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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Trespassers Beware

group ethantalon 2017-11-11

One was wearing a tiny, solid black string bikini, appeared to be about 5'7" with light brown hair, small A cup sized tits, the makings of a six pack, and long, athletic legs. As he felt his balls swelling, he grabbed her head and held her tightly down on his cock as he shot load after load into her cute little mouth. So he finally moved out from between her legs with her juices covering his face and walked over to a little table with a small compartment. Then she began slowly taking his cock into her mouth, the entire time staring up at him with those big green eyes.


Confessions of a Female Libertine Ch. 02

group JillClarke1982 2017-11-11

Forcefully, and clumsily he plunged himself into her, eliciting a loud moan sounding something akin to "Muhhh!" Paige commented to the camera and electronic audience that Jill's exclamation may have been loud enough stop the party in its tracks. The camera picked up the soft thwup thwup of the Jock's sack hitting Jill as well as a quiet squelching sound as he slid his thickness all the way in and out of her sopping cunt. Like the star of the movie we had just watched, Hildi had brown eyes and dark shoulder length hair. Over the crowd, I could hear Hildi gasp "Look what you did to me!" She got up, semen dripping down her inner thighs, and changed position.

My first attempt at Double vaginal, and I will try

group rome_e_o91 2017-11-11

The funny thing is that she responded "what if I did want to be with you and your friend?" I told her that since she became angry that there would be no more mention of a threesome, and we could just chill for the rest of the night. A while later after I fucked her, we tried to get both of our black dicks in her pussy at the same time, but we couldn't keep them in ( but it was fun trying ). Hopefully one day, I will realize my fantasy of having a double vaginal 3 some where I am fucking some pussy alongside a confident male, and the woman is getting full of dick until she just can't take it anymore.

A Different Kind of Club

group gingerstarr 2017-11-11

I can't help but stare as this woman is sucking on the man's huge cock, taking it all the way down her throat, both of them moaning with pleasure. As I continue to suck on her clit, and finger her pussy, she begins to buck her hips to let me know she wants it harder, and I am happy to give it to her. I don't feel the least bit shy anymore so you know what I am about to do to you right here and you unzip yourself, and pull your huge cock out for me to suck on. I'm kneeling on the couch with my ass facing Jim, hoping I am not embarrassing him too much, and start to suck your already throbbing hard cock.

Madame Secretary Meets the Mrs.

group MissRose18 2017-11-11

"Hello, Mr. Laclaire, it's five o'clock and everyone has left for the day, don't you think it's time for you to start enjoying your weekend too?" Erica asks as she enters my office and sits on my desk in front of me. Erica began moving her tongue up and down the length of my wife's pussy, occasionally stopping at her clit to suck on it, making my wife moan every time. Who knew that my work day was going to end with me fucking my wife on the office floor while my secretary licked her cunt? I just kept bucking into Steph's cunt going faster and faster until her muffled moans turned into stifled screams as she began to cum all over my cock.

a game of Cards

group 2017-11-11

one player has no clothes left, the winner of that hand will ask for walks to each player kisses them on the cheek or lips and once she has boots, Simran her skirt, Steve his boots and Devin his shirt. player getting naked is Summer. as Liana stands and tells Summer to suck her tits. lips as he finally sees the tits of Jessica, softball in size with large nipples. Steve starts to eat Jessica’ s hot pussy, she whispers to be easy for she has Steve begins to pound Jessica’ s pussy and she keeps moaning as she has Chelle moves and watches as cum begins to leak out also. encounter, Steve takes out his cock Liana and Steve just want to go

Four Peters and Pussy

group LitEroCat 2017-11-11

You may roll it down enough to show us her bush, if she has one." Charlie turned red yet his dick throbbed visibly as his wife's thick landing strip slowly appeared; Ed and Evi looked at each other wondering what they'd gotten into. Between skillful squeezing of my cock deep in her throat, I looked up in time to see Dawn remove Evi's top as Sue pried her bottom to the floor. While fingering herself, she licked down my wife's body, fully opened her knees and pushed her tongue into Sue's desperate, hungry, leaky pussy. Though Charlie fucked both my holes separately and Sue sucked my pussy, I now want to feel three stiff cocks in me at once.

Dirty Little Landscaper Ch. 01

group papafrogger 2017-11-11

There is only one guy in our class and he's married, so if you don't mind having a lot of single college girls running around digging holes in your yard I can get as much help as we may need." Giggling she said, "I think by the look on your face it will be ok." Marty was thinking how much she wanted to get Chelsea in her bed, "Oh just shopping you know the usual, spending money we don't have and keeping Darlene from giving some guy a blow job in the restaurant bathroom."


ex girlfriend fucking my buddy

group froglegs48851 2017-11-11

She told me once how her and her friend Kayla had sex with 3 black guys at the same time.she said they just went over there to smoke with them and they just started taking advantage of the girls and feeling them up and what not so the girls just went with it and before they knew it both of them were sucking Dick and getting fucked the black guys kept passing them around and making them eat each others pussies. So I asked her if she wanted some cock when he came back out she's like Fuck yes I do I can't wait to feel his big Dick inside me.

