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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hijabi Girl Sucking Black Dick

group Samuelx 2018-11-01

There are a lot of Muslims in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, and at times their strange ways have clashed with Canadian values. I have a Somali friend named Abdul at Carleton University who's fascinated by all things Arab the way only a dim-witted Somali can be. He has a thing for a big-booty, dark-skinned Somali chick named Fatuma, but Fatuma is into Arab guys. Black Muslim guys from places like Gambia, Burkina Faso, Somaliland and Djibouti are intimidated by the Arabs. Arab guys like to keep tabs on Arab women to keep them in line, so Amir often drops by Carleton University unannounced to check up on Amatullah. A tall Black guy and a hijab-wearing Arab chick kissing passionately inside a movie theater.


Black Men : Kings of The World

group Samuelx 2018-11-01

Jackson Jacobs and Jamal Stanwood are both student-athletes at my alma mater, the South End Technical Institute or S.E.T.I. Ah, this brings back some good memories of my college days. He stands six feet three inches tall, big and strong-looking, with dark brown skin and pale gray eyes. I got on all fours and sucked Jamal's cock while Jackson took me from behind. I busied myself helping Jamal's cock reach its maximum hardness as Jackson plowed his cock into my pussy like a Pilgrim invading the Holy Land. Jamal began drilling his cock into my backdoor with energetic thrusts while Jackson slammed his cock into my pussy like a battering ram.

82% bbw

An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter - Part Three

group Mysteria27 2018-11-01

I kind of liked that Sandy was our play thing but didn’t know if I wanted him fucking her without me. I was pushing my fingers deep inside of her really hard and then I pulled my fingers out quick and Sandy started to spray her hot cunt juices. Sandy liked big cocks and I wanted my cock to be bigger than my husband’s. I eased down on his hard cock and fucked my husband, while he ate the babysitter’s pussy. I rode my husband hard, while the babysitter started to spray her sweet cunt juices. We called Sandy several more times and had fun with her until she went back to college.

Senior Week - Part 1

group LoverBoy20 2018-11-01

However, the boys decided to enjoy their power at least for a little while, and we went back to the beach after informing the girls to bring up each a beer while a small hand towel draped appropriately over their arm! We paired off and started watching a movie but with 4 naked girls near each of the guys, the couples each decided it was going to be an early bedtime. I moved on to Sharon and with the timer's distraction I managed to hold on until I got into my second choice Pat where I wasted little time before exploding in her.

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 7B

group QBBC 2018-11-01

One of the short pulling men picked up the other small automatic camera and started taking more shots of the group as they laughed and joked about and eventually they were all in the water stripped naked. Tammy, who was almost twenty three at that time, was enjoying watching this group play around when the guy whom she noticed had the biggest cock under the water spout – got out of the pool and started looking in his camera bag for his camera, and Tammy guessed, the light meter.

Tuck’s American Roadtrip! Arizona Pornography

group ArtMan 2018-11-01

Next Paul had them turn around facing the couch and bend over and spread their ass cheeks apart as he got a closer up image with his small hand held video camera. Then Tuck not knowing what would happen next watched as Paul unbuckled his pants and walked around to the front of the desk then said to the girls, “Now I need you both to suck my dick, people in the industry will want to see a demonstration of your skills.” Rhonda was moaning and grunting as she received Paul’s cock in her pussy from the back and Kate was moaning out, “Oh yes baby!” as Rhonda’s tongue licked and lapped and sucked at her wet juicy cunt lips.

Repaying a Favor

group HappyInTN 2018-11-01

The guys looked at me a bit funny and Rob said, “Very nice bra Jill, thanks for the view.” I blushed, looked down not realizing what I had done and zipped it back up as they gulped their tea. As I was undoing Brad’s pants, Rob pushed his shorts to the floor and his hard cock was staring me right in the face. Rob pulled his cock out of my mouth and said he didn’t want to cum yet. Brad had got the head of his cock inside me; I thought my pussy was going to bust. I knew that feeling; I was going to cum, I reached between my legs and started rubbing my dripping wet clit like there was no tomorrow.

Samantha: Sex Afloat

group TraceEkies 2018-11-01

Tommy turned to Samantha and looked her up and down before responding, “Now why would you want to change? Samantha looked at him and said, “If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” She got up, crossed the cockpit, spread Tommy’s legs and sat down between them, leaning her bare torso against his. I was sure that back at my uncle’s club, when he was dancing with Samantha, he had most likely had his hands between her legs, making intimate contact, just as I had, but now, for some reason, was afraid of making contact with so much bare skin.

