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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

House Guest

group 2017-11-16

There I could clearly see Shelley laying naked on her bed, legs spread with her fingers stroking her pussy, I stood quietly watching not wanting to be caught. As my cock began to get fully erect I took her by the hand and guided her back into the house and into the bedroom where my wife and I had fucked so hard the night before. Towards the end of the game Shelley came down, gave me a very warm kiss and said that she hope we could do it again real soon, then went to bed firmly closing her bedroom door.

Gone Fishing

group pilot63 2017-11-16

With her face buried in Amy's cunt, Jess knelt on her hands and knees with her thighs spread and her own pussy and ass on display for Mike's viewing enjoyment. Jess spread the lips of her pussy with one hand and grabbed the back of Amy's head with her other grinding her wet cunt against her open mouth. She gripped Jess's thighs and buried her face in her pussy latching her lips around her clit as she ground her dripping cunt down on Mike's thick dick. Her mouth fastened on the inflamed, swollen lips of Jess's cunt and her tongue lapped up the mixture of semen and pussy juice that drooled from the opening.


Room for Two Pt. 04

group Drmaxc 2017-11-16

Just as I had done I felt Cory's hand feeling around and touching my balls, even gently rolling them in Joni's wetness and then his fingers actually encircling my shaft, clearly feeling what it was like for a penis, not his own, to be working in and out of his wife. For the three of us it would not be simply a pushing or mashing of organs together, pleasurable as that might be, but a complete joining of organs - the 'other intercourse.' Not just two penes in adjacent holes (or from a different angle, 'spit roasting' penetrating the woman orally and vaginally) but truly together, Cory and my organ in Joni's vagina.


On Orgasm Pond

group LustyWolf 2017-11-16

One day it suddenly hit me like a giant rubber band that snapped in my brain, and the thought of poking a red hot needle in my eye was more appealing than going to work. I could hear Becky's breathing getting more labored as she talked, but she kept the same conversation going - something about the history of the lake, I think, maybe some gossip about the neighbors. Standing naked with a nude stranger just a few feet away, and on a dock by the water as the sun warmed my body and mind, and as the glow of a fresh climaxed washed over me, I felt more sexually charged at that very moment than I had in years.


The Interview

group caspankster 2017-11-16

When Tim said that he wasn't sure that he was ready yet, Becky dropped the subject for a couple of days, but over the next two weeks, both she and Jim let him know that they would help in any way they could. He saw Jim and Becky on one love seat, another couple on one couch, and a gentleman on the other couch who Tim thought would be Virginia's husband. After Jim had sat down in the wooden chair that had been placed for him, Gordon asked Tim how much he knew about their club. Turning back to the host couple, he saw Gordon move his hand behind Virginia's back, and then heard the unmistakable sound of the zipper on her dress being lowered.


Hotel Californication Ch. 06

group Many Feathers 2017-11-16

This wasn't going to take very damn long, I was almost there already only moments after the two of them began, though Marsha now too, seemed intent on being a part of this, the three of them now kneeling there in front of me, though Diane and Charlie took immediate delight in feeding my prick to Marsha, slapping her face with it, taunting and teasing her, at times allowing Marsha to mouth it, before torturously taking it away again, causing me to feel as though riding a rollercoaster of ecstasy that rolled up and down, climax moving forward and then just as quickly slipping away again.


The Girl Next Door Ch. 03

group sarahsmith1989 2017-11-16

I called Meghan to tell her about the rum Dan had smuggled from his father's stash, and asked her if she and Jen wanted to drink it with us. "You know, I'd be cool with sloppy seconds, and if Meg is really as much of a cock whore as you said, maybe you need a little help?" Like she had done this a million times, Meg quickly dropped to her knees and began sucking Dan. "How about you send a little of that my way?" I asked Meg once she had helped Dan to his full eight inches. Dan looked to be enjoying himself even more than Meg. As he squeezed and slapped her ass I could imagine from previous experience the pleasures his eyes received.

Penny's Surprise Ch. 09

group Linda Jean 2017-11-16

As I walked in, and before Bud could say anything I said "Ok pussy boy I have two real men here with me, they have agreed to both fuck you and to let you suck their dick's, now I hope you understand English enough to understand me. Besides, you love cock so much; you should be the boys substitute wife." Bud spoke "please, let me go, I will do as you say, don't worry, please." I said "ok, I'll let you free, but remember, I have the tape and if you want steady dicks up your ass for the next 6 months, you better do everything I say pussy boy.

