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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group hondo1906 2017-11-10

Delia went on to say that she hung up saying OK but found herself calling one of the guys at the party again, named Derek, and again meeting him for sex. She said that she wanted me, she loved me, but that she occasionally was going to need to fuck black cock and that I either accept it or she would take me to court and screw me. I was in a corner either way but at the same time I felt excited about the fact that she was basically in control and found myself getting hard at the thought of my beautiful, hot wife being fucked by numerous black men. The video showed Derek, who was a muscular and very well hung young black man, along with two of his friends, as they had my wife in every imaginable position.

A Journey to Desire Ch. 01

group swingerjoe 2017-11-10

I found it hard to believe that she was suddenly okay with the idea of me looking at other half-naked women. I had barely wrapped my head around the idea of Michelle being seen topless, and now she was considering being completely naked in front of others? As I continued my research, I discovered that this resort features a large pool and a beach area where guests lounge around completely naked throughout the day. Certainly, at one point in my life, I would have been far too insecure and jealous to ever feel comfortable with another man looking lustfully at my wife – never mind having sex with her.


Wonderful Neighbors

group TPAcouple 2017-11-10

"Thank you Love", Anna said taking the cold beer from my hands and then patting the side of the pool as if commanding me. I actually felt more aroused knowing that my wife appeared to be enjoying John as much as I was enjoying Anna. My wife, at the waters edge, was in perfect position and proceeded to lick John's cock in between Anna's strokes. Anna dismounted him and held his cock into my wife's mouth and allowing John to pass her his second load. My wife began to run her tongue up and down the beautiful pussy lips that Anna had stretched around my cock only minutes earlier.

sex village I

group chandan0707 2017-11-10

Vijaya of famous pearly white smile stood beside us and lifted her hands to tie up her hair.I was going bonkers by the sight of stretching tits and mouth watering nipples.It looked like I was invisible to her even though I was mercilessly ravaging her friend, until she asked her. During all this,she was washing cloths and talking mundane things like how bad food was at the marriage, how rude were some guests etc.She gave two thrusts to indicate that now she wanted banging. I looked at her, she was bending on the rock,completely naked,She removed her Mandakini dress and was in the buff.She spread her ass cheeks and widened pussy lips showing pink innards.

Menage a Ty

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-10

"Good for you, Ty. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find our son, who seems to have fallen off the planet into a black hole somewhere," Vicki hugged Tyler, before she went searching for Trevor. When Vicki got Trevor home, he saw Aunt Michelle washing her car and decided that she needed help. Thinking of Tyler again, Vicki realized what the best solution was, though it might not appeal to Sandy and Julie. I think that we'd be more compatible than you and him, as long he doesn't object to two women loving each other," Sandy felt her panties getting damp at the very idea of sharing Tyler with Julie and vice versa on a daily basis.


The Adult Toy Store

group baddad53 2017-11-10

Diane's excitement was now in full swing(excuse the pun) and she began to tell him how you placed your legs in the two bottom straps and then placed your hands through the top two loops with a strap supporting the ass and another strap that supported the back directly under the arms. I then saw the guy had his cock in his hand and was jerking off with his right hand while his left hand continued to tug at the bar piercing Diane's tits. I tapped the older guy who had started all of this and asked, "Do you want to fuck her in the swing?" Diane was smiling up at me through tear stained eyes and nodded her approval.


The Hairley Street Doctor Ch. 2

group belab 2017-11-10

I could see that Liz had started breathing heavier than she was and realized she had her hand between her legs rubbing her wet hairy pussy for all she was worth Jeff was watching his wife closely as she spread open her lips and pushed two fingers deep into her herself as Jeff's tongue found her clit and sucked it softly. There was pussy cum all over me and on the floor as she pulled off me and she turned facing me and straddled Jeff, the tip of his cock just brushing her hairy pussy lips. I slid half my cock into Becky's mouth as she pushed down, taking Jeff's' fat head into her pussy.

Stacy's First Swing Pt. 01

group Boondocker42 2017-11-10

"Okay, Frank and Betty it is then." She looked him square in the face. As they exited the restaurant together, Betty suggested that she ride with the younger couple and take an opportunity to get to know Stacy. Jared turned his head briefly to look at Betty. Otherwise, Stacy would likely have flung herself on top of the other woman in much the same manner as she had her husband so many times before. Despite his age, Frank Pollard was definitely someone Stacy could let herself feel attracted to. Betty was considerably bigger than Stacy; the taller woman's nose just rising above the crown of her head. Both men watched as the older woman's hands explored Stacy's body.


