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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ski Trip

group tgirl_Mary 2017-11-15

There was no telling if Kyle would pick the same bed, sleep naked again, or if the others would stay up later or a million other things but it didn't matter to Kelly. It was Kelly's intention to wait until he fell asleep then sneak in with me and kneel down beside the bed where she couldn't be seen and wait for Kyle's nocturnal actions to start and watch the whole thing. Kelly had taken hold of Kyle's cock again and was pressing the head against my sphincter muscle. Kyle was half hard again and Kelly grabbed hold of his huge python and pulled it to her mouth.


Unexpected Threesome Pt. 02

group BiSapphyr 2017-11-15

She gently broke away from Sean to take my other hand and kiss my fingers, stroking the tips with her tongue. He came up to kiss me so I could taste her while Kate went back to sucking my clit hard. "Oh God Kate, oh God..." Just when I was about to come, she pulled back and licked my pussy lips gently, knowing that I needed her working on my clit to get me to come. With a moan, Kate began licking my clit again, but this time she fingered me. Sean began to fuck her faster and faster, and Kate rocked her hips more and more, and she was moaning over and over.

The Greatest Birthday Present

group looniestu 2017-11-15

With that they began embracing again but this time Marcia lowered her head level with Sharon's chest and took one of her nipples into her mouth. Very rarely will Sharon let me cum in her mouth so I expected Marcia to stop, but to my surprise and delight she simply carried on sucking my dick harder and faster whilst Sharon massaged my balls. With that Marcia plunged her tongue deep inside my girls cunt, ravishing her pussy, fucking Sharon like never before. After what felt like forever but was probably only a few minutes I told Marcia to get on her hands and knees for me and I knelt behind her before sliding my cock deep inside her wet little cunt.


Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 03

group noody2005 2017-11-15

"I want to taste all of you" her mouth found my breast "I've always wanted these" she said kissing and fondling them and then I felt her hand under my skirt between my legs, softly brushing my pussy through my wet panties. I reached up as she pushed her breasts into my hand and released an audible moan as I stroked her small breasts for a while, before she pulled my hands away and guided them to my sides and said, "Slowly, take your time we have all night." She leant forward and trailed her mouth down again over my breasts and lingered at my navel before her lips and tongue continued further until they reached the top of my panties.

The Last Boy Scout Ch. 03

group Tx Tall Tales 2017-11-15

We were going through a lot of wood with two different fires, and I didn't look forward to the prospect of finding more, hopefully not waterlogged, before it got dark. It looked like most of the camp would be able to retreat to their tents again, if the weather didn't take a turn for the worse. I'd seen glimpses of Lisa, Teri and Shannon all morning long, but Julie had been harder to spot. The way you look at me when I'm doing it." She took the head in her mouth, her tongue active, playing, while she gazed up into my eyes. "Looks like a big storm headed this way.


One good turn part 3

group petercee 2017-11-15

The river at Waikerie is pleasant with high cliffs on one side unfortunately for the guys this restricted what was possible on the top deck as we were overlooked by a section of the park and a large number of houses, it didn't really surprise me that they thought up various excuses to go back into the cabin eventually Anne agreed and all three disappeared from sight I finished my beer before going down surprised to find them all in the front cabin with the curtains drawn Anne was sitting on Tony's lap while she was sucking Tim's cock it took a second or two to register that Tony was actually up to the hilt inside her so that they where having a threesome together instead of their usual individual sessions.

Mystery Prize Ch. 02

group Kot_Carson 2017-11-15

"Ah yes, Miss Johnson," he said handing Cait's card back to her, "You're at Table 33. Lucy shot a look at the two other women in the room, exchanging glances with Cait in particular. Lucy was at the table laughing with Cait, I put the drinks down and asked, "What's so funny?" Sure, it was corny, but Lucy and I joined the rest of the audience booing Ian. He came back on stage with a disappointed look on his face. "Alright, here's the deal," Ian said as some stagehands wheeled out a table with some blindfolds, numbered temporary tattoos, and curious looking bottles. Ian laughed and said, "That can be arranged, but before we begin I want to ask everyone, if you're up for this game.


The Cheerleading Squad

group goldemerald 2017-11-15

If there are no more spots for players, I'll try to get you a spot aiding the team some way," the counselor said. Soon the rest of the girls arrived and the 20 cheerleader team was complete. "Okay girls, let's get going," Carmen said. "I tried to get on the football team, but I was too late for that, so they gave me this instead," I said. "I bet it's kind of hard to leave a place like that at 18," Megan said. "Hey Jason, I didn't think you would be up this early," said Ashley, the pretty redhead on the lounge chair. "Let me know how I'm doing, OK?" she said and took my dick in her mouth.


