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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Getting It On Camera Ch. 2

group Arch Stanton 2017-11-13

Brad's cum was oozing slowly down her chin and neck, while she lazily rubbed her hands in the spunk that had gotten on her tits, spreading it around like lotion. Fuck her!" Brad encouraged me and I began to thrust harder, causing Stacey to moan even louder. I sensed rather than saw Brad reach out a hand, and with a questing finger begin to probe Stacey's tight, brown hole just an inch below my thrusting cock. She gasped sharply and I felt Brad's fingers lightly touching the base of my cock as he stuffed himself in her. At the same time Brad grimaced and yelled as he pulled his dick out and began to shoot his load all over Stacey's upturned ass.

Fireman's Lift

group blondbombshelluk 2017-11-13

I feel his cock head moving up and down my slit, opening my lips before he thrusts his hips and erection inside me in one hard and sudden movement, I'm filled to the hilt. The blonde fire fighter is climbing the three steps up to join us, a huge smile on his face; he takes my head in his hands and kisses my mouth deeply, tonguing me. "This is just the ultimate girls fantasy" I think to myself, just then the door behind me opens and the dark haired green eyed fire fighter looks in, I hear him chuckle just before climbing in the cab beneath my feet.


Angela's Secret Ch.1

group happy aussie 2017-11-13

Ange flung her arms around Ciara as she began to come kissing her and kneading her breasts, Ciara abruptly stopped leaving Ange hanging on the edge " I think our man needs some attention here don't you?" with that Ciara dragged me onto the bed and started wanking me in the direction of Ange's face, Ange took the hint and was soon doing what she does best, but Ciara had moved down the bed and had taken Ange a bit by surprise when she pulled Ange's legs apart, as she kissed her way up Ange's legs, Angela said "no, no I don't want thaaaa oooohhhhhhh" as Ciara's hot tongue hit her already drenched pussy Ange gave up all pretence of protesting and muffled moans and groans between gasps for air emanated from her mouth as she attacked my cock with a vigor that I had previously not seen, she almost seemed possessed.

The Second Honeymoon

group tinman0041 2017-11-13

James head bowed to watch her face drop lower kissing his hard nipple, then lower down his hard stomach, and just like the perfect slut deep inside the mother of three she has been hiding all these years, she dropped to her knees in front of this gorgeous stranger, pulling down his shorts exposing the most perfect huge black cock she had ever seen, she turned her head up so her eyes could meet Peters and his mouth dropped open as she gave him her famous slutty look while grabbing the long thick black shaft and gently kissed and licked the head.

Airiel's Anal Party

group tcwild100 2017-11-13

Mark gently eased his penis into Airiel's willing mouth as he watched Josh penetrating her cunt. The two men used her openings for a good fifteen minutes before Mark and Josh agreed to a switch and withdrew their organs from Airiel's body. Airiel felt the man's thumb at her anal port and pushed Josh's hips back to pull his cock from her mouth. Josh let his cock soak in her hot mouth as he watched the action, wondering what might happen He caught Mark's eye and grinned. Mark picked up the pace of his thrusts into Airiel's hot pussy, sliding his thumb in and out of her snug pooper as he got close to his peak.


Outback Fantasy Ch. 03

group IT1250 2017-11-13

He kneads more clay into his hands, his eyes not leaving her body, his lust obvious by his hard cock that brushes against her as he stands up and starts to rub the smooth clay over her breasts and stomach. Richard skilfully applies the clay upon Trish's body, gently brushing her erect nipples with the grey, adding horizontal stripes and hand prints to her face, her breasts and her upper thighs Richard proceeds to rub his hands all over her body, she moans in pleasure as his hands, still white from the clay he applied dive down between her legs, she opens them wider and his finger slips over her wet pussy.


Sex with two best friends part 2

group jdowney1 2017-11-13

She slowly runs her hand up and down her body feeling her breast and down her panties rubbing her pussy as memory deep throats my cock. I then pull memory up and lay her on her back I remove her pants the rest of the way along with her panties to reveal her soaking wet shaved pussy. I then move to put my cock in Whitney's face she begins to suck it and deep throat it like memory was earlier. With Whitney still on my face memory slowly removed my cock and leaned back. Whitney leaned forward and lick the cum off my cock and from memory's pussy.

Ellie and Tom

group Iluvkissing 2017-11-13

She was a little shy as he started to undo her blouse and remove her bra, as he gazed down at her naked breasts she could see from the look in his eyes he how much he wanted them, her hand was holding and gently squeezing his cock and she could feel him throb as he looked down on her. She again reached out and took hold of his cock in her hand and started to squeeze quite tightly whilst moving her hand to the very tip, she could feel him starting to get a little wet, with her free hand she ran her fingers up though his hair and slowly pushed his head down to her breast, his tongue teasingly started to lick her nipple as it grew bigger in response to his touch.