South Of France Slut

group jwc10010 2017-11-11

My firm young breasts swaying only slightly as I knelt down across from her, and started to suck the cock offered to me. I could feel his hand on the back of my head as my lips moved back and forth on his cock. And as I did so, I could feel her tongue move across mine, her fingers probing my ass and my pussy. My hands on the bar as if I were serving, my pussy filled with his cock, his fingers finding their way into my ass. Her sitting back in the changing rooms, as I knelt before her, eating her out, feeling Sara’s fingers enter me, pushing into and stretching my ass as I wiggled it for her.

Paid In Full

group drew13579 2017-11-11

So she was more than a little annoyed when "Danny" the third of the trio of muscular, square jawed late 20's mechanics in the garage, and the sort of man she ached for, with his perfect 23 year old body, and hawkishly handsome face, walked over to her with the paperwork that had to be what was congenially called "the bad news" in his hand. Jake and John were gone now gone off to sleep, and it was just her and Danny -sweet beautiful Danny-- Riding out a long last fuck as the morning stained the curtains and filled the room with a light the color of fire, The bed was soft, but she could feel one more orgasm waiting for her, deep in her pussy, and she wanted to take it.

Best Friends With Benefits

group him33she32 2017-11-11

Hannah called Dena and asked her if her and Paul would like to come over for a few drinks and a dip in the pool. Dena pulled Paul’s cock from her lips and told me fuck her hard so Paul could watch. Dena started saying she needed more cock so Paul and I got out of the pool and stood next to her just watching the sex before us. She said she wanted two cocks like Dena got but instead she had to watch me fuck another woman. She started grinding on his cock and told me to lick her ass while she was getting fucked. Dena quickly jumped on the bed and grabbed my cock and started rubbing Hannah’s ass with it.

RV Travel Companion Ch. 03

group Alex_Ho 2017-11-11

In between her up and down strokes on my cock, Kathy managed to mumble out, "I want you to come all over my face Jim, shoot your sticky sweet cum all over me." As she said that, I noticed Kathy had her other hand stuffed down her shorts and was rubbing her cunt as she blew me. She responded in kind with a low groan and said, "Fuck me right here, Jim, outside in front of everyone." People were walking by occasionally, but couldn't care less what we were doing, probably because they would be doing the same thing before the night was over.


A Summer's Breeze Ch. 07

group talel81 2017-11-11

I keep telling you if you're more than three zip code numbers away, it's all fair," Saki said, pulling her friend close. "Come here," Saki said, pulling Cassie's face up to meet hers. That'd be hot wouldn't it?" Saki began moving further down, kissing Cassie's breasts, sliding her tongue around the stiff nipples. Saki released her tongue hold on her and began to gently kiss the inner parts of Cassie's thighs. She lowered her head down to where Nick's thick cock was splitting her friend and slithered her tongue around the Saki's clit. Saki nodded her head and started kissing Cassie's close leg. You're going to find that boy you keep talking about, fuck him and then tell him what you did," Saki said, leaning back against Cassie's pillows.

Can I See It?

group WhiteGuy12 2017-11-11

We were sitting on steps, taking a break from the games and swigging Coronas, when Tara said, in her best little-girl voice, "Marc, can I see your wang?" "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Kerri said, but Tara proceeded to lift my dick up and pull my balls out from under the waistband. I had walked over to the door to watch at this point, and while Kerri did her lap, Tara reached over, gave my dick a squeeze and said, casually, "Do you want to fuck tonight?" "Now you're going to keep playing with yourself while I do this," Tara said, and she grabbed my dick and started stroking. I started to look at Kerri, but to my surprise she grabbed my dick and positioned it right at Tara's opening herself.

Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 03

group neolithic_one 2017-11-11

I bent over putting my hands on the bed and looking down I watched my shaft slowly going deeper into her eager sucking mouth until I pulled it back then pushed it in again as I fucked her mouth with long slow strokes until eventually my now hard cock was poised to enter her throat. As Lisa took my cock in her eager young mouth and started sucking it Laura came over and took the KY from me and said, “Use your tongue, lick her tight ring and push your tongue inside as far as you can.” “Well I hope it does because I want to hear the bitch cry out as Bob gets his cock all the way up her lovely ass and fucks it hard and deep,” Laura replied.


