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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cockometer Ch. 01

group voucher776 2017-11-14

Sheri turned to Ben, "Why don't you two go find us a DVD or two?" We looked at the sales girl for directions, and when she nodded toward a doorway, my wife called to us "get something with couples -- you know, foursomes!" Discretion has never been one of Lori's strong points. Sheri cleared her throat and in a hesitant voice read first question 'have you ever gotten a little hard when a story includes the virgin guy draped over the arm of the couch; his pants down around his ankles, his girlfriend straps on a cock and then jacks him off while she shoves that long dick up his naked ass?"


Best Laid Wives - Chapter 1

group deggles 2017-11-14

started by my wife, Jessica, and her s****r Jodi. The two girls liked their black meat; that was for sure. surprise my wife, Jessica, having finished my work in the see four very healthy looking black men turn to walk up got going, the men's clothing started coming off bit by men with BLACK cocks." Every man the girls had invited nude women in heels, nine black men with raging boners, I noticed that Jessica wasn't the only girl getting a black man's white hooker when he took us for the her white nylons) between two very black men. blonde s****rs were ushered into the black men's car and black men to fuck her was a thing of the past.

Got the Goose

group nickles 2017-11-14

Jared immediately spoke up as I was thinking about two girls going at it, he said to Tracy The feeling of having two men, two mouths, four hands and two hard cocks rubbing her from head to toe made Tracy cum. I didn’t know and soon I didn’t care because she repositioned us on the bed so I was between her legs giving her a licking and Jared was standing to the side of the bed still getting his cock sucked. Jared whimpered more loudly and finally moaned, Tracy coughed, sputtered a bit and then released his cock from her mouth. Tracy must have cum again because she stopped sucking Jared’s dick to let out a long breath of air.

Weekend Away!

group albion64 2017-11-14

With that he pushes forward with one stroke and she lets out this deep guttural moan, her eyes roll back in her head and she cums like mad, she squirts all over his cock and balls all over the bed, she has had several orgasms with me but never squirted like this, she must have gone on for five minutes the whole time Steve is not moving just letting her get used to his huge cock stuffed in her tight little pussy. With that she pushes us both on the bed and starts sucking one cock then the other, she is trying to get us both hard again, and says I hope that’s not all you have because I want this huge cock back in my wet pussy while you fuck my ass, well that was all I needed to hear and I was hard as a rock in no time.

It Started Innocently Enough

group StackedAction 2017-11-14

Jack and I chatted on the way home a little about the nice couple, mostly about how the box of screws just exploded when it hit the floor and look of shock on Joan's face. Joan's body on top of mine, her big breasts pressing against my pelvis, her fingers on my labia, her husband's big cock sliding into me ever so slowly, the sight of my husband's cock sliding into Joan's pussy, his balls hanging there, the sound of Joan's pleasure as Jack filled her, not being able to see Ben but feeling him slide in, his strong hands on my soft thighs.


My Summer with Kelly Ch. 02

group KarlMartinK 2017-11-14

One time, she'd noticed that Danny had gotten an erection in the shower, which Steve, the one with the bigger cock, made fun of, not for its size, but because he'd gotten hard in front of two guys, well, in front of a guy and a girl he thought was a guy. Steve told the story about how he had been grinding on some hot, slutty girl on the dance floor at a party, but what he didn't know was that the slutty girl was actually Kelly, the girl who was sitting there in front of him, dressed like a boy. "Yeah, what was she like?" Kelly asked, wanting to hear what Steve had thought of her when she was dressed as a girl. Danny pulled the pillow away from his face and locked his hands behind his head as he watched Kelly suck his cock.

My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 07

group JoeDreamer 2017-11-14

"I'm glad you had a good time last night, but if you don't change the sheets on my bed immediately, I'm going to kill you," Sarah said with a forced smile. "Kelly, last time I was here, Emma and I hit it off rather well," I said. "I never realized that you were this way Kelly," Emma finally said. I'm not sure who was more surprised when Kelly spun her ex-pledge mistress around and pushed Emma against the wall. "Your chest is amazing," Kelly said as she cupped Emma's breasts. Emma looked like she was trying to wrap Kelly's head in her tits. I'm sure she's going to like what I do to it when I get back." Kelly grinned and Emma moaned.


Shall We Take Him Home?

group mickthetrick 2017-11-14

I knew that she wanted me to watch a lot of the action just as an observer ( just as my fantasies had planned it!) so she proceeded to kiss Richard and let him feel whatever part of her he liked( as long as the whole thing roughly followed our talked about fantasies which had taken place whilst we fucked over a long period of time).


Sex Therapy 101

group 2017-11-14

I could tell Brandon was definitely getting into it as I noticed his cock starting to get hard. Marge then started kissing me and moving her mouth down my body, stopping for a few seconds to lick and suck my hard nipples and then proceeding down across my flat stomach. Marge continued to lick and suck on my pussy, enjoying all my sweet juices as they flowed from my wet cunt. He quickly flipped me over and slid his cock into my wet throbbing pussy and began fucking me hard and fast. Marge was now riding Brandon’s face and within minutes she came all over his face as his tongue fucked her pussy. Suddenly Brandon let out a huge moan and his cock exploded deep inside Marge.

