come sit on the floor in front of us." Ashley came over and sat in front of Shiri, and Jennifer sat in front of me. I glanced over and saw that Shiri and Karen were doing the same thing with their "patients." I was feeling Jennifer's breasts now, and I saw that this was not lost on Gretchen, who was watching those of us on or near the big couch as she received Karen's attention. Now Jennifer returned the attention and reached over with her left hand and joined Shiri in feeling Ashley's ample tits.


Houston II Ch. 13

group Paris Waterman 2017-11-16

He was certain that several of the men Argie had blown earlier had not appeared as yet, Then too, the blonde haired woman in the black cocktail dress who had dry-humped him earlier was no where to be seen. Dr. Coughlin walked past him, and from the side of his mouth whispered, "Make us proud of you, John." He too sauntered over to the bar, and stood next to Adonis and Argie. Dr. Coughlin and Adonis each brought a small, but comfortable arm chair out, placing one behind one of the two blondes, and the other behind the woman with light brown hair.


Outback Fantasy

group IT1250 2017-11-16

"It's a long story, but my girlfriend and I left Perth a month ago, but all we did was argue, travelling was not her thing, after a big fight we broke up and I put her on a plane at Alice Springs two weeks ago, I was just trying to get away from it all." Richard looked up seeing my wife for the first time, he eyes running up and down her body, his mouth open. "Oops" he says, and ducks under the table to retrieve his towel, his eyes glued to the monitor as it gets to the more raunchy photos; a zoomed in shot of Trish's shaved pussy and pierced clit with her fingers sliding right inside her wet pussy.



group Cumforyou333 2017-11-16

Jane let my dick pop out of her mouth and looked at Cat, who no longer was sucking and biting her nipples. Cat moved her hand onto my shaft and started to pump away as her tongue licked and teased my entire crotch. I close my eyes to take in the pleasure and, when I open my eyes, Cat's panties were off and Jane's face was under her flicking her tongue into a dripping wet pussy. With Jane riding me, I feel her juices slathering my dick and beads of it dripping down my balls, and Cat's juices covering my mouth and lips, I was on the brink of orgasm. I saw Jane lazily moved up and start licking the cum off Cat's tits and stomach.

Dream Come True

group Sextoy 2017-11-16

He shoved me roughly against the bricks, and ordered me, "Pull your skirt up, bitch, you act like you never did this before." Before I had time to respond, he rammed his cock from behind into my tight pussy. I licked and sucked, trying to swallow the massive cock that slid back and forth inside my throat, I thought that alone would be heaven, that big black tool fucking my mouth, past my lips, tongue, and vocal chords, ripping at my hair to help him pump harder. He ordered the black stud onto his knees, and slapped my ass hard enough to bruise it, while telling me not to let that hot cock out of my mouth.

Girls, Interrupted

group LilaMina 2017-11-16

She had been delighted by the prospect of teaching these two young ladies a couple of new things that she had learned from her own mistress, Yuki sama, the wife of her master. I hope that at least Lana san has been a gracious host and made sure all your needs are met?" Honda asked the two trembling women. Maybe this will also teach your kohai a thing or two about the proper respect due to one's master?" He added, with a severe look for the two young ladies who were watching everything with wide eyes and mounting stress. gnnn..." Tears in her eyes, gripping his forearms with all her strength, Lana had to dig deep inside her resources and self-discipline to set aside what she was feeling to focus on the two students who were watching, mesmerized and impressed.


Muscleman Ball Bash

group shaved_toy_boy 2017-11-16

around Strydom's huge right thigh and calf, Bob Paris grinding his muscular blond Brazilian tongue in Strydom's ass and sucks like "Bash my balls, Scott!" Strydom screams, unwillingly, trying muscle powered that giant fist into an uppercut into Strydom's stud's powerful right arm, and took it from Terwilliger. cock was hard as his pecs, and was spurting clear fluid, jumping Tom reached out to the pecs and grabbed Strydom's nipples Strydom's thigh almost as hard as the impact to Gary's own bull Tom grabbed Strydom's swollen balls, and started squeezing He fucked air as his nipples and pecs were sc****d hard. Matt kept chewing down hard on Gary's nuts long after the He knew what Terwilliger craved up his muscled ass.

Great day!

group 2017-11-16

Today I ran into tony and David in the same place. We met in the mall in the food court. So we chatted an I mentioned how horny I have been since we started talking. So we went to the f****y restroom, and stared fucking like nobodys buisness!!! It was absolutely fantastic! It was fantastic. Then after that we ha our fuck in the mall. We jumped in my car and started to drive back to my place. Before we even arrived I had tony I the passenger seat leaning over and giving me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had!!! And the best part is that people looked inside and were taking pictures of tony blowIing me.

girlfriends first black cock....TONIGHT

group ChannelFive 2017-11-16

i am hoping that the gf ends up enjoying this, as i am hoping to make her a total black cock whore, and sell her to men/groups/couples to use overnight....i wont be charging much, but think its only fair that people pay for the privilidge of bareback breeding her as i want her to be...... i am only writing on here as i wanted to know if anyone wanted to buy a copy of the video i make tonight....i promise i will be getting some good shots and filthy action...gush, cum dripping, creampie, abused, crying if possible and rough fucked.

