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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

College Men's Room Ch. 3

group scentto 2017-11-15

"You make Krishna feel real good with your hard muscles and tight buns," she said as she reached down and squeezed my ass cheeks, pulling me close against her breasts and thighs. Krishna reached up and grasped my stiff erection between her delicate fingers and began to lightly masturbate me, rapidly flicking her wrist back and forth, as her husband continued to pound his thick thighs against my bare white ass cheeks -- his heavy balls slapping against my own tight sac as he thrust in and out of my virgin ass. As James long thick penis filled my ass, I felt my orgasm erupt, ejaculating long hot strings of creamy white sperm all over Krishna's dark slender fingers.

Fantasy Come True

group hand2hand 2017-11-15

I can't get off hearing and feeling a woman cum while my tongue is in her pussy. "I told them how much you enjoyed going down on me and that it's got to be your favorite activity and any time I want I just tell you and you please me with your tongue, and you never say no because you know I'm the boss and you do what I say." "I want you to show them how good you are." I look at my wife with confusion. When everyone is done my wife gets up and sets herself down on my face, grabs my cock and while I tongue fuck her she jerks my cock until streams of hot creamy cum shoot out and spatter on my chest.

Jetset - Intro

group Z_Magnus 2017-11-15

But then, the two of them began french kissing each other, with my dick trapped in between, being licked all over by both of their tongues, and then as if they had planned it, Kelly grabbed my ass and deep throated my cock all the way (which is something I hadn't seen in a while) and Jennifer took both my balls in her mouth and swirled her tongue around them. I screamed as I spurted load after load straight down Kelly's throat as she kept up by swallowing every bit she could but eventually I got the better of her and my sperm began to leak out of the side of her mouth, and she looked up at me, my cock still in her mouth, and gave a small smile.


Erica's Adventures: Anal Cocktail

group nomad8_6 2017-11-15

"I knew your mam and dad were going away this weekend." She said, pulling off her t-shirt unceremoniously and letting her massive tits flop free as she walked towards the living room. Barry obliged by thrusting hard in the direction of the sofa, forcing Erica to walk forward on her hands and knees until her face was inches away from Reece's crotch, who was sat in the center. "There's nothing I love more than the stink of a young mans bollocks after he's been wanking away for hours on end." Uttered Erica, squeezing her face even harder into Reece's nuts and shaking her head to rub the salty sweat and precum all over her. Ben left the room and returned with a roll of tape just as Tom's cock was jettisoning the contents of his swollen nuts into Erica's dirty hole.

The Pool Party

group Noghri 2017-11-15

I noticed that she was not wearing a bra, as my eyes followed my hand down the length of Molly's back, watching the flesh as is become exposed, the top of the dress falling away from her body. I introduced Molly to Mae, Andy and Kevin, and in no time we were all chatting like old friends. We walked onto the pool deck where Molly was in animated conversation with Mae and Kevin and Andy were chatting over their beers. "I'll have to look it up," said Molly, "I really like this top." She reached out and felt the thin fabric along Jan's side. Jan moved in and looked at Molly's tits more closely.


The Dinner Party Ch. 05

group zebra2001uk 2017-11-15

Roger sat there with his eyes closed and felt those soft, warm lips encircle his cock and knew that when he blew his seed, there was going to be a never ending stream – or at least that is what it would feel like to Rosemary. Holding out her arms, Rosemary took Angela in her embrace and for the very first time felt the naked body of another woman touch her skin – so smooth like satin, so warm, so sexual! Martin tasted Roger's sperm inside Rosemary' mouth – he had never tasted another man's sperm before; he had never tasted another man's cock – now was the time to start thinking about it but before he did he had a delightful duty to perform – he had to fuck Angela.


Never Enough Ch. 01

group Sweetcheekss 2017-11-15

Jack asked if nudity bothered me any since the girls wore very little, usually just a thong or a g-string. Jack stated he didn’t like hiring male bartenders since they usually were more interested in hitting on the girls rather than waiting on the customers. “You won’t make much in tips working behind the bar.” Jack stated. Jack handed me the job application, then walked behind his desk to make a phone call. Jack told her I was her new bartender and I‘d be starting later this evening. “Hey, you one of the new dancers?” A tall blonde girl asked, smiling down at me. Some of the guys wearing suits came over and sat at the bar, I assumed to get a closer look at me.


Jamie's Pool Party

group Lillian2Yung 2017-11-15

Jamie looked into the slight space between Claudia's and my body and gasped again as she saw my massive cock pounding into the wet teenage pussy of her friend. The tiny, beautiful Asian girl with shoulder length black hair who had been sucking my sisters pussy earlier came standing next to Jamie. Knowing you they're probably already underway or just outside," I said as Claudia sat down on the toilet lid and stared around at the other girls with a somewhat drained yet satisfied look on her face. I don't know which it was that made me so immensely horny, Lynn riding and groaning away on my cock or the lack of oxygen that Claudia provided with her wet and great flavoured pussy on my face, probably both.


