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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 08

group littlesquirt 2017-11-13

I moved around the room, dancing in front of each guy for a couple of seconds, giving them a good view down my shirt. I moved around the room, giving every guy a close up look at my bra and tits. Moving back to Nick I shook my hips back and forth, started to push my jeans down. "Hey this is Nick's birthday, I think he should get first dibs." I said as I pushed the cock behind me away. The cock in my pussy pulled out, there was a moan, then hot cum was sprayed on my ass, in my crack. I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth as the last couple of squirts of cum landed on my ass.

Riding the Jessie Train

group dpingjessie 2017-11-13

Jessie's husband stepped up, and Jessie immediately took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Once we were all settled, Jessie left her left arm planted nearby my head but reached up with the other one to clutch her husband's back as she adjusted to being sandwiched for the first time in more than a year. Her husband lay on top of her, leaning over her right shoulder, while I positioned my head under Jessie's left shoulder and looked up at her sexy legs and heels as they reached for the sky. As I was still getting the hang of my predicament, Jessie's husband went to work, pulling his hips back and then slowly sinking his cock back into Jessie's pussy.


Are Men Really Pigs?

group lissylover1 2017-11-13

She moved her head up so that just the tip of my cock was in her mouth, gently sucking and massaging with her tongue, and occasionally making those same slurping noises I had heard a few minutes ago as she ate her ice cream. The elevator jerked upwards again and I thought we were going to start moving, but it quickly banged to a stop and Miss Chubby Chick kept sucking. "God," I thought, "Spanish pussy tastes good." Miss redhead continued to ride up and down on my cock, sometimes deep sometimes shallow. Another couple minutes of pure bliss passed before I arched my back, jamming my cock deep inside Miss Red's pussy and shot my load.

Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 04

group 3Pete 2017-11-13

The thought of Pete's cock buried in her cunt made Audrey squirm, and she began to play with her pussy under the towel. Then Judy lifted off Pete's cock and cried, "Audrey, let's trade places. All the while, Pete played with Judy's satiny breasts and big smooth ass, and continued to feast feverishly on her flowing cunt. Pete grabbed Judy's big ass and lifted her up over his rampant cock, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist. I was so turned on with Audrey's wonderful pussy in my mouth, and the feel of her throbbing cunt gripping my fingers inside, and Pete's swollen cock moving in my hungry cunt - - I was frantic to come, too!

Stacked Shelley's Subway Ride Ch. 4

group Sexy Shelley 2017-11-13

DiNardo sucked my tits as he fucked me, tossing me up and down on his big cock like I was an animal on a merry-go-round, stuck through with a thick pole. The Blonde was fucking herself, hand moving like a blur between her long pretty legs. The cop’s big hands were gripping my thin wrists so hard it felt like a vice. The whole scene—this hot Italian cop drilling me from behind, Central Park at night, this freaky blonde woman with her sexy body and dominant personality shoving the fake cock down my throat, the smell of the leather and the sweat coming from the big black horse, the silhouetted outline of his massive horse-member.


group inarut 2017-11-13

Shirley still convulsing violently with her releasing orgasm, Jack quickly pulled his dripping cock from her before he ejaculated in her and opened a passageway for me to mount her writhing sweaty torso. Jack was laid back on the bed, his huge slimy dripping cock poised, Shirley was panting loud, breathing heavily, before I could enter her again, she turned facing Jack, spread her legs open, swung her body over Jacks tool and mounted his fat hard tool, burying it to the hilt inside her on top of him. I got up first and showered, but when I returned to the bedroom, Shirley was laying on her back, her arms thrown back over her head, panting hard with Jack propelling the last heave into her wet pussy as she bellowed out another orgasm.

Good Friends

group CrmsnMoon 2017-11-13

Adam, myself, and a friend of ours, David, were drinking Jack Daniels and Coke and hanging out, just having a good time. I had been "fuck-buddies" with him long before Adam and I got together, and to be honest, I missed his nice hard cock (He was always awesome in bed). I asked David about it a few times, and he always jokingly said that he wanted to fuck me again, but it never really seemed like he was interested. I came hard and fast, writhing on the bed, listening to Adam and David moan as well. I clenched my pussy muscles up to make it nice and tight for Adam while I pushed up the pace with David.

Becky's Sorority Initiation

group PamperedLinny 2017-11-13

Becky tried to turn and walk back to the door only to find Amy holding her arm too tightly and one of the clothed men closing and locking the door. As her circle came to an end the man in front of her pulled her close and kissed her full on the mouth. Lisa and Amy both walked away to speak with the man who had ripped her dress from her body. The man underneath her began to groan and all activity stopped for a moment as he left her only to be replaced by another frat pledge. Becky opened her eyes to see all 15 of the men she'd been fucking these past hours blowing load after load over her face, breasts, hair and even her back.

