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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Liz Gets Gangbanged

group RobJohnson 2018-11-01

She felt uncomfortable as she had a boyfriend and these guys were all trying it on, so Erica thought it best they left. The guys left, and Simon turned Liz over again, fucked her more before pulling out and wanking hmself off over her huge rack, leaving his spunk dripping over her breasts. Within a minute or two, she heard footsteps rush up the stairs and two of Simon's friends had entered the room and there in front of them was a beautiful girl, skirt around her waist with spunk dripping off her tits. Guys were walking in the room all the time, some just watched, some groped her breasts, some got a blow job, but some stayed and fucked her young pussy.


group DarkSide 2018-11-01

Melissa then positioned her breast above Alison’s face, she poured some of the cream onto her own breast and watched as it dribbled around her breasts, onto her nipple and slowly dripped onto Alison’s mouth. Maggie kept lapping at Alison’s pussy and it wasn’t long before her licking had started Alison off on her second. It wasn’t just the squirty cream this time, Melissa let out a gush of cum over Alison’s face that soaked the blindfold as she felt the force of her own orgasm. Maggie had run around the table and started to suck on Alison’s other nipple by this time. She looked up at Steve who was still plummeting his cock in and out of Alison’s mouth, obviously hoping for a few drops of special cream at some time during the procession.

Accidental Foursome Part 3

group Headsupmax 2018-11-01

“Sit back and relax, Greg,” she said, “I think you’re going to enjoy this.” Eve turned back to me and started planting the lightest of kisses all over my cheeks, nose, my eyelids, over to nibble an earlobe as she caress me, moving her hands to my breasts. I took a few final strokes and looked into his eyes, “Excuse me,” I said, “I’m going to finish Adam off while you recover.” Greg moved back to allow Eve to get out from between my legs and as soon as she moved away, he moved in running his fingers all over my pussy finally leaning forward to kiss where my pubic hair had been.

The Swinger Confessions: Room 515

group Coco 2018-11-01

Robert looked at me, and said “My fantasy, you need to tell me that we can do it, or no more loving for you. Raven is a petite woman with girl next door looks and a sexual appetite so demented that she is impossible to resist. I want things to go smoothly, so I gather the strength to resist this man, stand, pay for my drink and leave the bar. But since we are here and I know Coco & Robert love to play, there is something that I want. I suckle and pull, I bite and nip, and loving the feel of her nipple in my mouth I moan my satisfaction and raise my head for a breath.

Discovering That She's Bi

group tigsandtinks 2018-11-01

Becky let her fingers slip from Tinks' mouth, then suddenly lowered her dripping pussy to my wife's lips. Thrusting three fingers deep inside herself, she worked her clit frantically, heightening the orgasm, cumming hard, and gushing her sweet juices all over Tinks' face, returning the favour. As Becky rolled off my wife, I moved over and greedily lapped the juices from Tinks' face, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as I kissed her. Tinks rolled off her, working her way slowly up her best friend's body, sucking each nipple in turn, before licking some of her own juices from Becky's lips as they were wrapped around my still rigid cock. Becky moved closer too, and began cleaning my cum from Tinks' face with her mouth.

Lunch with Sue

group pandsal 2018-11-01

Just about every night for the next three weeks I was no sooner in bed than my mind began to imagine what was to happen at Sue and Robin's party. When we shook hands, Joy said, "I gather Sue has told you what to expect but do know that we are all thrilled to have you here; it's natural to be nervous but I can assure you there's no need." "We'll want to move upstairs later but for now, no couples together." Eventually, that resulted in Sue and Piers on one sofa, Robin and Caro on another with Joy and me on either side of Tony.

Our First Photoshoot

group BethanyFrasier 2018-11-01

As she motioned me over to join her in front of Jimmy's camera, surrounded by a nest of hot studio lights, I realized that agreeing to let my boyfriend shoot some nude pictures of me, weeks ago, had started out almost innocently; a private sexual indulgence between lovers, but which was now progressing inch-by-inch into things that 'nice' girls didn't do. After we had rubbed our bare pussies together until we exploded with mind-blowing climaxes, Sheri reached out and grabbed Jimmy's cock, and pulled it to her mouth. I sat and watched for a few minutes as Jimmy's head was thrown back in ecstasy, his cock disappearing into Sheri's mouth, over and over again, while I nestled my sex into hers.


group NicandNicey 2018-11-01

When I had it completely, I bent over and let him watch me lick the tip of your cock. I wanted to torment him so I made sure he saw the tip of my tongue lick every part of the head of your cock. I was still gripping his cock and felt it twitch in my hand like it was knocking on a door. After a few moments with my talented tongue and mouth taking him higher, I raised up to my knees and left his throbbing cock out in the cold. I know your cock felt my heat when my pussy began clenching you as if it had a will of its own.

