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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three and Out

group alwaysupforu2004 2017-11-12

Off and on I would pull it all the way out, slap her ass, grab her braless tits inside her sweater, and push my cock back in. Cory looked up at me just as Mary's mouth covered the head of my cock. Suddenly I felt a strange sensation as Cory's tongue began licking Mary's crotch, right where my dick was pushing in and out. His tongue continued to expertly lick us both, and I could feel his hard cock against my shin as he stroked it with one of his hands. Mary pressed herself down on me hard, then quickly lifted herself off of me, pulling my cock out of her pussy with a slurp.


Cum Slut Mom’s Day Out

group nckboy 2017-11-12

I didn’t have to wait long before I was coming, cock in hand, mouth on nipple and a finger up inside fucking me, I moaned with every thrust of his finger above the wet sloppy noise from my fanny before nipping my legs tight shut against his hand. The sucking started straight away on my fanny, Nick my son offered his cock up to my mouth, and I licked his fat mushroom end. I felt my fanny empty of my sons cock and reached down to cheek if he had came inside me, just then I felt his hard cock bobbing on my hand and I took hold and gripped his throbbing cock as he began to thrust again.

The Four Hour Erection Ch. 02

group dbrains 2017-11-12

This time, Mary took a small sip and a smile crossed her face and she said, "Ummm, it is pretty good." John proceeded to fill cups for the remaining 9 girls. John looked down at her for a long few seconds admiring her courage and before she knew what was happening, planted a small kiss on her lips, reached under the arm not attached to the wine bottle and scooped her up and asked, "Which way?" Girls who had been discretely listening, and hearing very little from behind the closed bedroom door, were caught flatfooted as Mary opened the door and rushed, totally naked, to the bathroom to get a wet cloth to dab at the blood on Johns shirt to try avoid a stain and to clean the scratches on his shoulder.


The Circle Ch. 42

group SteveWallace 2017-11-12

I think what you've got there is exactly what I want in my life – beautiful people, loving and caring relationships, everybody supports everybody else, sex; I think it's the best living arrangement I've ever seen. A cute part of the episode was when Jim described to her the code about how doors were placed in the house, even including a demonstration: wide open door, come in and even participate in any 'activities' going on within – he hinted strongly about their potentially sexual nature; partly open door, voyeurs are invited; and closed door, privacy please unless you live here.


A Favor for My Best Friend Ch. 07

group Verysecret93 2017-11-12

Michael grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard dick pressed against his leg by his pants. I turned to see Michael slapping his dick onto Stephens face. Look Franky your boyfriend is a cocksucker!" I tried hard not to laugh as I sucked Sean. Stephen was still engrossed in Michael's dick so I got on the couch and turned around to let Sean fuck me doggy style. "You like watching Sean pound your bitch?" Michael asked Stephen. Stephen lowered his dick to my face which was still pressed downward by Michael's hand on my back. Each thrust of Michael's moved my mouth up and down Stephen's dick.

The Neighbors Ch. 03

group RiversEdge2010 2017-11-12

Still, even when Lana found herself inches from Tina's pussy, staring deep inside her hole, she couldn't help but still steal a few glances of her cum-ruined face. "Yes. I will be cumming on your face frequently, but I mostly work alone so you will always be able to maintain some level of privacy," Mark stated as Tina continued to blow him. Tina turned and looked at Lana who rubber herself even harder, especially when more cum flew onto the young wife's face. I figured since Tina was, you must like clean-shaven pussies," Lana said, pulling down the material of her panties and revealing her smooth, naked pubic region to Mark.


The Pastor's Wife Pt. 08

group upbeatunicorn 2017-11-12

I watched as the next guy slid his hard cock into her dripping pussy and I closed my eyes as thoughts of the breeding sessions I'd had in the cabin flooded my mind. "We heard you were hard up for cock," Rich said, coming up behind me, while Larry was grabbing my breasts. Larry dropped to his knees in front of me, pulled my head up and I opened my mouth wide as he thrust his dick back into my throat. I reached out my free hand and grabbed Rich's hardening cock as I sucked on Nate. I hesitated and was about to protest, but Rich grabbed my head, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth and I couldn't move or speak.


Her Trip Turns into a Threesome

group xianpeters 2017-11-12

You turned to me and moved your head forward, inhaling my musky smell deeply, before starting to kiss and lick the thin fabric that was holding back my cock until it was soaked with your spit. You rested for a short time, kissing John, to savor that first feeling of fullness, before slowly moving back and forth in his lap to feel his cock buried deep inside you. I squeezed some lubricant onto my fingers, got down on my knees, spread your ass with my other hand and started to gently, slowly slide my fingers inside you. I finger-fucked your tight asshole for a few minutes while you bounced up and down on John's cock, careful to apply lots of lubricant.

