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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Poker Night

group erikawest 2017-11-11

I walk in front, as instructed by Rob, so Peter gets a good look of the bottom of my ass cheeks from underneath my dress. Rob had told me he looks after his guests, and likes to make them feel relaxed and comfortable, and instructed me to be friendly with them, to flirt even. I felt someone pinching my nipples; I just assumed it was Rob. But no, by the time I had opened my eyes again, the game had finished and it was not Rob's hands on my nipples, but one of Anthony's and one of Joe's. I had Rob inside me, Joe's hand on one of my nipples, Anthony's teeth on my other, Steve's dick in my mouth, and now someone (I had no idea who) had their fingers stroking my clit.

Pam's Assistance Satisfies All!

group kcamal 2017-11-10

Larry couldn't wait to tell the other guys at the table about his experience and sure enough, when the next slow song came on, Dale asked Pam to dance with him. Eventually Philippe and Jorge had pulled her away and both started dancing with Pam at the same time. Pam's body started shaking as she started to thrash her arms and legs but she no longer appeared to be trying to get down and Jorge just held her tighter like he was trying to hold her for Philippe to use her. Several guys reached for her butt cheeks spreading her ass for everyone to get a better view of his big black cock nailing my wife's hairy little white cunt.


The German Project

group 2017-11-10

Opening up one file I soon found out as there were photos of him sitting beside this lady, completely naked and with her hand firmly around his cock which was hard as a rock and looked massive. The next few photo sets featured Bernhard and his friend in various poses, often with her wanking him either in her hand or between her heavy breasts and occasionally with his big cock in her mouth which by the look on her face she was clearly enjoying. For a moment I was speechless for as she said that, Elsa had lifted a foot on the cushion of the settee and opened her leg wide giving me a view from a metre away of her stocking clad legs, black suspenders and her sexy pink see through panties which underneath her pussy was visible for all to see.

Linda's Birthday

group ManofMithgar 2017-11-10

Squeezing my hand into her inner thigh, I looked into Linda's eyes and asked, "Did you know that Jenny is wearing a garter belt?" She looked at me and drew her chin down looking up at me through her thick lashes and whispered, "I am too." I now started working my hand on Linda's leg and she had let her legs part enough for me to rub my knuckles against her very hot pussy lips before Jenny returned. I reached over with my wet hand to move some hair back from Linda's face rubbing my finger across her lips and right under her nose.


Carrie's New Life Ch. 1

group Tom Donner 2017-11-10

"Try at the beginning Carrie." Tom said, handing her a drink. "Well," Carrie said,"after being alone, I started thinking about what Steve had said when he tried to explain himself and I realized that the thought of it all really turned me on. As Carrie started thinking back, Tom noticed her release her blouse a little. " I looked over at Steve and yelled, 'What's going on here?!' The man and woman who were hosting the party turned to Steve and said 'You haven't explained how our game works Steve?'" "I looked at Steve and told him I wasn't going to participate in any 'game' that violent in any way and I was leaving now.

Grace Ch. 05

group aristidis 2017-11-10

The couples and the new girl watched how Grace spread her legs wide and started masturbating. Later on, when the girl and three guys entered the room they saw a mass of bodies, arms and legs on the bed. She slowly opened the door to the other room, just in time to see Grace, squatting naked over the raging orgy underneath her, spray her liquid from her burning hole all over the other bodies. Both girls kissed, opened their legs and started fingering each other while watching the action. Later in the night, fuckers from the other room came over to watch and join in, enjoying Grace and Claudine's hot bodies.

Gary's Wife

group ep703 2017-11-10

Bob said not yet, and he pulled out his cock and instructed your sweet little wife to suck it. Denise, you have won A cum filled evening with all of these wonderful hard cocks!” The guys whipped them out and began to stroke them. Alex sat down on the couch and told her to start by kissing him while she stroked his rod. It was obvious to all of us that Denise was very turned on by Alex's cock, but at the same time afraid of it. Denise was on her knees bending over Alex's cock sucking as best as she could. Denise didn’t move as the first guy stepped up behind her, slid his cock into her wet hole, and started pumping her hard.

Mollie's Chambers Ch. 02

group joeljones 2017-11-10

The drink and coversation flowed as I spent my time watching Mollie flirting with most of the boys while keeping my eye on Liz, keen to resume our flirtation to see if she'd let me take things any further. "You know me, kinky all the way." I replied, stepping back to enjoy Mollie's turn on the spot, legs together, before sticking her bottom out slightly and bending forward to tease the hem of her dress a little further up her legs, revealing the tiniest bit of lace hem at the top of her thighs. "Two can play at that game you know" Liz said as she snuggled into my side, pushing her warm breast into my shoulder and breathed on my neck, "Make sure you make the right choice."


