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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Slug

group fiik_gremlin 2017-11-10

Like a true porno tart, as Trudy bounced on the cock in her cunt, she swapped from blowing baby kisses to the group to running her wet tongue around her full red lips while teasing her tiny tit’s and pulling on her hard nipples, or using the slug as a pillow she opened her legs, and her pussy lips to expose and tease her engorged clit plus the view of the fat cock working away in her cunt. Trudy kept changing positions, from kissing Tom hotly on the mouth as he fucked Kelly, to teasing Kelly’s clit with her long red finger nail, to pulling and twisting on Kelly’s excited nipples, to cupping Kelly’s full breasts as Tom took them in his mouth, to taking Kelly’s hands and rubbing them over Trudy’s own excited body - her tits, her face, her nipples, all the time as Kelly licked, and sucked, and lapped on Trudy’s hot pussy.


Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Gangbang

group rampage86 2017-11-10

We went into a room, and some of the other girls were there, my fellow week initiates, and we all hugged, as Mr. Conners kept saying "Ladies, come on, we've not much time." He got our attention, and finally, he spoke, saying "We're raising money today for the school. And so us girls went to work, sucking and fucking, using our hands, mouth and cunts to get as many men off in such a short amount of time. The second hour felt like it went by a bit quicker, as every now and then someone would come around and throw water onto our bodies, rinsing off the spent cum from our face, skin and cunts.

Afternoon Surprise Ch. 1-3

group Fritz 2017-11-10

Terry teased Barb by licking, kissing and biting at her sopping wet cunt lips. Her eyes opened wide and her hands reached out to cup Terry's massive tits. Terry started to cum and reached down to pull Barb's head even closer to her hot cunt. Jim exploded his hot cum all over Terry's open mouth and down her neck. Still cuming and writhing against Barb's clit sucking, Terry continued pumping Jim even harder. Jim, with a pair of panties in one hand, his robe in the other, spoke, "Hey man, I know this looks weird. With that, Terry rose to her feet and took Jim's hand and motioned Barb to get up.

Snow White

group bradley_stoke 2017-11-10

And this is how Snow White was found by the seven dwarves who lived in a decrepit cottage in the middle of the forest, not far from the pit shaft where they worked. Doc came to see her while Snow White sat up in the bed, naked of course as the dwarves had no clothes which were nearly big enough for her. She would look at her skinny frame, the dark hairs of her crotch against her snowy white skin, her thin legs and perky breasts and imagine herself in the hands of someone like the young men she occasionally saw when she was at her stepmother’s house.


Sukky Foxxe - auctioned and gangbanged!

group SFS 2017-11-10

A second was ready again, Sukky sucked his cock, before he said he would like, if it was no trouble, to fuck her arse. Make up done, Sukky walked to the studio, for the stills session, dressed in the same outfit she had been auctioned off in. Sukky popped the love beads into place, and smoothed the thong into place, and adjusted it, so the material was covering her pussy, well just. Then Sukky masturbated, using her fingers, and finally she pulled the love beads from her arse, slowly, one by one. When they got home Sukky said “If money was no object, what would you most like to do, no not sex, come on, what?”


group TryAnything 2017-11-10

“What do you want me to do?” Barbara asked sweetly, her fingers still gently stroking her pussy lips, the material of her g-string wet between them. “I’ve got three 7s,” Harry said, revealing his cards and then sliding all of the chips and Barbara’s skirt and g-string over to his side of the table. When she saw a drop of pre-cum forming at the slit she opened her mouth and let her tongue slide out to softly lick the underside of the head of his cock, ending up stuck in the slit as her lips closed around it and she gently sucked. She saw John sitting there, a smile on his face and his cock in his hand, hard again, watching as Al fucked her on the table.


Diane, my slut wife's encounter

group wa8ting4agirllikeu 2017-11-10

A favorite game of ours, was to watch a gangbang movie while I fucked Diane hard in the face, working on her pussy or ass with a dildo, she also liked it when I used a dildo to DP her and called a slut and a whore. Oh yeah, Mike said, pumping up his huge cock, come on Diane, you big-titted slut! She was ready to puke, so the face fucking slowed and Mike pulled out his cock, which had a thick stream of slobber on it, hit her a few times on the face, called her a good whore and slipped it straight back down her throat as Dave’s dick was coming up hard from behind.

My 40 Birthday Surprise

group chrissybravo 2017-11-10

The other one stood at my feet and slowly parted my legs to get a good view of my nicely trimmed pussy and to see that my own juices had started to flow. "Well Dan, I have to say that I haven't seen one this big before, but I'm going to have a bloody good go." And with that I took it in my hand and started to slowly move my hand up and down the full length of it. He kept on moving me up and down on his cock until my orgasm started to finish and then he released his grip on my ass and let my legs fall down onto the floor.


Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 04

group temp171 2017-11-10

She like the feel of how big it was in her mouth and throat, and soon she became conscious of the fact that the boy liked the feel of her mouth; he was moving his hips and making the sounds of excitement that she remembered, seemingly from so long ago. She attempted to talk to people, but mainly she wanted sex, and she noticed that many people were pairing off and going upstairs, which made her feel all the more frustrated. Angela continued to peer into the room, intensely interested, as the three people then sat on the couch, fondling each other and talking about sex.

Turning Diane into a Cum Slut

group flashgordon562006 2017-11-10

Mr. White told Diane to get up and as she did, Tom's cum was oozing out her cunt and down her thigh. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Diane watching me getting fucked by one guy as I was sucking off two cocks as Mr. White watched. As we relaxed by the pool, Mr. White told us to jerk him off and Diane and I got on each side of him and we each took turns jerking his cock until he was ready. We told him we were flattered by his request and that I would like to take him up on his offer and be his live in cum slut, as long as Diane is allowed to join me if she feels like it.

Andee's Hotel Adventure

group AndeeLicious 2017-11-10

Dan, also in his 40s, looked like he was into fitness – not a bodybuilder, but his tight-fitting t-shirt revealed he was in shape; Connor was younger, probably in his late 20s, Andee suspected; while Tony was older, also married and rather quiet. "Make sure you get lots of shots," she said, turning towards Dan. Andee then placed her hands on Connor's thighs and licked his hard dick before taking him into her mouth. Sensing Dan was about to cum; feeling his cock grow just a bit harder like men do just before they reach the point of no return, Andee pulled herself off of him and climbed onto the bed.


Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 02

group CandiNyse 2017-11-10

I figured I'd slip in, buy a little dildo, put it in my backpack, come home, go up to my room, put it in my mouth, and have a little suck-rub-cum party. But I came here to get something, damn it. Duh. I should have figured. It took a few tokens to figure out the video menu. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I ventured. Well, duh... I tasted the precum just as I crested the wave of pleasure coming out of my twat, and when the dam burst at last and spasms of sweet release flooded me from the center of my little universe, the cock in my mouth erupted, spurting cum like a hose, into my mouth, down my throat, spilling out onto my face, running down my chin.


The Submissive Babysitter Pt. 02

group writemarksmith 2017-11-10

Alone and looking at her phone she blushed as she remembered she had actually masturbated thinking at first about Winston, but then about Shannon and her she had stared May directly in the eyes as she had licked May's fingers. She left May with an unexpected instruction, "Wear that yellow sundress you have, you look very pretty in it." That night May, who masturbated very rarely, told Winston she had to study, but instead took a bath where she fingered herself to an orgasm thinking about sucking a big cock...but mostly about Shannon. May pulled her hand away from Brad's cock suddenly and stammered, "I...I can't Mrs. Taylor." She wasn't sure why she addressed Shannon so formally, feeling like a little kid.


Our First Experience With Others

group fritz67 2017-11-10

Finally Paul settled on her clit area, and began a rhythmic fucking of her cunt with two of his long fingers, while he licked her clit. Belinda began stroking his cock and started to lick his balls. Paul put his big hand quickly behind her head and firmly said, “suck my cock and lick up all that cum on the end first!” He spread her legs more than she wanted and started rubbing his giant mushroom all over her cunt, smearing what was now almost a river of her juice all over his cock head. As I watched my wife have a screaming hard orgasm from this man brutally fucking her cunt with his massive cock, I began to shoot.


Naomi's Birthday Threesome

group happilymarriedguy 2017-11-10

Kathy stared open mouthed at Naomi's nakedness as she squatted over her, the younger girl's gaze fixing for some seconds on her smoothly shaved pussy, a bit of a rarity in those days. I got my own clothes off as I watched Naomi work her way down the buttoned front of Kathy's dress then part the fabric to reveal her slim body, now covered only by an erotically youthful choice of underwear, a white cotton bra speckled with tiny red love hearts and matching knickers. "Feel 'em," I said, taking Naomi's right hand and placing it on one of Kathy's breasts. My cheek pressed on my girlfriend's left tit as I sucked on Kathy's right nipple and I only had to move my mouth an inch to suck Naomi's nipple in turn.


2 dirty girls and cock

group 2017-11-10

Of course shoving large sex toys up your cunt and having your uterus vibrated to death, meant any aspects of being a virgin were futile, but Sara had never had a mans cock in any of her three holes, felt or tasted semen, but one guy in the States offered her a lot of money for her to get fucked, a rich voyeur I guess, and Sara wanted me there to film it, the money she said would pay for her labia reduction, and I agreed to film her loss of virginity in the sense we assume her first live cock insertion, and the intended target was to be her uncle, a perv who had fingered her when she was p*****n.