Nasty Stacy

group icemania 2017-11-15

Pulling Doug's still hard cock out of her mouth, she looked behind her at the big black man plugging her asshole. "Now suck this clean bitch." She opened her eyes to find the black man who had been plugging her ass holding his slimy cock over her face and grinning evilly. Heartbeats later, as the crowd watched speechless with shock, the black man let out a low growl and a thick stream of yellow piss shot out of the cock splattering her face. Stacy only moaned in pleasure and rubbed the sticky white fluids all over herself and then slowly licked her fingers clean while looking at the lust-crazed men around her who were whooping and egging on the nastiest and hottest slut they had ever heard of.


The Roommate

group olsalt 2017-11-15

Saturday evening we went to a drive-in movie so I ask if we could invite Dan. Sue smiled but said we couldn't play with Dan along. She began to encourage him by telling him how good it was, by screaming for him to fuck her harder and she loved how his big cock filled her pussy. He just laughed and said I 'd have to ask Sue. I lay down beside her and caressed her breasts. I was so turned on I was close to coming even though Dan had stretched her so large I knew she couldn't feel my cock inside her. She was enjoying our closeness and having Dan's large cock throbbing in her mouth.

An unexpected night

group flamingdice 2017-11-15

With that he pulled out my mouth went behind Fiona who was now in another world riding the hell out of me, she flopped down on top of me, her big soft breasts rubbing against my chest, suddenly I felt Ross’ tongue on my balls, licking Fiona’s juices up, I just moaned as she moved up releasing my cock from her pussy and letting Ross suck on me, Oh damn I moaned, you’re going to make me cum mate, Fiona, still on top of me, looked at me lovingly and kissed me, cum, you deserve it, with that I felt Ross push me back to her pussy just in time for me to release a torrent of sperm into Fiona’s tight pussy, I heard him moan with delight, pulling me back out and eating the cream pie before turning his attention to my wet cum covered cock and licking that clean, I lay panting for a minute , none of us moved, then Ross said, hey Fiona, Dave is still rock hard!

Ally Ch. 05

group BadJ 2017-11-15

Ally did the same and saw that the girl in the movie was sitting on the first guy backwards with that huge cock in her ass! While she was distracted by the movie, Lance had pushed her tank up over her tits and her skirt up to give him access and the guys a show. Stopping to admire her gaping ass and the sight of her sloppy pussy, Chad entered her with a cry of "Take it!" Her grunt of pain was audible in spite of Dre's cock. Lance said "make the slut cum for the camera" Dre rubbed her clit furiously while Chad pinched and slapped her raw titties.

Moving Karen's Bed

group TenaciousD 2017-11-15

Lisa skillfully deep throated all of my 8", pulling me out of her warm mouth periodically to rub the lower ring of my cock's head around her tongue, flicking and sucking at it like an ice cream cone. All of a sudden Lisa stopped, pulling my dick out and, still rubbing its bulging pink head, said "It's my turn to have some fun now." Grinning devilishly, she turned around and pushed those pink panties to the side. She then turned to me and in a rough voice said "I want you to fuck her up the ass." Karen then rubbed her finger around Lisa's outer ass, then slowly but steadily shoved her finger up the hole. Then Karen reached her hands up, wet from Lisa's vaginal secretions, and began to work her middle finger up my asshole.

Little Lies Ch. 04

group Master_Vassago 2017-11-15

Christy smiled to him and lowered her head without thinking, earlier she had said she would attempt anything for him tonight and here she was kneeling behind the little hot coed slut sucking his cock and getting finger fucked by her getting ready to taste her first pussy. Chad could take no more the hot words spurred him on and soon he was doing just as she asked filling her pussy with his hot seed as Christy’s tongue went wild licking around the tip of his cock as it slipped from inside Amanda and shoving her tongue right up inside the girl.

Extra Credit Group Pt. 02

group lustskrypt18 2017-11-15

They exchanged looks as they thought it through, then of them all my brave little Kel stood up first, " I know I've got nothing to be embarrassed about," He walked to my desk and let his eyes fall from the ruler to my heavy chest. "Oh, good boy, but let's save that for our little group." He reluctantly nodded and stood up, I gave him a quick kiss on his warm cheek and sent him back to his seat, then fixed my eyes on Caleb who seemed to find the desk in front of him more interesting than his mostly nude instructor.

A Slut Got Fucked

group bitch2015 2017-11-15

one of them stood up and came behind me holding my hands in his and said that it wasn't difficult to make out that I was a slutty whore because of the wet patch on my pant near my cunt and perked nipples which could be seen through my cotton top... they fucked my face and pussy.the one fucking my mouth came first and he asked me to keep his cum in my mouth while he went and brought a big glass bowl and then asked me to pour it there as soon as I did so, the cock fucking my pussy plopped out and again I was asked not to cum though I was near my orgasm.

Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 02

group Merlin_6 2017-11-15

“Come on Cory, if you can’t flash it now how are you going to enjoy the ball?” Arlene asks as she settles back in her seat. Among the more interesting were the one’s selling adult videos which had non-stop scenes playing on screens behind them and a body-painting booth were the clientele was mostly women. The titles were provocative: Best Breasts by cup size and Best of Show, Best Costume, Best Strip Tease, Audience voting for various best of amateur video scenes and Best Sex Act. We sensed we were late and were looking for an open section of seats when we passed an access door. Irene, Nancy and Arlene are favorite photo opportunities and they graciously pose for several groups of people as we wander the outside promenade.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 40

group riverboy 2017-11-15

"You wouldn't like being in the middle of us?" Lexie said with a sexy smile that lit up her exotic eyes. "Or something sounds nice," Lexie said with a sexy smile that made me want to rip her clothes off right there. The two of them looked so beautiful together — petite Emma with the creamy skin, white-blonde hair and light blue eyes of her Swedish ancestors, and Lexie, an exotic, six foot two inch African-Chinese beauty with smooth caffe latte colored skin, dark mysterious eyes, and that incredibly luxurious long black silky hair that fell all the way to the floor in the ridiculously sexy position she was in. "Oh my god!" Emma said quietly, her eyes misting up with tears at the beauty of her new love's orgasm.


Pizza guy really delivered

group niagaraguy72 2017-11-15

The look on Spencer's face when Liz opened the door was priceless. As I munched her perfectly smooth pussy Liz told me what she wanted to happen tonight. She told me that aside from having Spencer fuck her, she really wanted to watch me suck his cock. We had a very kinky sex life and Liz sometimes fucked my ass with a strap on and we often kissed after I came in her mouth, but we had never talked about anything like this. I looked up from her pussy, smiled and told Liz that I would be open to anything she wanted. "Really!!!??" Liz said " Are you sure?" I told her if it turned her on then I would do it.

The Other Man

group ScottyTales 2017-11-15

I let my hands trace the contours of her shapely body, and then proceeded to continue to pull down her zipper the rest of the way, exposing matching black lace panties to her bra. She sank her mouth back down on her husband's thick cock a few times, just enough to get it wet again, and then she grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me in close over her shoulder and whispered into my ear. Brandon had let go of my head, and I withdrew briefly from his pulsing cock and looked up at Amy. She sipped her wine and smiled smugly down at me.


Swingin' with Mike & Julie part 1

group 2017-11-15

We looked at each other and muttered something like "Suppose so...." We got into conversation about boring, mundane matters and after about five minutes, Julie turned to me and said "Well then, how big's your cock?". I could see my partner had her eye on 'something' going on in an ante-room thru an archway where two skinheaded guys were giving a black woman a thoroughly good fucking on a huge red bed."Did you want to go and join in, in there?" Julie asked her. A few moments later I watched as my partner jumped off Mikes cock, turned in the water and knelt in front of him as he wanked his cum all over her face and into her mouth.

Trucker tales

group hotmedic 2017-11-15

Just then the big farm truck comes in from the field dumps a huge load of taters and heads back out to get another the 2nd truck does the same and they finally start loading the trucks in the dock I stroll back to my truck to wait in the coolness of my cab thinking about what I had just heard and get a half of hard-on thinking about it. A couple minutes later the wife walks in and smiles tells me she heard I'd be staying for dinner and says her name is Shirley. He says steaks are ready he piles them on the plate and we head inside naked where Amanda and Shirley have laid out the rest of the food.


group edintx99 2017-11-15

I slid my left hand up to her throat and gently squeezed it while my right slowly slid down her front, trailing my fingers down her breast, her flat, concave stomach and stopping to ruffle the small patch of golden hair that led down to her clit. At first she kicked and struggled so hard she almost pulled off my cock but then perhaps that trust she spoke of caused her to calm. Holding her head firmly by a handful of hair so she didn’t move and tilted upward so I could see her expression, I reared back and smacked her pussy lips as hard as I could with the flat of my hand.

mom 3rd part

group goodguysam 2017-11-15

Mom said He asked me to stay back he wish to talk with us. Mom kisses the lady on the cheek and hugs the boy. John said that is good boy feel at home. John said I got the best cock sucker here. John said now ladies on floor with their legs up and apart. Mom said yes soon after your dad died one of my friends from work told me to go to this church. John said so ladies do you want us to cum in your cunt or on your body. Mom said to Jim you fuck great you will make nice husband to some girl. I said this is good thing that Mom got into it.