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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday Surprise

group drunkensailor065 2017-11-12

As I sit here, trying to figure out why it feels different and enjoying the attention, I hear you whisper, "Happy birthday, baby" into my right ear. You sit in my lap facing me, my cock straight up and between your wet pussy lips, but not inside of you. Do you want to shove that meaty cock into our pussies?" I moan in reply, lifting my hips, trying desperately to get inside of you. What you weren't expecting and makes you moan aloud is when she crawls underneath us, licking my cock and your clit and pussy as I thrust slowly into you. As you moan in agreement, my cock throbs and I explode inside you, grunting as I cum deep in your pussy.

Beach Day

group kinbote 2017-11-12

Dan was fucking Shelley hard from behind while Ellen kissed him and fondled his torso; Jill was giving Allen head while Karen ran her tongue around the tip of my cock and very rapidly brought me to an orgasm that made me shout and left my knees shaking as I felt myself spurt into her soft mouth seven or eight times. I began to push harder into her, and soon heard Shelley say "time to get a spoon between his teeth..." She had always joked that my orgasms were like grand mal seizures, and sure enough this one caused me to slam into Karen, arch my back and grunt then pull out, slam into her and arch again as my arms and legs began to shake and I pulsed inside her and felt my come spurt out deep in her pussy.


Melvin's Magic Love Juice Ch. 03

group 100 Angry Bananas 2017-11-12

Bridget’s hands pushed Melvin onto the couch, his cock flapping, and then her lips hovered above his erection for a moment, kissing the pulsing head of his cock before devouring his shaft with a swift gliding movement of her mouth. “Ohhhh,” Melvin sighed, watching Bridget take him with her sweet mouth, her red lips wrapped around him, one hand stroking the root of his cock, the other cupping his balls and tickling. Bridget bent over the arm of the couch as she blew him, and Melvin saw the pizza girl’s head work its way between Bridget’s thighs, her spiky purple hair poking up from behind Bridget’s ass cheeks, and then listened to the wet slurping sounds as the pizza girl began to eat her pussy.


Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 17

group HiddenDevil_ 2017-11-12

The skirt's hem ended in frills that stopped at the tops of Mandy's thighs, and her legs looked even more slender than usual in sheer white stockings and a pair of Trisha's black stiletto heels. As she stood on the balcony, Trisha couldn't help admitting that Mandy looked fantastic; a dainty blonde, showing off her petite, teenage figure, looking so innocent and sweet and yet dressed so naughty at the same time. As she and Mandy stepped inside and Dan closed the door, Trisha could almost feel their eyes widening with delight as they drank in the sight: two high school cheerleaders, both of them barely five feet tall, looking just as young and cute as the lifeguard had promised.


The Gang

group the_sultry_vixen 2017-11-12

When time came for the two of them to leave, Sam told her that they would be getting a room for the night as well. Sam instructed her to continue the blow job only this time he had a third man lie down in front of her and had her go back and forth between the two. Sam also instructed the man that was now pumping in and out of her to fuck her hard, deep, and fast. He looked into her eyes and told her that he was going to cum in her mouth and she had better swallow every drop. Sam told her to suck it dry and be the good little slut that he knew she was.

Adding a New Dimension

group n2anal78 2017-11-12

After a few minutes my wife slowly comes down the stairs wondering what was taking me so long to get back in bed, I felt a bit uncomfortable to her coming down to see me with a female body in my lap, a quickly mouthed " Katie." And shrugged my shoulders. Tory rubbed the head of my penis up and down Katie's slit causing Katie to shake some more then she lined me up, grabbed my ass with her other hand and pulled me forward until I was buried to the hilt in Katie's cunt, my wife came in that moment as she held my ass tight and my cock buried in her friends pussy, then as her orgasm subsided she pushed me back until I popped out.


The Therapist

group jim313 2017-11-12

The two of them lay with their heads resting on each other's thighs after Dianne's orgasm had subsided and then Tina told her to relax a minute and went inside to get some drinks. I reached out and tweaked Dianne's erect nipples as she fucked Tina's mouth and I saw the unbridled passion reflected in her eyes as she looked down at my penis disappearing inside my wife's cunt. We saw Dianne to the door and then Tina grasped my erection in her hand and pulled me by the cock into the bedroom where she told me that she's very thirsty and wants her favorite drink.



group forbidden_dreams 2017-11-12

Her hand stretched over her head and laid her fingers on a material that felt much like nylon. She reached for her blindfold and felt his strong hand push hers down and heard him say, "Leave it." His fingers reached for the inside of her thighs. She felt herself being pulled up into sitting and heard him say, "Open your mouth." She'll go quickly that way." She felt Keith slow his pace and felt Craig's hand caress the side of her face. Again, she felt him swell and knew he was getting close, but he groaned with self discipline and pulled himself out of her mouth. Her knees still open and bent, Keith neared with the dildo and kissed her as he pushed it into her pussy.