I Owe You One

group BobcatPounce 2017-11-10

Jason's words during sex play painted pictures in Dylan's mind of that perfect threesome partner, even though he never actually described what the other girl. "Because," Jason answered, "you said our fantasies involve girl on girl only and because you come big when I talk about it during sex." Jason managed to get out the words, "Good scotch." Dylan added, "Good company." The waitress replied she could help with both, the scotch right away and the company shortly after 11. I'm coming." The waitress paused her blowjob to watch but kept stroking Jason's cock. The waitress thanked Dylan and Jason for coming back. Jason was starting to feel left out even though he knew his threesome deal with Dylan was girl-on-girl only.


Practical Joke

group funk_doctor 2017-11-10

Kevin and his girlfriend Jessica were visiting his friends Mike and Nikki who'd just moved into a new house by the lake. The webcam on the computer would capture Mike's reaction when he walked past the open door and saw what appeared to be his wife sucking on his friend's cock. Jessica's mouth dropped open, and she held a hand in front of her face in disbelief as she watched her friend and coworker take her boyfriend's cock in her mouth as she rubbed her own pussy. When he was finally all the way in, Mike began to thrust hard, until his thighs were slapping up against Jessica's nice tight ass with each stroke, his balls slapping against her damp skin.


Earl & Francie Ep. 02: Eva

group Susie_O 2017-11-10

The idea of fucking identical twins had her wetter than usual, enhanced since Earl had told her about Eva's remark, "surprise penises." She was running over in her mind how to do two guys: suck one, while the other fucks, double hand job, suck one while doing a hand job on the other, even double penetration. Earl introduced Francine to Eva and Eva responded by saying "These are the twins, Tom and Tim." She indicted the one with the snake tattoo as Tom. Francine interrupted, "Earl you didn't tell me that Eva's brothers were so amusing, and good-looking. Eva calmly told Francie, "It's birth order, nothing else." Then she turned to her brothers, "and you know I love you both equally despite the fact that you're both ugly as sin."


First Time Fun For The Girls

group cockstarved 2017-11-10

Charlie was breathing hard now and couldn't believe how good Jane's mouth was on her pussy, she really knew what she was doing, she tickled it with her tongue and then every so often moved it up and down her lips then back to it, building her up towards orgasm each time. It wasn't going to take him long to cum watching this, the girls were moaning and gasping, each ones face covered in the others juice, Jane started to scream and her head moved away from Charlie's cunt. Jane was amazed at the size of Mike's cock, it was huge and it felt so good in her, filling her pussy as he fucked her, she was licking Charlie's cunt and from the moans she was going to be tasting a lot more pussy juice very soon!

A Free for All

group OneWhoKnows 2017-11-10

Paul got up from watching TV, and shook Richard's hand, then gave Nan a really tight hug, and a long kiss. Paul went back out to the kitchen, opened 4 beers, and came back to the living room, just as Viki and Bill were coming down the hall. He swallowed hard, cleared his throat, and finally spoke, "Hi, Nan. I didn't expect things to get started this quickly, but I am looking forward to spending some time with all of Betsy's friends a bit later." Then Paul said, "Any time you get tired of dancing, feel free to move things to the love seat, the couch, or either bedroom." They all danced a couple more songs, no one wanting to be first and seem too anxious to move things along.


Naughty Holiday

group Jenny20 2017-11-10

I was almost as wet as Jo and I began licking her more vigorously feeling Ron enjoying my ass. Ron touch stopped, but I instantly felt the tip of his hard cock sliding over my ass hole, gently pressing against me I watched Jo sneaking a glimpse. After a few minutes Jo began moaning louder "Fuck, lick my pussy you little bitch!" She groaned pushing herself harder toward me and twisting her nipples between her fingers. The muscles in her body tightened, her back arched and I felt Rons cock swell, he exploded with a loud groan "God Baby, CHRIST" He pumped his cock harder into my ass his balls slamming against my pussy, pumping hot thick spurts of cum into me.

Erotic Dream

group akasteak 2017-11-10

She was in the middle of the bed with her legs up in the arms of one guy while his cock slid in and out of her completely soaked pussy in a slow, rhythmic, steady pace, while another was pushing his in and out of her mouth as her muffled moans escaped from her lips and her hands were working two others up and down, stroking them both in unison. The guy fucking her pussy, lifted her up towards him as he plunged deeper, faster, and harder into her, reading her perfectly every time she came, then slowing down to a steady pace to build her up to her next orgasm.

The New Laura Pt. 02

group Reefkeeper 2017-11-10

"Oh Kenny, it sounds like fun but I've already got an appointment scheduled for Saturday." Laura frantically searched for the right way to phrase what was coming next. As soon as Laura dropped her bags and flopped down on her bed, Margie immediately said, "Girl, you've got a problem!" When the waves of laughter subsided, Laura rolled over, gave Margie a quick kiss on the lips with just a little tongue, and said, "Get your ass of that floor. "Hell, girl, the way I heard it from Kenny none of the guys really wanted you, they were just fucking you to be polite to the groom!" The guy was really good looking and Laura had already noticed that his suit was hand stitched.