Ms Marca ... My Last Year of High School

group MsMarca 2018-11-01

I knew dad would be going on his trip today, he had to be in LA on Monday morning, and he always went out on Sunday afternoon, so the cat is away, and my mother is fucking. "Come on Clark my ass haven't been fucked yet", Mother said. Was Mother really going to let Clark fuck her ass? Mother was bouncing up and down Jeremy's white dick and Clark was fucking her ass with his black dick. “Marca I think you know Clark and Jeremy?” I walked over to her bed and took a seat on the edge of the foot of the king size bed as mother pulled the sheet up to cover her big 38D tits.


Our First Experience With Group Sex

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-01

Melanie and I followed them through, but by the time we got there they were already sixty-nining on the bed, with Jake on top with his dick in Sue's mouth and Sue underneath with her legs spread wide open, towards the door, and her black stocking-clad thighs either side of Jake's head as he ate her pussy enthusiastically. I had a great view, because Melanie's long, beautiful, white-stocking-clad legs were wrapped around Jake, with her heels up behind his shoulders and her thighs pressed back against her body by Jake's weight, so her pussy was wide open to my gaze as Jake's dick pounded in and out of it.

Go Figure

group mranonymous7 2018-11-01

I didn't even bother to take a peek at what Lupe and my husband Charles were doing, I just got down on my knees, took him in my mouth and started sucking on him. When Lupe and I headed up the hall towards their bedroom, Randy kept Charles in the living room for a little talk and I found out later some sex. When Lupe took my hand I felt an odd chill running up and down my back at her touch and once in their bedroom I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her hard nipples through her light beige blouse. "That's it, your tongue feels so good," Lupe moaned, as her hands went to the back of my head.

Morning Swim

group HugoWould 2018-11-01

After a few moments his hand returns to your hip and then you feel the tip of his cock sliding over your arse and pushing. He slides inside your pussy stretching your lips to their very maximum, another slightly painful experience initially but then waves of pleasure flood over your body. The first man explodes inside you and slides out and backs away breathing heavily, you could feel his warm cum run out and trickle down your leg. Your legs tighten round him, bolts of electricity shoot through your body and you come again as he too explodes inside you. The wax stings as the heat hits your sensitive nipple, but then after the pain comes the tightening and it feels amazing.

The Weekend After

group cmt 2018-11-01

I sit down on him saying, “Fuck me honey, I need to cum so bad, please fuck me.” Mike pushes me forward making me grab the side of the tub, he grabs my waist and starts fucking me so hard you can hear our bodies slapping together. I can see Lisa in the shower on her knees with Mikes cock in her mouth, and she is stroking Ted’s with her right hand. Both men are fucking her hard and fast, all the sudden Ted grabs her head and shoves his cock deep in her throat, shoots his load making Lisa choke on all the cum. Mike watching this, grabs her hips, shoves in hard and groans, “I’m cumming” as he fills her ass with his cum his body jerking uncontrollably.

It's Better with Two

group lilmama82 2018-11-01

Corey moved away so I could just play with Dan. He lay down on the bed and pulled me away from Dan; I got on my knees and started sucking Corey’s nice hard dick. It was getting a little hard to concentrate on sucking Corey cock because Dan was fucking my pussy hard and fast. I could feel myself about to cum; as Corey started to fuck my pussy faster I started sucking Dan’s dick faster and harder. I yelled out as I came all over Corey’s dick and that just pushed the both of them over the edge, Corey took his cock out of my pussy and Dan took his out of my mouth and they both exploded all over my body.

Mounted During Deer Season

group nostranger2luv 2018-11-01

Rachel, already out of her coat and boots handed me a brandy and had started removing my clothes.. “Let me get you out of those clothes, we have a nice hot bath for you waiting in the next room,” said Rachel as she was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. At this point, I was guided into the tub by Rachel who was peeling the last of her clothes off, exposing the body I had never seen. Pre-cum was leaking from my fully erect cock at this point and Rachel went to her knees in front of me. “Yeah, I didn’t see that coming, Thanks Rachel, that was amazing.

REEMA with 3 Colleagues

group bava12 2018-11-01

As Suraj held her cheeks and rubbed his cock on her lips, she felt this thing deep inside her stretching her pussy wide apart, she felt hands holding her thighs apart, and this thing was moving rapidly in and out of her, churning her body into a vortex of desire. For a moment, she managed to push out Suraj's dick from her mouth and looked down to see Ajay's sweat drained face as he bucked in between her legs, she also saw Deep's cock turning her breasts into a juicy mess as he French fucked her. So stimulating was the feel of his tongue on her nipples that Reema did not realize when Ajay had come around and begun to rub his flaccid dick on her lips.