Morning Call

group lars_sunshine 2017-11-10

Jo is merrily fucking me and I can see my cock sliding in and out of her cunt while she masturbates, rubbing her clitoris, while Mats fondles her breasts. Jo reaches out and places a hand on one of Ann's breasts and Mats moves over and sits in front of her and start playing with his still half-erect cock. Jo positions herself behind Belinda and reaches around her body and spreads her cunt lips with one hand and starts rubbing her stiff little clitoris with her fingers on the other hand. Mats puts his hand between Ann's legs and fondle her cunt absentmindedly while all three of them looks towards Jo and my cock.

Jamie, Yvonne, Sarah, David, Ch. 03

group Michael142 2017-11-10

I had no idea what I expected from Janet after all these years, but my plan didn't initially include sex—just showing an old friend a nice time out on the town. I hope we have a lot of fun tonight!" She turned, gave me a bitter-sweet smile and said softly, "Well, it was a very lovely view!" then changing the subject, I said, "After this, let me take you to a nice little jazz club downtown! The waiter asked if we wanted dessert, and Janet said no right away, and so did I. Looking at me with pure love in her eyes, Janet asked, Then to thank you for taking me out to a lovely little pub, I chased you away with a couple of men weren't even worth my notice." She teared up,


The Girls' Locker Room

group GradStudent 2017-11-10

The girls, now hiding behind towels, echoed with cries of "The nerve of him!" Then Peggy, with a smirk, said "However, perhaps we should have some fun with him instead?" This got equal support. "Lets make sure he is really clean." The girls got soap and rubbed under my arms and all over my back. "I had a boy friend who loved to pulls the hairs on my breast" said Julie. Peggy said, "OK, lets turn him over, the cock side is a lot more useful". The girls, pulled, pushed, poked and stroked my cock. "I want to squeeze him the same way boys squeeze by boobs." The really hard pressure was a turn-off, but in the hands of one more gentle girl, I came in a burst.

Firehouse Fantasy

group HotWife79 2017-11-10

She stood back up and turned to Paul, who was now at full attention facing straight on to Alyssa, eyes still locked in on where he wanted his tongue to be. Alyssa ran her hand down her side as she looked him down then back up to his deep blue eyes. Alyssa's hands slowly slid over his hips until they were wrapped around his thick hard cock. Alyssa's eyes opened slightly, looking over Paul's shoulder. Then she felt two more hands on her ass as Eric turned her back to Paul. Alyssa reached one hand back, pulling Paul into her. Alyssa leaned into Eric as Paul slid his hard cock into her cum soaked pussy.

Three's a Charm

group GuiltlessMiss 2017-11-10

My thoughts were interrupted when Husband laid me on the bed and before I knew it my legs were spread and someone was licking my pussy lips, first up one side, then the other before I felt a tongue on my swollen, already throbbing clit. At that moment, I felt Husband's hands on my wrists, pinning them above my head as wife continued her assault on my pussy and clit. She pushed it all the way into my tight little snatch and I took deep breaths trying to focus on exactly how full I felt at that moment with Husband's cock so deep and throbbing in my ass and Wife's dildo deep in my...oh fuck!


The Wedding Gift

group 4eyedbrit 2017-11-10

Her stare was fixed on my groin and I realised, in horror, that my cock, throbbing rock hard and wet with Jen's cum was not only in full view but was about to erupt into its own deep and uncontrollable orgasm. I slowly withdrew and allowed Jen to witness Pascal's slimy cum on my cock and her cunt gripping at my head before I slowly eased it all the way back in. Pascal's taut body responded by gripping at my shaft even harder as my cock pounded, piston like, in and out of her incredibly tight pussy and I felt the warm dampness of her cum against my ball sack as it swung against her clit.


Paradise Found on a Deserted Island

group NakedinNC_ 2017-11-10

After four months without shaving, they were all quite hirsute now and Marie never ceased to be amazed at how cute the covering of girl fur made Dana's pussy and rosebud look. Looking around Gary saw he had landed below the high tide mark and would need to move the plane about 10' higher up the beech. After a few minutes Marie, always the sensible one, took their hands and said, "I don't know how but I feel like this will work out. During the first week they waited by the beach every day and took turns as look out for the rescue plane.


The Choir Director Pt 4 Final

group n8xpr 2017-11-10

Josh loved the school girl outfit he asked me to bend over like I was picking something off the floor and as I did the short skirt allowed my ass and pussy to be completely exposed , he slid a couple of finger into my hot slot and linger on my button for a few moments then raising his finger to his mouth and tongue tasting my juices. I'm now lost , all holes filled my eyes glazed over my breathing slow and ragged I'm having the absolute best time of my life , then my pussy gets crazy and starts cumming again squeezing the two cocks while sucking hard on Max's monster .

