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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Life Changes for Gina Ch. 01

group SexusOmnium 2017-11-14

Kenny had just looked wide-eyed in amazement as he watched his wife finger Corinne to such an earth shattering orgasm, but as it subsided and Gina slowed her finger fucking to a more leisurely pace, he grabbed the blonde by the hair and pulled her face down towards his cock, which was by this time so hard it looked like it was going to pop out of its skin. Remembering how Corinne earlier had begged Kenny to finger her ass, Gina withdrew her fingers from Corinne's pussy, put the tip of her left index finger up against the other woman's anus, and with one hard push buried it deep in the blonde's rectum.


Our first time Swinging!!!! PART 2

group phoenixman 2017-11-14

I could see Fiona wince a couple of times as the dildo was VERY thick and I know even my cock gave her problems sometimes and we had occasionally had to use a bit of lube just for vaginal sex, so this lump of black rubber must have hurt, but she let Carol carry on probing and dabbing it into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure and I noticed Tom and Carol had got up, moved to the side of the table and were now watching me fuck Fiona up the arse. Tom had taken Fiona into the kitchen area, which was all open plan so Carol and I could clearly see what they were doing, and he had her bent over a worktop, fucking her arse with his long cock.

My Friends

group 2017-11-14

The fact Tom, my best friend, was fucking me in the ass passed from my mind as the feelings of desire deep inside my body took over my entire consciousness. “Yeah, we are looking for panties and a matching bra but we don’t want to spend much,” Tom said. “Oh, I think these would fit him okay,” she said as she picked up a pair of white silk panties and handed them to Tom. “I don’t want to cum yet, there is another place I want to deposit by seed, deep in your ass.” With that said Tom swung around and took his lubricating gel. “You know you can’t ever tell anyone about what happened on this trip,” I said to Tom as he drove the car.


group Lilith760 2017-11-14

I moved my hands inside her now standing arms and felt her breasts, their nipples pressing at the center of my palms. Salesman's hand came up to my tits and his head went down. I couldn't concentrate on Tom's cock so I just stroked lightly with my hand while sensations were growing in my pussy. Her tongue flicked and swirled between my legs and her fingers (again I think) slid like a cock in and out of my vagina stroking my g-spot with each pass. Tina stopped work on Tom long enough to ask if I liked it. Ok 2nd time...but don't tell Tom. My head bobbed horizontal while Tina's bobbed vertically. Tom turned Tina over on her back, spread her legs and started doing what I wanted to do.


Horny Pregnant Adventures Ch. 01

group preggoyumz 2017-11-14

I spread my legs for Damien who went into my gooey, wet pussy... Everyone else joined, Sarah came to me fondling my breasts, sucking the milk out so gently add Damien came up next to me with his beautiful 8 1/2, mushroom shape penis for my lips... Making this hot horny pregnant woman lose her mind...i was in a trance until I see the man behind Sarah pushing his dick inside making her squeal making her fingers go in my pussy so hard. "Damien I'm gonna cuuuuummm my pussy can't take it, I need to cum baby... The men I guess came cause Sarah comes to sit on my face I can taste their cum.

Sorority Gangbang Pt. 01

group SexyDaemon 2017-11-14

"Not like you can do much about it." We pull up onto campus, and drive over to a sorority house. Once I'm naked, a few girls twist my nipples, whilst others grab my ass or my balls. I barely have time to moan before more hands begin teasing my balls and taint, grabbing them and applying just enough pressure to my sensitive areas. Each time she hits the plug, pushing it deeper into my ass, I moan, and jolts of electricity are sent through the clamps. As I begin to lick her, I feel another girl lower herself onto my engorged dick. My dick is thrusting in and out of another pussy, and a third girl continues to pump in and out of my ass.

Birthday Surprise Ch. 04

group Dirk1234 2017-11-14

Carolyn looked at Rachel and asked, "How big is it?" Carolyn didn't know why right then, but she liked the feeling of having Lee's dick right in front of her, in her hands, but asking his wife Rachel how big it was. C'mon baby give it to me like you gave it to her," Not needing to be asked twice, Lee thrust his dick deep into Carolyn's mouth and began pumping into her. I need to cum right now!" Lee yelled, thrusting faster into his wife while staring at Carolyn's tits. Carolyn watched a clock and let 5 minutes pass, then she moved over to Lee and took his dick in her hands and began to lightly play with it.


My Dare Ch. 01

group Chuck_etal 2017-11-14

A black sports bra kept very nice B or C tits squeezed in for jogging, wrap-around mirrored sunglasses hid her eyes, and her skimpy running shorts highlighted those legs I had noticed before. Now Jenny was chuckling to herself for another reason as she stepped out of her running shorts and pulled the sports bra over her head. As Jenny talked, her left hand had casually moved to touch mine, and her fingers were gently running across the top of my right hand, down my wrist, and back up. Steve nodded and grabbed one final handful of Jenny's ass, as she heard two sets of running feet heading for the stairs at the front of the building.


