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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Plumber got his Threesome Fantasy

group plumberstoy 2017-11-13

Wednesday morning finally came and I took care of things and once the house was empty I text both Ricky and Lindsay to let them know. I tried so hard to not make any sounds, but in the background Ricky was really getting into Lindsay's pussy. I walked back over to the couch and watched Ricky eating Lindsay's pussy and I touched her arm softly and then her leg. Ricky came up and kissed Lindsay so now she had a taste of my pussy. Lindsay was going between eating my pussy and sucking Ricky's cock. Not wanting to stop, I uttered quickly between licks, "Yep!" He started to finger her and was watching me eating her pussy.

Appreciation of a Loan

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-11-13

Meanwhile, I locked the door, also stripping naked, laying on the sofa there in the office and began rubbing the clit of my own drenched cunt as I watched Trish on that desk getting fucked harder by the loan officer, with cries of one orgasm after another escaping her lips. My own body began to quiver as I came, sending a flood of my own cunt juices all over Trish's beautiful face as I reached my own climax and she'd begun to cum yet again from the force of the loan officer's cock. It went on like that for awhile until each of us would cum while he fucked us, before he'd pull out and bury his cock in the cunt of the other, back and forth, taking turns banging Trish and me.



group AC_Pandorra 2017-11-13

In order to help them making a decision she started to fondle her breast which earned her a lot of attention from the three guys. Slowly she took him between her lips and let him slide down in her mouth which made the cock's owner panting voluptuously. Their cocks had anyway made up their own minds due to her intimate kisses and certainly they had voted too to make the guys come up with the decision she had hoped for. She cramped her muscles down on the cock which fucked her so wildly while she kissed and sucked the huge cock head at her right and caressed the half-hardened cock at her left, which had just covered her with cum.


Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 07

group vastiesmith 2017-11-13

She smiled as she walked to her daughter's door thinking how Amy would feel when a real man fucked her tonight. Mary told Amy she should just come to New York with her on Halloween and see for herself what it felt like to have sex with a man who had everything, looks money and body that no boy could ever match. The men looked up and saw the two beautiful women walking down the steps giving each man a clear shot at their pussies. My you look so lovely Amy. So young and so sweet and innocent in the facts of life dressed in that outfit, you'll soon learn how much fun these parties can be my lovely girl just like your mother did.


Their Perfect Getaway Ch. 02

group beachb0y 2017-11-13

Along with the feel of her boobs in his mouth and her pussy massaging his shaft, her moaned obscenities, forced a jet of cum out of his balls, though his hard cock and splashed her cunt walls. "Yes baby, lick my pussy," again, her new foul tongue, drove Tim on, "suck my juices out of cunt, ooooh," her voice trailed away into a moan as he stuck a soapy finger up her ass. "Fuck yesssss, don't stop, oh Tim, yes suck my pussy..." as he stuck his finger deeper inside her asshole and felt her cunt muscles contract around it.


Michelle's Wild Start

group letsallgetlaid 2017-11-13

I had spent most of the class period thinking about my fiancé spreading my legs and licking my pussy from my clit to my asshole. I got down on my knees and started to slowly lick Stephanie's pussy. I looked up at her and smiled, then continued to lick her pussy and wrapped my hands around the huge dick in front of me. I started cumming and didn't stop until long after he pulled his cock out of me and shot his load all over Stephanie's face and tits. I bit my lip as she started moving her finger in and out of my pussy, deeper each time. She slid another finger into my pussy and slowly pushed me onto the floor moving her body on top of mine.

The Old Bitch

group zimabean 2017-11-12

She would let me do anything, anal, she would suck my dick and swallow, but most of the time I would just fuck her pussy and cum inside her. The next time I went I brought two friends and we all took turns fucking her. When we were all done the bitch asked if next week she could have a couple of her friends join us. We knew the three of us had a good thing going but eight women was a lot and bitch said she a couple of other friends that wanted to join us. I never thought about that there is all this old pussy around just waiting for some young hard cock to fill it with hot jizz.

Ashley's Adventures Ch. 01

group Mikeymonkey1107 2017-11-12

Michael ran his hands along her stomach as he kissed her neck, running his wet and warm tongue along her soft skin. "Your shirt's in the way baby," Michael whispered, looking into Ashley's eyes. Ashley moaned louder, reaching down with one hand to massage her tits while putting the other on the back of Michael's head to hold his wonderful tongue in place. Ashley threw her head back and moaned louder, sliding her gorgeous body up and down Michael's cock. Lacey stood just outside the door, watching as Ashley rode Michael's cock like a wild cowgirl. Michael could feel himself getting close to cumming, and knowing Lacey was standing there fingering her own pussy was pushing him even closer to the edge.