Erotic City (Part 1-5)

group slutwifeofdevon 2017-11-16

And then I felt Rico’s hands on my legs again, starting at my ankles but moving swiftly but sensually up the inside of my thighs again, almost close enough to touch my pussy but teasing it expertly, parting my legs a little more. My jaw dropped as I watched the events of the past hour or so; me lying on the bed, bound and blindfolded, Michael fucking my mouth like an a****l, the expression on his face was incredible and between my legs, licking my pussy, was the girl from the party. “Oh fuck, baby you are such a slut, oh yeah, oh god I’m cumming” I heard Michael as he came hard, imagining him sitting there wanking as I teased my pussy a little longer.

Culture School Ch. 04

group Birds__Eye 2017-11-16

Turning toward the head of the table, Mistress Steph said, "Immediately after lunch, I want to see you in my office Miss Tammy." Before the door closed, I glanced back and saw Amy with Mistress Steph disappear though the curtain at the rear of the office. Anna directed me to one and said, "Strip off all your clothes and lie down on your stomach." She proceeded to flip a large towel over the table before stepping back to grab a curtain. Anna moved my arms out and up to the sides of my head before I heard one of the masters asked for some relaxation oil. My head master was encircling one breast with both hands and compressing it upwards with slow firm strokes, repeating several times before switching to the other side.


The Carpenter

group Horny-Fucker 2017-11-16

"See, Sophie," she gasped "gently slide it all the way into your cunt, just like aunt Em's dildo, except this is hot and will squirt thick creamy cum into you." Lucinda's eyes grew wide as my cock slid further into her greedy fuckhole, there was a moment of anxiety shown in her face as she thought it might be too much for her but I bucked my hips and she cried out then moaned as the last inches filled her. The younger girl's eyes opened wide as the tip slipped past her soaking lips, Lucinda was whispering encouragement for her cousin to take all of my cock and massaging Sophie's thighs and cunt telling her to take it easy and "…get all of the horny fucker's cock in…"

Sushi Lover

group LiquidLisa 2017-11-16

At that point, I lost all modesty and purposely made sure that Damon, the waiter got a full view of my shaved pussy every time he came to our table, which was quite often. I started grabbing at Jay's crotch, feeling his rock-hard cock and tugging at his zipper. Before they even got out of their cars, Jay came inside of me, squirting a heavy load of cum in my pussy. Jay's creamy cum was dripping out of my stuffed pussy as I noisily fucked Damon's rock hard cock. Out dripped a string of Jay's cum onto Damon's shiny, throbbing cock. Small amounts of clear and white cum dripped out of my pussy as Damon's cock pushed inside of me.

My Boyfriend's Other Girlfriend

group witchswitch 2017-11-16

I was about to let him suck my thumb dry, but decided to make him wait a moment longer while I allowed T to taste herself on my lips while he watched us kiss. She asked what specific kinds of touches I wanted, and I gave her a couple suggestions (circle my clit with your finger, suck it like a small cock, and let your fingers do the walking when you've put two inside me). What finally did send me flying was the combination of her fingers probing my pussy, her cunt grinding into my thigh, my bound boyfriend beside us asking her if I was wet, and her satisfied moans as my nails dug into her butt and back while I came.

Kari's Rose Sheets

group KawGuy 2017-11-16

Kari's hips lifted off the bed; her thrusts had lost the timing of Paul's, her husband who was deep inside of her cunt. The other three times happened as her husband Paul and I ate her and fingered her to those heights.I have kind of small hands, I was feeding Kari's pussy one finger at a time until I managed to just start to fist her. Wanting to be part of this couple's climax I placed my left hand on Kari's breast. In half of a breath Paul pulled his cock out of Kari's pussy and squirted my hand with his cum. My lips tasted the sweet white cum that was engulfing my hand and Paul's cock head.

Time with friends

group fotisampini 2017-11-16

whom we have known ever since high school, Thomas, Tom and his wife Chris. Sara hesitated but finally agreed and Tom's hand was searching my CUMING!" I heard Tom grunt as he pumped his sperm into my wife's fertile womb got so much strength back that I could look around I saw that Tom lay slumped looked over at my wife and Tom and saw that her hand was playing with his I saw Tom's cock start to get hard again and I squeezed Chris' tit pussylips and let the head of my cock nose its way into her warm pussy. my wife and saw her take all of Tom's cock inside her and a smile played over

Bi Night at the Bathhouse

group bigbazzaboy 2017-11-16

I hopped up on the bed and knelt beside her head, she opened her mouth and let her tongue fall so I slapped my dick off her tongue a few times which she enjoyed. His wife was still sucking my cock and he placed his hand on the back of her head to guide it down my shaft. She dropped her head backwards off the end of the bed and opened her throat up, he placed his giant member inside her mouth and pushed forward. While this was going on the young guy fucking his wife let out a groan and fell forward. "Fuck me, that was tremendous." I said as I stood up and gave him a long kiss, letting him get a good taste of his own cum.