My Coed Sex Slave

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-01

So, on Friday, I got home early after going in early so I would have time to get the place ready and Lori met me at the door naked and asked me to come to the bedroom to leave a nice, warm deposit of my semen inside her to carry around tonight as she served and entertained my friends. "I think it's time all of you guys got naked, come on," Lori said and she sat back down on the sofa, spread open and Troy, now naked, his cock trembling, knelt in front of her and pushed inside.

A wife, a lover and a husband makes three!

group Babeulike 2018-11-01

While Daniel fantasised about the women in his bed upstairs, Kate was unzipping Helen's dress in the living room. She knew it would build the sexual tension between them and having slipped the jiggle balls into her vagina after class, Kate had a good feeling that a little stimulation would have Helen writhing in pleasure and begging for more. She felt like this was the most amazing sex she had ever experienced but Kate hadn't penetrated her other than slipping the jiggle balls into her as they got dressed in the changing rooms at the gym.  He made his way almost silently into the hallway and sure enough, on the far side of the living room was his wife bent over and her lover playing with her, making her whimper and moan like he had never heard before. 

Back Rub Ch. 02

group slitlicker69 2018-11-01

Squish!" sound of fingers sliding in and out of a sloppy wet cunt and I knew that Roxanne had worked her way inside Sophie's panties to frig her while they face-fucked each other, and I sucked Roxanne's soaked, panty-covered cunt. As Sophie fucked up and down on my cock, her head bobbed up and down against Roxanne's pussy, her extended tongued licked up and down Roxanne's puffy lips, her nose banged against Roxanne's hard-on clit and scraped over the top of it, then she sucked her clit into her mouth before sliding back down my cock, and her face and tongue slid back down Roxanne's cunt. Roxanne sucked her clit hard, her huge tits fucking the tops of my thighs, while I pounded my cock deep into Sophie's cunt stroking her G-spot.


Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 05

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-01

Climbing into our bed, Ray said, in the dark reaching for me at the same time, "That was a nice surprise; you okay?" I told him that I was, indeed, okay, but I wanted him to eat me, to suck Rick's climax from me. Over lunch, the four of us openly talked about last night's 'surprise'; Rick and Ray complimented Teri and I for our idea, and the four of us agreed that it was a pretty damned good time for all. Before the evening ended, Teri fucked both of our guys, one after the other; when I asked, she let me eat her, to suck their cum from her, which caused her a surprising orgasm that she hadn't expected.

The Second School. Part Four

group 1941aaa 2018-11-01

I’m sure I was still in a daze because I let them push me up onto the bed and between these open legs and was actually helped to cover her body with mine, but didn’t know which hand held my throbbing erection and guide it into the waiting orifice as Dawn’s arms came up to take hold of my shoulders and pull me down, and thereby, into her. I waited till the present classes finished and it was during our monthly fight that when I had finally wrestled Penny to the mat, though after my poor showing I think the onlookers, Ann and Kathy, gave their applause to the fight that Dawn had put against Peter.

Odd Smiles

group alexmarch 2018-11-01

Pussy and breasts are still my first choice, but there is nothing wrong with another man’s cock inside my mouth or in my hands. I took my hands away from her breasts, and reached down to find his cock, still somewhat hard, and I gently fondled him and jacked him. Her lover offered it up to me, and as I put it onto my hard cock, I watched as he mounted her in missionary position and began to fuck her. I stayed hard, though, and continued to fuck her like that for another two or three minutes, but I told her I had come. My hand flew back and forth on my cock, as I looked down and saw the two lovers below me, watching me with smiles.

Secret Housewives Society

group CorysLife 2018-11-01

He licked my face a couple times with his small tongue before I sat him on the couch and began walking up the steps to the second floor of our house where my room was. I was definitely going to be late, I rushed inside and grabbed my school ID off the kitchen table, running out the door and forgetting to lock the front door, I didn't realize until I got in the car but I couldn't waste anymore time. "And after we had your friend Alan last night, your name was brought up and we figured since Catherine had to be cut out of the fun, we do another tonight," she said, looking over at Mrs. Blake who was sitting on the white sofa.

My Sexy Summer Visitors (part four)

group Green_Man 2018-11-01

"Marge my love, you're going to really enjoy this cock tonight, I know that. All three of us began jerking off and Marge knelt in the middle, sometimes grabbing a cock and jacking it, and sometimes giving a prick a nice long suck, but we kept beating our meat. At last it was Eddie's turn, and he was jerking so hard that his come shot up Marge's nose and into her eyes, but she just begged for more and more. As it poured down cleaning all the young man come from her body I fucked her again with my fingers and finally got on my knees and sucked her dry.