The Football Bet

group Rick_Love 2017-11-11

If Florida defeated LSU, she wanted me to do a complete striptease at the party in front of about 4 or 5 of Amy's best friends. We would cap the evening off with a visit to an adult video store where Amy was to pick out a complete stranger to watch the two of us have sex. After Amy and I were in the car, I told her that I was somewhat surprised with her rather aggressive approach and conversation with Kyle. To make sure that Kyle did not chicken out, I again shook his hand and told him that Amy looked absolutely fantastic in the nude. Amy told Kyle that he was to not touch her at all whatsoever tonight; otherwise, the party was completely over.


Romance On Overtime

group CHEWEY 2017-11-11

He was standing there watching Amber eat me, stroking his hard cock, he moaned every time I did as she kept licking and drinking all the juices I had flowing. She was eating me so good as I felt Jack's throbbing hard cock slide into my soaking wet cunt. God, he was huge and he felt so good inside me as he started to pump my pussy hard as Amber was licking us both and sucking on my clit. I had Amber on the floor in front of me eating me like a starving woman and Jack's massive cock inside me as he wrapped his arms around me to caress my breast.

Lust in the Library

group samFX 2017-11-11

"Morning Mrs. Able," Kirsten said, gathering the books in her arm and carrying them over to the new returns shelf. Kirsten stood up and turned round, Dinah almost spilled her coffee when she realised she had been caught staring at the younger girl's ass. She watched Kirsten all day, she would flirt in subtle ways, a flutter of eyelids, brushing hair behind her ear to show the curve of her neck, a wetting of lips. Kirsten knelt down to pick it up, her head moments from Dinah's legs, her blonde hair smooth like silk against her stockings. Dinah felt herself shuddering towards climax; she instinctively placed a hand against Kirsten's head, running it through the girl's gorgeous blonde locks.


The Tale of Bigisdickus

group Bazzza 2017-11-11

One of my techniques I use in those sorts of situations is to imagine what they would look like sprawled out on a bed with their ankles around their ears screaming for mercy while some well-hung guy gives them a royally good seeing to. In fact I was in the process of concocting a nice little story in which Irene was going to be a very, very naughty girl in a threesome with two guys, only I didn't think it would be a good idea to elaborate, if you catch my drift. We arrived around six, and Shelly grabbed a table while I got the first beers, the guy who served me seemed familiar for some reason but I couldn't place him.


Called into the Administrator

group Stonedancer 2017-11-11

You try to listen and concentrate on the mom you are talking to but my hands feel wonderful on your legs. "Sorry Ma'am, continue...I'm listening." Your cock strains against the cloth, dying to be set free, your balls aching.I tug at your pants to let you know I need some help getting you free. Your eyes roll up in your head as my nails scrape your balls and you hear me slurping your cock. You grab her hips and steadily fuck her as you watch her start to lick my pussy. You can't go slow and instantly start pounding my pussy hard and fast, balls-deep on every thrust. You bury your big cock deep in my pussy and start to cum.

Photogenic Ch. 02

group morris40 2017-11-11

As I watched my wife push her tongue into this stranger's mouth, I marveled that the only emotions I felt were pride in my wife's sexuality and desire to see her fuck this short man with the mischievous sense of humor. Peter was as tall and heavy set as Michael was short and trim, but he had an enormous thick erection that was obviously destined to play a role in my wife's fantasy. In a sexually charged pile of writhing bodies, even the pressure of Peter's muscular legs against my outstretched arms was surprisingly erotic, contrasting sharply with the tactile sensations of Hannah's sheer stockings and Jocelyn's smooth flesh.


Steph Gets Gangbanged

group Humpdee84 2017-11-11

That afternoon Steph was a little more than halfway through her shift at the ambulance company when she got to talking with one of the other crews, Lenny and Barry were both quite cute. Steph sat down with Lenny and both broke into hysterics when, at the point where he sang "...feel like making love to..." Barry looked right at his hand and finished the line, "...YOU!" Lenny suddenly pulled away saying, "I'm close, not yet, not yet, not yet, no, no, not yet." Steph respected this and just sort of stroked his thighs as Barry began the final leg of his journey to ClimaxTown.


The Awakening Ch. 06

group deadeye_76 2017-11-11

"Cum quickly, my little dildo lover, because I have to get ready for work." Jen said. Matt put the panties into his jacket pocket and as he did so, Jen grabbed a hand of both Jo and Matt and said "Okay, folks, let's shop!" She put her arm around Jo and said "Well, what do you think about these bras?" But before Matt could answer, Jen continued. She led him toward the bras, turned him and said "Did Suzy tell you that I need your help with something?" She had not bothered to button up her blouse; she was just holding it closed with one hand. The young man complied and as his pants hit the floor, Jen smiled broadly, Matt just stared, and Jo giggled.