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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Minister

group methodist 2017-11-16

A few moments later, Anne and I were sharing Steve's rock hard cock. I moved around to the head of the bed, wanting Steve to eat my pussy while he kept fucking her, but it worked out just a bit different than the plan. " Anne pulled me down on top of her, in a 69, we were kissing and caressing each other's pussies, as Steve slid his thick cock into my dripping wet vagina. I slid 2 fingers into her and kept licking and sucking as Steve fucked me hard. I suggested that Anne is just too depressed, and frightened to live alone in that house, so as her good friends, we would take her in, care for her, and nobody would ever know we also fuck together.


Babysitting b*****r's Daughters

group 2017-11-16

I finished another client and decided I needed to face Cat before her s****r got home so I went down to the kitchen. I asked why and Mel said that I was their favorite uncle who always treated them like an equal and besides she told me I was pretty hot looking. I decided this was my chance to feel their tits so I reached over to cat and told her to think about the muscle under her one tit and then I cupped the tit in my hand and lifted it as if she was flexing like I had.

Artist's Surprise

group Tarzan1210 2017-11-16

As Jenny had now left the hot spot and was finishing the knees and calfs of Rachel, our model glanced to me from the corner of her eye and saw me rubbing the manhood that ached to thrust out to her. As Jenny began massaging our model's vulva, she leaned her head back allowing Rachel to kiss along the pulse of her neck. While Rachel was lightly rocking her hips to match the push of my girlfriend's hand, she unbuttoned the white cotton blouse Jenny was wearing to expose her large DD tits. After Rachel had lustily had her way with those huge breasts that I knew so well, Jenny leaned over and licked up the inner thigh to where her fingers were.

My first older women and couple

group joecool1962 2017-11-16

Instantly I looked down and with her hands on the back of my head she said it's okay sweety keep licking me, so I did until she got up and joined him taking turns sucking my young hard cock. I could not believe a man was licking my ball muchless sucking my cock but then she turned around and now facing me and still riding my cock she layed her big tits on my chest and began kissing me when i felt a hand grab my head and as I looked to my right there in my face was a big 8.5" rock hard cock in my face.

Waiting On Paula

group KittyBelle 2017-11-16

I stepped into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, listening to Evan as he asked Paula about her job, making small talk, working on making her feel more comfortable. I heard her moan, and watched as her hands came up to play with her now-hard nipples, her hips starting to move gently as his tongue found a sensitive spot here or there. I teased my nipples lightly, then let my fingers dip into my own wetness as Evan worked, getting more and more turned on as Paula sighed, moaned, and encouraged him to do more, harder, here, yes, now, now. Paula finally collapsed against the bed, mumbling, gasping, and I slowed my movements to allow her to catch her breath, not stopping my hands, but removing my face and tongue from her clit.

Sex with Fiza Ch. 05

group elisjohnman 2017-11-16

Pushing her head down onto the bed he pulled her panty to one side and shoved his cock into her cunt from behind and reached forward to grab hold of her tits as he fucked her. Ballu laid there, his cock glistening with my mother-in-law's cunt juice when he told her to, "Lick it clean, you bitch." I watched as Fiza knelt down and took his wet cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. Both Ballu and Shekh stiffened as they shot their massive loads deep in Fiza's ass hole and cunt. Shekh took his wet, cum covered cock that he had just pulled from Fiza's ass and stuck it in her face.


The Fortunate Slave

group jonesdd 2017-11-16

As they rode the elevator to the 17th floor, Shara, unaware of the powerful effect she had on men, placed a hand on Miss Oatlash's bare arm and looked up at her with questioning eyes. Then he rose, took her by the hand and led her to the pillows on the floor in front of the sofa where Miss Oatlash and Sam drank their coffee. She took Sam by the arm and walked him around until he was standing over where her Mutt was breathing whispers from Shara's lips. As the Mutt drew his lips back and forth over Sam's shaft, he rolled his hips and slid his cock in and out of Shara's warm, wet hole.

Jenny and Jack Pt. 09

group loveking 2017-11-15

Although at home and alone I felt myself blush as I remembered the occasions at Tom's camera club where I had willingly taken part in what could only be described as orgies; orgies where the only woman was me, naked amongst a group of men and eagerly behaving like a slut. With the tell-tale sign of my nipples starting to tingle and a growing sensation of wetness between my legs I pushed any thoughts of indignation and disgust regarding Mr Wang to the back of my mind and, ignoring any remaining doubt or moral judgement I wrote my reply. The following day passed slowly at work but finally, most of my colleagues had left for home at the start of the weekend and I headed for the lady's toilets to change into the slutty underwear.


The Three of Us

group OccasionallyEvil 2017-11-15

I felt Sascha's hand on the top of my head, helping me to maintain my vulnerable position as Karlene's finger explored deeper into my asshole. As I felt Sascha's finger slide into my asshole I started in on Karlene's anus and took long slow licks to the top of her vulvic slit. KARLENE: That's good, nice job Sascha, now let's put that hard cock to more use. My cock was resting of Sascha's right nipple, my left hand was massaging Karlene's tit, my right was fingering Sascha's wet hole. As I rubbed my cock against Sascha's pussy I could not help but look up at Karlene, her amazing tits and long red hair flowing over them.


