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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

By the Lake

group RjThoughts 2017-11-14

Natalie moved her hand from the breast to Candice's pussy, softly stroking the outside. If I weren't hard from the action between her sister and sister's best friend, Bernadette's naked body would have caused me to rip through my shorts. Stephanie Tinkers was a friend of Bernadette, a young woman that was short in stature but tall in attitude. "I guess he likes girls with hips," Natalie said, mostly to Bernadette. She grabbed my hard cock with her left hand and put her mouth on my head. I put a hand on the back of Stephanie's head and began to fuck her mouth. "Oh fuck," Candice grunted before putting her hands in Stephanie's hair.


group willmode 2017-11-14

James stopped pumping, and removed himself from Emma.  He returned her evil stare with one of his own.  "Insubordination will not be tolerated.  Now you have to wait your turn behind our other captive."  James pried her arms off of Marisol, and pulled her upright.  "See what not listening to your master gets you?"  James smiled darkly at her, before turning towards the door.  He picked his shirt up from off the floor, and wiped himself off before returning to his wenches.  He stopped in front of Marisol, and slipped his tongue into her open mouth.  He began to suck on her lips, and bite on her lower lip.  His arms wrapped around her, and his nails dug into her flesh.  He then inserted his puling cock into her pre-lubed pussy.  As he began to fuck her, he took a brief pause from the oral stimulation to give Emma her new orders.  "Now wench, do as I say and make this one cum.  Keep in mind that the faster she does, the sooner we get you in these restraints."  His voice was a low seductive growl that had an obvious effect on Emma, who nodded at him, adding a small, obedient, yet still seductive, "Yes, Sir."

Becky's First Orgy

group libidinal 2017-11-14

"Mmmmmmh, they feel so good to hold, Becky," Vicki said, fisting the two penisis. Finally I took pity on him and took his cock between my lips as I kept on fisting Bob. Vicki brought her face close to mine, looking right into my eyes. After I gave Tony some good, sloppy head, I moved over to Bob's cock, just eyeballing it for a moment, relishing its length, its girth, its steely, rigid smoothness. "I have a feeling she's nice and tight, huh Bob?" Vicki said, looking over to her boyfriend. I closed my eyes and sucked that beautiful cock of Bob's while Tony slowly fucked me and Vicki fingered my ass.


The New Summer School Ch. 02

group Alex Finch 2017-11-14

Even in a hurry, pursuers no doubt hot on her tail, Summer had taken the time to dress well, her skinny hips kissed by a deep hued jean miniskirt and her ribs hugged by a sky-blue belly shirt, all 110 pounds of her wrapped like a gift. Dave had backed away from Summer, and removed his own pants slowly, and tossed them into the corner, the girl’s bare torso heaving in approval between her belly shirt and panties. Mr. Cross began to shiver as he pulled off his shoes and socks and his wife gasped for air as she nervously, uncontrollably threw off her tank-top. Lucy and Dave stared at them more, occasionally groaning as Chet and Summer continued to lick and suck.


Recollections Pt. 02 Ch. 01

group Kaadorix 2017-11-14

Friday morning I awoke to the feel of Merissa's moist, velvety lips working their way down my abdomen. "Something like this." I lifted the hem of her nightgown beyond her breasts and kissed her abdomen while maneuvering her silky purple G-string down her slim hips and thighs, earning a guttural, insanely sexy moan from Merissa. "Lexi made me promise before leaving for work 30 minutes ago that I would give you a huge, ample-sized hug and kiss to start your day off right." Merissa traced her hand down my shoulder, inspiring a shiver, and sending goosebumps along my spine. In that case, good morning one more time," I murmured, wanting to march us right back to bed, but knowing better at the moment.


Loosening the Bonds Ch. 10

group SighWriter 2017-11-14

"I'd be honored to lend a momentary hand." I felt Jim's hand go between my widely spread legs and saw Ken get a strange look on his face for a moment; then Ken's decidedly hard cock was pushing its way into my cunt, which was still well lubricated by the remains of Ted's cum. I finally had to let Ken go as first Jim, then Ted exploded in my cunt, sending their jism spurting inside me, then oozing out as the little room not filled with cock quickly ran out. As Jim and Ted both ceased pumping in my cunt, I fought to catch my breath, then reached out and grabbed Ken's cock, pulling it and him back toward me and greedily stuffing the cock into my mouth, sucking and cleaning off all remnants of his cum.


My Barista: Happy Hour

group Azuldrgon 2017-11-14

Cathy then proceeded to roll my wife's nipple in her mouth as I walked over and kissed my wife on the lips before our tongues intertwined. Cathy sat on the side keeping her hands on her lap as she watched me show Dave the places he could kiss a woman to drive her crazy. I then had Dave proceed to kiss and suck my wife as Cathy held her down until she climaxed all over his face. She took my cock out her mouth and licked it one time from base to tip before telling Dave that she wanted to feel both of us. Cathy and my wife wanted Dave and I to cum all over their faces one last time before we cleaned up and left for home.


