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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 03

group phunandsex 2017-11-11

I finally got so frustrated with her bullshit that I started calling her a fucking slut and that we had better get an attorney to sort out the divorce paperwork. "Penny is really fucked in the head if she thinks I'm going to fall for that bullshit," I said. I wasn't going to let up now and I started moving my cock in and out from tip to balls. It was getting bigger and bigger and it started moving down my cock towards that begging pussy. "You haven't fucked me in the ass yet." She said matter-of-factory, "I want to feel your cock in my ass. She got me hard pretty quickly and I gave her a good long ass fuck.

Gangbanged by My Co-Workers

group ruchibshi 2017-11-11

When we arrived and checked into our hotel after 2:30 hrs of flying, at 8:30 pm, I actually felt all the fatigue of the day on my body, so went into the bathroom for showering again. Lobin climbed onto the bed next to me, with an erected cock, and then kneeled close to me; his legs split around my shoulders and head, rubbed his cock on my mouth and his hands massaged my breasts. Lobin struggled to keep his cock in my mouth as my body moved with every thrust of his hips. In the same time Jimmy climbed onto the bed and pulled me up into a kneeling position, Leaned me down on my hands and knees.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 15

group SteveWallace 2017-11-11

Amber joined in the business meetings again, feeling greater confidence than ever, especially since she'd read more and picked up more from Roger about the various features and capabilities of the enterprise software systems his company developed, sold, and maintained for customers around the world. Kat's phone rang as Amber and Kat watched Roger's plane taxiing out to the runway to takeoff so he could get home to his company and the large effort they'd be making to accommodate all the new business he'd generated as a result of the trip. After Amber and Mike ended their call, Kat laughed and she dropped the phone back in her giant purse.


Llisa Gets Used Ch. 03

group Bear299 2017-11-11

I feel you sucking harder on my cock, the cock in your pussy fucking you hard, his balls slapping against your clit, making you cum. He starts fucking you so hard, My hands grab your head, my cock fucking your mouth like its your pussy, making you gag and cough, but knowing you love it. Your ass and pussy riding both our cocks, making you so hot, the girls mouth on your clit, you can't take anymore before you cum, moaning and screaming loud in your pleasure. I grab his girl, pulling her unto my lap, my cock sinking deep into her pussy, she rides me hard and fast, her cunt so hot, needing cock.

An Afternoon of Putting Out 'Fires'

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-11-11

After a few more minutes of her form of tit fucking and licking his tool, she then took Billy's entire dick into her mouth, sucking him like he was the last cock on earth. Next, she'd began sucking my cock and jacking Billy's as Mike continued fucking her, groaning, panting and sighing with pleasure as his cock was enjoying the hot cunt he was buried in, going deeper and pounding her harder as she came over and over. Billy couldn't hold out too long; he'd pulled out of her mouth as he approached his climax, popping endless streams of cum all over her tits as Mike continued to thrust in and out of her ass and she bounced off my dick.


Love Ain't Nothin' But Trouble

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-11

Sam held a torch for two women in particular that by a few unwritten and presumed band rules were supposed to be completely off-limits to him: Aimee Sloane and Jeff's wife, Lisa. You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment, dropped hints, encouraged your walk on the wild side, kept you safe from diseases for this day, and teased your band mates like Willie and Sam here. "Oh, God, that is such a fucking hot idea!" Willie confessed that the prospect of putting his bun in Lisa's oven really turned on, as with Aimee and Carolyn.....


A Triple

group ForTheLoveOfLesbians 2017-11-11

Lily and Janice were quickly entwined on the bed, kissing with intensity, their bodies pressing together with an ease and familiarity that Jason found incredibly beautiful. Lily turned her face to his and kissed him deeply, channeling the incredible feelings Janice was producing between in her loins to his mouth, sucking on his lips and tongue much as her own pussy and clit were being tenderly ravaged. Jason looked down and watched one of most incredible things he'd ever feel occur as Lily stopped sucking his now-throbbing prick and gently pushed it towards her girlfriend, who eagerly took it into her own mouth, applying familiar and intense motions with her lips and tongue, before eventually offering it back again.


Sara's Diary: Caught By Surprise

group Slave_Sara 2017-11-11

I let my fingers grip the bottom of Bec's singlet and started to pull it up her belly, but she softly pushed my hands away. I quickly grabbed Sean's hand and sucked his finger into my mouth, the finger that Bec had just pushed into her pussy moments ago. Once I see most of Sean's cock disappear into Bec's pussy, she starts slowly moving up and down on him. I quickly sit next to Sean and look over his hot body, watching my girlfriend continue to ride his thick cock. Mmm it felt so good, I kept my hand on his, pushing his two fingers into my almost dripping pussy, while Bec rode his huge cock like crazy.