Hilary and Kim, another weekend

group slapnuts69 2017-11-15

Kim had her back to me and I was massaging her wonderful D sized titties while Hilary took turns licking her clit and sucking on my balls. Hilary then worked her way up to Kim's mouth and they kissed and shared my cum. This off course was rubbing the nub of the strap on into Kim's pussy and all three of us were working up to a big simultaneous orgasm. I sort of half rolled off of her and Kim withdrew the dildo from my ass and went to work licking the cum off off Hilary. She was basically string at Hilary and Kim, and they were really putting on a show now, making out with each other and rubbing each other's pussies.


group quietheron 2017-11-15

With Daniel's hand still pinching my nipple, I turned my head over my shoulder and saw that Jamie's head was in Steve's lap. While I concentrated on kissing Daniel, Jamie was taking picture after picture, and Steve was operating the video, occasionally reaching down to give his penis a few quick jerks. Jamie pulled herself off Daniel's penis and the two of them sat on the couch to watch Steve spank me. It was with reluctance that I stepped away from her and looked at Daniel on the end of the couch, where he was watching the three of us, still fully dressed, with only his penis out, like Steve.

Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 2

group sinnndy 2017-11-15

After a couple of minutes, I looked at Billy, I knew he was about to cum, so I really started stroking him hard, and within seconds, he shot a nice load. The thing I hate about hairy pussies, and one the reasons I shave mine, is when you get a pubic hair on your tongue, it's a bitch to get it off, or if one goes into your throat, and you start hacking like a cat with a hairball, yuck. He then slowed down, and gave me long hard thrusts, pulling his cock out completely, waiting a second, and then slamming the whole thing back in my ass, staying there and grinding deep inside me.


Exercising Prudence

group gorgeousgypsygirl 2017-11-15

The boys laid me down on the soft grass and took one breast each in their mouths, kissing and suckling on them in their own way – Ted more gently, John using his teeth a bit. As if there was a plan, John immediately let go of my breast and pushed my skirt up to my waist while Ted took over massaging both breasts. John continued letting his hands and mouth rove over my skin while Ted worked at making me climax multiple times... John came over and wrapped his arms around me, looking deeply into my eyes as he thrust his tongue into my mouth for one more passionate kiss before disappearing through the woods toward his parents' house.

Adventures of Mark Ch. 3

group lisabest69 2017-11-15

Mark watch her full breasts bounce as Darla headed for the water, he looked at Amber, shrugged his shoulders, and pulled his jeans down on his way to the bank of the spring. Slipping her hand between them, Darla said, "I didn't think of you and sex until I saw this before you jumped into the spring." Her fingers wrapped around Mark's growing cock. Darla threw off the blanket and was holding Mark's throbbing cock straight up as Amber's face came through the tent flap. "Now your going to take all of this into you." Amber let out a whimper as Darla pushed the head of Mark's cock into her virgin ass.

Kellys 20th birthday

group 2017-11-15

But then he started the truck, unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock, bent me over and told me to lick it, but don't suck it, until he said stop. My tits were bouncing up and down from being fucked while standing up, I opened my legs and another man started playing with my pussy. I couldn't stand this, one guy it teething a nipple, a man I can't see is fucking my pussy, another one of rubbing my clit and a fourth is sucking the other tit. I thought my breasts were ripping off my chest, then he untied my hands and cinched the rope even tighter, I stopped eating the woman's pussy and felt a hard crack against my ass again.

Orgy Island

group Thring 2017-11-15

Not giving the screaming brunette a moments rest the man moves up her body and plunges his hard cock into her sopping wet cunt to begin fucking her with long swift strokes until she cums again and he pins her to the bed as he too finally cums deep inside her. She begins to finger fuck herself as she sucks on Lydia's tit until her hand is slapped away by a tall thin blond woman with big pointy tits with inch long nipples who sinks to her knees between the girl's legs and begins to lick.


Adventure in Fantasy Ch. 02-03

group charliewilder 2017-11-15

When Renee started telling Mel and Sam about her fantasy website sitting at the bar, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was saying something to Mel and Sam (who by the way seemed to be developing a thing for each other), when Renee ran her fingers through my hair and whispered into my ear "we would love to take you back to our place for the evening, are you up for that?" Again I had this sense of déjà vu. At that moment I wondered if Eric had a hard on, and what it would feel like in my hand.