Cloister House Part 3: Sin and Consequence

group firstdisobedience 2018-11-01

I was conscious of an approval from a different source on our walks; as we listened to her husband discourse on the floral structure of some rare spring bloom, I would often catch Lady Lively's eye appraising me while she lifted some soft flower before her full lips to inhale its scent. Lively, his breathing now ragged, thrust faster and faster as his wife sucked greedily at his cock; as he gazed at my come dripping from his wife's juicy cunt, he spent loudly into her mouth. I merely nodded; almost dumbfounded at what had just happened, I took my leave quickly, lingering just long enough to catch Lady Lively's sly smile on my way out of the room. 

Best Anniversary Gift Ever

group kornslayer1 2018-11-01

I was gonna suggest that we have dinner first, but you want make some new sexual memories together?" Rex wondered, grabbing my hands. "I know, but I don't want to wait," Rex answered, before he kissed me. "Oh, Marilyn, I had no idea," Jack laughed, placing his palms onto the back of his head. "Yes, suck my best friend's dick, sweetheart and make me jealous," Rex suggested, before his tongue attacked my right nipple. Then Rex took my entire nipple into his mouth and I already got Jack to start jiggling a bit too. After about thirty seconds, my face was drenched his Jack's cum and then I leaned up with Rex's pecker still inside me. "Trust me, we know, Jack," Rex laughed slightly.

Razia, The Horny Divorcee Ch. 03

group sahebji 2018-11-01

'Thanks a lot Razia I will see you tomorrow at six' I said, 'hey tell me how did you find out that I am here?' she asked. 'Razia you said that Maya has been married but to me she looks very young' I asked. After dinner we talked some more then Razia yawned, 'Sahebji I have had a hard day I think it is time to go to bed. 'Yes you are right but I didn't want it this way it just happened' Razia said. One morning after three or was it four months after Habib had passed on Mary said to me, 'Madam you are looking very exhausted and tired'. Mary smiled and covering me with a sheet left saying, 'Good night madam sleep well'.


Goldy Locks and the three Behrs, Part 2

group Kim 2018-11-01

Max, suddenly hard, knew how much Mama loved his tongue in her cunt. He could feel Rock's cock through the thin walls of her ass and pussy.  Slowly finger fucking her ass, Max pushed a second finger inside once she had loosened up.  Rock, feeling his buddy's rigid dick sink deeper inside Mama's loosened ass, coordinated his thrusts in time with Max.  When Max withdrew, Rock would sink in her pussy all the way, until his balls slapped her lips. With Rock's thick cock taking up most of the room, Mama's ass was extra tight. The naked trio made their way inside, not knowing that the dick teasing slut that haunted their days was sleeping in the very bed that the Behrs were heading toward. 

Nate and Ariana Chapter 4

group Cherism 2018-11-01

Emily’s anger level diminished upon hearing that Nate and Ariana were no longer lovers, but she stammered at Ariana’s question. Ariana knelt in front of Emily, her hands on Emily’s hips to slide the panties down her legs. As Ariana’s mouth got closer to her and Emily could feel the hot breath on her skin, her heart rate quickened as her arousal grew. Nate stopped thrusting as he watched Emily lower her mouth to Ariana’s clit, touching her tongue to the tender nub. They both gasped as tongue met skin; Ariana from ecstasy and Emily from the shock that she was licking another woman’s pussy. Emily was fully in the moment as she licked Ariana until not a drop of cum remained anywhere on her skin.

Ashley and Brittany Catch their God Next Door

group Tallak 2018-11-01

The Asian girl Ashley asks to see my huge cock again so I open my bathrobe she is in total awe and says it’s bigger than she thought. I tell them to keep their mouths open while I jerk it and then I feel my massive load getting close to fill their mouths. As I finger Brittany, she starts moaning very hard and I let Ashley suck my cock while we are laying on our side. I stop after Brittany cums multiple times and then I begin to finger Ashley; stretching her very tight pussy and then I start to fuck her very hard only being able to put half of my cock inside her.

My Crazy Naked Twister Weekend (Chapter 1)

group DanielleX 2018-11-01

Like the last time, we decided to make a weekend of it and I invited the girls up for a Friday sleepover with shopping on the Saturday followed by a party in the evening. I was now having my bum cheeks fondled by Aisha, while Gemma was snogging me and stroking my breasts with both hands, making my nipples as hard as bullets. Gemma began to kiss my boobs as I stroked her legs, making her skirt ride up until it was like a puckered roll of cotton. Aisha's fingers were pressed into the inside of my thighs, making little round impressions in the flesh as she slurped at my pussy.

Tied for Two

group marie5555 2018-11-01

Once all was set as they liked it, I was helped to lie down on my back, pillow under the small of the back to raise my bum slightly, my legs were opened gently and Keith slid easily into my wet slit, while Dave knelt near my head for me to take his cock into my mouth. I found myself lying on the floor between them, their fingers gently  playing  with my ultra-sensitive pussy and nipples, feeling so aroused, still wanting more cock in me, more comes, more touches and teasing. Then face down over some cushions while Keith slid into me from behind and Dave came in my eager mouth.

