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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sarah, Jane and Dan Experiment

group nikki_2021 2017-11-11

"Yeah, they just kind of drew my eye and I got caught up wondering what it must be like to have some ..." Sarah said, her hands automatically going to her own chest and squeezing her small breasts. "Hey don't worry about the size of your breasts, they're all good!" Dan said, a serious look on his face as he looked up from checking out Sarah's small chest, noting the extent to which her nipples were protruding through the fabric of her pink t-shirt. "Mmm, it's a good size," Sarah said, watching as Jane worked her mouth up and down it, one hand cupping and pulling on Dan's balls.


The Naked Zone Ch. 04

group Dr. Bull 2017-11-11

Karen walked in front of the truck towards the side of the gate that opens stopping right in front of the big dodge, looking at Mitch, who was wondering what the heck she was doing, she turned towards him grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head. "I'm going into help Karen, have fun boys!" She headed towards the cabin door, "Oh and Curt try to get it level this time." Nita walked through the door before he could respond. As the boys looked back at each other, Karen giggled, "We just want to see you naked before we are, for a change." A shrug of their shoulders and Curt and Mitch both removed their shirts throwing them to their wives, who tossed them into chairs behind them.

Party Full of Pussy

group Chimney Sweep 2017-11-11

I'll admit that I was a little concerned and a tiny sliver of panic flowed through me, but I had long ago learned to relax and trust Sherry. My hearing was sharp enough for Sherry and maybe two others, but there were too many moving bodies and chatting voices that flowed into the room. Quickly, several more places on my body sprouted slathering tongues or smearing fingers – my leg just above the knee, both my nipples, my belly just above the waist on the left, and I could smell Sherry as leaned in to clean a few cold drops of oil from my neck. The cold, hard cube moved across my skin for a few moments, then Sherry subcontracted the work.


Adventures of Mark Ch. 1

group lisabest69 2017-11-11

When Mark's cock had grown to large to fill her mouth, Krista stood up and guided Ramona and Mark over to a car parked in the shop. Krista pulled her shirt and bra off in one motion, guiding Mark's hands to her jeans, she buried her head between Ramona's legs. Each time Mark pushed his cock into Krista, Ramona would scream with pleasure as Krista's tongue worked deep into her pussy. After cleaning him up thoroughly, the girls sat Mark in a chair, Ramona pulled Krista to her and kissed her passionately. With Ramona kissing her deeply and caressing her breasts softly, Mark's cock filling her pussy completely and his other hand exploring her ass, Krista was soon swallowed by a hard orgasm.

Secret Slut Wife

group magas911 2017-11-11

I took the car back to the school for Kim. That night I started thinking about all of the little changes and clues that I hadn’t really paid attention to. A new semester started for Kim. She told me that her classes were really tough ones this semester and that she would have to spend a lot of time in the library doing research on the weekends. A short list of some of her activities include bondage (as a dom and as a sub), interracial sex, groups (she did 6 guys in one night!), she helped her girl friend fuck a dog (then the dog licked Kim to orgasm), she had sex in public, she flashed strangers, and once she even “accidentally” flashed some of her students at school.

Mom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 07

group flashgordon562006 2017-11-11

Lisa looked at her and said, "Maddie, while we are here, why don't you and Dennis do it now?" As soon as we got back, Lisa called Jessie and told her and Kevin that she was coming over. Before she left, I told her that Kevin had something special planned for after the reception for her and Dennis, me and Lisa and Richard and that she will enjoy it. I told Lisa I fucked Maddie twice and that she was looking forward to getting together with her later. We played with their tits and pussies and then I slipped my cock in Maddie and we watched as Dennis got his cock in Lisa's cunt.

The New Economy

group mojavejoe420 2017-11-11

As much as I needed the money, I didn't want to borrow it because it would be so hard to pay it back. We chatted a little more till we got to the dealer, where, much to my amazement, Mark not only paid the $500 from Bill Evans, but he threw the rest on his own credit card. I mean, I would have done anything he wanted, I guess, but he didn't seem like the type to do that. Second, I know you want to lose weight, and drinking won't help that. I'm pretty sure Mark is going to get naked and I'll have to jerk him off. He actually looks younger than the 40 year old guys in the office.


And Then There Were Three...

group jw2801 2017-11-11

Looking up I watched in delight as Tina first kissed Diane with a passion equal to that she'd shown me, before moving down and sucking at her nipples, her tongue flicking and dancing around the raised bumps of her excited breast. "Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!" moaned Diane as the orgasm built up inside her; Tina's head pumped up and down as she tongue fucked her friend – I was about to watch my Diane cum under the ministrations of another girl and my cock reacted accordingly. As the orgasm flowed through her body she frantically pushed Tina's hand away and as the vibrator slid out her cunt spurted her juice all over the bed; it was quite the most erotic sight and I greedily moved down to lick her pussy, savouring the taste of her fresh orgasm.


