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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Another Cruise

group petercee 2017-11-13

The thing was she seemed able to sense when a big cock was around, I remember one time we were heading out for the day down to Maslins Beach we could have driven a short distance from our home but had decided to take our cruise Midnight Blue instead as we hadn't used her for a couple of weeks. Not that they didn't fuck again it was just it was done as I pushed back to the calmer waters of the Port River, after that day Alan became a great friend and a regular visitor to our home and Midnight Blue, he never bought the other cruiser.

Girlfriend Knows Sexy Ch. 03

group mwatkins 2017-11-13

"Sure," then I reached my hands around Gemma, took one last look around to see if anyone else was around and lifted the front of her skirt to reveal the front of the thong. As the kiss broke off Marcus had come to kneel before Gemma and was running his hands up and down her thighs whilst he watched my finger caress her clit. I could see Marcus rubbing himself against the sofa but before long he went up to dance behind Gemma straight away running his hands up to her breast. Gemma then took out Derek's cock and was rubbing it intently, with one hand whilst the other reached behind to feel Marcus's obvious excitement.


Taking Michelle's Virginity Ch. 3

group MichelleS 2017-11-13

Jeanette slowly worked both fingers in and out of Michelle's dripping pussy and continued kissing and sucking her nipple. Emma stole a glance at her little ones who were happily splashing away in the kiddie water and said, "I'd fuck Jack Stewart in a sec and wouldn't give my husband any more thought than you'd give your boyfriend." Not sure if she was joking or serious, Sally began to walk away, but before she left out the gate she turned back and said, "Come over and have a smoke with me after you get the kids in bed. Before she could finish, Jeanette pushed her face back into her pussy, and she began to grind her clit up into Michelle's lips and tongue.

The Dance

group Plato 2017-11-13

Gail smiled and watched, her nipples poking out now and I leaned over and gave Lee a short kiss on the lips. I closed the door and Gail kissed me, her hands squeezing my tight ass, Lee, not sure what to do watched. Gail lay next to him and whispered in his ear, "Baby you have never looked so good and kissed him on the mouth and I got on the other side of him in a 69 position and dove back down. Gail slid down and kissed my lips sucking her husbands cum and now he was crying, "Gail, thank you, I love you, you know I've needed this so bad…" Later, Lee got his ass fucked while Gail sucked his cock.

Unchartered Territory

group CrazyBlade 2017-11-13

The friend knelt down in front of Evan, taking Vicky's hand from his cock and replacing it with their own, stroking it softly, then taking the tip in their mouth, licking it softly then sucking gently. It didn't take the girls long before they were moaning at the feeling of each other's tongues, and Evan and his friend began to suck each other once again, harder and faster, licking the top of each other's cocks then taking all of it into their mouths, determined to cum with the girls. It was Helen who started to cum first, the sight of the two guys sucking each other while she had a girl's tongue on her clit and pussy was just too much, and her orgasm exploded through her, covering Vicky's face with her wetness as she screamed and moaned.

Cheers to You

group kimbelina 2017-11-13

Continuing to pleasure him with my mouth, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Kylie leaned against the back of the sofa, spreading her legs wide, her cheerleader's skirt bunching up around her hips as Jacob's fingers explored the glistening wet patch of red hair at her crotch. I began kneading and sucking Kylie's tits as Jacob grabbed her hips, pulled her towards the edge of the bed, and began rubbing the head of his cock slowly back and forth against her pussy lips. After what seemed like hours, my pussy sore but satisfied from the intense pounding Jacob had just given me, I collapsed to the bed to watch him turn his attention to Kylie.

The Billy Club

group VixenValley 2017-11-13

I am trembling slightly because I'm nervous about being in handcuffs, it's my first time and partly because we were already horny because we had been fooling around earlier and were looking for a place to fuck, when this happened and partly because Sgt. Sloan looks really good to me and I had already noticed the huge bulge in his pants. Sgt. Sloans partner crawls on top of the car and stands in front of me, putting his cock into my mouth. Your sperm runs out of my ass, I feel Sgt. Sloans sperm gushing from my pussy, together our cum runs down the inside of my legs...

From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 05

group meddlesome 2017-11-13

The three ladies were waiting for me and as soon as Donny left the room, they whisked me up onto a massage table which was much more comfortable than the table I had spent so much time on the day before. I told both of them that I loved being watched and they made sure to help me out by making comments to each other about which parts of my body looked hot in each garment I tried on. Manny told me that there was lunch and champagne waiting for me in my room and the boys would be ready for me at 1pm and that I was expected there at that time.