Hot Tub Fuck

group Texracer1 2017-11-13

Sharon said, "I like fucking little girls like you; your pussies and asses are nice and tight; I like to see you struggle, especially when my husband's cock is so deep in your throat the first time." Sharon reached around for Kady's tits that were hanging down and twisted one of her nipples hard, causing her to cry out, "Fuck!" as she pulled off the cock in her mouth. Kady was forced to eat cum out of Sharon's cunt and asshole and watched videos of Janice being willingly gang banged and ass-fucked the previous night. Kady fisted Sharon in the cunt and ass at the same time, bringing her to multiple orgasms as the men watched.

Is That You, Sarah? Ch. 02

group SlipLuvver 2017-11-13

"So you've never looked out of the window and seen a nice young lady and thought, 'I know, I'll ring her and chat her up a bit and see if she'll go out with me'?" Paula said with a smile on her face. "You could always come round to mine and have a coffee," said Kevin, giving Paula a sly wink. "So, do you two live together?" she said looking first at Paula, then across at Kevin. "That's a nice dress, you're wearing," said Paula and she put her right hand on Delia's left leg and rubbed it over the material. "I say, old girl, steady on there!" said Delia clutching the wine glass in her right hand and trying to fend off Paula's hand with the other.


Brenda Comes Home

group MikesWorld 2017-11-13

"Get over here, you fuckers!" she said to them, looking back at Tom. He sat there, staring at her, that ever present smile on his face. Jeff stood next to Dan and she began to stroke his cock with her free hand. A moment later, Dan had grabbed her head and was forcing her mouth onto his cock, pumping it back and forth, almost using her mouth to masturbate. After sucking him a moment, and smiling up at him, she went back to Dan's cock. She worked them in a rhythm, alternating her hands and mouth, moving back and forth, sucking greedily, knowing that Tom was watching and wanting to please him. She went to work even more eagerly on Jeff, as Dan slowly began to stuff his cock in her willing ass.

The Game Ch. 2

group SpankMaster60 2017-11-13

The next one was her husband David, and he opened his card and read it: "Remove your partner's underpants and fondle what you find for 1 minute." David seemed a little relieved as he told Shirley to stand, removed her silky bikini panties, and started to openly fondle her pussy in front of us all. After John completed his task, his wife Sylvia, a nice looking woman with fairly average features and a decent body, opened her card and read it "Pick someone of the same sex and give them a deep French kiss and remove their shirt, blouse or dress." She looked around and then walked over to Nikki and asked her to stand.

Getting Bi Without You

group danielblue 2017-11-13

Oliver closed his eyes and felt Toby kissing his eyelids, his eyebrows, licking across his forehead and down his cheeks. Rose brought her fingers round Oliver's chest and started toying with his nipples through the fabric of his shirt. Oliver saw Toby's lips moved down the length of his cock until they met Rose's hand and his knees buckled. Toby's low hanging balls bounced up and down on Oliver's cock head as he fucked. As Oliver lapped at Rose's cunt Toby's spent fuck sauce started to coat his tongue. Oliver's asshole had taken on a life of its own and was madly in love with Toby's cock. Seconds later Oliver's cock erupted, sending his hot jizz spraying through Toby's fingers and all over Rose's back.

The Screamer Ch. 11

group Liquor69 2017-11-13

Jill told her about Gary's girls and that Mark was involved with a gorgeous woman who was hospitalized right now. Mark and Gary doubled over laughing hysterically as Wendy didn't see the two burly Italian Customs Agents standing directly behind her. Gina walked up and told them, in perfect Italian, that they were going to help christen this jet. "Gary, Gina and I could fly up there and pick her up tomorrow," Jill said. "I love the new jet darling," Debbie said as she nuzzled Gary warmly. "We love our life," Wendy said as she and Rose walked past Gary. "You earned it my love," Gary grinned as Megan began to suck his cock.


Moving Fun

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-13

So, I figured they should see what I taste like and I went up to each chair, put a leg up on it, slipped a finger up into my pussy, rubbed it in and out, then put it up to each one's mouth to suck on. It's something I love to do, just ask Roy. He knows I'll suck him off anytime he wants it, three, four times a day, sometimes, especially weekends. Hon, I am so horny, so turned-on, I am so ready for you," and I get up on the bed and he gets directly up between my legs and plunges his cock into he and begins frantically fucking me. After dinner and a few glasses of wine, we were back in the room and Roy said, "You know, Michelle, my brothers still owe you a pussy licking."


Jessie's Girl

group pearlescent 2017-11-13

Jessie notices my opening up and takes this as a sign that I’m ready, and I am, I really want to feel his cock in me, filling me up completely: I reach down and grab Jake’s hand, pull it up and put his fingers, wet with my juices, into my mouth, and let out a gasp as Jessie slides into me, and starts pumping more urgently.