Just the Two of Us Ch. 02

group sexual4some 2017-11-14

'I love you Lauren.' I looked over her shoulder as she craned her head back onto my chest and groaned, and saw that Luke had slid down to kiss her breasts again, stroking them and her stomach through the fabric of her shift. Lauren smiled at me as I got back on the bed and she moaned, pushing Luke's head away from her and kissed him slowly. Encouraged by Luke's faint moan she kissed it, and began to lick it up and down, before holding it with one hand and sliding the head into her mouth. 'I guess that'd be good.' Looking at Luke she smiled shyly, ever the young girl, even in the position of being nude between two men who had been fucking her face and snatch.


No Longer Strangers in Paradise

group kenkx 2017-11-14

Dan sensed Jill's newly acquired taste for a big cock, but he didn't want to give his boss the satisfaction of a second round with his wife. Renee looked at the Playa del Maya web site with Ken. She noticed that the resort had a nude beach area and quickly understood why Ken had chosen that particular resort. While Dan put away the contents of their suitcases, Jill opened the glass door and stepped onto their patio to take a look at the beach. Looking around at the topless women nearby, Renee tells Jill that she's sure that Ken would be pleased if she were to 'do as the Romans' and shed her top while at Playa del Maya.


Just the Beginning...

group Scorpio44 2017-11-14

The elevator doors opened and Pete walked out with judi still on his arm. Please kiss my nipples." She let go of the blouse and held her breasts forward towards the three men. When the elevator dinged for the sixth floor the young man suddenly kissed her right nipple and then her left. As the doors closed judi said, "Thank you Sir." The other two men took more time kissing her nipples. When we reached the first floor judi said, "Tell your friends to find me in the men's locker room for the next hour or until I win the bet." Pete and judi were watched by the ten men and one woman in the gym as they walked to the men's locker room door.


George and Julie Meet Their New Neighbor

group Bakeboss 2017-11-14

While I was agreeing aloud with my wife, what I was thinking was 'it sure is nice to have a woman with a body like Phoebe's living so close.' With that, they said good night but when Phoebe noticed how unsteady my wife was, she told John to go ahead, and then offered to help take care of Julie. "To tell you the truth George, John wants your wife, and he thinks if he lets you have me first, you won't mind when he takes Julie." It felt really good, but I could only think of Phoebe hungrily swallowing my whole cock, and when I thought of that, I came just as Julie was kissing the tip, spraying cum all over her face.



group chrish24 2017-11-14

As daddy began pry my pussy open using that big hard tool that God blessed him with, I noticed my mother standing at the foot of my bed watching. I had never felt anything like it before, while sex was a new thing in my life back then, I felt my time with Uncle Steve was the start of something rare and beautiful. While my pussy was being hammered by my uncle I saw mom with her open legs d****d over the arms of the easy chair, she was fingering her pussy, and I could tell by the glee in her eyes that she loved what she was seeing.

Birthday Bootie

group knobgobbler 2017-11-14

"In good time, Kat, just wait." As he continued to run his long, stiff fingers up and down my taut body, he started me shaking from head to toe. I took my middle finger and start flicking my clit with it and instantly I felt my nipples tighten and I could feel my thighs tense up. Joe walked around the table and grabbed my other tit in his hand and roughly took it into his mouth causing electrical shocks to run through my body. "Oh, Kat, I'm going to cum...please don't stop...please, oh yeah." I felt her clit engorge and next thing I know, my face was flooded with her cum juices.


With Three You Get... Ch. 03

group Rathgon 2017-11-14

To the man standing in front of her, his cock standing hard in anticipation of more sucking she said, "Lick me." He moved around her and buried his face in her ass, Janet imagined his tongue licking from Ivana's full pussy up to her puckered anus. "Oh, yeah," she moaned, "Lick my ass." Suddenly her hand slowed and Janet knew Ivana had reached her "spot." She lay, the hand on her pussy barely moving, the slurping of the man at her ass audible in the near silence. Janet closed her eyes as Dinah start licking her breasts, her tongue swirling around the erect nipples while her hand continued stroking her stomach.


Lisa Ch. 08a: Evil

group JadenL 2017-11-14

She tossed her rifle, pulled a shotgun from nowhere and fired but the man she was firing at fired at the same time and Jim screamed "No!" when Jessica's right shoulder bucked and she flew back. "That's it bitch." The third man said and Jessica turned to see him advancing on her, a huge knife in his hands which he tossed back and forth as he moved forward. As he sat up and pulled the rope off his ankles and wrists Jessica went to Jim, Josh, Angus and Scott cutting all of their ropes. "Yup." Josh said moving to where Scott stood with an arm draped around Jessica. But help yourselves to whatevers in the kitchen." Scott said quietly to the doctor when he looked up from Josh's leg.


Dirty Offroading

group 1984slut1984 2017-11-14

"Oh, not too much, we are just thinking of going for a bumpy ride through the trails behind Zack's farm" Ron said, as he put his arm around my shoulder. "Sure that sounds fun, I have never done that before" I said, as I felt Darren's hand sneakily slide the length of my exposed thigh. I stood there naked surrounded by these five guys who were sucking my nipples, kissing my neck, and squeezing my ass and rubbing my pussy. I looked to Kenny who was now stroking his nicely sized cock as he watched me fuck his friend. "Oh man, look you guys, Kenny's getting hard again" Scott said.