A Good Time With Friends

group donnybrascoe 2017-11-10

Amy also has brown hair, quite tall, slightly chubby ass and biggish tits but not as good looking as Rachel. She pulled me up to my feet and took my cock in her hands, she stroked it gently and licked the head. I positioned my cock at her pussy and gently slid the head of it into her, she let out a slight moan and I pushed even further in until my whole dick was buried in her beautiful pussy. I ran my tongue over her lips and slipped two fingers into her I fucked her pussy hard with my fingers until I was ready to fuck her, her pussy was already leaking her love juice on my hand.

Microkini Chronicles Ch. 08

group Sano 2017-11-10

I often orgasm while sucking cock and when I do, I tend to get very aggressive and actually wind up kind of throat fucking the guy, almost always causing them to let go in a very short period of time as Tony soon did. Again having no time to cover up, I wondered if Tony had decided to come back for more, but looking over my shoulder I was shocked to see my Mexican gardener standing completely naked, his shorts in a pile behind him, stroking a long erection. As Jeannie's tongue worked it's magic on me, I gave her an abbreviated version of what happened in between my gasps and just as I spoke about how Carlos' cock emptied into me, she slipped her tongue firmly over my clitoris, causing me to cum.

Assistant Principal Ch. 02

group storyteller_no_9 2017-11-09

"Did my daughter lick the head of your cock like this?" she asked as she began to run her tongue around the crown, and then along the underside. "Mr. Spears, you have a really nice, big dick," she said, then to my shock, guided it to her mouth, and began to suck out the cum still remaining in my cock. Almost of its own volition, my right hand reached down and caressed her hair as she made a slurping noise and quietly said "Yum." She then took my suddenly hardening dick out of her mouth and began to clean up my balls and the area around it, licking up the remaining cum on my body.


A Night in the Storn

group LynnandHarrison 2017-11-09

Lynn leaned over her kissing her neck down to her collarbone, slowly running her hand across Judi's stomach beneath her shirt pulling it up. With her free hand, Lynn kneads Judi's breast taking first her nipple, then as much of the breast as she can into her mouth, sucking and pulling at the breast and nipple. Rising to my feet I step over to Lynn who kneeling over Judi's face, is still being eaten by Judi from below, I grab her behind her head and push my rock hard cock into her open mouth, thrusting into her face. Eager to service both women I return to my guest, placing my hands behind her knees, I push her legs into the air, exposing her sweet, hot, wet love hole.

A Month in the Heart... Ch. 04

group cupbearer 2017-11-09

I looked at Grace's friends; three of them were looking at us, clearly displeased; Lesley was staring at the table, Elaine looked frankly pissed off, and the other one, a tall, handsome girl with short red hair and glasses, was sitting with folded arms, back from the table, slightly apart from the others, staring at nothing. "But, Elaine," said Grace, "you gotta admit, this whole sex slave thing is kinda gonna get in the way of people being, you know. "Shut up, Chris, sorry," said Grace, "this is a girl thing." "Looks like we don't have the stomach for it," said Grace, shrugging and smiling at Elaine. One of the two young women -- either small, pretty, English, foul-mouthed Elaine, or crop-headed, glasses-wearing, tattooed, San Franciscan Grace -- was soon going to be joining me as the group's sex slave.


The Lesson Ch. 02

group romane 2017-11-09

Miss Sexy Voice returned once again, led me to the middle of the room, and made me sit on the ground, once again with legs mostly spread and hands on my back. We kissed each other hungrily, licking up the sperm that we had on our faces and in our mouths, and it was then that she leaned back and offered me her sex, her pussy lips slightly spread by her fingers. Miss Sexy Voice was having her shaven pussy blown by a young woman of my age while sitting on a sofa with her legs on the girl's shoulders. The fiftysomething man came in Anne's ass, having buried himself so deeply in her, and then the both of them watched Miss Palmer licking on my breasts and rubbing my clit to orgasm.


Island Fever Ch. 34

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-09

Kristanna, Devon and Trish had prior plans of going to the waterfall for an entire afternoon of fun and relaxation, but they all seemed to agree that it would be a better idea to stay in the mansion and help look after me. With the saga of Pamela - would she stay, would she go - followed by her sudden and abrupt departure (along with the dreaded Camille), and then my ongoing desire to fit Trish and Amy into our future plans, and the fact that Kristanna herself monopolized a lot of my time, Devon had mostly been an innocent bystander for the past couple of weeks.


Robin Has a Threesome

group TooCool21 2017-11-09

Robin enjoyed reading their emails; Anthony talking about her like she was nothing more than a slut and Joe's hungry, horny replies. She looked up at Anthony and the thought of her moaning on his cock while another guy fucked her came into her head. They kissed for a little bit before Robin turned to Anthony and they headed back to their car. Robin moaned like a little whore while Anthony continue to snap pictures. As she sucked Anthony's cock Robin continued to back her round ass into Joe's thrusting hips ass he came into the condom; which he soon pulled out with a plop. Looking up at him Robin said goodbye and gesturing for him to come over kissed him goodbye while Anthony fucked her.