Latin Sean Ch. 1

group LiquidLisa 2017-11-12

Jay took off his pants only, but Sean got butt ass naked and I have to say that his body was tight and sexy! I guess he just wanted a show because he eventually sat on the other couch and began slowly stroking his dick and got hard from that. I got on my knees and began sucking his dick again, licking up all the cream that recently dripped out of my pussy. This "argument" went on for days until a friend of mine told me to just "have a good time" and not worry about Jay. All the while I was thinking of Sean and how good he made me feel.

Baby Takes a Bow

group Baby41 2017-11-12

I threw my duffle bag down on the floor, and a few guys looked up, startled to see a girl in their inner sanctum, but they smiled. I went into the next room and got down on the floor, clutching my duffle bag to my chest, I stuck my ass up in the air with my legs spread wide and my back arched so my pussy pulled open. I brushed the hair out of my face, looked around the room at all the guys, and in my sweetest voice said, “Next!” I walked up to him and took his cock in my hand, stroking a few good pumps as I looked at the other guys.

Truth or Dare

group Clohi 2017-11-12

I looked at my friend Ann and watched her face. You liked watching me cum?" Ann nodded and smiled. I looked over and saw that Ann had her own mouth full with the other guy's cock. I looked and watched as Ann continued to suck on the other guy's cock. I moaned as I felt this guy's cock pushing hard and fast into my pussy. The other guy, whose cock Ann had been sucking, came up behind her and I felt him push his cock inside her. Ann's mouth sucked hard on my clit, making my clit vibrate when she moaned. I straightened and watched as Ann took the guys erupting cock in our mouth and sucked him dry.

Fun Day at the Beach

group sex4u4647 2017-11-12

In the water they splashed around together for a while then Jim started to play with Pam's pussy, pulling her suit aside and fingering her underwater while she held tight to his cock. Jim was the first to come, he was so excited from seeing Bill fucking his wife that he lost control too soon and shot a load of cum deep in Jane's pussy. The two girls knelt to watch Jim's cock fuck in and out of Pam's mouth while the two guys stood near Jane, took out their cocks and started to jack off. Totally shocked by what she saw, she watched as they sucked each other, then they rolled apart and Jim started to fuck Jane as Bill stuck his cock into Pam.

Ladies Night

group jt123 2017-11-12

Mel gave Lisa a quick slap on the arm and said, "Hands off, this one is mine." For effect she moved over to Bob, sat in his lap, and gave him a kiss. Kelly went back to the kitchen to fix a fresh round for Bob, Lisa, and Mel. The remaining three sat around the table and started talking. Bob quickly noticed she wasn't watching him or Lisa and was looking directly across the table at Kelly. Mel had watched intently as Kelly came and Bob knew from experience she was close to cumming herself. Mel, Kelly, and Bob each started to put their clothes back on and for a few minutes Lisa simply sat and watched.

Sonika Falls for Money Ch. 02

group sajit 2017-11-12

Still locked in an embrace with Shatir, Sonika's right hand descended and started to frig, pump his cock through the trouser fly, while at the same time Ripu incessantly puckered her anus with his hard fingertip as he kept sucking on her clit. On the sofa, much to Sonika's delight the thick, fully erect cock popped out and suddenly dangled before her hungry mouth, her lovely face erupted with erotic lust,holding Shatir's cock in her right hand, she started smelling the air around as if it was coffee on the table, the aroma was too much for her and she started getting 'intoxicated'.

Couple Find a 3rd in Vegas

group cardinia 2017-11-12

After an hour or so the couple said they were heading back to the room, Sara decided it was time to turn in as well. Lee leaned across and gently touched Sara on the arm and whispered, "would you care to join us for a night cap?" Sara blushed and replied?" I better get back to my husband, maybe next time." With that Sara turned and entered her room. Tony pushed Sara onto the bed and onto her knees, she knew what was happening and didn't care that her husband was passed out in the next room. Sara pulled her skirt back down and left the room, looking at the couple kiss on the bed as she closed the door.


Peeping Dave Ch. 04

group JennyWrites4Fun 2017-11-12

"That's fine Jen. The something decadent that I want doesn't come from a store," he said as he ran his fingertips up my thigh, pushing my hem far above my knee, "I'd like to give you dessert." I could've blamed the wine but after my time with Dave in the attorney restroom, I knew it was my own lust that made me say "Yes Dave, I think I'd like that...quite a bit." My love for my married Dan seemed to be curbed by the anticipation of another tryst with Dave. His gift made me smile (he held off cumming in the office but couldn't hold off once he took those panties out of my hand) but it wasn't the same as having him there to see me open the gift.