Their Unique Arrangement

group BrettJ 2017-11-15

Angel was a relatively new hire at Don's firm and Sandra didn't know her well, but the pretty blonde found herself quite entranced by the stunning brunette. "Okay Angel, I want to watch you with Sandra some more," Don told the sexy brunette. Sandra watched in fascination as her husband got behind the brunette and slid his thick cock into the tight pussy from behind. "Lick my twat while my husband fucks you like the bitch you are." By now, she had become quite accustomed to talking dirty to Angel but from the look on her husband's face, it had taken him completely by surprise. Angel slid her fingers into Sandra's pussy the way that she knew her girlfriend liked.


Adult Reality TV Ch. 2

group bamboomoon 2017-11-15

The South African Nightjar's mournful lament, "Good Lord, Deliver Us", filled the night air as Naomi, Sam and I, Celeste sat around the fire. I moved closer to Naomi and kissed her luscious lips and darted my tongue in her mouth. Naomi was the first to arrive and when she saw my naked prisoners she slapped Fred, glared at Julia and confronted me. While I tied their hands above their heads to the tree, I brushed my ass cheeks against Fred's erection and pushed my tits against Julia's. Inspecting the kiss I saw Julia responding to the caress by hungrily licking and sucking on Naomi's mouth and tongue. Naomi dropped to her knees, licked Julia's clit and inserted a finger next to Sam's shaft into her cunt.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 08

group riverboy 2017-11-15

She took a puff like an old pro and looked at me, her eyes getting big. She stopped her tit massage, took Chrissy's hand and danced her over to the old brass bed, just a few feet away. "Put that sweet ass up in the air honey, Johnny want's to fuck you," she said in her best sexy voice. Penny was dancing again to the trippy music, and Johnny walked past her, hard cock in hand. Penny danced her way back to Johnny and she squeezed her body against his back, following his movements, the two of them fucking Chrissy as one. Chrissy's orgasm hit hard, as it usually does, and Johnny went off hard too with a flailing body and a great loud groan coming from deep in his chest.

The Boat Trip Ch. 02

group irisheyesgirl 2017-11-15

"Sarah's showing the right initiative here." Turning to Steve and Rachel, "Get dressed you two slackers, we've got to get going. Rachel placed the tray on the table in the center of the lounge, placed her hands on her sassily-cocked hips, and asked impatiently, "Well, who's joining me?" Steve and Dave practically raced over to the lounger. Rachel bit her lip as she placed the shot between Steve's legs, never breaking eye contact with me. The boys sat a bit awkwardly, not really knowing what to do, but Steve gave me a reassuring smile as Rachel reached Dave. My hand absentmindedly trailed up towards the lump in Steve's shorts, but neither of us could tear our eyes away and she dragged her tongue up the long underside of Dave's cock.


The Unscheduled Threesome

group r543d 2017-11-15

Before we walked out the door, June was waiting outside smoking a cigarette and Holly was waiting at the door looking all drunk and staring at me all 'Googly Eyed'. I think it's time for Mike to drive us home now" She said to Holly. "I haven't had dick in a long time, I would take any cock at this point" Holly sadly said. "I want to see cock" June said as her voice began to slur. Holly got down on her knees and crawled next to June and the two of them began stroking my hard on. I slowly worked my way to position myself behind Holly and stuck my cock in her wet cunt while she was still eating out June.

My Feminist Husband

group SparkleKitty 2017-11-15

"Come fuck my ass," I begged Ben. He gave a final, deep thrust into Don's mouth, and then pulled out, a thin stream of saliva trailing away as he removed his cock. "Are you ready to have your ass fucked?" I asked Don. He looked helplessly at me as Ben approached him with a gob of lotion. "I thought you wanted me to get fucked in the ass by two guys at once!" Don positioned himself in front of Ben and, clasping Ben's ass tightly in his hands, began to suck Ben's cock. I masterbated while I watched Ben's long, elegant cock thrust in and out of my husband's mouth. Ben then grabbed his cock and began to stroke, sending three more spurts of cum onto Don's mouth and chin.

Meeting at the Bar

group StormiP 2017-11-15

Pierce continues to play with my breasts, and I feel his cock grow hard at the touch of my hands. They are already tangled together, and I'm watching her enjoy Pierce's kisses and his hands on her breasts. She reaches down for Pierce's cock and plays with the tip, getting a touch of pre-cum. Peeking up to check to make sure I'm okay, Pierce sees the other man starting to play with my breasts and kiss my neck. He grabs my hand and brings it to her pussy as he sits up a little and kisses me. As we girls play with the guy's asses and balls, Pierce cums in her mouth as the man cums in mine.