A Hickerman Party Ch. 04

group saber6 2017-11-14

At exactly that moment Angel gasps out in surprise as the second man in line kneels down between her legs, leans forward driving his tongue right into the folds of her pussy. I was just telling your nicely hung boy friend here, that we are all equals in this club." Slowly climbing up on the bed, she places one knee next to Bill's head and swings her right leg over to straddle his chest, while saying, "However, I am gong to take advantage of my position anyway and consume a little extra time." She slides forward pushing her pussy into Bill's face.


The Cap D'Agde Tale

group NewAnon 2017-11-14

As she bent to give Mitch his new drink, I saw that she had opened several buttons of that blouse. Mitch gulped his drink and for a moment I thought he had forgotten all about that great time he was supposed to tell us about, that time at Cap D’Agde. She was blushing and I realized she was sexually aroused by the situation: the growing darkness, the effect on her of alcohol, her bold down-blouse display for Mitch, and the beach scenes that he was describing. “Ok, folks, here goes,” Mitch began, “I was strolling along the beach checking out the scene, looking for a nice sex show. Was she so entranced by Mitch's tale that she imagined herself with him, like the woman on the beach?


Little Sister's Initiation

group darkscribe 2017-11-14

One of the frat brothers that was with Tara had stood up and said, "Now that we have had to chance to know each other more intimately, I think it is time we moved on to what we are here for. While one of the brothers was fucking Ashley, the next two in line were either fucking or getting sucked off by Tara or Jenna. At the same time Jenna was on her hands and knees, being fucked in the ass while sucking on the cock of the brothers and stroking the cock of the other. The two brothers that were double fucking Jenna had got up and were stroking their cocks signaling that were ready to shower Ashley also, making her initiation complete.

Surprise Gang-Bang

group saber6 2017-11-14

My cunt is now so hot, I'm not sure how much more I can take, but know that I have to continue to beg him to fuck me hard and fast with his big hard cock. With this, I can feel his cock tightening up, getting harder and starts spewing his hot cum deep inside my equally hot pussy. Suddenly two hands grab the back of head and pull it tight into her cunt, It is thrust up a little bit and she starts a fucking action into my mouth, wiggling her juicy cunt all over my face as I try to stay with her.

What Was Your First Cue?

group Mhaile 2017-11-14

My experience shows that if a man knows how to use his cue with precision and finesse, shaping his shots, relying on confidence rather than arrogance, it doesn’t matter what he looks like, what clothes he wears, what tattoos or body adornments he sports, he’s usually good in bed. The guy who was waiting his turn, a tall, bearded, heavy-muscled fellow wearing a black John Deere hat, gave me a good look up and down and nudged his friend as we chose a table near them. I needed to tell Mark to stop or we were going to lose, but before I could speak the cue was stroking my thighs again and it felt so good I wanted him...

When the Cats Away, Pussies Cum Play

group Johnnytames69 2017-11-14

Wiping me off with a hot towel she said she wouldn't mind servicing me again if Alicia was ever out of town, or if I ever just felt horny and wanted my cock sucked. Jade was kneeling on the floor, with her ass to the wind, eating her lovers pussy out like it was the last meal on the planet, nibbling, sucking and slurping the lovers hot juices as she works over her clit. Getting it nice and slippery wet after a couple of strokes, I unsheathed it from her cock pocket and jabbed that thing quick and hard into her ass, causing her to smack down on her lovers pussy.

A Weekend Away From The Office

group RubieRed 2017-11-14

"Now be a good slut and let his cock slide between your lips as he fucks your nice tits." Lana smacks her again and Sandy opens her mouth to him. "You want this in your tight little cunt don't you whore?" Lana teases her clit as Sandy moans her "Yes ma'am, please fuck me ma'am, please." "Sandy, dear, your pussy is dripping juices all over my nice hard nipple." Lana then moans as Jared's fingers thrust into her own cunt. Lana bites and pulls at Sandy's nipples as she cleans every drop of my cock juice from the sweet girls face and breasts. He feels the walls of her cunt pulsate around his cock just as he gasps and grabs Lana's tits hard as he cums deep in Sandy's hot cunt.


group RumpRanger4ever 2017-11-14

"That girl is crazy about swimming." She walked around the truck to stand near me and said "I hope nudity doesn't bother you because if I know Tina, and I do, she's going to skinny-dip." She looked into my eyes and softly added "I think I would like to join her." It dawned on me that they were playing an incredibly erotic game and I gave Tina's right ass cheek a hearty slap and said "Eat that pussy, slut." Tina shook her head so I wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and shoved her face into Tracey's pussy. Tina began to lick and suck on Tracey's pussy like a mad woman and I felt my own climax approach yet I didn't want this moment to end so I lodged my cock deep into her ass and waited until the moment was past.