Strangers in my bed

group 4thethrillofit 2017-11-11

He said he was going to cum inside her, and Cindy told him NO!, but he groaned and slammed his cock deep in her uterus and dumped his juice inside of her. They all 4 collapsed onto the bed and Cindy rolled to her back and began to dip her finger into her pussy and pull wads of cum out of her and put it in her mouth. Just as Tim pulled his cock from Cindy and shot ropes of cum up her belly, tits and onto her face, seconds later I unleashed my own load inside his wife. The guys were working that pussy with fury as they held her in place helplessly taking their massive organs until both of them broke loose inside of Cindy making a thunderous howl as they pushed ball deep into her.

Andrea Gets a Triple

group jasexy28 2017-11-11

It wasn't long before I was poking quite hard between her lips and really starting to taste the cum from her pussy, then when he pulled his cock from her I quickly moved my mouth over both her lips and began sucking at her hole and poking my tongue up inside as I still held her panties off to the side. I pushed her ass cheeks apart and placed my tongue under her pussy, sucking gently at her smooth wet lips as I opened my mouth once again and began to suck at the entrance to her hole as it oozed warm sperm.

The Skills Assessment Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2017-11-11

I rolled the condom on and moved over on top of her, guiding my stiff cock into her hot pussy while she pulled my head toward hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could feel my cock beginning to swell with my impending orgasm but before I came, I heard April cry out again and her pussy suddenly felt even hotter and wetter. Looking over at Tara and seeing her big titties bouncing up and down got me thinking that she'd had another orgasm, as had Kay and April, but Beth had only had the one when Jim had gone down on her.


The First of Many

group Cromagnonman 2017-11-11

My days were taken up with schooling, Maman wanted me to be able to do something other than her trade if I so desired, providing fresh sheets for each of the rooms after an assignation, and making sure that there was always café for the clients while they waited for their girl. If ever one of my clients was not able to keep his assignation, and Pierre was not one of those, Jean-Claude was always willing to stand in for him, so I got to enjoy my first lover quite often and he was always as gentle and considerate of me as he was on that first day, giving me many orgasms each time we were together.

Forbidden Lust Ch. 03

group catherine42 2017-11-11

The speed of response could mean that he was waiting for her emails...or it could simply mean that, like Callie, Adan spent the majority of his time at his computer, as well. On the other hand...Callie was scoping out the other woman in Adan's life. Either Callie would feel like a filthy whore, attempting to use an ordinary, pleasant-looking woman to get to fuck her husband, or Callie would be disgusted by herself and give up this fantasy surrounding Adan. Callie leaned towards Leah, sandwiching the blonde woman between herself and Adan. Callie gripped Adan's solid arms and bit Leah's neck. Callie took one of her hands off of Adan's wonderful, thick arms and put two fingers into Leah's mouth.

Fun at the Mall

group TemporaryHero 2017-11-11

The stranger's hand feels the heat radiating from the young slut's pussy as it moves closer and without any resistance he feels his index and middle finger slide deep inside her tight cunt. Kylene moans loudly as she feels the fingers slide deep inside her, suddenly she feels her man's hand slip passed her ass cheeks and the pressure as his index finger enters her asshole. The stranger watches as the couple fuck on the floor, noticing the pussy juice as it runs down TJ's ball sack from Kylene's soaking snatch. The stranger feels his balls begin to tighten and his cock swell even more as his orgasm barrels through his body and he begins to quiver as his cum erupts into the waiting asshole of the young girl.

Rewarding Elvish Gang Bang

group juicybottomslut 2017-11-11

"I don't know what the hell that word means, but I definitely feel the other two words, and am feeling much better than I was 5 minutes ago!" Reaching up on his tip toes, Al had removed the shower head from its holder, and began gently rinsing all the soap from my hair and body, carefully making sure to get my crevices rinsed. It appears he's finally realized he's not in a dream and, from the look in his eyes, he's now trying to decide if seven straight days of sucking and fucking with a drove of horny elves like us is heaven or hell!" All four of them got a good laugh out of this, while I was greedily tugging and licking Pepper's cock, enjoying the thin white shaft and big, blushing mushroom head.


What a remedy!

group suaveliso 2017-11-11

His is a good size for that.” Jean-Louis was clicking away, taking close-ups of her lips wrapped around my cock, and of the ecstatic looks on my face. Jean-Louis was back photographing again taking close-ups of my shaft pumping away like a piston. Betty lay down on her back on the floor, opened her legs and Jean-Louis was down on her and in, almost as if he were afraid of losing his erection. I asked Jean-Louis for another condom and slid it over my hard cock. Betty sat between Jean-Louis and me, gently rubbing our thighs and cocks. Before leaving, I gave Betty another anal, a long one, and then Jean-Louis and I pulled a clever trick.