Bro's basketball team

group sexy_slut_27 2018-11-01

It was around 5:30 in the afternoon when we arrived in reno, and tired, My brother, Matt, my parents and I all were ready to get to our room after the four hour drive up. As the buzzer goes off at the last game of Saturday, I start to stand up and walk to the car, so as to secure the front seat, when i hear my parents saying that they are going out to dinner, that Matt and I can order some service and they will be back around midnight. That night, Matt and the rest of his teammates were sleeping in Kev's room because his parents weren't there. After about two hours of having been used and abused by my brother's friends, Matt was the last one left in the room to get a fuck.

My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 7

group LuvitAll 2018-11-01

  He looked a bit disappointed until I leaned down and licked the pre cum off his cock.   He grabbed my head and pushed it onto his cock again, thinking he was going for the home run.   I took a quick look around, stood up, lifted the back of my skirt and sat back down on his cock.   He relaxed his grip and I continued my sliding, enjoying the feel of his cock in me and all the wetness of the cum dribbling out.   I watched him watching me; feeling filthy.  I rubbed my hands together quickly and dried the rest of the cum into my skin.

Splurge: Waitress Gets Her Just Desserts

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-11-01

It looks like you're trying to cheat the system and I didn't pay good money to be cheated, especially when that wench is such a hot little morsel," Stewart said indicating his desire for Tatiana. Roger looked down the magnificent tight nipples on Tatiana's gorgeous breasts and moaned as he leapt forward and his mouth captured them with a loud roar. Roger knew this time would not come again, and this was his one chance to experience the tight pleasure of her perfect, hot ass. "You, need, a, good, hard, fuck, bitch!" Roger called out in staccato to the beat of his aggressive thrusts into her tender, tight, little ass.

Jungle night

group magentalips 2018-11-01

The dark mosquito net of night falls quickly and peacefully after the usual brilliant display of sunset. Born in a place that is wild and cold, Jane closes the bedroom door, even though she is the only one in the house,  turns off the light and walks around the bathroom and the bedroom as bare as when she was born, feeling the humid air doing good to her skin. The rest of her Friday night ritual is to pour herself a large glass of red wine, get comfortable on the divan and watch any good movie on cable TV. Jane holds it in her hand and turns off all the light in the house, as she makes her way to the kitchen to pour her wine.

Gangbang in the Barracks

group merdockmoe 2018-11-01

A week after my roommate, Jason, watched as I fucked my girlfriend, and then joined us in the shower and helped her blow me to another orgasm, Laura and I decided to save a bit of money and stay in the barracks for the weekend. I went back in mine and told Laura that Steve was on watch tonight, and that he’d let us know when the OOD was about to do his rounds of the building. Jason looked too stunned to do anything as Laura unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them and his skivvies down over his ass to the floor, and began to suck his cock again.

Perfact Club, No.2

group kirawildgirl 2018-11-01

No fair” Rachel was eating me up as I struck a pose – legs apart, hands on hips, my landing strip of black of hair down my pubes as visible as the hard nipples on my 36D breasts. Rachel lifted her head up and watched as the woman slowly wiggled the cock down into her pussy, deeper and deeper, until it was hilt-deep. “Put your legs over my shoulders, like a good little fuck.” She growled at Rachel, who wiggled and struggled to obey. I gaped at her, trying to image what it must feel like to have your clit teased, cunt filled, and ass plugged while you fucked the life out of another woman.

Sumo Wrestling

group Samuelx 2018-11-01

I started a secret Sumo Wrestling Club with my friend David Amarillo a long time ago. He began to pound the hell out of Kyle's butt, shoving his long and thick cock deep into the big man's asshole. Kyle spread the big Japanese woman's ass cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her tiny asshole. I watched as Theresa, the sexy Japanese Sumo Wrestler, got sandwiched between Robert and Kyle. While I fucked David and Kendra buried her dildo into my ass, Nicole decided to join the action. While Theresa fucked Robert, Kyle was driving his hard cock deep into her asshole. Kyle, Robert, Kendra, Theresa, Nicole and David.


Bisexual Black America

group Samuelx 2018-11-01

Myrna continued to eat Melanie's pussy while Jackson fucked her from behind. Jackson continued to fuck the hell out of Myrna, who ate Melanie out like there was no tomorrow. Myrna just fucked the hell out of Melanie's pussy with the dildo and now she wants to be pleasured. Myrna thrusts the dildo into Melanie's pussy and at the same time, slides her thick fingers into Myrna's ass. Melanie looks and sees her husband Jackson fucking the hell out of Robert. Melanie is one lucky woman, to have two hard men stuffing her pussy and asshole with their cocks at the same time. A couple of hours later, Melanie and Jackson leave the home of Robert and Myrna.