Paula Needs More

group DBarclay 2017-11-11

Returning to the bedroom feeling refreshed after the earlier activity I knew there was more to come, I lay on the bed and immediately Sarah had her head between my legs tenderly licking and sucking my whole pussy area as only a woman would know how to, within seconds my juices were flooding and the orgasms came thick and fast as I held her head and pulled her face harder into me until I was spent again. "You're not wearing underwear," said Sarah as she turned me around and pulled my short down to my ankles, kneeling on the floor, licking my pussy, and battering my clit until my orgasm came, my legs went weak as I clutched the countertop for support.


RV Travel Companion Ch. 04

group Alex_Ho 2017-11-11

With the Roman Weekend behind them, Jim and Shelley head to New Orleans for some more relaxing times. Shelley groaned a bit and said, "Jim that feels so good." My cock was now fully erect and I slowly moved over on top of her and inserted it. We continued this escalation for several more minutes until Shelley said, "Oh god, Jim, I'm coming!" and I could feel her vagina contracting around my cock, then releasing it as I continued to move in and out. When we got back to shore, Shelley asked the girls if they knew how to cook their fish and both admitted they didn't have a clue. Sam got off and walked over the Shelley, giving her a big wet kiss with lots of tongue.


Truth or Dare with Dana Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-11

"Carlos...I don't know why this feels right for me, though it does...but what the fuck happened last night?" I asked my best friend...with I rubbed my dick along his crack. Carlos and I rinsed and dried off, while Dana and Kara openly kissed each other with more than a little tongue...and fondled each other's ass. "Thank you, Master...Saul, won't regret this...will he, Dana, baby?" Kara told me with a kiss as Dana and she finished their breakfast. It didn't work for me when it came to monogamy, it certainly didn't work for you, Carlos, pretending to be straight, and it didn't work for Kara and Dana, not feeling free to tell me upfront about their lesbian love affair.

Cleaning Windows

group tamol 2017-11-11

"Don't be so damn stupid," the old man said, "it means if we want we can take payment in kind." "She's loving it, keep on going, she'll be begging to be fucked soon," said the old man. "I think your about ready for a good fucking now, but I want to hear you beg for it first," said the old man. Spotty's cock wasn't as thick as the old mans but it was certainly longer and I could feel it going deeper than any man had gone before. "Thanks lady that was wonderful, the best fuck I've had for years and Spotty is no longer a virgin, so if you want your windows cleaned every month for free just say, I've got other mates who wouldn't mind giving you a good shag."

My Birthday

group Lonpoet 2017-11-11

I shook hands, and Rosie got a peck on the lips (my cock was twitching already), chatted for a minute and headed into the restaurant. When I notice that Mark is looking particular happy, and Rosie hand happens to be hidden from view. But he doesn't even blink and he leaves, Rosie takes her hand out from under the table and licks her fingers, obviously pre-cum. I sat back and Mark moved up, his pants already removed, and inserted his hard cock into Rosie's waiting cunt. I loved watching her give him head, his cock was thick, and it stretched her mouth wide, but she took it like a pro, even deep-throating on occasion. We fucked pretty hard for a while, but I knew I wasn't going to outlast Mark.


Trust Me

group Molsen 2017-11-11

After a month of racking his brain, James finally decided on a suitable anniversary gift for his girlfriend Andrea. “I have spent the past month trying to figure out how to make tonight the most memorable for you Gorgeous.” Slowly he licks all around her dripping sex. With James working on her pussy and clit with his mouth, it wasn’t long before she was moaning around the cock in her mouth. After being sent into a shuddering orgasm by his talented mouth, James works himself into her pussy before she has a chance to totally recover from it. After being so worked up from all the planning and anticipation, it didn’t take long before James spent his load inside Andrea’s tight pussy.

Bosses' Pool Party

group oldeman 2017-11-11

He disengaged himself first from Lisa, and then turning around looking Erica in the eye, he said, "I want to fuck you in the pool." Hand in hand they waded into the shallow end of the pool and when the water got to Erica's breasts, Frank turned her around and pressed himself against her. His dick nestled into the crack of her ass, and just as she thought he was going to fuck her there, Frank leaned in and said, "I've wanted that pussy of yours since the day of the interview. Lisa called Luke's name, and when he looked her way, she took her right breast in her hands and put the nipple in her mouth, first licking it slowly, and then sucking it until it popped out of her mouth and stood out in all its glory.


The Hunt Ch. 14

group i_would 2017-11-11

His half-hard cock came out, and he grabbed a handful of her hair, "Now get to work, pretty lady, and don't forget to look me in the eyes while you're at it." By her hair he pulled her head back a bit, and positioned his throbbing cock in front of her half open mouth, and started to push it in. Ashley, wondering why it was he thought she looks pretty with a cock in her mouth, slowly opened her mouth to let him in. He slowly started to move in and out of her mouth, all the time looking at her eyes, while Ashley started to suck. She opened her mouth, and the moment he slid his dick in between her lips Daniel started to fuck her harder.