A Night at the Theatre

group jackofdiamonds_F 2017-11-12

But Sarah did not feel contemptuous as she might have expected instead she felt herself stirring, her face flushing as she took in what unfolded in front of her, the stroking and grinding giving away, almost as if they knew what she was longing for, to undressing and probing until each of the woman was clad only in a thong, their heels and a filthy smile. But before the first waves of pleasure had past there were suddenly hands all over her, she could feel strong manly fingertips probing her, stretching her, flicking her over-sensitive clit and more fingers than she would have thought possible forcing themselves into her, exploring every inch, she gasped as one ventured into her arsehole, an avenue that had never previously been explored.


My Motel Fantasy Ch. 02

group pogo123 2017-11-12

"That won't be hard to do, John said with a grin, "Katie's not only beautiful and sexy, but she's also the most lady-like woman I've seen in a long time." "It's my turn in the shower, John, so I'll see if she's about ready", I said as I got up from the bed and made my way to the bathroom door. I heard what Bob said about wanting more pictures and I'd like you to take some of what he takes for our album of the trip". "Here, Katie", Stephen said, "I'll hold onto you while you slide down on John's cock." Bob chuckled as he said, "True, Katie", but I thought you might want to give him a bit of a show for his tip."

Truth or Dare: The Adult Bookstore

group beth080808 2017-11-12

As i started walking up the aisle towards the back, a guy in grey sweat shorts stepped around the corner looking at me and the movies. To the left, it looked like a dressing room, with 5 open doors. I decided to leave, I stood up, opened the door and there were 3 guys just standing there in that little hallway. The larger guy rubbed my other arm down to my wrist and held it, while his other hand unzipped my hoody all way down. I reached up to hold it closed, and the other guy stuck his hand up the back of my skirt. The larger man grabbed a handful of hair, stepped up and started rubbing his cock on my face, and then shoved it in my mouth.

Just Say No Ch. 01

group chasingDan 2017-11-12

Jean-Paul had on the usual Haitian garb like the other guys, but Matthew was wearing shorts and a polo shirt. "I guess a little, but these guys seem ok, and they've been pretty nice so far." Mel replied. We both looked at each other unconvinced when Jay came from behind us, put his arms on both of our waists, and said "Susan, Melanie...are you guys all right? A tall, thin guy got behind me, and wiped his cock up and down my pussy lips a few times for moisture, and then pushed forward into me. Mr. I don't know your name-big dick pulled his cock from my pussy for a moment, and immediately stuffed himself back inside when I got on my back.


The Dinner Party Ch. 01

group zebra2001uk 2017-11-12

That is until just recently when, one Sunday afternoon, Rosemary had rather surprisingly expressed to her husband that she thought the time had come for them to expose themselves to some form of sexual excitement. Martin took Rosemary in his arms and kissed her – it was funny how their lips touched briefly, fell apart, came together again and stayed together more firmly the second time as if Superglue were starting to bond. Rosemary looked into her husband's eyes, and then let her gaze sink to where his solid cock was hovering over her quivering, juicy pussy. As she came so Martin's balls erupted and she felt his hot creamy cum drown her womb, filling every corner of her love canal, coating her inner self with his love juices.


Cap D'Agde 4

group naturist617 2017-11-12

Before long Paul got up from between my legs and I looked down to see him positioning the end of his cock at my entrance. He was soon into a fast thrusting motion between my legs - I worked my pussy muscles on his cock - I have always kept up my pelvic floor exercises and take pride in my ability to squeeze down really hard. This time, Juliet got off her knees from between Paul's legs - his cock was coming back to life after the attention that her mouth had been paying it. I do have to admit that I enjoy putting a finger in my ass so that I can feel the cock that is inside my pussy.

My New Fetish Part 2

group Lozo44 2017-11-12

Lorenzo asked him if he wanted my ass as he slapped both cheeks in between deep thrusts by the fat man.The fat man laughed and told him he'd love to pound my slutty ass.Lorenzo prepped it with lube and multiple fingers, having me suck them after.I was cumming like crazy by now I begged for the Cock to be in my ass.And I got my wish...Deep in my tight ass went his big, hard Cock, big balls slapping on my ass, with fingers rubbing my clit.As I moaned in pleasure Lorenzo fed me his throbbing hard on.I sucked it like a true whore, throat fucking myself.

Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 08

group walterio 2017-11-12

Elin was taken with the handsome Spaniard and Italian men and she wished that either one of them were responsible for massages but Arthur had explained that Majid was the masseur on the island. Since the photo shoot would begin in the morning, Vivian and Elin agreed to meet at the beach and relax in the sun and then walk around the island to become familiar with the surroundings. Amelie returned with Elin's drink and Vivian never took her eyes off the sexy French girl. The third man on the island, Franco, was even bigger and thicker than Guido and Amelie loved to have his cock fill her throbbing pussy. Vivian sucked Amelie's clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass.


Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 05

group Merlin_6 2017-11-12

“I’d like to play with it.” She says, her eyes focused on Nancy and Joan, her hand encircles my cock and starts to stroke up and down. Irene had two at the ball and Arlene, Joan and Nancy got gang fucked. Nancy starts to take the driver into her warm mouth as I re-engage with Cory’s hole. I take one last look around: Arlene sits naked holding a ice press to her privates; Irene on the other side of the limo legs spread giving me a gorgeous view of her pussy; Joan crooks her neck to look backwards and watch, the driver slowly pumping his dick through her mounds; Nancy stares open mouthed, her wonderful tits resting on the drivers head.

Friends Share More than a Suite

group WilliamRollins 2017-11-12

The curves of her body were soft, her nipples were large and hard and I began to feel consumed with lust. Every urge in my body wanted to taste her and feel her wetness explode in my mouth. "Let me feel it" she whispered in my ear as her hand gripped my stone hard shaft and guided it toward her body. She continued to push her body against me absorbing my deep thrusts each sound letting me know what she wanted. Instantly her lips were on mine "that was fucking amazing" she professed between kisses, "I've never felt like that before." I softly stroked my hand through her red hair, "me neither" I confessed with a twinge of guilt and confusion.

Two Couples, One Hot Tub

group disclosedDesires 2017-11-12

Charles and I head over to Josh and Sarah's, where we are crashing for the night since we live a ways farther than everyone else and don't want to worry about driving inebriated or an expensive cab ride. "That's okay, I can lend -", Sarah begins to say when I catch Charles and Josh exchanging looks out of the corner of my eye. It feels so good, the pressure on my clit, that I automatically close my eyes and tilt my head back, arching my back so that my pussy pushes closer to the stream of water. Josh enters with one hard thrust, shoving Sarah's face into my pussy, and looking me directly in the eyes.

Turning Her On

group Jasonh007 2017-11-12

Mark had closed his eyes and was kissing me for real, his hands pulling my body into his as our tongues dueled back and forth. "Now I want some of what he got," she said, and pulled my face to hers, her soft moist lips crushed to my mouth and her tongue diving immediately into action. "Mmmm, I showed you mine, now you show me yours," said Karen, her green eyes looking into mine as she released my hard cock from the confined of my jeans. "Oh, my god," I groaned, as Karen's warm, wet mouth massaged and sucked my throbbing cock. "Ohhh, fuck," she said, raising her head from my cock and pressing her mouth again to mine.

my cousins girlfriend part 3

group 2017-11-12

I was a little shocked but i decided why not, she gets lube in her parents room and covers her ass hole with it. But soon i am pounding away at it and i cum all in her ass. Secretly i really want to do this Joan starts licking her pussy and i gently face fuck her (i don't want to hurt her). I can tell Cayla's enjoying it because she cums twice for Joan, Joan tells me to switch spots and to fuck her pussy raw. I am a little more aggressive and i pound her until she is screaming witch doesn't last because Joan shoves her face in her cunt then switches to her ass.

Church Tales Ch. 6

group Jimilinden 2017-11-12

"In other words, anything goes as long as the participants are willing, right?" Ronnie thought for a moment more then asked, "How do you feel about sadism, or bestiality, or sex with children?" Within the hour, Ronnie's wife Dianna came over and asked me what in the world I'd said to him. I pointedly turned to look at Ronnie Joe and his then at his family as I said, My God is the minister who suffers poverty and witnesses his family do without necessities to comfort - and guide - and care for his congregation. There he said, "Brother Leo told me he was unable to prepare his words in advance, even though he spent many hours trying to plan his talk for this morning.


Haight-Ashbury, 1969

group dr_mabeuse 2017-11-12

The first people she saw as she looked around in confusion were a bunch of college kids and hippies running towards her on the street in a blind panic, followed by a knot of cops, sweating and red-faced in their helmets and riot gear, swinging their night sticks. There were three guys in the living room sitting around on old overstuffed Goodwill couches, listening to records, eating chips and drinking wine from a half-gallon, but Lee didn’t pay them much attention because Coyote didn’t either. Shay took the joint and hit on it with short, whispered sucks to keep it from getting too hot, and by the time she passed it back to Coyote, Lee was absolutely flying.


Addy's Summer of Awakening

group peyskip 2017-11-12

He was a great quarterback, who went on to fame in college and even got drafted in the seventh round by the pros, although he didn't make his team and came back home to coach at our high school. And we studied hard, but the boys were so good at explaining things to me, unlike the obtuse Mr. Moore, that I usually got what I needed after an hour or so and the guys and I would generally chat, watch some tv, and just enjoy each other's company again in ways that the social conventions at school wouldn't generally allow. Most of the kids at the party came from my social circle and generally ignored Raj and Phil, which I guess was a lot better than the bullying they got in the first years of high school.