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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Very Young Man Ch. 02

group metacarpal 2017-11-09

Ben and Mark were in their swim trunks in the tub when Karen made her way to the deck. It is very refreshing, exciting actually, having a good-looking young man with such a hard body around the house. "And I especially love how a young man stays hard," she added, again reminded of days gone by, as she resumed massaging his still hard cock. all the while knowing her husband Ben was actually watching her enjoy this young man from his hiding place in the louvered closet in that den. She continued, "I absolutely know that tomorrow has to be one of those days." Mark moaned as she worked on him, fascinated by what she was telling him.

A Shade of the Past Ch. 02

group NymzanSusauren 2017-11-09

"The dragons let them out and didn't think to tell us about it, I guess." Ulgan looked down at Tevis' tone. Thank you for the kindness, Ulgan Wrath...We will remember it." Then, he eyed the dragon and Tevis idly. McLaird Ramus of the Light Clan," he stated fondly, "how is he doing?" Ulgan moved closer to Tevis easing his concern that he would touch the girl. I am just the McLaird's son...right?" He hugged Sam'hain to his chest looking at Tevis as he rubbed his body against her getting his scent all over her on purpose. The dragon moved to a vine coating a tree running his wet hand over leaves until one began to look less red.

Suzi Explores Her Group Fantasy

group SeekingSanity 2017-11-09

"Let's see how much of a little slut you are," I moaned as I slid my hand behind her head and pulled her face toward my pre-cum oozing cock head. Oddly, the sight of Jim with his still hard cock in his hand, covered in his own cum watching his wife lick my asshole like a crazed slut heightened my desire to fuck Suzi. The other guy was behind Suzi ramming his cock into her dripping cunt so hard he was making her large, beautiful tits swing around like coconuts in a hurricane. Suzi screamed as she orgasmed on the other guy's cock while the big man was spraying cum all over her face.


Thai Travels Ch. 05

group S_Queen 2017-11-09

So, I found myself walking around the town looking for street food with Megan and Chloe as the humid day turned to warm night. 'So I guess you've heard about me fucking Megan, huh?' announced Chloe before I could get a word outta my mouth. Megan was obviously having a good time with Chloe but as a straight woman she would return to cock soon enough. I pushed in and felt that delicious familiar feeling of entering a woman for the first time, hearing her whimper, registering some slight resistance before the pussy opens up and lets the whole thing in. We got back to our fucking and I split by attention between the lesbian action, the unknown couple and my own penis entering Megan beneath her large ass.


Anal Depository

group analaddick 2017-11-09

as I could feel his dick start to swell and then his cock poured all of its cum deep in my ass, yummy. Cock after cock appearing in front of me to suck off and as soon as one had ejaculated in to my ass I could feel another cock push its way up my backdoor.Every three or four minutes my anal pipe was getting He ploughs my ass for a solid five minutes pushing his mighty dick deep until he started to moan and I knew he was goin to cum. I knew that monster cock had pushed all that cum so deep it would be a long time before it went anywhere.

Train Gangbang

group 2017-11-09

This goes on, of you sucking each cock, two men licking and massaging your breasts and myself with you sitting on my bulge and me pushing my fingers in. Your nipples are hard and you have noticed both men who had been licking your breasts and nipples had taken their own cocks out and pushed them against your nipples, exciting you even more. You know just from licking the cock inside your mouth and gagging for air, you will soon have the most orgasmic feeling of three large cocks inside of you cum at the same time. You feel your asshole and pussy explode with cum and your mouth filled with cum, that the man pulls out and cums on your face, hair and tits.

And She Was...

group bawdybloke 2017-11-09

She slipped; her right leg sliding when her high heel skidded on a pool of spilt drink: an occupational hazard in any nightclub. We left the venue together, my friend and I walking her through a small housing estate fondling her half-naked body, until she stopped at the quiet car park, turning to face us with a drunken giggle. Fingers slipped between her crack, and she leaned into George, my touch glissading over her wetness. She mewed into the faceful of George's prick, moaning as my sodden hand swept her into a vocal orgasm. I filled the condom, pressing my prick deep into her trembling body to enjoy the final pulses of her pussy.

Ladies Cocktail Night Ch. 03

group masterandmargarita 2017-11-09

A few glasses of wine later, Vera and Olivia had been enjoying their conversation and realized that they had a lot in common: their age, their love of travel, and the fact that they were second generation in their immigrated families; Russian and Italian respectively. I'll go ahead and call Ted and ask him to help me move some wine cases out of the store and then we'll jump him!" Vera suggested with enthusiasm. Why don't you help us finish of this bottle?" Olivia suggested as she poured and raised a glass of red wine for Ted. "Ted, this is excellent wine, I think you are going to love it," Vera commented, encouraging him to get comfortable.