A Wicked Thirst to Satisfy

group LilaMina 2017-11-13

You turn on the fan of the living room and push open the sliding doors and mosquito nets of the large floor-to-ceiling windows that lead to a garden in the back of the house. Usually after practice, when the sight of his thick neck and wrists, not to mention his large frame in his training armor and the sound of his rich and tough voice, leave you all kinds of bothered. A shiver of something undefined runs along your spine, and you open your mouth to say something, but right then, all reason leaves you when the perfect, sweet and dripping pussy of your girlfriend brushes your lips.


Can't Lose Football Bet Pt. 02

group P3Driver 2017-11-13

The guys must have told him what was going on because when John brought him over and introduced me he looked me right in the eye and said "'You look very naughty," and never blinked, then he just turned and walked over to talk to James and Avery. He looked down at my tits and then right into my eyes and said "You like showing of that hot little body of yours don't you?" It wasn't really a question, it was more of a statement and before I could say anything, he reached up and pulled down the left cup of my bra, grabbed my left nipple with his thumb and fore-finger and squeezed it hard.


A Side Trip

group TxRad 2017-11-13

"You could have easily talked me out of them once we got back to our room but I would have ended up sitting on your face," Annie said and then grinned as Julie groaned loudly. "Yeah, I heard you liked my girl friends nipples and breasts," Annie said and then bit Julie's neck hard. "That's enough for now," she whispered as she moved her hand up under the vest and brushed her fingertips over Julie's rock hard nipples poking through holes in the lace. "I'll keep that in mind," Annie said with a grin as she stepped back from Julie and wrapped the cloak tightly around herself. Julie stepped out from behind Annie and David's eyes zeroed in on her hard nipples poking through the lace of her blouse.


Four for the Handyman Ch. 08

group spikysex 2017-11-13

I suggested Susan make dinner for us all, and led my pet out back to where her soiled shoes were sitting on the back patio, it was her potty time, and despite being barefoot, and dried out by fun in the sun, she managed without incident. The only thing a pet can really decide for herself is how fast she progresses." I held up the shoes, then looked at the soiled cheap plastic just in her reach. I shook my head to clear it, turning to watch Marie eat, so quickly had she not only grown used to it, but actually proficient at it, though I knew she got tired holding her face up out of the food by main strength alone.


Honeymoon@No Tell Motel

group sex4u4647 2017-11-13

Carol's wet pussy clasped Jack's driving, hard cock tight as she wrapped her legs around his waist eagerly thrusting her ass up to greedy accept his fucking shaft. Jack was so worked up from the wonderful sensation of finally getting his cock in to Carol's lovely virginal hot pussy that he was having a rough time holding back his climax. Carol quickly settled her now empty cunt over Joe's prick while Marge continued her fuck with James. And Sally was riding her brother- in -law, Joe. Carol was again fucking with James, while happily, Marge was getting pussy plowed by a very jubilant Tom. Marge saw her husband Ralph, was just pulling a partly deflated cock from Ruth's well fucked cunt.


The Accidental Bisexual Ch. 01

group openmindedman 2017-11-13

I was practically seeing stars, and stood somewhat dumbly enjoying the afterglow as I watched her kiss Bobby deeply, the taste of my hot cum no doubt still fresh in her mouth. I had never done this -- never by a long shot, but now I was admittedly incredibly turned on by the thought of playing with, and even sucking another man's cock, just to see if I could make him cum like he had done with me. At that exact moment, I felt Bobby's balls tighten even further and his cock spasmed, firing off stream after stream of hot, sticky jism over Sherry's chin and the tops of her breasts.


The Nurse Slut

group Mysteria27 2017-11-13

Lucky for me, a lot of people come through the hospital who are fat. He was like a pig in shit and was thrilled that a hot and sexy nurse fucked the shit out of him. Like I said, lots of heavier men end up at the hospital for various reasons. My pussy was a wet mess thinking about her blubber and wondered if she'd be up for a little fun. Tell me you like fucking fat guys!" "I like fucking fat men. "Tell us how you like fucking strange men!" I kept having orgasms while fucking the heavy guy. I eased down on Brad's cock and fucked him. They each took turns fucking my ass and pussy.

Summertime BBQ

group sundog69 2017-11-13

Sally smiles at Bob and Josh, who are leaning against the edge of the pool enjoying the margaritas. "Here Bob lick this off my fingers, you are going to eat a lot more before the day is over" Jen says as she wipes the pre-cum from Steve's cock head. With that Jen starts to work on Bob's cock at the same time Sam starts to kiss her. As Sam and Jen are licking and sucking his cock and balls, they have orders from Sally not to let him cum…yet. I cum instantly seeing this, and Bob loses it, shooting off in Sam's and Jen's mouth and on their faces.