Devil's Island Ch. 01

group Jason18 2017-11-11

Brie's voice calling from a different part of the suite "You all have got to see this!" Joey, Caleb and Angela raced toward her voice. Well, I don't really know what it's like," said Joey. The beach was less crowded than the pool area, but there were several groups of people scattered across the strip of sand, which stretched around to their left and came to an abrupt halt at a cluster of rocks about two hundred yards away. His toned body tense in concentration, his eyes fixed on the face of the naked blonde girl who was giving him head. "I mean, I was a little wary about baring myself to you guys and everyone else on this beach, but, well, now that seems like the least of my worries."

Who Says Marriage Is Dull

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-11-11

Brian was pounding his cock into Rachel's pussy as Billy fucked her face. Rachel was screaming "Yes, fuck me harder, harder!" Brian soon plunged his long cock into her mouth and she was sucking him off fervently as Billy rammed his thick meat into her. "Look, he's got a stiffy watching his wife getting fucked by real men." He pushed my face into Rachel's used pussy and I licked and sucked up his cum, yet again. He watched Brian fucking Rachel's mouth and me licking her pussy to clean up his spunk with an amused look on his face. "That's right bitch, you love to take it in the ass." Brian continued licking her pussy as Billy slowly moved his thick tool inside her.

Dream time

group 2017-11-11

Morgann begins to undress getting ready for bed. I calmly walk over to the dresser which is right next to Morgann's bed. Morgann's friend is sitting on my bed and smirks as I pass. I don't remember what here face looks like but she is wearing jeans and a tight white spaghetti strap shirt which displays her DD's nicely. I start rummaging through the drawer looking for some underwear when Morgann comes bouncing into the room and jumps on her bed next to me and lays down. Morgann's friend walks up and says goodbye. I drop my head to the mattress and the next thing I know I feel both girls kiss me on the neck.

1 Apartment Hunting

group Cactus34 2017-11-11

Judging Kyle's size became a distant second to letting my eyes travel down Leslie Ann's beautiful curves. Leslie Ann's eyes closed as Kyle carefully did a close orbit of her left nipple, index finger pressing slightly into the breast. Leslie Ann flattened me down on my back, took a firm hot grip on my desperately hard penis and lined the fat purple head up into her pussy lips. "Ooooh, baby, you're definitely going to like this apartment building..." Leslie Ann grinned at me before laying a long, sloppy kiss on me. Fantasies made flesh in the slippery form of Leslie Ann writhing slowly along my body (while checking to see if I had tonsils with her agile tongue) and Kyle's superb sucking efforts, made my sexual energy reach atomic levels.


Sheila's Awakening Ch. 04

group Jerrycurious 2017-11-11

Sheila was now humping hard, moving her pussy against Ben's cock getting if possible even wetter. Nell smiled, even with her mouth full of cock and began to move slowly up and down the length of Dave's tool , first sucking and then loosening up and working her tongue on it as she continued to move her mouth on him. "No problem babe, this way I get to watch you pee," Nell said quietly, looking intensely at Sheila. "Just relax Sheila," Nell said, " let me make you feel good." She could feel Nell's lips relax and with that Sheila's tongue inched forward into the other girl's mouth in a full blown French kiss.


Jaime's Movies

group Cariña 2017-11-11

Nick saw Steve unzip his pants and allow his thick hard penis to escape, Jaime also saw it and she grabbed at it with her right hand, caressing it and moving her enclosed fist up and down its shaft, so much that soon Steve was also letting out moans and gasps. Jaime was sitting in Nick's lap and she couldn't keep her hands out from between her legs and she kept rubbing her bottom all over his lap, which was more exposed than covered due to the short length of her skirt. Then the men realized what was expected of them, they both went over to her and rubbed their dicks until their hot cum spurted out onto Jaime's face and into her open mouth.

The Motel

group urdreamcumtru 2017-11-11

Let this dance be the beginning of a night full of fantasy and desire. Your cock presses against my ass and your fingers probe my pussy, feels so good. I feel someone eating my pusy, flicking my clit with their tongue, one mouth on my right nipple and another on my left. At first I resist, and I feel the sting of your hand across my face," You do as you are told bitch!" I can't resist anymore so I begin to lick her pussy. Soon, I feel your dick throbbing in my mouth and another cock entering my pussy, this time soft and slow at first, then harder and deeper. You do all the washing and it feels good to have your hands all over my body.

The Game

group Moondrift 2017-11-11

It is especially hazardous if all that the woman expects is some simple recognition of her attractions by the male turning round to take a second look, or his endeavouring to extend a conversation so as to keep her company just a little longer. So it was that I frequently found myself looking out of the French windows at lithe and potent young men who in hot weather lounged around the pool or played badminton in the briefest of brief swim wear. Disappointed that the prophesy my two-piece would be “old news and of little interest” when making a further appearance had been fulfilled, I got out of the pool and trying not to show my disappointment went back into the house.