Kalee and Katie

group itsasin 2017-11-09

Couple minutes after she left she started getting messages like crazy I looked over it was kalee, it was her day off. My cock got hard instantly and I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down into a deep and passionate kiss. Katie jumped up wrapping her arms around my neck as I grabbed her thighs and pushed my cock deep into her. You are a good fuck" Katie said trying to catch her breathe, as I moved down and began licking my cum off her stomach. "Now if you fuck kalee like you did me we won't have a single problem" Katie cooed as her hand rubbed my chest.

Night on the town: Taxi Driver

group champions54 2017-11-09

I whisper to her as I watch her friends kiss passionatley, "Rub your clit." Her hand moves down between her legs and moves in small circles over her pink bud, her long nails catch the head of my cock periodically. The blonde girls fingers dig deeper into that sultry pussy, the outline of her hand disappearing and reappearing into the cream darkened gusset of her red lace panties. She reaches and starts to stroke my cheeks soflty , letting her long nails dig a little into my flesh, her big brown eyes looking right into mine with lust and mischeif in equal measure.

Devil's Island Ch. 02

group Jason18 2017-11-09

Eyes closed, Angela moaned softly as Caleb's hands massaged the lotion into her lower back and moved lower to knead her soft ass. As he leaned over to reach the far side of her hip, it brushed her left ass cheek and her eyes shot open. Her other lips also parted, allowing Caleb to slide a finger inside her. Caleb rested his weight on his elbows and drew his length out of her pussy until only the head remained inside. She reached down between her legs and began to finger herself furiously, as Caleb continued to piston. Angela turned her head to watch as gobs of pearly cum sprayed out of his slit, showering onto her back and ass.

I was Used

group LSancho 2017-11-09

I was totally aroused as the shemale slapped my face with her cock....I was put on all fours and the top shoved his cock down my throat....the shemale took her top off revealing large breasts which made my cock hard.I sucked Cock with great passion to more groans of pleasure....feeling a tongue in my ass..and then that big shemale cock slowly slid in .....all the way in...holding it in deep as I moaned in pleasure and pain thru the cock in my mouth.I asked to use condoms and they laughed at me saying I wouldn't get pregnant.She pounded my ass like I've never had before as I cried in pain.My Cocksucking suffered so the top slapped my face a few times.I got back to sucking with tears in my eyes hoping the The cock in my ass would cumm soon.Then they switched ,cleaning my ass juice of the shemale cock and a new big cock fucking my gaping asshole.This tag team scene went on for a few more minutes until the van stopped.We were in an industrial area and the three of them led me still naked into a dimmly lit warehouse.Inside I was led down a long hallway until we entered a big open nightclub like setting.

The Dirtiest Thing...

group emojenni 2017-11-09

He slammed his cock in my soaking wet pussy and fucked me HARD. Mike looked me over hungrily, "Damn I was really hoping to fuck Heather good and proper tonight., but it won't be any fun with her passed out!" "Good, then I don't have to warm you up!" Pulling down his shorts his hard cock sprang free. Bill's cum was dripping down my ass, on his own bathroom counter, as his buddy Mike fucked me hard. Mike's girl friend, Heather, was a mere 20 feet away passed out in the next room while her date fucked my aching pussy. Mike pounded me for what felt like an hour before he blew his load in my already full pussy.

Angie Loses Control

group black saphire 2017-11-09

Steve slipped the control into his pocket and hid the panties just as he heard Angie's coming in through the front door. Steve had in fact been to that pub quite a few times – without Angie of course – and although it wasn't very bright inside, he knew that there was a spotlight at the entrance that lit up every time the door opened. "Why don't you ask her Tom?" Steve replied in an off hand manner before reaching for the remote and turning it on to high. She sucked wildly on the cock in her mouth as she suddenly felt hands on her breasts, tweaking her nipples and heightening the sensations in her pussy. "Lets go home darling!" Angie said as she kissed Steve and her pussy started to tingle again.

Once In a Lifetime

group Strato0cpa 2017-11-09

Jackie, concealing her knowledge of Ron's Penis size, raised an eyebrow and asked, "too big or too little?" I was sitting there during this conversation smiling and thinking to myself that Jackie was in for a hell of a surprise if Ron agreed to let her measure his penis. Jackie began again to lick and suck hungrily on Ron's huge cock as I ate her pussy. I felt my climax approaching and attempted to mimic the porn video's that Jackie had enjoyed so much on her afternoons alone by kneeling over her ass cheeks which were still raised in the air to receive Ron's thrusts and I ejaculated all over my wife's hind quarters.