The Blackout

group Raindear 2017-11-15

That way no one is likely to see us." In answer to that, Charlie stuck another finger up inside me and thrust it in as deep as he could, "Aw damnit, Philip, she's not a virgin." Philip took my chin in one of his big hands and pulled my head around to look at him, "Why aren't you a virgin, Toya? Feel me with your little hand, massage my cock Rub me, honey." I did as he asked, wrapped my little fingers around the hard mass in his pants and pushed it up and down and after a while, I felt a big wet spot on my palm. "What would it feel like if I rub some of that stuff on your cock?" Philip looked at Charlie and answered, "I don't know.


Cabin In the Woods Ch. 03

group jazm49 2017-11-15

"And I liked watching you fuck my friend Linda," Debbie said, climbing onto the bed on her knees and reaching for his cock. Ben's fingers found Debbie's pussy, marveling at its juiciness, and she leaned over and met Linda's lips. He put his hands on Debbie's hips to pull her to him and she shook her ass as if to say, yes, I know you're there and I like what you're doing. I seem to have acquired a new taste," Linda said, and she and Debbie exchanged a meaningful glance. "Do you have any fantasies about what you'd like to do the next time?" He asked, looking into her eyes as he moved his cock inside her.


A Wedding To Remember

group soroborn 2017-11-15

John stepped forward to stand beside Kathy, and Sarah glanced across at me before taking her seat with Anne on the opposite side of the aisle. As we danced, I alternated admiring Anne's breasts, accentuated by her pushup bra, and exchanging a knowing smile with Sarah as I spotted her erect nipples showing through her thin summer dress. As we got through the door of the girls' room and Anne closed it behind us, Sarah was in my arms, kissing me passionately. This time Sarah began to touch herself, pushing her hand against her mound as I slid into her, then stroking her clitoris with a fingertip.

my slut wife 1

group johnjohnagr 2017-11-15

The dining room was not very full, the resort itself was rather empty, a handful of couples were there on the first night, although more singles and a few more couples came and went throughout the two weeks, the resort stayed pretty quiet. I walked in to the bathroom and i heard two guys taking while using the urinals, they were talking about a girl, on guy said how he liked the girls tiny titties, the other guy said he liked her pussy, the first guy asked him where he saw her pussy, and the the other guy told him that she was wearing a mini skirt with no panties in the dining room, and her pussy was bald.

my first male threesome

group middleman502000 2017-11-14

I slid my hand up his leg and found a very hard cut cock, I had to taste it so I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth, I couldn't believe how good it felt, I bobbed my head up and down moaning with pleasure. I said please I want you to cum deep inside me, he slammed into my ass hard a few times and then pulled me back against his cock and blew his load deep in my ass, I could feel squirt after squirt of hot cum being pumped in, we all collapsed in a pile till we caught our breath.

The Neighbor Ch. 02

group LadyBlueMoon 2017-11-14

At that moment, my husband returned and Steve yanked his hand back rapidly, his face reddening. Steve moaned and made to push my head off him as I felt his cock twitch. I could tell they excited Steve as much as they did me by the way his cock suddenly began to grow. His mouth moved to my breasts, sucking and licking first one, then the other nipple, while his tongue found my clit and began to roll it beneath its hood. Steve pulled out with a loud, wet plopping sound and began to cum on my ass as I sucked the last of my husband's sperm down my throat.


The Houseboat Incident Ch. 04

group heatherheathen 2017-11-14

Kali reached down gripping his cock overhand and began to stoke it her other hand she placed around the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Kali's hand slipped from my head as I pulled back wriggling my tongue on the underside of his shaft before moving forward engulfing his hard wet cock in my velvety mouth. Tommy pulled his cock from my lips presenting it to Kali, she quickly wrapped her mouth around his cock pushing his hand half way down the shaft of his cock with her lips she rocked back and forth sucking his cock.


Submisse the weekend whore

group submisse 2017-11-14

just after I went to sl**p, maybe two am or so, I got woken up to three guys, they wanted me to fuck them too, which was cool, but I was tired so I told them “maybe later.” without even a hesitation the three of them dragged me out of the bed and gave me a beating me, then tossed me on the floor pulled my legs apart took turns r****g me, when they were done the locked me in the room. The eight guys just took turns and each filled my ass with cock and my mouth with cum, demanding each time that I swallow.