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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Evaluation Ch. 02

group Elixxxher 2017-11-15

You've never had it so good." Sam said back to her friend, knowing that the both of them were pretty wiped out from the time they'd spent with Gilles and Pierre. "Yeah, I know", Liz agreed, thinking about how much she enjoyed traveling on the agency's tab, especially so since any of the 'extras' provided by the resort that she put on her room ended up being complimentary at the end of the day. As the afternoon progressed and they enjoyed few colorful drinks under the hot sun, the girls thought it might be best to head back to their room to get cleaned up and watch a bit of TV before supper.


We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 05

group GreyGoose 2017-11-15

Steve and I lurched forward slightly with anticipation as we saw Julie’s whole torso tighten along with her bare shoulders and arms as her fingers did their work behind her back. Julie and Lily grinned at each other, and at long last, Lily’s little hands came to rest on Julie’s breasts. Lily’s ass faced Julie and I, and we watched as Steve reached his hands around to grab hold of it. This felt really good, and I smiled at Julie as I watched Steve work his hands over Lily’s tight little butt. Steve seemed to want to better view as well, so he stood with his hands on Lily’s hips, peeking over Lily’s shoulder to watch Julie at work.


Linda's cousin

group jwseekolder 2017-11-15

After a bit, the older man said "I want this one (Alan's) up my arse and the other (mine) in my mouth." So I sat on the sofa and he knelt down in front of me and proceeded to start sucking on my cock. Being young and virile it didn't take me very long before I came in his mouth but he continued to suck and eventually I had to push his head off, even then he licked my cock of every bit of cum he could find. The older guy asked if we could stay the night but Alan said no as he had to get home because he was on early shift with his father so he got dressed and the man let him out.

Groupfun at Halloween

group Doc3224 2017-11-15

Watching her head bob back and forth made my soldier stand at attention and caused Lizzy to slyly grind her pussy against my stiff cock. As she slipped off her panties, she turned around and let the whole room see her perfect tits, and cleanly shaved pussy. All the women went into the next room and left us men alone with our raging hard-ons. A few minutes passed and then Lizzy came back and said the rest of the women would return in just a minute. With all of the physical and visual stimulation, all of the men came within two minutes, and every girl took the load into their mouths, but didn’t swallow. Collectively the men all took their stiff cocks and plunged them deep and hard into their girlfriend’s dripping pussies.

another bi night.

group mrspankytoyou 2017-11-15

Lisa is close to me watching me suck her hubby and she moves in towards my arse, I feel her hands parting my cheeks just as Neil had done earlier. Then I see my wife's face reach for Neil's cheeks and together we suck, tongue and slober over his cock and arse too. Next thing I can feel is a tongue on my dick when it leaves Lisa's cunt then it goes again I look down to see Neil licking his wife's arse and my cock while we fucking. Neil moves towards Annie and tells her to get on all fours, he moves behind her and slides his cock over her wet slit of a cunt a couple of times to tease her, she pushes back and he enters her easily.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 90

group SteveWallace 2017-11-15

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. Mark and the sisters form a sexual relationship with Greg and Sean, architects where she works, and their wives Kim and Pam. The women are given The Experience by Mark and predictably fall in love with him. Melanie could probably sell sand in a desert, because she ticked off all the points about why Julie should come with us and join in and be the subject of a highly sexual group massage, and then why she should expand her horizons and fuck us to show her appreciation.


A Not So Sneaky Fuck. FFM Afloat. - Part Two

group markd40 2017-11-15

Sue's eyes are wide open watching me play with Annie's delicious cunt just inches above her lips, hoping that any drops of her hot juice will dribble into her mouth. Now Sue slips her hand inside her bikini and starts to finger herself but Annie is so far gone she doesn't notice. As I pull my fingers out of Annie's cunt she shudders and a dribble of cum trickles out and into Sue's mouth which she eagerly swallows with a sexy moan. She spasms so hard my cock is pushed out and a string of cum shoots out over her arse, down her cunt folds and over Sue's waiting lips. Sue lies there still shuddering, her climax subsiding slowly, her hand still inside her soaked bikini and her face covered in our sexy juices.

Ibiza Summer Fun Ch. 02

group tigerstory 2017-11-15

Her thigh rubbed against mine as she shot me a very sexy look and started telling me that she knew tonight was going to be a really good night. I felt a bit guilty having just kissed Jim's wife so I moved away from her and started to dance behind Kim. She rubbed her ass into my groin as I held her hips and we both moved to the music. The mention of swinging had my cock starting to harden, Mel felt this and put her hand down my pants and said to me sternly The whole time I was still dancing behind Tori was leaning her head back and kissing me as Jim had started to rub up under her halter top to get to her tits.