Kelsey's World Ch. 03

group riverboy 2017-11-09

Kay's finger's retreated, just a few inches, to massage Bobby's balls, leaving Kelsey's warm hand on her father's hard shaft, with the thin cotton sheet between them. "You know, I've driven by here, but this is all so cool!" Kelsey said as she looked around at the old shop. "No charge, I feel bad you got stranded yesterday," Koop said, his eyes sparkling as he looked into Kelsey's. She knew what stance was, but only as it related to things like having her hands up against a wall and arching her back enough and getting her legs spread just right, so the camera could see the fucking and she looked sexy. Kelsey guessed Koop and Happy must have liked those particular girls, so they saved them.



group stephen55 2017-11-09

In the afternoon I went horseback riding at the resort stables and took in a guided ocean ride, letting the horse walk and trot in the water until I was soaked and laughing. It all seemed like fun and even I tried a bit of it, giving the guy a quick drop of my sundress top to expose a bra enclosed breast, and giving him an "oops" childlike look. "No, Senorita, I can play now until I want to go home." She had yet to let go of my hand and I felt like I was walking with a child of eight, not an older teenager. She will know." I thought 'what harm then' and we walked the distance to the resort chatting like school girls.


Fun Night

group 2017-11-09

I went on stroking her thighs up and down coming right up to where I could feel the wetness from her pussy. It was time to have her completely naked so I hooked my fingers into the waistband and tugged them over her shapely ass and let them drop to the floor. I slipped in a second finger and moving slowly in and out as I felt her hips responding and she was getting wetter. He was already naked and his dick was moving near my fingers at her sweet ass. He joined me and our fingers both moved inside her pussy stretching it and making it twitch and pulsate.

First Date Ch. 04

group Jake4000 2017-11-09

Ginny spread her legs wide right in front of me, her pussy lips obviously loose and open from Kevin's relentless fucking, his thick sperm from his last recent orgasm slowly flowing from her open vagina down her ass. Ann watched with increasingly higher sexual desire at her son's hard, long cock as he shoved it gently into his new bride's body, piercing her pussy for perhaps the tenth time since dinner. Kevin and Ginny looked at Ann and my tired, nude bodies in the middle of slow, erotic, oral sex, and excused themselves to let us devour each other slowly while they enjoyed more lovemaking in their room before dawn came and Kevin had to go to the basement to appear as though he'd slept there.


A Good Idea at the Time

group Jinxskunk 2017-11-09

I felt the first waves of pleasure rush over me like the tiny bubbles at the head of a wave and I thought that maybe it hadn't been such a bad idea. A hot tub sounded like it would feel amazing against my numbly chilled skin, "Dan, I didn't bring a swimsuit... Dan maneuvered himself behind me and I could feel his strong hands on my skin, releasing pleasure from my muscles. I expected more soft, sensual touch that Dan had given me, but Chris was playful with me, like he was toweling off a big dog, and soon we were both laughing and giggling.


Sara's Story

group forbidden_syn 2017-11-09

Kissing his way her to mouth once more he pulled her hands above her head lacing her fingers around the curved iron of her headboard. Sara moaned around Tobin's cock, when Abby's tongue darted over her clit. As Tobin rolled off of Sara and collapsed next to her in the bed, Abby climbed up her kissing and licking as she went. She continued working her way up Sara's body finally claiming Sara's mouth with her own, licking away the remnants of Tobin's cum left on Sara's lips. Tobin rolled her on top of him where she rode him deeper and harder, and Abby nearing her own release grabbed Sara by the hair and began kissing her savagely.

Sorority Party Pledge Initiation

group Johnnytames69 2017-11-09

John unbuckled his belt, allowing his pants to fall near the pile of Alicia's clothes, then stepped out of them as she cupped his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right, her fingers following her lips closely to accentuate the feeling made by the multiple ridges. From time to time, she lifted his cock out of her mouth and, reaching between his legs to grab his ass and pull him closer, she licked his balls, appreciating their being shaven - not unlike her pussy, which only had a small tuft of hair above her lips. Turning, she began sucking the cum off of James's cock, then felt Lauren behind her, burying her tongue deep into the gaping hole of her ass.

Paula Returns

group rkm10 2017-11-09

Paula walked through the opening and began moving down a long corridor, Tom and Linda followed. "We'd rather have you," Linda said, running her hand over Paula's breasts, allowing her finger to caress the nipple, "But not here, back at our place. Paula knelt in front of Tom and took his cock deep into her mouth; Linda looked down at her fellating her husband, her own hand drifted between her legs. Paula took the head of Tom's cock into her mouth and sucked gently on it; Linda had one of his balls and was rolling it with her tongue. Linda fastened it in place and moved between Paula's legs, licking and sucking on her clit before positioning the head of the dildo at her entrance.


One for the Road

group jeffee27 2017-11-09

As usual my wife was at work so I was very surprised to hear the front door open and close. They were on their third beers when Sally started to reminisce about the summer pool parties. Sally's other hand was gradually massaging her left breast. "That cock feels great in my pussy," Sally whispered as she pulled my underwear down "and I want yours in my mouth." I touched Sally's hair as the tip of her tongue flicked across the top of my cock. Sally leaned back and I grabbed a handful of tit. I kept sucking on Sally's nipple as he delved deep into her gaping hole with his tongue. Bill worked his hands down to my balls then suddenly wrapped his mouth around my erection.