A Different Kind of Family Pt. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2017-11-14

At first, Rachel suggested that we stay at Katie's bedside in shifts, always keeping a loved one near and yet granting us the time to go home and rest. Once upon a time, I knew that Katie was leaving me and yet I still had Rachel to love me until the end of time. Since Katie was unconscious half the time and mildly incomprehensive the rest, Rachel was still the one I talked to every day and spent all my time with. The obvious was that since Katie and I started making love as teenagers, I hadn't ever gone a week without sex until I stayed at the hospital while she came out of her coma.


Lust On The Beach

group Jack8Jill 2017-11-14

Jill glanced over her shoulder, looking from my face to Marcel's, shaking her head in obvious dismay at our perving natures, then gave a smile in response, before she begun to remove the thin purple silk, covering her hips and thighs. Jill nonchalantly turned her head and looked me square in the eyes; cracks in her porcelain doll like face begun to show, but in her determination at being mysterious, my beautiful wife wasn't giving anything away! The deep breath I felt my body demanding of me, relaxed a tension I hadn't noticed was inbedded in my muscles, and I recieved a relief that grounded me, allowing my focus to return to watching Marcel caress Jill's butt and lower back as she spun, and rolled onto her hands and knees moving to face me.

Enjoying Priyanka In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband

group young-indian 2017-11-14

She came close to me and sat in such a way that I could feel her left soft breasts on my right elbow. I pressed the left boob hard with my right elbow and kept it there for few minutes. Then I moved my hand and got hold of the right boobs and also squeezed and pinched them, pressed them in circles and gave it a good massage for few minutes. Her voice was really making me wild as I feel like fucking her fully .I suddenly noticed that she is trying to open my zipper in order to touch my hard rod. Finally as the movie was approaching its climax, I caught hold of her boobs with my left hand and my right hand found its way into her fuck hole.

Convention Foursome

group hhart708 2017-11-14

As the sun started to set and the air got cooler Walt said to Brad, "Are we getting in the hot tub tonight to relax?" "There I did it, now it is your turn Walt," said Brad as he sat back down on the edge of the tub keeping his dick in full view of my face. Walt then moved to the middle of hot tub and quickly pulled down his boxers showing off a slightly small dick than Brad's, but still very hard and thick. The feeling of cum on my face and having a tongue in my asshole along with Mike's fingers in my cunt set me off just as Brad started to suck on my tits and nipples.

Musique Erotique

group HotScribe2 2017-11-14

Three violinists--Eleanore, Catharine, and me, Ashlee; three viola players--Georgina, Helen, and Kleo; one bass violin, Melanie; and one double bass, Patricia. If anyone else had been there to see us, it would have been a surreal moment--eight naked women looking very prim and proper, preparing to play orchestral stringed instruments. "This could be it, you know," I said later as we ended a second concerto, and by which time the sun had started to filter its way through the parting clouds. But in spite of the gimmick, the new image, the notoriety--for St Alban's String Orchestra, we accomplished our purpose: sharing the inspiring, delightful, joyous and sensuous music of the classical composer with modern civilization.

Another First

group Bondgirldoubleho7 2017-11-14

I had his hard cock in my hand while kissing him and my boyfriends fingers in my cunt. My body began to spasm and I grabbed a hold of the man's cock and started to squeeze and stroke it harder, the jerking was almost out of my control. We went to the hotel room and again the man waited on the couch, as he was told, watching me and my boyfriend as we started making out. I was excited and was sucking my boyfriends' cock with abandon while stroking it in my hand. My boyfriend always tells me I have a tight cunt, and I was so excited and squirming about, I worked the man's condom off his cock and he had to stop and redress himself.

Under Her Spell

group Armphid 2017-11-14

The mummy Amenhotep, restored to vigor and flesh by taking that of the explorer, nodded to her, "Then return to pleasing me, woman, before I take your husband's life in my anger." He smiled and let out a groan as the she leaned forward and her red lips spread and sealed around his thick, veiny, black cock. James felt Cammy squeeze his hand hard and pulled his eyes away as the mummy drew his long prick back almost all the way out of her in a slow, steady motion. He looked down at them and groaned, "How sweetly you plead for that which you need." He reached down to slide a white gloved hand through Bella's dark hair and take a firm hold, pushing his cock past her lips and into her mouth.