One Man Camp Pt. 02

group JacobGoody 2017-11-13

Looking down, I could see Roger had buried his face in his woman's pussy, rapidly lapping away, before stabbing his tongue into her, or mashing up against her clit. But the strange feeling of embarrassment, the same feeling I had being eyed yesterday by Sandra on the beach in all my naked glory - it felt wrong, and dirty, but also dangerous and incredibly fucking hot. I could feel Sandra's entire body over me start to quiver, and she started to openly weep as Roger dug deep and pounded her slowly and I bit at her nub. I watched from under Sandra's pussy as Roger slid his lengthy penis out, trying politely not to hit me in the face.

How my wife got back to loving bbc pt 2

group kristi4bbcfun 2017-11-13

Immediately Keith, and Steve began tearing at Kristi's short satin minidress until they had her completely naked standing in the middle of the room. As Keith pulled Kristi to himself, kissing her passionately, and began running his black hands all over her sexy white frame. While Keith at the same time placed a big black hand over each of her firm around breast, and began to lick and suck her nipples until they were filled with bl**d, and standing straight up. Placing one hand on each of her sexy round ass cheeks, Steve began to slowly, and rhythmically fill Kristi's pussy with his enormous black manhood. And with that I knew that Steve's huge black cock was shooting copious amounts of semen deep into my wife's overstretched white pussy.

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 04

group CABONE 2017-11-13

I wanted to wake you up and just tell you to fuck my ass, but I was afraid." She buried her face in her hands, still clearly embarrassed by her desires. She was still tensing every time I approached her little hole and I wanted her to be anticipating the contact, desiring it, not tensing up, so I continued licking and kissing until she stopped tensing when my tongue touched her tiny flower. "Sara felt badly that I was crying and she came over to hug me." Joni's whisper got softer. There were long minutes where we just held each other, but, I think that it just made it easier for her to tell me." Joni sat up and looked closely at me.


Graduation Trip: Day 4

group nancyisnaked 2017-11-13

A couple of hours later I had more than a few beer bongs giving me a good buzz, which only intensified my aroused state, as I sat in the hot tub, topless with six guys, and just three girls including me. When a couple of security guards started heading our way one of the guys suggested that we all come up to his room and continue the party. Then the guys at the head of bed had his cock in my face while he stroked himself at the same time I was being fucked silly from behind. I was giving head to some guy while being fucked from behind, I could hear the other girl moaning as she was getting fucked too, and other guys were hanging around waiting for their turn.

Fun After Work

group Selecto 2017-11-13

It was obvious that Jenny had quite a bit to drink because when I took my seat I could see Barry had slid his hand under her dress and was rubbing her pussy. "From the looks of those hard dicks, I think they might like to see us lick each others pussies." Injected Jenny. I looked over to see Amanda getting hammered by John as she sucked Barry's dick like it was a sweet piece of candy. After a few minutes I heard Dan yell "I'm going to cum." He let out a loud groan and filled Jenny's pussy with his load. Barry pulled his dick out of Amanda's mouth and moved in to fuck Jenny.

Caught Spying on a Friend Ch. 02

group Toolmo 2017-11-13

I feel Peggy start to bounce hard up and down on my cock, I think she is close to cumming. Beth dismounted my face and turned to kiss me, she was meet by Peggy and Shari and they all three licked me clean. I thought she would take me next but that too surprised me, all three girls sat back and just giggled, then stood and gave a quick kiss to each other and walked off and left the room. They all stopped at once and sat back to look at me, not saying a word Beth got up and brought me a glass of wine, helping me drink it. Peggy looked at Shari and asked, "Are you ready to take my cock in your ass?"


Teaching Lea Ch. 01

group UptheDownSpout 2017-11-13

Scott reached up and grabbed my ass cheeks pulling my saliva wet cock down to it's base into his mouth. "Pretty much, a little soul searching wouldn't hurt you, Zach." She sat down and grabbed an open beer bottle from the table and tipped it towards me, "Scott's?" she asked and took a pull. As I pulled out of the lot Scott reached his hand over the console and rested it on my cock, "You horny Zach? As she caressed his dick I asked, "Should we lose the shorts, Lea?" Before she could answer Scott lifted his hips and pulled his shorts off and kicked them under the table. Lea watched as I ran my tongue from Scott's balls and up the shaft to the glans.


Red Lips and a ’57 Chrysler

group Poeticaesthetic 2017-11-13

Every time she began to look too long, Kendra’s gaze would catch hers, and she’d realize Kendra was smiling back at her, knowing what she was thinking. Until then she had dared only quick glances at Kendra, but looking now, she let her eyes wander freely over Kendra’s figure, starting with her beautiful face, and working downward. Kendra knew what Stephanie wanted, and facilitated by pulling her panties to one side, and gently running her fingers through Stephanie’s hair, guiding her head downward. She slowly slid her tongue out, unsure of what to do, when Kendra, guiding with her hand, pushed Stephanie’s wet, hot tongue down into Kendra’s waiting, pink pussy.