Hiking Story

group your_siren_rogue 2017-11-10

You are instantly hard inside your girl and she moves her hips against you, smiling slightly and asks the man if he would like to join in. As he is licking her breasts she pulls away from you and pushes the guy back and down onto the blanket, then she straddles him and slowly slides his cock into her pussy. As you slide into her ass she is moving up and down your cock, once you are fully inside her and she is relaxed around your hardness, she lays back, and continues to move on your cock, but now her back is against your chest and she pulls the stranger towards her as he enters her pussy again.

After Hours Alicia Ch. 13

group NewAgeErotica 2017-11-10

Alicia disliked Marty and Lewis almost as much as Peter did. Besides Tommy's car, Alicia, Peter, Marty, and Lewis - there was not another soul to be found. Marty and Lewis stopped pushing Peter and turned to her. Alicia took Lewis' cock out of her mouth, looked up at them, and said, "We're not together anymore," then went back to sucking. Marty and Lewis cheered, while Alicia still had one of their cocks in her mouth and her hand on the other. She stood up, put her hands on her hips, and told them her idea, "Look, Marty doesn't want to stop fucking me and Lewis wants a turn, so why don't you both fuck me at the same time?"


Such A Small World Ch. 02

group oldhippie1949 2017-11-10

Sandy danced over to Jon. As she bumped and grinded, she ran her fingers into her slit and slowly brought them to her mouth. Becca leaned in, smelled Sandy's hand and then, with no hesitation, took the fingers into her mouth. "Nice cock, Jon, but I've got some rounds to make." Sandy looked at Becca sucking on me and then stared at my busy hand. I don't know which one of them squealed first but Becca pulled off my cock and sat back on Sandy's tongue. I heard Sandy say to Becca, "Watch me make him cum." The next thing I felt was a tongue penetrating my asshole and she was right, that did it.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 78

group SteveWallace 2017-11-10

I'd watched the live sex show for two hours, as Rolfe, Juul, and another cameraman moved about taking shots of the four fucking after a supposed double date between Vanessa, Anna, and two handsome Scandinavian men. I'd watched enough porn, and even seen some that the girls had done, such as the videos of Troy, Dan, Elsa, and Cindy, that I knew what I wanted to watch, and thus what I'd try to enact in our all out fuck fest in the beautiful living room. We were all recharged and TGIF -- Friday evening we'd start another weekend party and hope that Mark and Sheila got home in time to enjoy the tail end of it on Sunday.


Amy Takes Two

group theponds 2017-11-10

Amy gripped my hand and whispered, "Do you want to head up there and maybe watch a bit?" I tried to contain my excitement and we excused ourselves and walked up the stairs. Finally she grabbed my engorged member in her hands and sucked me fully into her mouth and began bobbing up and down, up and down, while at the same time reaching behind to take off her own underwear, a little clumsily at first, but then seductively as she realized the wife was watching her too. "You sure?" I nodded and Amy responded while looking me in the eyes, "I want to feel you both inside me." His cock was still soaked from his wife's pussy and the liquid from her orgasm.

Miss Lane the Strict Teacher

group Hollow_Eyes 2017-11-10

Miss Lane's back turned toward the class, standing sideways, and her hand still on her bright red ass as she asked her student a question. Miss Lane looked over at Patrick and noticed his cock getting hard and stopped the spanking, resting her hand on Tina's bare ass, feeling the heat from it on her hand. Miss Lane looked up at Patrick staring at Tina's ass and when she spanked her this time, her hand lingered and she spread her left cheek open some giving Patrick a look at her tight, dark ass hole before lifting back up for another slap. "Don't stop spanking!" Tina cried out, feeling Miss Lane remove her hand from her bare ass.


Sarah's Poker Night

group HotYoungCouple 2017-11-10

While I pulled the shorts down and off, Sarah was removing James's pants, and Ben took the initiative to undress himself. Reaching between Ed's legs, and placing the palm of her hand on the crack of his ass, Sarah pulled him forward so she could kiss the pink head of his cock. James put on a condom from the box and laid down with his feet between Ed's legs, and Sarah sat and deftly glided his cock into her pussy as she pulled her skimpy panties to one side. Ben, who had just been standing there getting hard by watching Sarah, moved closer to allow Sarah the pleasure of his cock.

Cherry Poppin' Co-Worker

group Wandering Mind 2017-11-10

I started to kiss Rachel and didn't realize that Laura had left the shower to get the big dildo and put it on. I relaxed and started to join in Laura's ass fucking rhythm. And so it went, Laura was slowing grinding into my ass with her dildo, and Rachel picking up speed on my cock. I panicked and tried to pull off of the dildo, but Laura held me fast and kept her slow grind going, as did Rachel. Laura started to fuck my ass harder and I let out a loud moan. Laura increased her ass fucking speed and intensity again and I had a hard time not moaning more.