Me as maid and a couple in Greece

group sapfo 2017-11-16

Varvara obviously had experience with other women as she soon had Sasha moaning with delight as she began to suck harder on Sasha’s now fully erect and engorged nipples. Quickly we swapped positions and as I pulled Vavara’s mouth over my swollen and very erect cock, Sasha thrust deep inside her from behind with her strap-on. Sasha grabbed hold of Varvara’s hips for a better grip and really began to fuck our nice little Greek chamber maid really hard and deep. Sasha realising what had happened so she stopped fucking Varvara and turned her round to kiss her full on the lips so that she could greedily share my cum with the chamber maid.


group rhj4 2017-11-16

After what was probably only a brief moment, Amy seemed to notice that her nipple was getting cold, so she pulled her strap back up onto her shoulder, finished her order and looked to me and asked, "See anything you like, Bob?" Amy turned to look at him with a quick smile asking, "Did you want the breast or the whole rack?" I took Amy's face in my hands and leaned close to her and said, "Ask my partner. Joe, still in a daze, started to clear our dishes from the table as Amy worked on clearing Dennis' pipes and I just watched in amazement. Dennis put his hands on Amy's head and looked at me and nodded, indicating that he was about to give her her fourth orgasm of the evening.


Bi-male Party Night

group motmanri 2017-11-16

The closest he came in real life was one time in a pile he reached over to finger Jen's pussy and accidentally touched the others guys cock that was inside her. Jen kissed Dean and then told him he was going to practice on the dildo tonight. When they got to the room Jen gave Dean a deep kiss. Tonight when Jen and Dean arrived at 10 there were about 5 singles guys there and 3 couples. Jack moved his hands to Dean's face and held it as he kissed him. Dean and Jack hadn't notice that Jen and Gina were both stark naked sitting on the couch. Dean looked up at Jack who was watching, smiled and then kissed the head before pressing it to his lips.


Construction Grime & Catcalls

group beaugueste 2017-11-16

I'm Sarah." Dave smiled broadly and extended his free limb to shake my small hand, pointed his beer-arm to the idling van in invitation. I rocked forward with laughter as Joe parroted my neighbor, Mrs. Porter, threatening to "call my senators" about the early morning noise, and my left breast slipped into Dave's upturned hand. You guys need to knock it off with all the drilling and hammering at the crack of dawn!" I was still bent forward with my head on Dave's shoulder, unable to straighten from the laughter (and beer) that shook my entire body. Joe and Dave each grabbed an arm and stopped my protective reflex, leaving my tits exposed for them to each resume their groping with their free hand.


Nellie Ch. 03

group Pinchbeck 2017-11-16

While the sexually awakened Nellie chewed through boyfriends and just-friends like sticks of cheap chewing gum, Kelsey stayed in her shell, wanting to break free but being too awkward to try. Kelsey, who hadn't said a word since Danielle's highway foreplay, walked behind me, chewing her bottom lip and quiet as a mouse. "Welcome to our humble abode," I said, dropping the suitcase and duffel bag off in the living room, next to the couch where foreplay always happened during our sexual forays with Nellie. "The remote's on the side table," Danielle said to Kelsey, who was standing in the middle of the living room.


My friends fucks my wife

group 2017-11-16

When Jerry noticed me he apologized and said he is about to take a pee but was stopped seeing the door of the comfort room is open and my wife is taking a bath, I feel so excited that time seeing my friend jerking off seeing my wife taking a shower. My wife also noticed it and naughtily asked them "hey guys are you having a hard on?", laughter follows and my wife relaxingly sits on my lap without noticing that her night dress was up to her tummy and her red panty was directly seen by my three friends across the room.

Any Cock Will Do Ch. 3

group Dakota Ryan 2017-11-16

Kelly reach for her mans swollen cock, stroking it slowly and watching Vickie lick her lips at the sight before her eyes. Jim leaned back against the wall for support as Kelly took most of his cock inside her hot mouth, she moaned as it touched the back of her throat, and she massaged his tightening balls with her free hand driving him crazy. She smiled around Jim's cock head nipping the tip with her teeth as she watched Chuck slam so hard against Kelly's ass that it sounded like hands slapping her ass cheeks. Kelly reached for Vickie's shoulder for support, she held on firmly as Jim's cock drove home hard again and again until she screamed out with Kelly as they both orgasmed at once!