Night Nurse Ch. 02

group david62 2017-11-13

Andy moved up to Anna and started un popping her front fastening nurse's dress, then pulled it off, throwing it onto one of the beds. She couldn't supress the moans now and Anna new she would come soon, giving the boys more reason to make degrading comments. With a few harder strokes, she came massively, sweating, flushed, groaning loudly, then her legs gave way and she slumped towards the floor, held up by Andy's still rigid cock and hands. Andy withdrew from her and moved round the table, lifted her head and forced himself in when she opened her mouth. Anna unconsciously arched again, to open herself up for them and the first boy moved in and thrust violently, lifting her on her toes, as Andy had done.


Trip to an English Pub

group MR1728 2017-11-13

Still making some casual conversation, I felt Rob's hand slide inside my skirt, push my drenched panties out of the way, and touch my full clit. The look on Rob's face was obvious now, and when I reached my hand out to stroke his cock, I could already feel the pre-cum soaking through his pants. With Rob's tongue and mouth sucking on my tit, and Will's warm fingers pushing deeper into my pussy, I thought I would cum right then. The sucking and gushing sounds made my cumming pussy turned him on so much that he turned around and pushed my body against the wall instead, forcing himself balls-deep inside me until his second climax.

The Fort

group zimabean 2017-11-13

So we both kicked it into overdrive, stroking our cocks like mad till we both started shooting cum onto this towel we had there just for this purpose. How does all that stay in there?" We both looked at her cunt in wonder as Sami took the towel and started to play with the cum smearing it around. We met out at the fort a few days later and went thru the same thing, looking at porn mags and drinking some of the wine. Joe and I looked at each other and then back at Sami who was smearing more cum on her fingers for another taste. He then pulled his limp cock out of Sami cute pussy, a trickle of white cum ran down her crack.

I Love Dick Ch. 02

group sarahhh 2017-11-13

I was wearing my black Steelers novelty T-shirt that said "I LOVE DICK" in big gold letters on the front and then "Lebeau" under that in much smaller letters. Hey, and I like to play that drinking game Thumper." Soon we all had our hand signs and were pounding on the coffee table and screaming "What's the name of the game?" and "Thumper!" and "Why do we play the game?" and "To get fucked up!" I think they were cheating somehow because I kept losing and getting fucked up. Thumper and Spike got on their knees in front of me in the hope that I would suck their dicks while Sonny pounded me from behind.

Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 01

group T@nman 2017-11-13

D said she was going to change clothes and then slip into the Jacuzzi and Ken and I should feel free to join her if we wished. She stopped what she was doing, turned and kissed me on the lips, then went back to seducing Ken. I put my arms around her waist and put my hands on her belly. I also liked to start at Ken's balls, lick the length of the bottom of his shaft, then suck as much of the cock it my mouth as I could. I leaned forward and gave his cock a long slow lick from his balls and up between her lips to her clit.

A Walk on the Wild Side

group sdpolyguy 2017-11-13

Yes, German, she's screaming pleasurably, probably saying "Fuck me, fuck me!!" I dunno, but the guttural sounds coming from her mouth sure sound good to me. He is obviously getting aroused, because he is still inside Ingrid, and she is now starting to slowly grind her pussy up and down and around on his cock again. Ingrid quickly and expertly comes down and starts licking her lover's cum from these two beautiful stranger's faces. Ingrid, that little European slut who will try anything apparently, is on Hans' belly, licking up the pee from his chest, and making an "mmmmm..." sound. We said our goodbyes to Hans and Ingrid, all kissing each other deeply and hugging, and made our way back down the creek to our camp, exhausted and very, very happy.

Seduced by Youth Ch. 04

group ELVan 2017-11-13

"Do you want to watch me eat Carrie's pussy while she sucks your dick?" Laurie asked. She started moaning around my dick as Laurie licked her clit and pussy. She started licking Laurie's pussy and clit. While I fucked Carrie's ass, I could feel Laurie's tongue licking my balls. I watched as Laurie licked my cum from her friend's ass hole. "We're taking control for the evening." Carrie said as Laurie leaned forward and kissed me roughly on the lips, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I could feel Carrie's hand on my dick as she guided it into her pussy and sat down on me. Laurie grabbed my dick and started stroking it roughly.

Her first not her last continues

group rich5911 2017-11-13

I moved behind Jen who was still tongue fucking Kathy and Guy joined Rich with his cock ready for her mouth when she turned away from him. As Jen and fucked we stopped and looked over at Kathy sitting on her husband and Rich positioning his cock to enter my wife’s ass. Kathy I knew was going to enjoy this and as Rich lubed her she was fucking Guys cock deep into her wet pussy. Jen leaned over and kissed Kathy and pinching her nipple giving the scene its high point until the two guys said at the same time I need to cum.