My boy friends sexy orgy

group 2017-11-10

As we were walking I had my hand down her pants rubbing her ass putting my finger up her hole. She said i'm going to ram it in my ass then In yours and lick it after. So I stripped off and sat on the floor with my ass in the air she spat on my hole and fingerd me. So we went over I pulled jade off of craig stood her up put my hand between her legs and played with her hairy pussy. Abby pulled reece over and pushed his head towards my ass and he d***k all of craigs cum out of my bum. Abby then laid on the floor spat on her fingers and with both hands pulled her pussy open realy wide.

A Bonus from Vicky

group UkWriterGuy 2017-11-10

Vicky looked me in the eye and simply said, “I need you” Kissing me again her hands fell to my zipper and I felt her expertly undo the zip and reach inside to grasp my aching cock. Vicky letting the cock slide from her mouth gasped and squealed with delight as Liz’s tongue teased and played with her clit, dipping her tongue into her pussy folds to lick out the wave of cum that leaked from her. Vicky was now blurting our obscenities” Fuck me like a whore sir, Fuck your little slut, cum in my virgin arse hole pleaseeee.” We all watched on in amazement as his sweating bulk pounded her torn arse, his face red and swollen the veins on his brow and cock pulsing with his heavy heartbeat.


group RTMinotaur 2017-11-10

All around us were asleep as I looked at Jo. She pressed her finger to her lips and lowered her head down, taking my cock in her mouth. I could see Jo in the corner of my eye waiting so I grabbed the back of Chelsea's hair and pulled her back. 'Plenty of time for that but your tongue is needed elsewhere' I said before pushing her head down to Jo's wet pussy. She gave a little squeal as my finger slide down her arse slit and rubbed her pussy, feeling the wetness. I barely had time to look down before Chelsea jumped onto my cock. I held my cock at Chelsea's face as the first shot of cum came out.

Sport Fucking

group Bonaire 2017-11-10

Beth said that she put a condom on Elmer who then fucked her on a mat near the pool while the other couples started a full-blown orgy. Seems Elmer had trouble getting his cock aroused when Fran was the only one in his bed so they had agreed years ago to expand their sex life to include others. I told Elmer that I always got a special kick out of watching Beth getting fucked by other men and that I wanted to watch him and her later in the evening. She had only fucked one black guy, about a year ago, and she was disappointed because he had a small cock like Elmer.

A Week on the Lake Ch. 03

group Megamuffin 2017-11-10

While Eva sucked my cock, Becky and Felicia covered her entire body with oil, rubbing it into her tits, all over her ass and between her legs. While I thrust my cock up and down between Becky's tits, I watched Felicia stroke two, then three fingers into Eva's pussy. Pounding my cock into Felicia's pussy, I watched as the recovered Eva rolled on top of Becky and kissed her fiercely while their lubed tits pressed together. Felicia hopped up off my cock and Eva took her place, and Becky lowered her tits to my face for me to suck, she also rubbed her fingers over Felicia's clit and inside her pussy.


Sarah: Party Bondage Ch. 02

group Falcinator 2017-11-10

She looked as though she was about to say something, then gasped with the cross-eyed look of someone who has just been shafted in the good way, giggled, and twisted her head back, opening her mouth wide and taking in, almost before I had blinked, a cock which slid between her lips and swelled her throat until her nose was blocked by his scrotum. "The thing about a clover clamp," Catherine continued as she fastened the other nipple, "Is that the more you pull on this end, the more the jaws at that end, tighten." She began to twist the knob, and I saw that the metal rod was threaded, and that it was lifting the perspex bar, and the clamps, further from Suzanne's chest, taking her nipples with it, slowly pulling her breasts back into a breast shape as they rose from her chest.


continuing first time cock sucking

group 2017-11-10

beat us again and all because I couldn't get myself together because my businessman and his mates were on my mind and tingling my business man and his mates came into the dressing room ,I watched them coming in through the steam and smell of liniment looking around at the young boys naked flesh walking towards the showers. I started to get a hard on, it was at half mast ,my business man noticed and smiled at me nudging his mate closest to him who looked at my growing young boy cock and smiles at me and nudges the bloke next to him and, yes he smiled too and, licked his lips.

Reunion Ch. 02

group beltman70 2017-11-10

"I don't think any of us even know where we were going," Kyle said, shrugging his shoulders. On the way to the airport I told Alex if she was going to act as our road manager that she didn't really have to do anything she didn't want to do. I didn't think she'd do it but every time Kyle said, "show um your tits," she'd smile and shake them for whoever was passing. Whatever the game was, she was for it and after a couple of days, I think the band members started looking her in a new way. On the bus Alex was upset that I hadn't allowed her to come to the party but Kyle took her in the back and ass fucked her until she nearly passed out from pleasure.