Oz. One Orgy

group C-Naughtypuppy 2017-11-15

I was all of a sudden I felt confused and dizzy I felt a hand on my breast, and opened my eyes wider trying to focus, I couldn’t believe what I saw, my friends had formed a circle around me, and were cheering “bigtex” on as he started groping my tits. I felt an expert tongue start lapping at my cunt, and I couldn’t help but thrust my hips and try to get relief, humping the mouth that so skillfully was eating me out. I immediately logged on to the internet, navigated yahoo to my chat room, and started rubbing my clit as I said good morning to my friends, and fuck buddies.


group Twatface 2017-11-15

When Kim went to the ladies, Sandra asked me what I thought of her friend. To cut a very long story short, I started going out with Kim and after several months of careful coaxing and slow move touching, I managed to break her open and even cum in her on her first fuck! I asked Kim if she would like Rob to fuck her before he went home as I'd seen her eyeing up his manhood. I returned the look and leaned over Kim's back grabbing hold of her dress and pulling it back exposing her knickers as she sucked me off as I sat in the arm chair.

While Guests Were Talking

group vie_secrete 2017-11-15

American East Coast aristocracy, wealthy and conservative, the type of golf club (fiscally conservative, socially liberal) Republicanism that had long fallen victim to Reagan's art of communicating politics in black and white (or good and evil) and later to the influence of Christian fundamentals, which Buchanan had invited four conventions ago. It was only then that Jean-Yves saw his host, sitting on the sofa, having taken his penis out of his pants, masturbating at the sight of his wife being serviced orally. Finally, Jean-Yves removed his underpants, his erect penis now close to his host's face. Jean-Yves kept his eyes closed, breathing in the sensation of the moment, the lust of years that he did not permit himself to admit or to express.

Lauren, Ken and Val

group Handmaidn 2017-11-15

I had a thing for older guys, and I began entertaining thoughts about Ken. I'd confided to Lauren about my fantasies, and she listened with interest. It was a soft, closed mouth kiss at first, but watching them, I saw Ken's lips part and accept Lauren's insistant tongue. His cock sprang out, and I looked at him; it was the first time I'd seen a man's cock, I mean, a live man...I'd seen plenty of pictures - especially in Ken's class! Ohhh - Ken let go of a low, guttural moan as Lauren and I took turns going down on him. I felt Ken's testicles tighten up - his rythmic pumping into my mouth got faster - and Lauren noticed.

First Bi Experience

group northparkbi 2017-11-15

I found my beer (which had warmed a bit), and sat back to take a breather and relax and watch, and after a short while a refreshed Juanita came out of the bath and sat next to me and idly stroked my cock while we watched Helen reach a series of shuddering orgasms, which apparently triggered both of the guys she was blowing, who within seconds of each other shot largish loads of cum onto her face and into her mouth. When I moved my head forward, I rocked my hips a bit, and though I was mostly overwhelmed by sensation, I could feel Helen's kegel muscles clenching and could see her sucking two of the guys while watching me suck Mark.


Prince Kyrhan's Harem

group dan57 2017-11-15

The last room was attributed to Preeti, an Australian blonde girl who never went to Kyrhan's palace with her husband who preferred beers, surfing and Rugby tournaments to sexual activities. Dan was often invited in Kyrhan's bedroom to share Kira, Leena or Ranu with the Prince. Dan and the other husbands would not share as usual the bedroom of their wives but be installed in the former harem slaves quarters that Kira had had repainted and cleared of rubble as they had not been used for a century. After having locked the other girls in their bedrooms including Kira in his usual room, Dan came with Peter in Preeti's room. Dan remained in the dining room until midnight waiting for the summon of Kyrhan to lead Preeti back to her bedroom.


Bacchanal Ch. 05

group Waiting4My3some 2017-11-15

Svetsi scooted out of the way and went to the head of the table, where she knelt and went to work first between Oksana's legs then Dev's. Dev busied himself fucking Cerise's throat while the two ladies took turns delicately teasing her clit, getting her as close to the edge as they could. At my urging, Oksana bent forward slightly so she could flick her tongue around and in Svetsi's little starfish while Dev licked and sucked at her clit. Desperate, I scrambled off Oksana, leaving Dev pistoning steadily into her, and ran to the Sybian, furiously pumping my cock so that I could release myself onto Cerise's upturned face, painting her exquisite cheekbones and open lips with my cum.