A Night To Remember

group Moonm8 2017-11-12

My hand remained on Wade's cock the whole time as we had a quick glass of wine and Sean refilled our glasses. I turned to see Sean and Bryan with their hard cocks in their hands. After about 20 minutes of some of the most awesome pussy and ass licking I've ever received, Wade got up and started replacing his tongue with his cock. I was bent over the couch with Sean's cock in my mouth and Wade fucking me hard from behind. I looked into his eyes and said "I want you." He obliged by slipping his rock-hard cock into my come-filled pussy. Sean had failed to close the door and I looked over my shoulder to see Wade and Bryan watching from the hall.

Mona Ch. 1

group TUCSON RED 2017-11-12

"Well let's see what we can do about some relief for this poor thing." Reaching between my legs she took me in her hand and started to stroke me real slowly. Playing with her some more I placed my mouth on her slit and started to tongue fuck her. Her legs tightening around my head till it started to feel like she was going to crack my skull. There was Mona still looking through the door watching Sharon play with her self. Sharon jumped to the chance to grab a breast and placed it in her mouth. "Oh god yes I want your dick in my mouth John won't let me do this he thinks it's dirty.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 07

group Lei Feng 2017-11-12

Yesterday I came to the beach alone, but before I left, I had fucked, and been fucked by, an attractive strange man, and for part of the time he was fucking me, I sucked my lover's cock. She finds the story gratifyingly exciting, and comes as I suck my lover's cock (actually her nipples) and am being fucked. I thrust my hips into her mouth and feel her body stiffen, my lover's cock still pounding into her above my face as she too comes, crying into my pussy. My lover is, I see, also on the short strokes, and he continues pounding into her, until he stops, crying out, and pulls his cock out of her pussy and squirts the rest of his come onto my face and open mouth.

Swinging Relationships Ch. 03

group Castaway_99 2017-11-12

The feeling was fantastic, until now nothing had ever come close the connection I felt with my wife when we made love, but as I slowly worked myself in and out of Sonia's wet pussy, our lips caressing as we gently kissed I finally realised that I'd found the connection I needed to be able to really let myself go and really enjoy sex with someone other then Laura. Breaking the kiss Laura looked at me "Why don't you give us girls some alone time and get started on breakfast" she said and then leaned straight back into Sonia's mouth her hand cupping a swollen breasts as she slid her soft thigh over the hot naked brunette laying between us.


Travelogue Ch. 08

group BradBigBrain 2017-11-12

Maria handed Bryt some silk ties and said, "Tomas likes to be tied up and gagged when he's fucked in the arse." I watched as Maria's left hand came up over her head and smacked Tomas on the ass as hard as she could. The girls walked away from Tomas, each grabbed one of my hands and Maria said, "Let's get you cleaned up and grab a bite to eat." She slid all the way down my cock and said to Bryt, "let the ass-fucking begin." She pulled her head back by her hair and said to Maria, "I just made your man cum in my pussy. Maria was pumping on my cock and I was watching her eat my Bryt's pussy.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 21

group riverboy 2017-11-12

"Looks like you just caught a big fish sweetie," Liz said to Connie when she noticed the look on her face. "I love fishing, let me see what you got," she said, as she moved across the tub and found Connie's hand. Barb knew Connie was in good hands, so she moved near Lindsey and reached for Ed to sit between them, which he eagerly did. Barb knew we had to get beyond the hand-job phase if Lindsey and Connie were going to get together, so she slipped off her bikini bottom and straddled and mounted Ed. "Would you like to help me with these Connie?" I said as I took one of Liz's big tits in my hand and sucked in her huge nipple.

Attention After Class

group TheCaptain 2017-11-12

Quickly, though, her unease was allayed when Mr Sorrenson stepped forward and grasped hold of Leah by the back of her head, then yanked her towards him for another deep tonguing kiss as his right hand shot up to roughly squeeze and caress the teen's left tit through the front of her blouse. Looking down at the demure blonde, Hank Sorrenson suddenly realised that he was seizing the moment, was acting strong and decisive, and that because of this he had two very hot, horny ladies to fuck with any way he could possibly imagine! Leah and Pam looked like they were nearly creaming in their pants as the blonde slut English teacher reached out with both hands, tentatively wrapped them both around his throbbing shaft, then began gently wanking him off.


Sarasota Wife gets BBC While hubby Watches

group Statepen 2017-11-11

He said alright then, he told her to get on her knees in front of me, I mean right in front of where i was sitting......I took off her shirt to see her nice tits swing and bounce and pulled her shorts off so she was only in her panties, he put a towel on the floor between her knees.........he stood before her with his big 10" dick hanging inches from her face.....they were so close that she had her hand on my knee....She opened her mouth and took his cock deep into her throat.

Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 02

group yeaimbored 2017-11-11

I gasped into Cindy's pussy and moaned as Tom began to fuck my ass hard and deep. I continued sucking on Tom's cock, moaning around it, enjoying Cindy's tongue in my ass. "Good boy Allen," Cindy said huskily as she began fucking my ass harder. Tom, who had let me up to reply to Cindy, grabbed the back of my head again and began to fuck my face. After a few more minutes of deep fucking, Cindy slowed down and then stopped with her cock still fully inside of my ass. Tom began to try and press his cock into my ass while Cindy's was still inside of me!

The Three Brothers

group sweetrapturedlight 2017-11-11

She smiled when she thought of Valeri helping her take out her garbage, Viktor, being shy, just giving her that coy smile, and Vladimir, the eldest, had her blood on fire, by his look, his voice, to feel his touch, well, Vladynia thought, forget about that. Meanwhile, in the house of the three brothers, Viktor wasn't really mad at Valeri for making a move on Vladynia, he wished he could be so bold with such a beautiful woman, or any woman for that matter. I wanted to know how you felt with that, I mean, would you have sex with all three of us at once?" Vladimir looked deep into Vladynia's brown eyes. Hearing Vladynia moan, Vladimir kissed her deeper, watching his brother sucking her breasts.

Biker Rally Fun

group texharley 2017-11-11

It is not long when this very pretty lady is standing there watching me shower and she blows me a kiss and my dick starts getting hard and she starts laughing. We get undressed quickly and Jane gets on her knees and starts sucking my already hard dick and I can't last long and I warn her I am about to cum as she sucks harder and faster and I moan as I shoot load after load of hot cum in her sweet mouth and for the first time she swallows. I walk over and let Tanya suck me hard as Jane gets on top and the two Ladies rub their pussies together.

Full Moon Fantasies Ch. 3

group Barnaby 2017-11-11

Tracy was definitely not feeling maternal, though, as she cooed and moaned and moved her other hand to spread her sticky lower lips. Right now I just need you to fuck me hard, like you’ve always wanted to.” With that, she bit her lower lip and wiggled her ass in such a way that Doug almost came right then. The sudden intrusion scared Doug half to death and he jerked back, pulling out of Tracy’s hot pocket just as he began spurting wildly across Mindy’s bed. Tracy fondled her own titties as Mindy, one hand frigging herself down there, kept her lips tightly fastened to the target formed by the young girl’s clit.

Blue Tents

group Alex Finch 2017-11-11

But I met Sandra by one of her tents, the azure hue matching the deep blue warm-up gear of jacket and wind pants she wore, and she smirked after telling me her name, and asked if I wanted to have a cigarette before the race, and I heartily agreed. So he’s going crazy and he pulls her hair-tie out and whips his top over his head and it’s such a crazy scene, trying to picture it, like him standing right here ass-naked except for his sneakers and this short little big-titted blond girl blowing him in a full track suit, her hair all over and his pre-cum dripping off her chin, like there’s SO fucking much of it.


Becky’s Hungry Mouth Wants Two, And

group BrooklynObserver 2017-11-11

Craig and I struck up a conversation regarding the finer points of Becky's naked body as we ran our hands up and down our dicks, and didn't even notice as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward us, licking her lips and narrowing her eyes like a savannah predator. Soon, as Becky was sucking me, Craig rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips and tongue, and consequently, all over my dick. "It makes me horny to see your cocks rubbing against each other while I'm sucking them," Becky said, looking to us for agreement. As we both shot our bursts of hot sticky cum on Becky's soft face and tits we first watched our own cock and then the other's, exchanging a quick mid-orgasm glance.

The Seduction of Sara Ch. 02

group GreyGoose 2017-11-11

Before he could bring it to his lips, however, Julie, Drew, and Lily all reached for their glasses and lifted them to a toast with Steve. Drew, Lily and Steve were just as enraptured as I was, probably anxious to discover just how much of the story Julie was willing to tell. Lily and I were having the time of our lives toying Drew and Steve's lust, but it was becoming clear that all of us were starting to want more than a tease!" "As I watched Lily grind her scantily-clad body into Steve's crotch, and as I rubbed myself against Drew, I couldn't help but want the guys to give us something in return!


Ms. Marca Ch. 65

group Ms. Marca 2017-11-11

When my meal came I enjoyed a quite lunch and just to keep thing interesting I would slip my finger down to my legs and I knew they could see my thong/pussy and let them see a little bit of heaven or as some guys call it wild pussy. "Damn Marca you know we do, yes, we would like it better if it were not on you!" I stood and walked over to the little bar in the room and put down my wineglass. I turned and faced them and ran my hands up under my dress along the side of my long dark tan legs and slipped my thumbs up under the thong and hooked the dental floss like string that was holding it on me.