Gangbang Your Way to His Heart

group Mary_Antoine 2017-11-11

The guy on the couch leaned over, wanting a piece, too, and he grabbed onto one of my tits and started sucking my nipple, stretching me painfully in his direction while from the other side, my unknown assailant was trying the same thing in the opposite direction. My mouth still tasted salty from Derek's cum, and now I was tasting Paul, too, taking every inch of him as I felt the head of his dick prod at the bag of my throat. It felt like I was being ripped apart, and I felt hot tears spring to my eyes, but by the time he was all the way in and had started to move, the pain turned to pleasure as he fucked my ass.


My First MFF Threesome

group TheLantern 2017-11-11

Me not being one to argue, I positioned myself behind the girls and started rubbing my hard cock up and down Tara's clit, I shoved the tip of my cock in and I felt like I was about to blow my load right then, Tara's pussy was so tight and so wet, I could feel her juices running down my cock and on my balls, as soon as I had the tip in, I didn't have time to go any further myself because Tara rammed her ass backwards shoving my dick deep inside of her pussy, she let out a load scream "YESS!!

Cloudy Day Spontaneity

group Liz_Doherty 2017-11-11

I finished my beer as they finished their game, enjoying the cat-like grace of Hot Guy as he pranced around the table, posing and preening, hitting the balls hard with a little jump with each shot. There wasn't a lot of conversation, what with the screaming juke box and the language barrier, but within minutes of starting my second beer, Andre was standing behind me, instructing me how to properly hold the cue, arms wrapped around me as he talked softly into my ear. We danced that way for a bit, the deep bass notes of Morphine urging us on, Andre's tongue in my mouth, his hands pinching my nipples, Jack growing harder, pressing himself against me from behind.

The Group Ch. 04

group Spice1959 2017-11-11

I exploded into her, which in turn brought on her second orgasm, we lay there, both exhausted, enjoying the feel of each other's bodies, then we heard Tracy shout "oh god, I'm cumming," we both looked up to see Anna, with her face buried in Tracy's crotch, and Tracy holding her head as if she was trying to push it inside her, after her orgasm subsided, I left all three of them in the bed room, with strict instructions, to make sure Anna got her pleasure, which I knew at least Tracy would do, I wasn't too sure about Sharon, as I didn't know if she liked to eating pussy or not, but Tracy told me later that, after a lot of convincing, she tried it, and thoroughly enjoyed it


Bacchanal Ch. 01

group Waiting4My3some 2017-11-11

"This girl has the sweetest, firmest natural tits I've ever felt," Dev continued as he hoisted himself onto the counter and maneuvered Oksana so that she was balanced, legs spread wide, on the edge of the sink, coming to rest just behind her. "She tastes fantastic—and she's fucking dripping already." With that, Candi went to work on Oksana's cunt, her tongue flickering over the girl's spread pussy lips and throbbing little bean. Sitting naked on a kitchen island fucking a high-end hooker balls-deep in her ass while a growing crowd watched and recorded it on their phones felt...well, not completely natural, of course.

The Goa Trip Ch. 01

group nick9056 2017-11-11

As the porn scene was going on, I could see both Manjula and Archana caressing their breasts and making low moaning voices. Both Manjula and Archana took turns at this act and also shared their views about my lund and also talked about getting fucked by me. Just as Manjula pulled back, Archana locked her lips on mine and her tongue started to feel the insides of my mouth. Archana and I kissed for a long time as Manjula cleaned my cock by licking it. Then I sat aside as Archana pounced on Manjula and kissed her hard on the lips. “Fuck me harder and deeper, Raj. Harder!!” said Archana and I started to ram my penis into her pussy.

The Willing Blonde

group texasreb1369 2017-11-11

Mike's eyes do not even blink as he stares at Ann with the pizza in her hand, looking like the best pizza delivery person he had ever seen in his life. Thinking nothing ventured nothing gained I ask Ann if she would like for me to unbutton her shirt so Mike and I might enjoy looking at her breasts while we finish our pizza. After totally arousing Mike with nipple nibbles, Ann slowly slides her mouth down his body, licking erotically on the way until she feels the pre-cum under her chin as it hits the head of his cock.

Animal Instinct Ch. 06

group riverboy 2017-11-11

She was overwhelmed by the feeling of her big tits bouncing freely, and when her husband's hands came up and took hold of the wildly flailing orbs she lost her mind in the best orgasm of her life. Mr. Black was delighted with how Mrs. James had turned the tables on his experiments, and he stood silently, his cock almost fully engorged but lowered a bit from the nearly erect state it was in when Mrs. Davis removed her dress. Mr. Davis was kissing Mrs. James, his hand squeezing the big tits that were spilling out of her dress, hard nipples now on display. As Mrs. Davis's mind came back into focus she saw the scene — her husband's cock in her best friend's mouth, and Mr. James being fucked by an insanely sexy black woman.