Debbie Does...Anything!

group tattoojew 2017-11-15

The other couple began to come as well and I turned round to watch them in the final stage of their fuck. Her tits were bouncing in and out of her top and she was rolling her hips, pushing her twat back onto his dick as he came, groaning, and pumping hot jets of scalding cum inside her. Debs smiled and leant over, taking my dick into her hot mouth. Now Debs was a cumslut par excellence but despite her addiction to cum she'd never had a cock spunk in her mouth. My cock continued to spurt into her open mouth and I could see streams of hot cum dripping over her lips. Taking my cum off her face with my tongue and pushing it back into her mouth, we were turned on like never before.


group Malinov 2017-11-15

Two months ago, Jim showed up at my place with this girl, Elizabeth. So it came as a surprise when Jim asked me to go to the park with him and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a woman so attractive that I was, until this morning, so intimidated by her that it was driving me away from my best friend, Jim. There is a fierce averageness to her brand of beauty - nothing too big, nothing too small, a normalcy that isn't normal, a common quality that is completely uncommon. Elizabeth simultaneously screamed and squirmed and squealed and fucked my cock furiously while Jim's cock slid along from behind. Jim turned to one side, looking at me past the raised mound of Elizabeth's hip.

Chance Encounter

group wildone162 2017-11-15

They asked right away if I was a hooker and he told them that I was an extremely horny soccer mom and I was looking for anything that made me feel good. They ate me and sucked my nipples till I was huffing like crazy taking turns, and hubby looked back in the rear view and asked them who wanted to fuck me. At one point I asked one of the guys who had gone if I could suck his cock, and he straddled my head and I took him down my throat. I smiled at hubby and told him I wanted to fuck him right then.

My Visit With Tony Ch. 5

group Salsa105 2017-11-15

Once we had settled on the couch, with me in the middle, Tony started to put a sex tape in the VCR. The movie had just started when Tony jumped up from the couch. I told him to keep watching the movie and I would just play with his cock. I told him I knew he wanted me...his actions in the club proved that. I knew Tony was outside the window watching and I wanted to put on a show for him he wouldn't forget. I wanted Tony to see Ronnie sucking on my nipples. I wanted Tony to see how Ronnie's cock was stiff but not being allowed to enter my pussy. I told Ronnie there would be plenty of time before Tony returned home.

Night Security

group MOB2012 2017-11-15

Anyway they were in the pool table room all horned up and groping and kissing each other. The blonde came over to me and said she could make it worth my while to stay quiet. She reached down and unzipped my fly and put her hand on my cock. The other three girls came over and started getting in on the action. The blonde pulled my pants and underwear down and started rubbing it nice and slow. My cock didn't take long to get up. I put her on the pool table and started penetrating her while the other two were licking and playing with each other. A few seconds later splat I came on her face,exploding like a volcano.

Fred, Mary, & Others

group OVERLAND 2017-11-15

Fred kissed Becky again, still squeezing tits with one hand while pushing the fingers of the other deep down her bum crack. "You've time for a coffee and a blow job," said Fred as he offered his stiff shaft to Becky's lips. Mary moaned long and hard as her vagina pulsed and throbbed around Fred's tool and then she screamed out loud as his hot streams of spunk began to fire out of his cock. Fred obliged with relish and pumped his cock hard in and out of his Mary's hole. Mary and Maria Elena from time to time stroked their fingers over their bodies, paying particular attention to their breasts, nipples and pussy cracks.


Amanda's Camera Ch. 1

group velocette65 2017-11-15

Bill stood back and watched as Maria continued to stroke him close to her face and gobble down Owens length with mounting enthusiasm. Maria could feel his spunk running down her face on to her chin and she wiped it away with the back of her hand before opening her eyes. Bill stood in front of Maria and smiled at her glistening face as she pushed her large breasts together. Amanda zoomed in as Maria pushed her breasts to her mouth and licked the big pools of cum off her own nipples. Watching her tongue slide around on her own nipples lapping up Bill's goo was just too much and Amanda's own pussy had started to throb.

Private, Don't Look Ch. 10

group Inspirinious 2017-11-15

I could see that Erica snaked one hand under Kim and was likely fingering Kim's clit while Joe continued to fuck Kim's pussy. I could see that Joe lifted Erica's left leg over his right shoulder, causing her to twist sideways in a splits position as he began to fuck her. I knew, and suspected that Joe knew, that when Erica has an orgasm, her vaginal muscles tighten around her lover's cock and squeezed really hard. We all knew that Joe and Kim liked hard, physical sex, more than Erica and I did. As we watched the video, Kim and Erica acted out the parts, stripping Joe and I out of our clothes and then sucking our cocks to raging hard erections.


Dream Vacation Pt. 09

group Xenolan 2017-11-15

As she stood next to Trina, the idea suddenly occurred to me that all I had to do was ask, and these two women would turn to each other and kiss deeply, feeling each other's bodies through these sexy outfits – and I felt a second chill. I loved that they would not only kiss but make hot lesbian love at my command, perhaps with Trina laying Nikita down on the bed and licking hungrily between her breasts, lifting them out of the dress to suck the nipples while Nikita arched her back and moaned with sensual pleasure... "Well, I shouldn't touch your cock," she said, "because we need to keep you nice and clean for when you do these two pretty girls, but I'm sure I can come up with something..." Nikita continued to rub her breasts in circles as she spoke.