Michelle's Diary:...

group Michelle_S 2017-11-15

"You want a beer?" Angel asked opening her mini-fridge, ignoring my question. It can't hurt to know what it looks like, can it?" Angel prodded trying to get me off the bed. His pubic hair actually looked a lot like my own, kind of thick and crinkly, and it grew from the base of his penis down around his balls. She practically pulled me off the bed and dragged me across the room, but I stood face to face with Dave, both of us looking down at his penis. Angel actually reached out and took it in her fingers and moved it around so I could get a better look. "Can I touch your body?" Dave asked, pulling me back from my guilt trip.


I Dare You

group knownobounds 2017-11-15

Jackie, grateful of the sudden supply of fresh air, continued to work Dave's cock around her mouth, until movement in the room caused her to pause briefly until she realised she no longer cared if anyone could see her, in fact the buzz of being watched just made her pulse race faster. Their eyes met and they held each other's gaze, and after a few seconds, Jackie pulled the duvet off the girl's partner and exposed his still rigid cock to the room. The guy beneath her pushed his hips up to meet her thrusts, whilst behind her, Dave gripped her tightly and slid his long cock effortlessly into her arsehole, using his length to make his strokes as long and fulfilling as possible.


A Roommate Thanksgiving Pt. 01

group Stories4Her 2017-11-15

The first time I pass behind my roommate and run my hand along her ass, you blink twice, because you're not sure you just saw what you think you saw. My roommate continues to kiss my neck and my shoulders. I want to feel her breasts pressing into to my back. I want to feel those hard nipples against my skin. She looks at you and says that everything feels better with a blindfold on and you whole heartedly agree. I put one hand on her head and pull her a little closer. I hear you tell my roommate to use her fingers. I put my hands on her head and let her know I need her to quicken the pace.

Michelle, My Belle Ch. 4

group Kimmie 2017-11-15

I took Troy's dick in my hands and began to wash it. I laughed and asked, "but how will I know if it's clean?" Troy answered, "oh, you'll know." He barely gasped that out as I was pumping his shaft and washing his balls. I lay in my bath and watched as he scooped some of my bathwater up in his hands and washed the soap and cum from his beautiful dick which was now starting to go soft. Troy's cock slipped from my mouth and I pushed it back in Michelle's cunt. As Michelle wound down, Troy pulled his aching cock from her cunt and pushed it into my mouth.

All the Power, Part 1

group thisismyname109 2017-11-15

Still staring directly at Tetenia, His Supremacy squeezed Jyushka's breast harder and she moaned in pleasure. His hand placed firmly on Jyushka's head, and He pushed His cock down to the back of throat, impervious to her gagging and struggling for air. His Supremacy grabbed Anya's breasts and stared at Tetenia, still pumping cum down Jyushka's throat, making no effort to hide any of this. His Supremacy's cock was enveloped in pleasure inside Tetenia's mouth and throat. Jainee continued licking His Supremacy's balls while Tetenia struggled to pleasure Him with her mouth and throat. Releasing her head from His grip, she came off his cock and immediately said, struggling through gasps, "Thank you, Your Supremacy."

New Years Bang for Ava & Melody

group victorgershwin 2017-11-15

Ava's stocking covered thighs were spread slightly to let him in while Melody sat in the front seat with her dress pulled up enough to expose her vagina as well. Melody slowly pulled away from Ava's now glistening pussy lips, still spread slightly from the tongue that was deep inside of her. Ava pulled her mouth off of his hard cock, hiked her dress up further and lay back with her legs spread open on the edge of the couch. Melody must have felt that I was close as well because she scooted up off of my dick, told me to lie at the head of the bed and began to climb on top, her hot ass facing me. I looked around Melody to see Ava with her vibe pushed tight to her clit while Levi fucked her hard.

Just a Fantasy Ch. 03

group bbwsadieml 2017-11-15

When Will collapsed onto my chest, I saw Jason cum and as he threw his head back his mouth formed a word. Jason and I prepared supper in silence, our bodies brushing together accidentally on purpose, but it wasn't until I came to get the chicken from him that he pulled me close and kissed me. I was lying on my side kissing Will when Jason opened my legs and slipped his cock inside. "Do you like it, baby?" Jason whispered to me and I moaned a yes, nodding my head. I could hear his moans and Jason's soft words as I floated down, my heart hammering against my ribs, my eyes glazed over with a passion I never knew existed.

Catherine and Charles (and Nick!)

group HighFly 2017-11-15

I can think of nothing sexier than two of everything...two warm, wet mouths kissing me, two pairs of questing hands caressing and touching me, two pairs of lust-filled eyes watching me surrender to the ultimate pleasure, two um...well you know. I think about the long, lingering moments I want to spend with both of them simultaneously kissing and nuzzling my neck, caressing my breasts, sucking my hard nipples until I'm breathless with desire, until I'm crazy with need, perhaps even until I climax... She started to return to the couch, to Charles, but stopped when he said, "I think Nick expects a kiss, Catherine." As soon as Catherine and Nick sat on the couch, Charles pulled her to himself, kissing her hard before letting his lips drift down her neck, finding the special spot where it joined her shoulder.