Unexpected Group Journey Ch. 01

group horny_desires 2017-11-16

After a while of us making out, Shweta got up and to my surprise she went to the other couch and started kissing Vidisha from back on her neck. Shweta stopped making out Aditya when she saw it and said, "I have to be the first one to suck it babes and gave Vidisha a sorry kiss and moved towards my dick. I also wanted to know how would Vidisha's mouth feel around my dick as she had met Aditya cum right away. Surprisingly she came towards me and licked my dick clean and Shweta and Vidisha started kissing each other exchanging cum through their mouths. I looked in front of me and saw that Vidisha was still bouncing her boobs in between my dick and realized that I was going to cum.

By The Lake

group ECHoney 2017-11-16

We had walked for at least ten minutes before we came to the next cabin which was empty and I started to get a naughty idea about having sex with Lily right there by the lake. Her tongue was deep inside my wet pussy licking at my inner walls while I was squeezing and pinching my nipples enjoying what her tongue was doing when I thought I heard a noise. I looked up and saw a guy standing behind Lily stroking his huge hard cock. I grabbed Lily tight and muffled a scream against her neck as his thick hard cock filled my pussy in one thrust. Lily looked over at the guy and saw that his cock was rock hard again.

The Journey Ch. 03

group Lanthir 2017-11-16

Well!" said Sandy, "You certainly know how to answer a door and make a girl feel welcome!" She reached down and took hold of my dick. Suzy moved up close to me and reached out her hand, lightly grasping the head of my dick with her fingertips. Sandy had begun to slide her hands up to the tip of dick and then back down to my balls, and Suzy was matching the motion by moving her finger in and out of my anus in the same rhythm. The intense sensations of feeling of Sandy on my dick and balls, and Suzy working on my ass were pushing me to the edge. My dick was throbbing in Sandy's hands, and I could feel my anus clenching Suzy's finger at the same time.


The Circle Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2017-11-16

Bob said, "I boiled a lot of stuff down into this one -- 'Be a role model.' We need to be authentic, honest, dependable, loyal, genuine, childlike, loving and kind. Jim teased, "You left horny off the list." He could even feel his shorts get tight as he thought of the night with Alice, and the promise of any one of the three girls the three of them were going after. Sunday afternoon, Bob, Jim, and Matt met to debrief on their Saturday date more than they had the night before as they headed home after dropping the girls off.


The Baker Place

group Pleeseteeseme 2017-11-16

Still kissing, Nate slid a hand inside and began to massage Kristin's left tit. Nate was more glad than ever that they had their short encounter earlier or he might have taken her right there in the woods, watching the effect of Kristin's breasts swaying unhindered under her loose top. Just when Kristin thought she had knocked it over, the wall in front of her began to open like a door, stopping when there was barely room for a person to slide through. Kristin took a hesitant step forward and stuck her head in, pressing one hand against the wall in case it began to move again. Kristin felt her mouth being pressed shut again and the voice said, "It's not Nate.


Black cock for husband and wife

group german-rosi 2017-11-16

The guys all sat down and started to rub their cocks getting them hard, I sat on the bed watching them a photo came up of me in red silk panties, I said oh I was wearing them today, Eddie asked if he could touch them and jack off in them, I went in the bath and got them, as I handed them to Edie my robe came open and Leon looked right at my pussy, he said I love a hairy white cunt, Eddie took the panties and sniffed them, he passed them to Leon who did the same, Leon stood up and dropped the panties in my hubby's lap and said put them on, and walked over to me took me in his strong arms and kissed me I felt his hands removing my robe as his toung was playing with mine, he pushed me to floor and started slapping my face with his cock, he pushed it into my mouth and said go on you white bitch suck my nigger cock, I opened up and started to suck it as one of my hands rubbed his big balls the other was on his ass holding it.

Lee, Emma and Friends

group Jena121 2017-11-16

While we were fucking in this position, Jack and Lucy were kneeling next to us, watching (sometimes getting very close to the pussy/cock junction) and were making comments about what they saw. Jack and Lucy said they should get in a position where I could eat Emma's pussy and see what they were doing at the same time. They fucked in every position imaginable, got up close and Lucy sucked Jack's cock while Emma and I watched (wasn't more than a foot away). Then Lucy lay down on the patio between the chairs Emma and I were sitting in, swung her legs over her head and proceeded to finger fuck her pussy.


Back In Action

group bethswallows 2017-11-16

"Leave your bra and panties on, Kevin can finish striping us," Sue suggested "Beth you'll turn him on as he loves women in hold-ups," she continued as she took my hand and led me to the bed. "I told you he had something bigger than the average for you," Sue said as I looked at Kevin's sizeable cock. "Keep going Kev you're going to make her cum." Sue was right and I was soon climaxing hard again, all over Kevin's cock. You could try standing on the floor." I took Sue's advice and with Kevin sat at the edge of the bed I impaled myself on his cock again, facing away from him.