The Awakening Ch. 03

group InsatiableDesire 2017-11-13

In fact I closed my eyes and just concentrated and the pure unadulterated lust I felt coming from Sam. I finally looked back to Kyle and offered him a seat as it seemed strange to have him standing there while he watched. I finally gained the nerve to open my eyes and looked up to see Kyle watching Sam's fingers as they spread the lips of my pussy and separated out my clit, pinching and caressing it. As I came I looked up at Sam who ran his fingers through my hair and gently stroked my face and kissed me to let me know he was enjoying, all the time nodding to me and smiling, his way of asking if I was OK.


BtB: Becca's Ballgame

group Edge23 2017-11-13

"If the Bengals lose and it's cool with you, me and the guys want know...take turns with Becca out there." I tilted my head, having been completely taken by surprise with that one. I'll let you know that Becca and I have discussed your proposition and we've come up with something slightly different, but in the same vein." They looked at me like I had a trick up my sleeve, so I raised a hand to calm them. He released his cock from her tits and stood up and smacked his cock head against Becca's cheek a couple of times before she turned her mouth and took his head into it and sucked his balls dry.

Rich and Steph's First Experiment

group Humpdee84 2017-11-13

When he came back through doing the same thing Steph said, "Oh, don't be such a prude, I've seen it before and frankly, Meh." Dave looked hurt but then added, "Well, it's the best I've got, meh, or not!" and he proudly showed himself as he marched back out the door. Steph looked at Dave, eyes at half mast and said, "Let me finish you, Rich'll be there a while." She reached up and grasped his ass and began to push him into her mouth, almost to the point of gagging, but Steph didn't get into the whole gagging thing, she was just very eager to get Dave off so that she could concentrate on what Rich was still doing with HIS cock.

Dogging slut

group 1daymayb 2017-11-13

The minute they heard you wanted fucking, they came running." "Good." she said, "but I need something now!" so I pulled her to me and kissed her lustfully and pushed my hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt through her knickers. Let's get everyone together and get some action going." She walked the next couple of minutes til we got there with her skirt around her waist and her pink knickers pulled aside showing over her wet glistening pussy lips. We got on me in cowgirl, she was still sucking cock but the other guy was now fucking her arse. I went around the other side, opened the door and got her to suck my cock clean of the cocktail of men's cum while hubby was enjoying her gorgeous body after she'd indulged her slut nature.

Best Birthday Ever

group teachgirl1980 2017-11-13

I saw Katie's guy grab her little boobs and she put her hands over his but didn't move them. I was looking right in the eyes of a cute guy when I felt Fred's hand slide under my top. My two guys were moving closer and then Fred pulled my top down and showed them my right boob. Again, my head screamed for me to stop and run away but my body pushed my chest out and they each felt my boob. He asked me to pull my shirt down and I couldn't help myself, he leaned over and kissed a nipple as his finger slid under my panties and into my wet pussy.


Catch Me if I Fall

group Aashna 2017-11-13

I saw Priyanka looking at Shantanu indirectly and him passing her smiles. Suddenly Shantanu came close to Priyanka and started moving his hand on her ass. Riya was tall and sexy, Priyanka was short, fat and looked sexier with her. Riya slowly inserted her two fingers in Priyanka's pussy and started sucking her boobs. Riya's small boobs made her look like a small college girl but Priyanka's huge tits were swinging back and forth. I too started cumming, Riya suddenly turned around and took my dick in her mouth. I saw Riya giggling with Priyanka and Shantanu when my eyes closed. I opened my eyes after a while, I think Riya's complete hand was in Priyanka's pussy and they were kissing.

Jessie's First BBC

group DevotedToHer 2017-11-13

As we drove, I thought about Chris's proposal and found myself aroused thinking of Jessie looking as the big black guy's dick. After a couple of beers each, Sarah blurts out, "Jessie, you won't believe how big Chris's cock is!" I was thinking how lucky I was getting to watch Sarah and get a hand job when Jessie surprised me by leaning over and taking my cock into her mouth. Sarah pulled Chris's cock out of he mouth and said, "Yeah, baby. I looked back and forth between Jessie sucking my cock and Sarah sucking Chris's. Slowly, she continued licking and stroking as I watched Jessie suck Chris's huge cock. Sarah reached down and started rubbing Jessie's clit as she continued to slide down on Chris's cock.


Two One Night Stands,One Room

group DarkrSide 2017-11-13

Alec stood very close to Molly and Scott was getting closer to Hil. Not a lot was said during the night, but a lot was consumed. Molly and Alec were dancing quite close together to a sexy song, they caught each other in the eyes and before she knew it, she was in his arms in a deep kiss. Alec, Molly, Scott and Hil staggered to the parking lot. Molly closed her eyes to Scott and Hil, concentrating on Alec again. Hil saw the side of Molly's left breast as it pressed against Alec's chest. Hil looked up from the passion on Scott’s face to watch Alec slide his cock into Molly.