What a Change!

group papafrogger 2017-11-14

A few seconds later she came in carrying the sacks of stuff we had just bought, "I wanted to try some of the flavors on my meat stick!" she giggled and opened one smelled it, smiled, then dripping some in her hand she got on her knees between my legs and lathered my throbbing cock from the head to my balls. While her mouth held my balls in she stuck her tongue out and licked my asshole penetrating just a little making me moan, "Yeah baby that feels good!" She let my testicles drop out and got further down to lick my asshole. I looked over at Fiona and Bob; he had his face buried between her legs and she was watching Traci suck my cock.



group kamalw1 2017-11-13

James continued sucking her toes as Kara began rubbing her pussy faster and harder. Elias was not wearing underwear, and James saw his long semi-erect cock emerge as Kara pulled the pants down. She looked up into Elias' eyes and began stroking and sucking on his cock. Elias pulled off his t-shirt and let it drop to the floor before he began stroking Kara's purple hair. As she continued sucking and licking on Elias' rod, James started kissing up her thighs. Kara's moans from being licked by James added to the pleasure Elias felt as his dick filled her mouth. James' hot cum flowed out of his hard cock all over Kara's feet and toes.

The Villain Ch. 03d

group deathlynx 2017-11-13

Photon and Twin Gun had a love-hate thing going that would work perfectly for his purposes. If that wasn't enough to work with, Scourge knew that Photon had a secret crush on the team's handler. Twin Gun circled the couch and sat down carefully opposite Photon on the other side of Scourge. "In a couple of minutes," Scourge mumbled under his breath just before Twin Gun reached ear-shot, "You need to start running a hand over my chest possessively. Scourge wasn't sure if Photon chose subtlety because of her reluctance or because she thought it would play better to Twin Gun. Once Twin Gun's hand mirrored Photon's on his leg, his plan began to speed up.


Taking It for the Team

group dpingjessie 2017-11-13

Our second threesome consisted mostly of taking turns in Abby's tight, young twat with just a little split-roasting action at the end, which was fun, but a devil's threesome wasn't really worth it to me if there was no double penetration, an act so shamefully debauched and incredibly hot that it's what got me interested in group sex in the first place. Jack, the most confident of the group, instructed his new acquaintance to join us in the living room when she was finished getting ready, reminding me of the first time I'd fucked Jessie when her husband and I waited for her.


The Reading Room Ch. 02

group BlindEyes 2017-11-13

Stripping Lynn quickly by tearing her dress from her body, he fondled her delightful breasts then moved his hands downward to her belly and around to her ass. Phillip perused the lines on the parchment, then stood to read, "The woman on my right must ask the woman across the table from her to strip her naked and fondle her body for five minutes. Ronica caught Tesse's desires for her and figured she'd never taste Phillip's dick or Lynn's sweet juices. Several seconds later, their lust-crazed bodies jerked in convulsions as Tesse slid her tongue inside the sopping wet pussy of Ronica. Ronica then ordered Tesse and Lynn to tear Miss Vicki's dress off and caress and fondle her until she was mad with lustful desire.


Three of Us

group xxmeerkatxx 2017-11-13

You sigh and inhale deeply basking in the warmth of her soft lips on your breasts, belly, eyelids...what ever she touches with her hands, finger tips, lips, the trail of her blonde hair, her hard nipples sets your skin on fire as blood pumps from your heart raging blood deeply engorging you already hot and extended clitoris. You exhale with each stroke as she slides beneath you until you are again face to face, she licks her cum from your face and you kiss deep, your thin tongues dancing inside each other's mouths, your nipple rings digging into her soft white tits.

Last Chance

group fudd2002 2017-11-13

That day, maybe because of the heat, maybe because of the thoughts spinning around her head about the coming night, maybe because he was finally doing something that could not be ignored, she felt his eyes. She walked up to the side of the desk, stood stone still for a moment allowing her to feel the anxiety and fire start to burn through the eyes now desperately searching for a diversion. Karen rolled down her window and let the breeze rush into her face and wipe away all of the concerns, fears, and hesitations that had plagued her since Brad had asked the question and she hadn't flinched when she stared him straight in the eye and said yes.


Cinema Sluts

group walterio 2017-11-13

The guys eating pussy then told Susie and Barb to turn around and kneel down on the seat. On that Saturday the previous week, Barb and Susie had four cocks cum in their mouth, two cum in their pussies and two cum in their asses. Two other men joined them and soon Barb and Susie had a cock in each hand and Dan and Steve fingered their pussies. After several minutes of having their pussies licked, sucking on cocks and masturbating Dan and Steve, Barb and Susie were told to mount Dan and Steve. Barb and Susie turned their attention back to the cocks in their mouths and then Barb felt the guy in her ass shoot a big load into her rectum.


The Day Amber Met Melissa

group bbkradwell 2017-11-13

As we were all coming down from our sexual high, Amber told her cousin to fix up one of the big guest rooms to accommodate "the Master's old lover." To which Slut just looked at me, and then her mistress, with a confused look on her face. I, of course, got another erection (I've got to ask my wife how she keeps doing that to my penis!!!) Before we fell asleep that night, Amber sucked the cream from my testicles, giving me an incredible blow-job which put me out like a little baby. But he couldn't control his as well as you control Henry!" Amber then turned to Mel and said, "Oh God, speaking of which, Chris's penis hits my "spot" every time it gets fully hard!