Cheryl's First

group sseg 2017-11-14

The man who'd removed my heels spread my legs a little and was running a finger up the inside of my thigh and was teasing the area between the edge of my stocking and the bit of hair that was peeking out from the edge of my panties, my dress having ridden up when I was seated. I kept my hand closed around his penis and could feel it start to deflate a little as warm, sticky come ran between my fingers. As he started to withdraw his cock from my mouth I grabbed his leg as much as I could with my arms bound and held him close to me while I ran my tongue around his rapidly shrinking member, milking the last bit I could from it.

Elegantly Wasted

group FlyontheWall99 2017-11-14

"Well it was nice seeing you again," greeted Mr. Berkshire, his wrinkled face showing no emotion or warmth to Sharon as he stepped past her to speak with another newly arrived guest. A number of tall glasses of champagne were lined across the bar, Sharon calmly taking one and having a sip hoping the effervescent drink would help sooth her worries. Whilst Steven had been busy trying to pass on the unspoken message Sharon had snuck a quick look over her shoulder to see who had caught his attention. Sharon was not entirely sure she knew what Steven's motives were but she accepted his offer and with some trepidation stepped back toward the bar feeling his hand lightly touch the small of her back as he guided her past him.


Fragment of a Dream

group ItGirl 2017-11-14

But perhaps most of all, more of the hand that strokes my hair back as I move to him, and the smile - that I see, without his face, with the inscrutable logic of dreams - that is warm, and approving. His hand touches again, approving, and I sense his smile as a thrust from behind presses my mouth hard against him. They are, roughly, "You must know how much I've longed for this." And in the dream I mean it intensely; I feel that power of desire that is nearly despair. As the good, hard fucking drives home from behind, I feel his pleasure in it, in this release that grows intensely sweet.


And Then The Maid Walked In

group Flashlight7.5 2017-11-14

Wendy came around to the other side of the bed so she could kiss her and Nina and rub her breasts over their mouths. Wendy slid her hand down Nina's body and spread her girlfriend's pussy open. Her mouth popped off Nina's pussy as she felt Rob's cock pushing into her cunt. She crawled up Nina's body, wanting to taste Wendy's come before it was gone. She held Nina's head there, feeling her tongue plunge into her hole, still open from Rob fucking her. Consuela looked away from Wendy's wet cunt to see they had formed a triangle of pussy licking and finger fucking. The sight and sound of Rob fucking Nina's big tits next to them drove Consuela to grind harder and harder until she came.

The Princess Gets Greedy

group princess_v 2017-11-14

As Henry pulled his shirt off his muscular body Charlotte raised her eyes to William and motioned with her hand for him to join them. Wearing only soft lace knickers she turned her attention back to William and removed her shirt which Henry stroked his own manhood. William pushed further with a grunt and began fucking her face while Henry buried his head between her legs and enjoyed the taste of her arousal. He pulled her hair tighter and rammed into her hard and fast until his excitement streamed from him into the Princess' throat, a little of the white fluid still remaining on her ruby lips as he removed himself. With Henry having removed himself, William pushed Charlotte down, pressing her face against the chair as he pummelled her.

The Campbells are Cumming

group kewtieboy 2017-11-14

When everyone climbed off the coach Neil pulled Fiona over and said to Rob, "Can she come back too?" "Fucking Hell you're a born cocksucker if ever I met one," said Rob and he gently pushed the cock in and out of her mouth. The rubber firmly in place, his cock was pushed between her legs and, after a false insertion, quickly disappeared inside Fiona. His tongue explored her mouth with a hunger as though it was looking for something to eat and his hard rod felt really satisfying inside her, reaching all the way into her body as he picked up speed. Jack watched from the sofa, his cock half hard but spent but Neil stood really close, still wearing his kilt and wanking furiously.


The Sweepstakes

group slowandeasy103a 2017-11-14

Many were the evenings that Jen would cum multiple times while watching Seth fucking and sucking with the other boys while I either lapped her cunt like a hungry dog or while she fingered herself with her eyes glued to the television. Seth placed a hand on each of our shoulders and began to slowly slide his cock between our wet mouths. Seth then turned slightly toward Jen and she took his massive cock into her silky mouth. Over and over I rhythmically sucked him while Jen held the base of his cock and met my movements by pulling and pushing him into my mouth. I was grunting loudly with each wave of pleasure, filling her with my seed as I sucked and licked Seth's cum from her whimpering lips.