Melissa's Birthday Surprise

group 1970man 2017-11-12

By this stage the other guys seem to have developed a rotation system, as every time I looked up, my tongue in Melissa's pussy and two fingers pushed into her tight arse, there were different guys doing different things. One of the many things that Melissa was good at was gripping a cock tight with her pussy and as I started a routine of sliding in and out of her cunt, I felt that glorious squeeze and release as she worked my cock well, even when distracted by cocks in her mouth. Melissa was now slightly propped up on her elbows with her head tipped right back as the first guy climbed up on the fuck-table, knelt before her and slid his fat slug past her lips and down her throat.


Wife's Friends- Her Bar Friends

group kcfunseeker 2017-11-12

Once my wife started bartending, “Tay-Tay” began frequenting my wife’s bar so she got to see little Taylor get d***k, slut dance all over any “cute” guy and then go home with them. Taylor and her Best Friend Priscilla go out to bars trolling for big cocks attached to big muscles. My wife ended up at one of these parties and said Taylor was a total cock crazy slut who did dps faster than her or Priscilla. However if she isn’t in the tanning booth or at the school she works at she can be found at a bar letting anyone with muscles “see that her tits are all natural” which usually ends up with her with one or more guys using her in the parking lot.

In Vegas James and Kims Escapade in Sin city

group OlGeezer 2017-11-12

My friends James and Kim where coming to Las Vegas for 10 days vacation. So not really knowing what was going to happen James and Kim were about to land in Las Vegas. Kim picked out one of the sexy dresses she and James they got on one of their shopping trips to Victoria Secret. James looked at Tom and asked him, ?ould you like to come up to our room and continue the evenings fun? Tom leaned over and kissed Kim as he told them that he was happy that they had been able to get together and he looked forward to spending a lot more time with them over the weekend.

The Ride Ch. 02

group fantasyhunter2 2017-11-12

You need to learn a lesson you fucking cock sucking bitch!" he yells at you as he pulls you out of the toilet by your hair. You feel the man behind insert a finger into your pussy and his cock presses into you ass crease. The man whose cock was just impaling your throat says, "Now my dear you will know the joy of having all of your slutty fuck holes filled at once." "Ah, one more to go and the gang fuck is complete, you little slut, bitch," you hear Hunter growl. When you reach him he slaps you and says, "Suck my dick like you sucked that little sissy that just fucked your mouth."


group clovesc21911 2017-11-12

Cassey climbed in the shower, reaching down to grab his already hard cock as he nibbled on her neck, the warm water running over both of them. After feeding Cassey the strawberry, the attendant dropped to his knees and began sucking the whipped cream off of Chris' cock. The attendant stroked Chris' cock, allowing Cassey to get her mouth around it. Cassey and the attendant both sat waiting, mouths open, for Chris to shoot his hot cum in their mouths. Chris grabbed hold of his cock, stroking it fast, he let his cum shoot into both their mouths. Cassey swallowed it fast, as she always does, and was licking his cock clean, when the attendant came up behind her and guided her to the bed.



group Justtoold 2017-11-12

The two times we did play with friends they got so uncomfortable around us afterwards they weren't as close as they were before so a swingers group was a good thing because we wouldn't have to worry about making moves on friends. We pretty well knew which neighbours were swapping and had spent a few evenings fantasizing about which ones we would like to be with and were sure the thrill and excitement of being in that group would make any of them fun too be with. I came back with the wrench and Karen and Ashley were engaged in the game and playing. One time the girls were playing as Cam and I were sitting at the table and as guys do the talk turned to sex. The girls finished their game and Cam went to play against Ashley.

Fifteen Minutes Ch. 04

group hal_tee 2017-11-12

"I think I'm half drunk," she whispered to Peaches, holding onto her friend's arm as they eventually made their unsteady way from their table. Peaches whimpered like a lost puppy as Madison stiffened two fingers and worked them into her pussy. Sounds like they're two young men looking to milk you for all they can," Kazan said, with a sympathetic shrug. "You look disappointed," Camille told her, using both hands to smooth her long, glossy brown hair back over her head as she stretched. When the beauty held the pose for a few moments longer than necessary, Madison found herself staring at the tanned breasts that her tight top was offering.



group BogeyBlack 2017-11-12

As the guys went to get Tree her drink I said “What you playing at?” “It’ll be my pleasure,” he said as he slid his hands over Teresa’s torso lifting her jumper as he did so, his hands coming into contact with the sides of her tits, her nipples hard and stiff like I’d never seen them before. Josh got down licked her pussy as if to say hello before slowly entered her, he pulled out to his cock head then viciously thrust it back in his balls slapping between Tree’s legs. The guy she was giving a hand job to started to moan then he came Tree wrestling with his cock as it spasm after spasm shook it back and forth.