Sluts Next Door

group Red_Writer 2017-11-13

“I ain’t even decided if I’m gonna fuck you again, much less waste all day with a silly twit like you, darlin’,” I told her, snorting as I did so at her foolishness. As I hung up the phone, I asked Moriah what her mom’s name was and she pulled off my stick just long enough to answer sourly, “Meg.” Then, she went right back to suckin’ nice and slow without havin’ to be told. I took a sip of beer to wet my whistle, then told Moriah, “No matter what happens girl, if you want more dick from me today, don’t stop suckin’ that meat deep in your mouth till I tell you to.”


Fucking with Strangers Ch. 02

group mandywilluk2000 2017-11-13

We got on really well and by the time we'd finished the bottle and were sitting down to dinner with Steve and me opposite each other with Cassy to my right and Paul my left, it was almost as if we were old friends. I looked over Steve's shoulder and saw that the others were a little ahead of us for the man who had brought me here had pulled the hem at the back of Cassy's mini skirt up so that his hands were squeezing the bare, perfectly formed orbs of her bum. Seeing her hand wrapped round Paul's cock as mine had been so many times was so stirring to me that without thinking I grabbed Steve's.


Day at the Cove

group moose86 2017-11-13

Mark smiles walking around to the front of Nicole, pulling his shirt off his sweaty body. Riches fat shakes with each thrust into her as her body is pushes forward, making her lips move on marks cock. "Yeah you slut, take my black cock, oh god your tight, ima gunna cum in your sweet cunt bitch!" Nicole's body is on fire. Mark meanwhile grunts, holding her body into his fat and thrusting upwards "AH YES, take it you white slut!" he yells, shooting his own cum into Nicoles body. Within moments Rich's cock explodes, showering nicoles face in hot sticky cum. Mark stands up, breathing deeply "Damn baby your one hot slut..." He says, both men laughing as all three have cum.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter VI

group Victor2K 2017-11-13

And he pretty much campaigned for Kathy to join us, since she is my best friend and it should be better with someone that know us other than an unknown girl that might not be on our ‘synnergy’. Well, I had many ideas, but I only told them to Kathy, since I found out better Tony have a surprise. I think Tony got a little dizzy when I took Kathy out of his arms and gave her a big kiss, like ones I gave him all the time. Then it came the time for me to have my Tony do me and Kathy sit on my face so she could see if I could taste her.

Couple in Club

group babaorielly7167 2017-11-13

"When we get to my house you can call your husband to come pick you up." As Mr. Hamilton said this he slid a finger under my panties and felt the moisture building up at my pussy. "You won't have to have sex with anyone you don't want to." Said my husband, reassuring me that it was a good idea before we went to sleep. Once my husband's cock was hard Laura got up next to him and bent down, holding her ass open. When my husband got home he began telling me about all the different girls that he had sex with that day.


Nude Beach Adventure

group NakedinNC_ 2017-11-13

Lifting her head momentarily and looking at Gene with lust in her eyes, she said: "My pussy tastes so good on your big cock." She returned to her oral ministrations, licking the cunt juice off his balls. "Now that I've imagined what it would be like, and felt how strongly I reacted to the idea, the thought of it makes me really hot." Replied Liz while unconsciously playing with her semen-soaked pubic hair, "If we could find a woman that would play with us, then in addition to her eating me while you fuck me, I could do the same to her and I would get to see what your big cock looks like sliding in and out of her hot, hairy cunt.


State Rally

group Ollegio 2017-11-13

I kind of imagine it will sort of feel like getting laid and a hand job at the same time." It was Cole's turn to leer and smirk. Donna decided to change out of her riding clothes into something better suited to tease and immediately pulled her t-shirt over her head and then stripped off her jeans. In no time she was mirroring Donna's movements and my cock was surrounded by hands teasing the hell out of my inner thighs but providing just enough direct stimulation to keep me rock hard with no short-term relief in sight. Nearly everyone headed in to the bar, including Donna, Cole, Karen, Nate, his wife, and I.


The Origins of a Slut Ch. 01

group MistyHaze 2017-11-13

So like I said, my husband had a way to get me into his way of thinking...and to tell the truth, I'd started to enjoy the idea of being a hot little porn girl. I quickly got into the excitement of showing all that I had to give, and the wild fantasies that I was starting to have about really giving it up physically began to work on my mind...not to say what it was doing to my hot wet pussy. Always in the back of my mind was the secret desire to become a real porn star and get fucked in front of a camera...and of all the horny men that would watch me!