Mrs Jizm Ch. 03

group geronimo_appleby 2017-11-14

Robyn Chisholm, or as I'd nicknamed her, Mrs Jizm, held the rumpled dress close to her body as she led me from the living room. The memory of Robyn's breasts smeared and dripping with my spunk earlier in the day returned with a cock-stiffening intensity when I smelled the musky scent clinging to her skin. Mrs Jizm lowered her mouth over mine and we shared a long, tongue sliding kiss while my palm rasped over the skin of Robyn's hips and thighs, onwards to the cleft of her sex. She began in the usual way, posing and smiling, hands on hips, head cocked to one side as though questioning whoever looked at the pictures.


A Very Decent Proposal

group Hedonis 2017-11-14

Drew reached down to give a squeeze to each of Carrie's breasts before just leaning back to feel the hands on his cock and balls as she sucked her husband right next to him. He worked a finger into the folds as she lifted her hips a bit higher, and Jack moved down to let his tongue begin to slither around Carrie's ass, which tightened in excitement at the feel of that. As he began to thrust in and out of the pussy, Carrie was feverishly working her husband's cock in her mouth, and then slid back to lick the underside of his balls while he stroked his own rod.

A Month of Sexual Training Ch. 2

group Sash_UK 2017-11-14

Certainly I must have blacked out with the pain, because as I came to I felt myself laying upon a bed, my legs dangling over its edge, my head cradled in my lovers lap, my slick wet thighs trapped inside two muscular thighs as this animal of a man with the gargantuan cock prepared to further invade my aching fuck hole. My lover bent to kiss me, our mouths exploring each others in renewed frenzy, his pleasured shaft so noticeable pushing against my neck, throbbing and vibrating against me as my eyes gazed at him half shut in out-of-this-world lust as he watched eagerly the man take me and continue to pleasure me with his steed-like cock.

Living in Cockington Christmas party.

group 2017-11-14

"Now say Stuff my stocking!" said the other woman again and immediately Mrs Plumpbottom lifted her dress and the other women took a photo of my cock stuffed deep into Mrs Plumpbottoms trimmed mature pussy. Mrs Plumpbottom then pulled herself up off my hard cock and took the camera from her friend, Margret as I heard Mrs Plumpbottom call her then turned and sat down on my cock, her bald wet pink pussy engulfed me just like her friend had and she then quickly started to ride my cock. For the next couple of hours pretty much every woman in the place took a turn riding my cock and having their photo taken, till after a long hot sweaty fun evening Veronica stepped in followed by Bridget and Janice.

Cookies Please!

group JoeyUk 2017-11-14

In fact, the last several times she eavesdropped on her friends' sex life, Mary Ann imagined that it was her pussy that Paul was licking or fucking, her mouth that was being filled with his cock. If we are going to strip and give you a show, we want to see you pretty little tits and pussy." As she finished talking, Barb turned to Paul and removed his shorts exposing his huge cock to the wanton teen. Chuckling softly, Barb turned to kiss her horny husband, and teased "Does my big strong man want to eat Mary Ann's, virgin pussy?" Oh fuck, please make me cum." A small part of Barb's mind pulled away from the pleasure that her husband was giving her to leer at the pretty teen sitting so close to her and furiously fingering her virgin cunt.


The new summer job part 11

group ab8715 2017-11-14

"Daniel," Thom whispered with surprise as he looked out the door. "Have you seen our cat," Daniel stuttered noticing Thom's pajamas and his red mustang and grabbed hold of Daniel's already hard cock. "I am," Daniel grunted as Thom stroked his needy cock. Daniel ran his hands up under Thom's pajama top, circled his nipples, felt grabbing hold, pushed to work Thom's cock down his throat. Daniel grabbed hold of his ass and held tight to the cock buried Minutes later, Daniel let the soft sweet thing slip past his lips, he Daniel laid breathing, watching the man dress, watching the dark robe cover Thom picked up Daniel's shorts and as the boy raised his legs, he slid them

Snow fun

group nikki_2021 2017-11-14

"Nice one!" Beth said, grinning to him and moving to sit beside him, her hand quickly reaching out to grab Dean's cock as he settled in the water. "Holy crap, look how long your nipples are!" Candy said, standing up to join her friend in the centre of the spa, the sight of her friend's extraordinary nipples causing her to forget her moment of 'why?' Dean simply sat watching, bemused at the sudden breast comparison that he was fortunate enough to witness. Candy stood up so that she could kiss Jack as their friend blew him, reaching with one hand to caress his balls, pulling gently but firmly on them and Dean just kept pumping his cock into Beth's pussy over and over again.


Basketball Beauties

group Don Grampa 2017-11-14

"Two things I'm going to do before I go nude swimming again," Lisa laughed and blushed when she noticed where my eyes were focused. I leaned into a corner at the shallow end and watched, mystified as three young women on the pool deck laughed and gleefully removed their clothes. Kim, Lisa, Joyce, and I sat at a table by the pool, drinking coffee and watching the other girls in the water. The funny thing is she told her husband, Todd, about swimming nude at your house and I understand he helped her trim back her pubic hair. Then I take it he likes the trimmed back pussy just as much as the wild woolly kind," I said, laughing so hard tears came to my eyes.